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Tournament of Roses 1010 AR - Grand Melee

The Compact celebrates its steps into a new era with the legendary, historical Tournament of Roses. Competitors are invited to join in this year's Grand Melee to display their prowess in combat and compete for the honor of a royal boon. [OOC: See 'lore Tournament Of Roses - Boons' for more info!] As the Grand Melee is a competition of skill rather than wealth, and open to all honorable competitors, arms and armor will be restricted to those of high quality steel or high quality leather.

Competitors are asked to send word to Princess Berenice's Velenosa, this year's Crown-appointed host, to submit their desire to compete in order for event preparations to move as smoothly as possible.


March 31, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Berenice Alaric


Kyden Venturo Marian Alarissa Archeron Sorrel Bliss Radhilde Victus Arcadia Ian Lisebet Vanora Ouida Silas Acantha Olivia Kedehern Lucita Evonleigh Nikias Amund Martino Harlex Merek Aethan Jyri Oswyn Ophelia Felicia Viviana Lilia Rysen Valdemar Brianna Kael Raven Jeffeth Domonico Reigna Arianna Tabitha Kaia Asha Kalivan Leta Brogan Khanne Arik Orvyn Sophie Willow Belladonna Michael Mia Calypso Pharamond Carmen Mirk Dante


The Crown


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


It was interesting to see all the fighting and to observe the medics as they worked as well. Exciting and nerve wrecking!

Jace has joined the General Seating.

Kyden wanders in looking for her patron, seeing her on the field she waves to Arianna and her compatriots Vivana and Raven. Her sweet looking demeanor fractured when she yells "KILL EM ALL!!" and then smiles sweetly to them.

Into the grounds comes two who aren't partaking in the grand melee today. Princess Ophelia's hand settles gently on the crook of Venturo's arm. The showman is wearing a long, black leather coat that cuts a rakish figure, the collar pulled high, doubled back cuffs with the thing left unbuttoned so it swirls in his wake. He's speaking quietly with the woman as they talk, angling their way towards one of the quieter spots that they can observe. "At least we've seen the last of that particular lot that tried to kill me, I think. No doubt that has something to do with /thirteen/ of them dying to just one of your arrows."

Marian steps onto the field, wearing her high quality black and red leathers with steel accents. She has drawn her curved shortsword, a favored weapon that she often uses in training. Her piercing green eyes take a moment to survey the other competitors around her, assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

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Alarissa with help from Maxene settles in at one of the booths after having carefully made her way to a prime seat to watch. "This is bound to be exciting as it was last time, but I swear to the gods, if he uses it to get a ribbon for his dog..."

The Tournament Grounds have been decorated in spectacular fashion. The Crown is noted above all in its brilliant gold colors and sigil adorning so many of the banners about the grounds. The five Great Houses are represented in further banners and decorations, and then their vassals: throughout the grounds, one can find a banner of every single house of the Compact. Roses are also, of course, a noted decoration, and there's such a wealth of them that the entire grounds smell faintly of their sweetness. They are presented in a brilliant variety of shades, clearly intended to represent the Crown and the five Great Houses as best as roses can be expected to do. Refreshments are lavish and numerous and also representative of the variety the Compact has to offer: Lycene wines, Northern whiskeys, Islander rum, Crownlands ciders, Oathlands meads -- and so much more. Tents are set up all throughout the areas surrounding the field itself, offering a staggering and astounding variety of foods and drinks. It is monumentally clear that no expense has been spared in the preparation for this legendary tournament.

Berenice is there, of course, standing to greet those arriving to compete, managing the herding and wrangling of cats with all of that charm and effortlessness that she is often known for. (If it, just as naturally, her valet /Benvolio/ who is doing the actual writing down of things.) As everyone arrives, it's clear by that sense of anticipation in the air that matters will be beginning shortly.

Archeron slips into the Tourney fields, and despite the fact he has his armour and his axe and bows with him, he makes his way up to go and keep his liege's better half company. He lifts his fingers to wriggle a little wave to Alarissa before he takes his seat watching the competitors arrange themselves, and also taking the time to watch the crowd. People watching, the true sport of Arx.

