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Prince Galen Thrax

"Can't we just kill each other like civilized people?"

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Holy Knight
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Storm blue
Skintone: tan

Titles: Warlord of Thrax

Description: This is a tall handsome man, broad of shoulder and muscular. His features are fine and his moustache is a manly moustache, well cared for and kept trimmed as is only civilized. He carries himself with authority, his movements energetic and his steps sure. His voice is deep and sonorous and his hair thick and well-coiffed, and with his square, handsome jaw and his slow, handsome smile he looks very much as though he has stepped out of a portrait and into the world.

Personality: Galen is a strong man with a strong personality. He's headstrong when he knows he's in the right, and he is an independent thinker. He'll listen to other people but he's adamant about making his own decisions. He is brave and bold and forthright, but where on others this might come across as bossy and rude, Galen is charming and friendly.

He is a civilized man, a man of refined tastes - and a dashing moustache - who is very concerned with doing things the proper way. Like reasonable people. He is still a Prince of Thrax, believing that men should be raised to be strong and warlike, but allowing women to learn to fight and carry arms and lead forces and sail isn't upsetting to him either. In his mind, a man is a man if he can do these things, and whether a woman can or not is irrelevant to the point at hand.

Background: Galen has always been far too refined for a Prince of Thrax, at least in his family's eyes. Growing up he was particular about his armor and particular about his appearance and particular in so many ways - but his weapon of choice and his skill with it made many teasing comments go unsaid. He built up a particular fondness for a large heavy warhammer that makes his opponents shudder and very often reconsider slights given.

He grew up strong and stubborn and, in a final despairing effort to turn him into a proper Thrax man was sent to sea as a sailor on a ship. The ship disappeared in a storm, only to return eight years later with Galen at the helm as Navigator. He has seen the world, or more of the world than most people would, and it has only enhanced his determination to be the voice of civilization in the heart of Thrax proper.

Relationship Summary

  • Enyo - Huntress and obviously my dearest friend! At least that is what the wine said. I may have to fight my brother, but I am sure he would understand.

  • Family:
  • Denica - cousin, I am glad to have found you again
  • Ann - My Aunt, on my father's side. It has been great seeing you again.
  • Valerius - Brother! It is good to see you again, perhaps before things get rough we can get back to our old ways for a night or two.
  • Leona - My lovely sister, I do hope we can spend more time together before you head off. I must admit, I am warming to your status, it certainly has its perks.
  • Echo - How many years has it been? Regardless, you are family, and thus you have my love and support
  • Name Summary
    Alarissa The warlord of Thrax is a man who surely fits the role, or at least his Mustache does.
    Alessia He's entertaining company and fairly easy to get along with.
    Arcelia A pleasure as always. The Thrax family is always an interesting bunch. Galen specifically is welcome company and I look forward to seeing him agian soon.
    Belladonna Very sharp for a Thrax warlord, and all more dangerous for it.
    Celeste He indulged my tendencies as a mirrormask, so I have to give him points for that.
    Clover It is absolutely delightful to see how he cares for Sorrel. I can tell he is a good match for her! The way they speak to each other does my heart well. I can tell he is a good man.
    Delilah Certainly an enthusiastic supporter of Princess Sorrel. His steadfast and enduring appreciation for her myriad talents speaks to the strength of their marriage.
    Domonico A Warlord and Prince of Thrax. Quite gallant it appears. Seems to be quite different from his kinsman Jasher.
    Fatima Variously a cousin, Prince, Warlord, and sea captain. It is in the last fashion that we have most often worked together, of course, as he is one of the best officers I have in the Isles Canines. Now that he is back from Maelstrom, he seems eager to get out on the water, and I shall try not to dissapoint him with a lack of suitable diversions. I am sure he shall, in turn, live up to every one of his mainy worthy appellations.
    Gilroy Stay away from my heirloom fork! It's for eating heirloom tomatoes!
    Harlex A good man and a good husband. I wish that family all the best, truly.
    Ian Good to see he's doing better. Thought that gargantuan was going to kill him.
    Jasher His constitution is impressive. Perhaps it's the moustache.
    Juliana More brother than cousin. Someone she leans on, turns to when things are good or bad. He is family.
    Lisebet Large, good natured, and takes good care of Sorrel. I like him.
    Lora Charming and wity. Almost enough to forgive him his perplexing love of frozen water.
    Macda Message me when you have a lead on that mystical ship. He might be that ambitious.
    Oswyn I'm very glad the Warlord of Thrax didn't hit me with a broadsword. I only thought he might for a second, though. Honest.
    Petal Generous and ordered us all treats and drink. It was nice to see him again.
    Reese Yay, nice to remeet the prince. He seems playful and energetic, having a passion for life. He seems like the type who would liven up any room or situation.
    Reigna It has taken far, far too long for me to get to know Sorrel's husband. And now that I have, I can see why she agreed to marry him. He is quite charming and clearly very much in love with her. I disapprove of hte idea of marrying for love, of course, or I would, but I am sure that Wyrmguard is better for having a direct relationship with Thrax.
    Renata Not as I'd imagined a Thraxian prince to be, and despite the subject matter of our conversation, I felt comfortable in his presence.
    Sebastian My Thraxian cousin and I have never been close, but he seems to have loosened up a little since the battle at the Lodge. Good to see him up and about, and enjoying the water.
    Sorrel The Captain of the Serpents Tide and a Thraxian prince, he's incredibly handsome and has a personality that appeals to me even more than his mustache. He's everthing I could ever want in a husband and I love to see his features on our son's face. And soon, our second child! I'm hopelessly in love with my Warlord.
    Torian For a Prince he's all right. I don't think of myself as a trouble maker, but if a man of his sature can be supportive of trouble makers, then I guess I'm in good company with him.
    Turo The Warlord of Thrax, and patron as well. We'll change the fate of the Isles if given half the chance.
    Victus I too was Warlord once upon a time. Galen walks a path I am familiar with, yet the story he tells will be none but his own to write. I will be watching closely these next few years.
    Viviana Prince Galen Thrax is quite a bit more civilized than I usually expect from their house. Good company, and I look forward to seeing how he handles himself on the sea.