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Count Giulio Corvini

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Information Broker
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corvini
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Researcher
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: jet-black
Eye Color: Black
Skintone: bronzed

Titles: Count of Iasu

Description: Slender in build, this man has all of the lines of the academic. His long, slender fingers are capped by well trimmed nails, calluses at the finger tips. Marks of slender cuts can be seen against the skin there. He is not overly tall, well under six feet, though his dark locks fall in curtains of midnight curls that jounce at his shoulders. His eyes are a piercing black, the hint of intellect behind them hard to hide. His nose follows the rest of him, slender and aquiline. His lips are expressive, if not particularly full and he possesses a triangular chin. In general, his build shows little sign of fat, save a tiny bit at the belly.

Personality: Giulio is, at heart, the epitome of the urbane politician. He never relies on vulgarity and maintains a certain degree of composure at all times. He tends towards a wry sort of humor -- a sort of humor that descends into the sardonic with ease. Cultured. Urbane. Cool. All of these apply well to the man.

Background: Count Giulio Corvini is the younger brother of Lord Theron Mazetti. While his brother is a master of arms, well trained in such matters, Giulio is a creature more oriented towards the mind. He is a student of the law first and foremost, at least to the public eye. His upbringing has been a matter of simple study for most of his life and then an apprenticeship with the Inquisition, though he has served from time to time as necessary as a magistrate for the family, especially on matters touched by law. He has a reputation for being even handed, cool and collected.

Since his arrival in Arx, he has married, become a landed noble and left the Inquisition, now engaged in a variety of different things, of little particular import.