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2 Ashford House Guard, Bethany, 1 Ashford veteran guards arrive, following Olivia.

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Practically bouncing on her toes, Sorrel is clad brightly in aubergine and lurid green leathers which suit her quite well. They have musical notes on them, and they're probably appropriate for a Bladesong. She seems in a cheery moody, though she's rather impressed at the number of competitors for the melee.

Joining into the line in a duelist's outfit that hasn't hit the sands in some time now, the Radiant of Whisper House stands calmly with her rapier out, awaiting inspection as the preparations for the Tournament are under way. She is quiet, but there's a calm, confident smile on her face as she looks down the line and back, her hands folded on the hilt of her rapier, the weapon pointed downward as she waits and watches.

Radhilde makes her way over to the Tournament Fields. A large crowd well gathered as she steps along with a growing smile to take a place with others who seem to be watching, though her eyes are unable to help look to the competitors as they take their places.

Olivia has joined the line.

4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Reigna.

Victus was pacing the field, having found his own section of cleared gravel to start stomping a path out of as he awaited for the show to begin. He'd come prepared in suit of cerulean, azure and crimson streaked armor. A suit that bore the colors of Thrax while maintaining some grace of the sea as well. The sword Barathrum was held in his other hand, currently embedded in a serpentine sheathe. On his bicep, a blue ribbon with a dragon ensignia was tied around the chainmail.

Arcadia comes flouncing in, eyes wide at the decor. She glances at all the seating, twisting her lips trying to decide where to sit.In the end she safely decides on joining the bar.

Arcadia has joined the the Beverage Tent.

Ian leans against a pole somewhere on the edge of the field, his cane elsewhere, and a sword at his hip. He scans the field and the crowd, and there's something, just for a moment, vaguely unsettled in his gaze. It's hard to put a finger on. Especially when it vanishes as a judge approaches him to check his equipment, giving him an 'are you really going to be doing this?' hairy eyeball the entire time. This Ian ignores.

Lisebet meanders in, glancing around, and heads to the beverage area first, feeling she might need a libation or two. She's quite obviously not partaking, but here to watch, as she has no weapons. Once she finds the beverages, she settles into a seat, and glances around, nodding to those who are near by.

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Vanora arrives just as the tournament is about to start, skimming the stands and finding a place to settle into a quiet booth to watch. She greets Venturo with a bright smile when she does so, and smiles at the Princess Ophelia as well.

Ouida finishes the rest of her suiting up with her squire's assistance, though for the moment the Harthall knight's visor is still raised. She smies at her squire when all's said and done, clapping him on the shoulder to send him more properly off amongst the spectators as she steps onto the field to wait with the others. Her armor is relatively plain, but polished to a glow and of fine craftsmanship. Around the hilt of her sword is tied a small favor, ribbons braided of orange, black gold, blue, and white.

Silas is present on the field, clad head to toe in hawk-themed steel armor. He also wears a Grayson tournament favor, a Gloria-themed pin, and his Iron Guard crest even if all the colors clash. Someone's here to represent. He observes the other fighters approaching nonchalantly.

Acantha heads into the crowds and there's a bit of a smile at all of the people participating. Benny follows along with her, but she makes her way over to the far stands where a familiar face is seated. She heads up and sits down by Mirk, plopping Benny into a seat next to her.

Olivia wanders in dressed very oddly for her. She is all metal'd out. Looking.... as fiercec as she can.

Kedehern strode to the field, eyes watching those others present, and sizing up the competition as it where. Yep. He had a feeling he was going to be more than a little sore tomorrow morning...

Lucita steps into the area and casts a glance around, Her attention wanders to the growing number of poeple on the field and she picks out familiar faces here and there, giving them a wave of 'good luck' before tuning to find a seat.

Entering the tournament grounds, Evonleigh Whitehawk's stormy eyes sweep the field to find those she's rooting for -- more than one, it seems as her gaze alights on a few different armor-clad figures, smiling if they happen to look her way. She then moves to the stands, carefully pulling up the skirt of her dress to climb up a few rows for a better view of the field.

