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Count Orrin Seliki

"You can enjoy allowing the tide to carry you, but you can only allow it to carry you so far."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Confident Count
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Seliki
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Deep Brown
Skintone: Sun Bronzed

Titles: Count of Pearlspire

Description: Large and in charge, everything about this man is larger than life. Strongly built and thickly muscled, he has a booming voice, and he's clearly as strong as an ox. His brown skin is slightly weathered, indicating an active life lived outdoors, and smile lines appear whenever he is happy. Despite his visible power and bulk, he moves with a hunter's dexterity. His hands are strong, equally capable of powerful force as they are of holding the most fragile of objects without causing harm.

(He seems somewhat distracted these days.)

Personality: Orrin is in many ways larger than life. While he can spot artifice, he has no patience for it, and is deeply protective of his people as well as their freedom - which makes sense, as the majority of his County's population are descended from, or actually are former thralls. His nature tends to default toward being relaxed and easygoing, quick to laugh and preferring friendship over fighting, but when it comes to his duties and obligations as Count, he has razor sharp forcus and will become dead serious in a blink. Having been widowed some years ago, while he has no problems finding company as suits him, he is starting to long once more for a true partner.

Background: Orrin has known all of his life that he would assume the Countship of Pearlspire. And as such, he concluded that as long as he learned what he needed to know to do best by his people, what was the point in worrying? He lived a rather contented life, marrying young and siring two children. Content to lead his people and devoted to maintaining peace - even if it meant going to war - his life went into upheaval upon the death of his wife occurred while his children were in their teens. He's spent these last few years focused on his children and guiding his County.

Relationship Summary

  • Maru - My uncle who it seems knows everyone
  • Peri - My daughter who yearns for adventures
  • Kaldur - My son whose ambitions know not an end
  • Kalani - My niece and a fine Physician
  • Rey - Kaldur's intended
  • Name Summary
    Ajax An older man, nice enough to let a commoner cut in on a dance with a Princess, I like this man. I like him a lot.
    Alarissa I have had the pleasure of meeting more than a few Seliki's but it is, with no doubt, a pleasure to have met the Count himself. He is a man to whom still waters run very deep. I look forward, hopefully, to working with the man and to a relationship between our houses in the future. We both are, after all, embraced by the sea.
    Amari The Count sort of reminds me of a very big bear. While not something to be feared, exactly, you still shouldn't poke him with a stick and definitely don't get between him and his cubs. Treat him with all due respect and he'll reply in kind.
    Amund Takes a strong man to break one's hand on a dummy and not howl in pain and rage. Might be an excellent sparring partner. Next time, hopefully.
    Athaur A man with a great deal on his mind. He wants to do good by his people, even those who are not under his leadership. I cannot falt that.
    Beatrice A good authority named him charming, and I have found ample evidence to support it.
    Bhandn And now you know what I've started sounding more like she did, before she did. You haven't changed a bit, though.
    Delilah He's as changeable as the sea and steadfast as stone. Lord Orrin has an uncommonly wise touch about him, but beware the streak of humour that suddenly shows itself from time to time. A welcome acquaintance!
    Domonico This man cares. It's clear to see that and his confusion and vulnerability show a side to this Count that I doubt is often seen.
    Eshra Not as I had come to expect of Lords of the Compact. He hold the stature and look of a man who has hardness and hardwork, though the words and manner speaks of a soul that understands gentleness and and laughter. Perhaps the most dangerous man I have met since entering this city.
    Evaristo The father of Joscelin's patron - he's interesting and wants to talk to me about something. Sea related, perhaps? Either or, I look forward to it.
    Ian Steady. Probably a good drinking partner.
    Joscelin I see where Kaldur gets his vivacious attitude.
    Jyri A warrior and a man of patience. Thinks first, acts later I imagine, but when he acts? I wouldn't want to be in his way.
    Kaia The Seliki Count; an amicable man, my best friend's dad who is always well dressed!
    Kaldur His pride in Peri and me has always been a source of strength. He hasn't been the same since mother died, though.
    Lailah Count Seliki seems like a pleasant man, likely a great asset to Deepwood.
    Malcolm Seems like a fellow that's worth getting to know. Kind of stormy personality though -- needs to breathe more, I think, and hit things not so hard.
    Malesh He leads House Seliki with an eye towards keeping his people free, and given how industrious they'e proven that is to our betterment.
    Martino A strong but clearly agile Count from Pearlspire. With such a diverse group within his House - truly patient and understand as well. This much can be read on just his face.
    Maru Every bit his father's son. Our house has never been in better hands.
    Michael A good man, a....decent fighter. I should pay him and the Seliki House some attention. They deserve it.
    Mikani A Count who has a really awesome ship platform. Will have to pick his brain someday.
    Mirk Count Seliki is a damned good tactician. I can see the resemblance to the other members of his family, but this one seems a little more serious. In a situation like that, I was glad for it.
    Orathy 'n I thought I had a shit name... Pearlspire. Aye, must inspire a great many. Hah! Reckon though, this feller's weakness is the Great Roads boy.
    Petal Sometime wears common clothing and i in the company of Scythia. I don't know him well or barely at all, but he seems like an okay kind of Count. He dances too!
    Pharamond I know that my family has some folks who are very fond of the Selikis. I'm pleased to have helped in his lands and to have seen how skilled the Count of Pearlspire is in the arts of war. Remind me not to lay siege to him any time soon.
    Reese The Count of Selikis! He sails which is really no surprise at all. Seems like a thoughtful and well spoken man. Likely makes for a great Count.
    Ronja Does every noble wedding involve a literal treasure chest of rum being handed out? Or is Lord Orrin a figure of singular character?
    Rysen Kind, intelligent and courteous, this man seems an excellent leader, and someone worthy of respect.
    Sparte A capable leader to all appearances, quick to think on his feet when given the unexpected and respond diplomatically. Shame he lacks Peri's hair.
    Vanora It's hard to get the measure of a man who you meet at his own wedding, yet the Count Seliki seems warm and amusing, and devoted to making Scythia happy. Good things all.