Relationship Summary

  • Theron - Older brother

  • Family:
  • Cambria - Honored Cousin and head of my House.
  • Hadrian - The Marquessa's amusing husband.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha He seems to like big words and wines. I mean, he's probably nice for a Lycene I guess? I have a feeling I would not understand a lot of his jokes. But I like a little man, so maybe I will talk with him again if he is funny. He probably will not like me, though, if he finds out I still think the brandy may be made of cats somehow.
    Aiden A well educated man, which makes my own education look like child's play. I should think I can learn much from him if the exchange continues as it has started.
    Ainsley Who? Oh, an inquisitor.
    Alarissa A lovely Lycene, one of the Mazetti's. It will be nice to see him around.
    Alban Seems businesslike, though his smile is a touch concerning. I hope he does not take his duty as Inquisitor to personally. Then again, I could not do what they do.
    Alessandro A Scholar with a sense of humor. Some people may think that is an oxymoron, but now I can say without a doubt that they are wrong.
    Alessia Our family is fortunate to have one so knowledgeable. I enjoy my time with my cousin and hope to still see him often, even with his duties to his new family.
    Amari Well, he is Lycene. It's wrong-headed to expect him not to cheat, but he was gracious enough to lessen the sting of it. Even if it took some pressing first.
    Amund Says a lot. Speaks some. Rolls the dice. Hides one in his glove. All six faces equal.
    Aodhan Always a pleasure with this gentlemen. Someday, we should simply drink together and be merry! It is always nice to have friends.
    Appolonia A man who knows the true worth of knowledge and how the hunt for it so be done. Plant a seed of curiosity indeed. I look forward to working with him in the future.
    Ariella Mazetti offering free booze. Where's the Ostrian cherry? Not bad, though.
    Astraea He's a very well grounded person with the insight of people decades older than he is. I like his temperament and I'm intrigued. Sometimes the Gods work in mysterious ways and I can't doubt that he was sent to me at a time in which it was most helpful for me. I'm grateful.
    Avary A funny man, full of inflections that say one thing and words that say another. I don't really like puzzles much, so I suppose we won't get along.
    Barric A man of many faces, it's impossible to say just which aspect you will run into at any given time. As much as he might joke upon occasion... I don't think it's fooling anyone. Barbed Wire? These are dark individuals, just glad he's on the side of the Compact.
    Berenice He has a delightfully sly edge to him, doesn't he?
    Berto His Lordship is a man to know. Got me out of some... troubles, been good to me. And now we be good by each other. And ain't that what life's about?
    Bianca He appears to be settling in well to his rise as a landholder and acknowledged member of the Peerage. In previous experiences with the man, I have no doubt in his capabilities and look forward to observing the progress of his leadership as well as the ripples in history of House Corvini.
    Bliss Maker of some of the finest wine in the land, but he uses it as a power play. Of course he does. He's Lycene. But he doesn't know when to switch the roles. A shame - the wine is truly delicious and the man's company is otherwise as well.
    Brigida The new Count Corvini. Quite a comeback considering the unpleasantness.
    Cadenza He seems pretty me anyway. But he knows some of the people I hang out with so he has to be good people.
    Calandra The Count Corvini is an imposing figure. His looks are enough to quell even the strongest of Whispers! There is much I would dare not say with such an important man present and giving me /that/ look. The pleasant one.
    Calaudrin A member of the Inquisition. He seems solid. I look forward to working with him on this arms smuggler case and seeing what we turn up.
    Cambria We are of similar age, and Giulio, much like myself, is not a person one can easily win over. With him at my side, Arx shall know Mazetti is not a nest of vipers, but of hydra.
    Caspian A man with good brandy and a friendly demeanor. What more could you ask for?
    Clover Intriguing. There's something to this man. More observation and conversation is required; he is like picking up a dense tome, and knowing that it will taking you sometime to read all of the pages.
    Costas Perhaps it's just my chauvinism but I have a hard time trusting a man with such impeccable manners.
    Cullen An intriguing and intelligent man is the Count. Seems to have a lot on his mind, and not easily said. I wish I wasn't so distracted, I find myself thinking I ought to find out more, but trapped in dwelling.
    Daemon One of the fair Marquessa Cambria's family. I see that her family breeds most inquisitive minds, similar to her own! He is one I hope to be seeing more of.
    Delilah A man who has achieved as much as the Count of Iasu holds inscrutable mysteries and wit. He must possess no little amount of shrewd acumen to write the books he does and shape the future of his Lycene acquisitions. Someone whom I admire from afar, and would hope fate allows to be an acquaintance. Maybe a friend.
    Demura A very intimidating man who seems to like brandy. While I am not opposed to the drink myself, it's not something that I drink in public. People would talk.
    Duarte Closest thing to a kindred spirit, but I think his intentions are purer than my own.
    Echo A scholary sort who works primarily as an Inquisitor. He's Mazetti, and from what I've seen of that family, he must be tough. A southern, scholarly Inquisitor. That's some scary stuff and I can only hope that he doesn't get cross with me.
    Eleanor He made me laugh! He has a sense of humor about himself and life that I like.
    Elgana Southern Thunder! That isn't all, of course. He is a very delightful man whom I hope to spend more time getting to know. Regardless of if he supplies the drink or not. I am utterly charmed.