Nikias had come before the tournament was to begin and was off to the side prepping and stretching before the fighting begins.

Amund the sellsword arrives as the entourage of Lady Lilia Telmar. He nods his goodbyes to her as he makes his way to the arena. Clad in leather and carrying a steel falchion, he nods a greeting to the other competitors as he waits for the signal to start to be given.

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Stationed within the beverage tent, an early arrival to watch people prepare, the Lord Martino Malvici is present with a mug of coffee in his left hand. His right, looped around Kaia Bisland's left elbow as he inhales. Awaiting the arrival of those entering from Malvici to step forth.

Harlex arrives, departing the company of his agent, and with his bestial helmet tucked under his arm he moves toward the field with an appropriate greeting to the hostess. Down among the others, he checks his gauntlets. The straps secured. Beneath the right is a band of aeterea which is held fast by the leather bindings to the glove. The dark-clad swordsman, armored as he is, stands by himself. Focused inward, it seems, for the time being. A single-edge sword resting on his low slung belt.

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Merek has come with the others to fight in the tournament, and has on his metal with his sword adjusted about to the hip. He unsheaths that while he makes for the competition area and waits.

Aethan is standing near to his brother with an axe strapped to his hip. He looks over at Ian briefly, then away to look over the field of competitors. His expression is impassive -- whatever he thinks, he's not sharing it. His eyes move to the stands then, squinting just a little bit against the light at the faces in the crowd.

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Jyri is doing some stretching and moving about to keep his body warm, lingering near Silas - the two are identical as far as the armor goes, their house sigil prominently displayed and the armors brand spanking new from the looks of it - even if they already got a few nicks from practice if nothing else. He's looking quite relaxed - but his one eye does gleam in some excitement. Though Harlex is focused and quiet, the Prodigal neo-noble gives the Joust winner a salute with his sword and a respectful nod.

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Oswyn has arrived to tend to battle injuries when they start happening, because of course they will. He looks a bit on the tense side, his satchel slung over his shoulder and probably full of bandages, salves, and other useful things.

Ophelia Velenosa has the legendary showman, Venturo Thayne, upon her arm when she arrives at the tournament grounds. Together they make their way toward a quieter booth and the archeress casts her gaze over to the competitors to see who will be participating. There's a wave for her friends right before she takes a seat and soon she's grinning at Venturo. She shrugs. "I'll try for fifteen next time." There's a respectful nod and smile given to Duchess Vanora soon afterward.

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Felicia gathers with the rest of the competitors to have her armor and weapon checked. Her armored thumbs hooked onto her swordbelt after the fact as she watches the field with tight smiles of recognition for the competition.

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In a display of either daftness or supreme self-confidence, likely to be decided determined on how quickly she's eliminated, the Sword of Setarco joins the line of competitors in nothing more than filmy gold silk. Slippers with ribbons wound up along her legs, a two panel skirt of shimmering silk with a delicate golden belt, and a bodice in the same shades that leaves the Pravus fencer's midriff bare. Viviana is all smiles and laughs as she joins the other competitors and waits, fingers idly drumming a beat against the hilt of her steel rapier.

Lilia bids Amund something akin to luck with a wave of her hand before she goes up to find a seat in the stands. A fair seat, high enough to give her a good view of the field, which she skims with some interest as though making her own measure of who is out and about.

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Rysen walks onto the field resting his longsword on his shoulder. He glances at the other competitors and at the gathered crowds. A grin paces over his face, and he takes a deep breath.

Valdemar is dressed all in black as he steps on the field, looking as somber as ever. Even the favor ties about his arm is made of umbra and dark silk, though there are hints of silver here and there on the duelist's leathers he wears. In his hands, he carries a glaive, which he slowly swings now and again, warming up his arms as he looks around at the rest of the competitors on the field.

Tall, clad in dark leathers, and wielding a wicked axe, Brianna goes through some dynamic stretches at the edge of the field. It seems to be almost a meditative practice for her, the heavy fur cloak swishing as she moves. Her fiery tresses are tucked away in her scaled leather helmet, but the colors of her waraxe seem to have been chosen to mirror them.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Radhilde before departing.

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Olivia waves to Lisebet excitedly from the field

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Kael's wearing House Laurent colors as he is moving toward the field, joining those that look read to compete in the tournament. He's nodding toward this person and that, maybe even offering a smile. There is however some light stretching going on.

Raven comes onto the feild with the other competetiors among her companions, Arianna and Viviana, looking to them both with a confident smile, tipping her hat across her brow, she looks around beneath the brim and rests her hand on the hilt of her sword, sizing everybody else up.

Clad in all shining steel, Jeffeth Bayweather is currently laying in the grass. Gauntleted hands tucked behind his head. The giant butterfly themed warhammer standing on the hammerhead with the haft protruding into the sky. His deep blues are focused on the blues and whites of the sky above, apparently getting in a quick rest before all the fuss starts.

Kael has joined the line.

Domonico strides into the area, arnoured as always and stern faced. He speaks to no one but just goes into the field and stretches ready.

Reigna arrives with Kael and an entourage of physicians, heading towards the field triage tents that were set up yesterday. Before she departs his company, she ties a black adn green silk kerchief around his forearm and kisses his cheek, murmuring a few words before she heads off to rejoin her healers.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

On the tail of Raven and Viviana, the third Pravus walks in a bit late. She flashes a smile to Kyden and blows her protege some kisses. Adorned in an abundance of stylish high quality leather armor and short sword, sheathed and strapped to her lower back, she goes to stand next to the other two and leans in to idly chatter while waiting for everyone to get checked over for compliance to the rules and regulations laid down by the generous host and hostess of the Tournament of Roses.

Lisebet catches sight of Olivia and her expression goes incredulous. Wait - that can't be ... She waits to see if Olivia is out of her mind completely or just a little bit.

Tabitha nods and smiles as she chats to the others at the beverage tent, raising her hand in a cheery wave to Evonleigh when she picks her cousin out in the crowd. The same wave greets the arrival of Silas and Jyri as well, encouraging and excited! Then she takes a look over Olivia's way, her eyes widening and her wave slowing mid-air. She looks over to Lisebet, sharing an uncertain glance, then looks to the rest of the group with the same confusion.

From the Beverage Tent Kaia eyes those on the field, seeming particularly worried and very //concerned// when she spots her friend the Lady Olivia Ashford /right there/ on the field. "Oh, gods, I do hope she doesn't get hurt." she mutters.

Rinel has joined the the Champion Arm Wrestling Tent.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Willow before departing.

Olivia also waves to Brogan from the field. All dressed in steel.

Archeron is overheard praising Olivia: How brave. I guess I still have a few cousins left.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Willow before departing.

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Asha meanders inside with a big smile which only grows in the vibrant atmosphere of the grounds tonight. A spear lazy settled over her shoulder as she spies between the many faces then sneaking in to try and get a place in the line. For boons and glory, as it were.

Kalivan trudges on into the tournament grounds, weighed down by a linen satchel filled to nearly bursting. He enters the physician's tent and puts his bag down with a thump and a sigh, pulling open the flap to reveal that it's indeed stuffed to the brim with bandages, styptics, and whatever else one needs to fix a ruined body.

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Leta is standing there in her somewhat mismatched armor, steel bits and brass bits gleaming and shiny, the cloth bits all clean and colorful. She's got her helmet by her side, under one arm, as she clinks and clanks lightly through the field. She fidgets, bounces up and down, stretches her body as if testing the fit of her armor, adjusts a clasp here and there, and then just waits, whistling a little local folk melody to herself.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

The line has been dismissed by Berenice.

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Lisebet is overheard praising Olivia: brave wonderful soul

Domonico wields Wavecutter, a high quality steel Xiphos.

"Woo! Wrecking Ball!" Brogan cheers, clearly already having had some liquid encouragement. Though he clearly looks like he is as much trying to embarress Felicia as actually cheer her on. The big bushy bearded smile is a clear clue. "I'm holding your liquor cabinet hostage! Use it!" A twin handed motion of encouragement from the man. His attention turns to look over all the competition as he sips from a horn. "It's like a war, waiting to happen." Olivia gets a big overhanded wave and her own gesture of encouragement as well.