    Emilia He strikes me as an honorable man. Though he acts easy-going, he is full of confidence and provides shelter and security to those around him. If he hadn't told me he was an Inquisitor, I'd have thought he was either a Knight or a Soldier.
    Emily An interesting man of taste and humor. I find him interesting and would be agreeable to his company again.
    Ennettia How I miss the charm of Lycene men! Thankfully, Arx has Lord Giulio, who is now one of my dearest friends, favorites, and colleague. Which he'll find out eventually I'm sure. Trust? What on earth does trust and friendship have to do with one another?
    Enoch He watched from the bleachers as I fought with Sir Jordan. Something about this man makes me wary and cautious, not out of fear, but out of respect.
    Eris An Inquisitor now! I should not be so surprised. A mind so razor sharp cannot be allowed to languish. I am indescribably content for having returned to his side.
    Eshra Lycene Count. Interesting even if he keeps things close to his vest. Perhaps a possible friend, one can only wait and see.
    Estil In a word: reserved. But he doesn't seem to be /too/ stingy with his smiles. His manners are impeccable, and his liquor is delectable. We shall become fast friends. Perhaps even drunk ones.
    Faruq An interesting man. I should have liked to make his acquaintance long before, but I am glad to have done so now. An able conversationalist and quite down to earth.
    Faye We shared a drink and talked at the Ambassador. He seems to be highly competent at what he does, and I feel confident to trust information he gives.
    Felicia Born noble. He's too... clean, not to have been. Everything neat and perfect, but not one unfamiliar with physical labor, either. Sharp.
    Fianna A friend of the Volkovs and now a friend of mine. I'm sure we will cross paths again around the encampment in the near future. I look forward to it.
    Fiora He likes books. That's neat. Um. Besides that. Ahm. Yeah.
    Galen A knowledgeable man that Sorrel trusts with matters of secretive lore. I do wonder if he'd take well to a really well made hat, though!
    Gareth A fellow inquisitor who seems to brandish honey before vinegar. A fine strategy for someone that isn't me.
    Gaston The new Count is a rather jovial and generous person, a good drinking companion, I'd think. Granted, perhaps he does want us craving that liquid delicacy, but far be it from me to find that a bad thing. I hope his new House is nothing but a success.
    Grazia A pleasant and gracious courtier well-acquainted with the law. What secrets he must hide behind that charming smile of his.
    Gwenna Lord Giulio Mazetti is a charming nobleman of exceptional company with an interest in liquors much like my own. I suspect he is far more learned on the topic and perhaps he might be willing to share a few tips. Even if not, sharing drinks is something I hope to manage sometime very soon.
    Hannah A very clever man, and one who enjoys a good joke it seems. I always appreciate a great sense of humor, even more exciting he offers research collaborations! How can I possibly resist?
    Ian All the Mazettis are hard to get a real grasp on.
    Ignacio He seems like a good man. Showing up at the right time with some brandy is a talent of its own.
    Iseulet You wonder what Lycene men are made of if they can stomach 'Southern Thunder' and still be standing the next day...
    Jacque An Inquisitor. I've seen his name in the Scholar lists. Amiable enough, likes to offer drinks that I've never heard of. Well, that Southern Thunder thing. The brandy I know about, yes. Maybe not from that region.
    Jaenelle He is someone that my husband trusted, one of the few that he called friend. I have no doubt that I will repeat the tradition.
    Jeffeth He can talk fast. And a lot. I'm not sure I understood all of it he was saying, but he seemed nice.
    Jordan Seems to be a fine gentleman, mild-mannered, and definitely next to the hottie in the revealing dress.
    Joscelin A young man with an edge to him, supple and brittle, like the folded steels in a fine sword.
    Jyri Just a short meeting - hard to say much about him, yet. But he didn't glare at me and was very polite. I appreciate that.
    Katarina The Count of Iasu has impressed upon Katarina in unexpected ways. Perhaps it is the man's uncanny ability to hook one in and sweep them off their feet with his command over prose, or the deliberate way he leaves one second-guessing after his intentions. She has not yet decided if these are positive marks in his favor. Only time will tell.
    Laric The Inquisition's training is rarely applicable to the mounting number of occult problems we face. There are no rules to magic, after all, only guidelines, and a good investigation is essentially defining what happened and cutting away possibilities. Looking outside the box does not come naturally to everyone. I find Giulio's willingness to cut his way out and climb on top of the box to be refreshing indeed.
    Lora Clearly a man with many gifts and a vast store of knowledge. I'm almost sorry that our first meeting so quickly reduced him to a single word vocabulary.
    Lore I can respect someone who splits off to forge their own path, Gods know I did the same! He seems to be on the right track, garnering support from the right people.
    Lorenzo Seems to be a business man too wrapped up in his own affairs to enjoy a lovely afternoon. I'm sure he'll learn better one day.
    Lou I had the pleasure of teaching this Mazettie lord at some point, but more importantly he's always ever happy to help support any project that I have going on, be it with the Graysons, the Scholars, or the Explorers, and that's always a person that can hang around my circle. Equally, I support his projects as well.
    Luca An Inquisitor, but how can I hold that against him when he also supplies me with Southern Thunder? Amusing, cordial, and with a few tricks up his sleeve.
    Lucita Interesting, skilled, quite impressively knowledgeable and offers help if needed.
    Luis An interesting Lord, one who seems to enjoy the finer things like Luis, but still there is more depth than what is shown.
    Lys A peculiar bookish man. I wonder what lies underneath the exterior.
    Mailys Lord Giulio Mazetti is someone I have worked with before, though upon returning he made quite a generous offer to have me assist with a Spirits Tasting event at the casino.
    Margerie Met this fellow at the Tournament of red versus blue battle, though I'm not sure I caught his name! Full of flattery, but flattery accompanied by a free bottle of lovely brandy? There is the potential of beautiful friendship beginning. Blarney recognizes itself, after all!
    Melody Lord Giulio is so very generous, always sharing some of his own moonshine with others. Sometimes I think it's a brilliant marketing strategy, in which case, bravo to him. Either way, he's incredibly warm and generous company.
    Miranda I'm fairly certain this man doesn't need to make a grand entrance because any entrance he makes will turn your attention his way. Interesting man indeed.
    Mirari I'm going to keep an eye on this man, not because he seems dangerous, but because he doesn't.
    Monique Has a liquor that burns from the insides out, and a charm that does likewise.
    Morrighan He was a Mazetti when I last saw him, now a Count to another family, but in both instances of coming across him he was a sociable fellow.
    Mydas A perceptive Inquisitor whom lets little escape him. The Inquisition and the Crown are lucky to have one such in their midst.
    Nijah Someone that speaks my native tongue? It will be nice to not have to stumble through Arvani for short stretches.
    Niklas The affable inquisitor. Still affable even if he stopped being the other sometime since I last saw him.
    Norwood That drink of his is is //something else//.
    Orathy Reckon I would be likin to wipe the smile off his face, Inquisitor scum.
    Orazio A Southern Inquisitor - an unusual choice, but the young Mazetti seems sharp and adroit, and Orazio is interested in getting to know him better.
    Orelia A pleasant, scholarly type. Someone I believe would be worth getting to know a little better. Especially if he brings more of that pear stuff.
    Pasquale I do enjoy a good pun. Particularly about a bag of severed heads.
    Petal A friendly lord who spoke of my work and that was flattering to me. He also likes books.
    Quenia I have done business with Giulio a time or two, and have always worked well with him. I'm glad he's come into his own, becoming a Count. What a pleasant surprise that was! I'll be just as glad to help his new house prosper as he has with House Igniseri.
    Reese Friendly. From a good family and well spoken. I look forward to seeing him again.
    Sabella He smiles a lot for an Inquisitor, though maybe I'm just too used to my cousin. I will be taking him up on that brandy offer!
    Sabella I always enjoy spending time with Giulio and not just because he offers me free drinks! His palette for alcohol is amazing and his conversation always delightful! He is one of my favorite people to drink with!
    Saoirse Oh god, he puns.
    Sebastian A keen mind for details with a good sense of humor, and a cousin of the Marquessa's. We'll have to see if we can't entice him with a few pieces of fiction. Facts are wonderful, but sometimes there needs to be room for a little fancy as well.
    Sorrel There is nothing more precious than finding someone whose treasure trove of knowledge rivals one's own. This man is smart and quite sharp, and I expect that we shall continue to work together in a pleasantly scholarly manner.
    Sparte A friendly inquisitor! The second one I've met, but the other one didn't last terribly long. I wish him a better run of luck staying friendly and inquiz- Inquisiti- inquisitorial?
    Talen Ex-Inquisitor, a man with many questions, and probably even some answers. Eleyna's got an interest in him, which means Talen's likely going to end up working with him.
    Talwyn Quiet and watchful, a man who does very little to draw attention to himself. One who therefore bears the most watching.
    Tessa We met at war, and so he doesn't really know the real me yet, or does he?
    Theron The younger brother. More studious than me, of course, and he's grown up! The Marquessa already will trust him with a great task, after all.
    Thesarin Way with folk, speaks well, clever enough for the Inquisition. Him and his brother... reckon they make quite the pair.
    Thorley He had the grace to forgive my faux pas for not acknolwedging his original assistance after I was taken out of Caspian's free for all combat.
    Valdemar Polite, and generous with his liquor. I hope to get to know him better in the future.
    Vanora A well educated Mazetti whom I can envision enjoying future conversations with.
    Vayne An impressively well-read man. I look forward to discussing mutual interests with him, and learning from his perspective on things.
    Venturo A man who carries a marvelous invention of alcohol with him. Reserved, to be certain, but a man with taste.
    Veronica I didn't think Inquisitor Mazetti is quite so open about his... marital requirements. Probably more than I need to know, as a coworker.
    Viktor An Inquisitor who apparently loves his drink. Not sure how I feel about the combination. Alcohol and reason rarely mix well.
    Violet He came to drink with the Redrains as we celebrated before leaving for war. A brave man. And he brought the most delicious moonshine. I have seen him around. He was pleasant and didn't mind my...ah...exuberance from the spirits and things.
    Vitalis My cousin, newly wed. I wish him the best on this new adventure and hope he makes an adventure of it.
    Zaina An Inquisitor whom Lord Brogan claims is kind. I remain cautious of cultural misunderstandings in Arvum, however. Then again, I keep running into him, so perhaps I will have a chance to better decide for myself.
    Zoey Always with the drinks this one. One of the few Inquisitors I've met that doesn't beat people about the head with it.