Kaia, the guard have been dismissed.

Leta wields a two handed longsword of good steel with an ornate copper inlaid pommel.

Kael wields Preyfinder, a double edged long sword with an engraved blade.

Archeron is overheard praising Sorrel: A female warrior of Thrax, and always impressive. At least she knows Grimhall won't hit her, and that's an advantage.

Khanne walks onto the grounds, her eyes going wide at the number of people milling about. For a moment it looks like the shaman might dash off in a panic but she takes a breath and holds it as she looks for a proper place to settle and watch the event.

Reigna is in the thick of it in terms of overseeing the set up of the triage tent. When She spies Kalivan and his additional supplies she gives him a bright smile, "Well thought out, Apprentice Kalivan! Are you ready for some wounds? We are going to have all manner of cuts, bruises and crush injuries today, healers! We're going to need to be on our toes and ready to handle anything that comes at us. Get at least three suture needles prepped, there will be a lot of stitches made today. I hope your fingers are ready. Are the braizers lit yet?"

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

Felicia slants a look towards Brogan with a sudden flash of a grin, all teeth,"I'll just take yours instead... seems like a fair trade to me. Probably better vintages... even, for how little time they'll last!"

Brianna catches sight of Khanne and gives her a wave, blowing her a kiss!

Arik has joined the Far Stands.

Khanne lifts her hand to catch that blown kiss and smiles at Brianna, waving back. "I'm here for you, Bri Bri! Get 'em!" She then blows a kiss back to her cousin.

Arik makes his way into the crowds to wave off in Brianna's direction before hunting for his family in the stands to watch.

Khanne has joined the Far Stands.

Krissa, the golden, long-haired cat arrives, delivering a message to Archeron before departing.

Ouida is overheard praising Berenice: A truly kick-butt hostess! Thank you so much!

Ouida is overheard praising Alaric: Thank you so much for helping to run the event!

Merek is overheard praising Berenice.

Ouida is overheard praising Videl: Thank you so much for helping to run the event!

Willow is overheard praising Berenice.

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Merek is overheard praising Videl.

Felicia is overheard praising Berenice: A fine hostess!

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Tabitha history

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Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Tabitha.

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards leave, following Tabitha.

And with much hubbub and anticipation, the time comes. Berenice takes the proverbial stage -- that is, the Judges Booth, which offers a high view above all of them. "And now we come to the final event of the Tournament of Roses! The Grand Melee has a long and storied history in the tournament. It is a true test of skill, cunning, and, above all, honor on the field. Our many and varied competitors will now be divided for qualifying melees before the three mightiest from each group shall return for one final, glorious battle!" The large group is divided by random draw until only those chosen to fight their qualifying melee on the Tournament Grounds remain.

"And now! We begin!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

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Viviana takes a moment to lift an arm into the air, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd with a wide smile on her thick lips as the grand melee prepares to start. Once the fanservice and crowd rousing is done, the Sword of Setarco draws her rapier and casts a look around at the other combatants in the group while settling into an easy fencing stance. The silk-clad duelist doesn't make any move to approach anyone in particular, but she's not shy about beckoning with the tip of her rapier towards anyone that glances her direction.

Domonico readies Wavecutter and does a few final stretches before he moves into the field, raising his xiphos to his brother in the crowd

With the announcement to begin, everything about Bliss's demeanor seems to shift, the Champion Radiant bringing her rapier up in an instant and holding it parallel to the ground as she turns and begins to walk out onto the field. For a brief moment, her hand goes to her hat, pulling off the rakish garment and waving it to the crowd, before using it to blow a kiss dramatically, and then it's back on her head and she starts humming a little tune to herself, her eyes scanning over every one of her competitors and sizing them up.

Asha emerges with an even bigger grin on her face, evidently having managed to sneak in at the very end! Her steps are quick as she approaches the field, distinctly lacking in the way of armour, her crimson skirt swooshing with her quick steps. Once there she bounces lightly on the ball of her feet, green eyes sweeping the competitors.

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At the start of the melee, Brianna lowers the faceguard of her scaled leather helmet, surveying the field. She strides onto the field, saluting her family with her axe, stepping into an easy fighting stance.

Marian waits as the warriors are divided up into three groups. When she spies that Brianna and Rysen are a part of her group, she sents a salute to the two of them. She then narrows her green eyes as she looks upon the other competitors, trying to figure out the biggest threats. There's a stillness to the warrior as she gets herself mentally in the game. She swings her swords a few times and moves into her fighter stance.

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Once her visor is lowered, Ouida salutes her fellow competitors by touching the fingers of one gauntleted hand over her heart, and then again salutes the crowd--perhaps to one in particular amongst them. But then the Harthall knight makes ready, much of her pleasant reserve melting into the confident stance of one claiming and defending her space.

Silas looks mildly dismayed at being parted from his kinsman, but such is life. He peers thoughtfully at the recognizeable warriors in his group... and the not-so-recognizeable ones. He grimaces, but unsheathes his sword and focuses his attention on abundant Lycene on the field.

In a bit of a contrast to the woman she'd arrived on the field with, Raven takes a few practice swings with her sword, stretching herself out and arranging her jacket so that it doesn't get in her way, the duster flapping in the breeze as she steps on out. The Blackheart of Pravus studies the field, not eagerly taking the offensive, but studying the motion of the battle, taking up a defensive stance she waits, those venemously green eyes squinting beneath the rim of her hat.

Khanne stands up where she sits in the stands and touches a fist to her chest then raises it in the air in response to Brianna's lifting of her axe. "Go Brianna! Show them our savage side!"

Suddenly, Brianna lets out a feral howl, rushing across the field to attack Rysen.

It is said that Ouida Harthall has an eye for beauty off the field as well as on it, and so when the dance of blade and spear begins, there is a heightened energy that radiates from her, even though her face is obscured by her helm. Her strike out at the taller spearwielding woman but grazes Asha, offset by the other woman's grace, while the spear screeches and scratches along Ouida's own steel. Ouida's next strike is easily turned aside, but the knight remains steady on her feet. For anyone watching, perhaps, it is an interesting fight to watch, one daring fighter unencumbered, facing off against an Oathlands knight in full steel. Blows keep ringing off those steel plates viciously but thus far it holds true and Ouida is hardly slowed, showing respect to the other woman by giving absolutely no quarter in her own strikes. Her sky blue eyes are alive and sparkling, and focused on the red-clad woman before her.

Suddenly, Brianna lets out a feral howl, rushing across the field to attack Rysen. She swings wide, missing the Crovane, then sees Marian has two on her. That just won't do, and she barrels into Radiant Bliss.

Rysen rushes at Bliss, taking a split step just before entering contact range. He deftly changes direction and slashes his blade at Radiant Whisper. Noticing Viviana closing in on Marian, Rysen rapidly hops back, and steps off at a different angle, continuing a fluid series of attacks against the Sword of Setarco, but is unable to overcome her footwork and skilled defense.

Silas waits for a few people to pair off, before he narrows his focus on Raven. With Domonico apparently having the same idea, he doesn't aggressively attack the poor Lycene woman with the ferocity he normally would, and he takes his time to observe and take advantage of openings - however small. He clicks his tongue.

There's a broad smile on Bliss's face as she gets ready to fight, first moving in right toward Marian - apparently having the Sword of Farhaven's number. Her foot pushes against the sand, a spray of it coming out as she lunges, overextending herself as she does and making herself an open target - just as one Brianna Halfshav is charging in on her. The smile quickly changes to a grunt of surprise as the Halfshav barrels into her, but she manages to get an elbow in and push herself away from Brianna - not before taking a slight slash to the arm - and once there is distance, she keeps it and begins to rapidly slash at Brianna. It's a fight focused mostly on dodging and twisting, the nimble rapier managing to poke through Brianna's defense, while her buckler comes up to block the axe when it swings down.

Domonico is currently acting like a skirmisher, darting in and harrying Raven as her focus is elsewhere focused by Silas.

Marian focuses on Viviana as soon as the fight starts. She wields her curved shortsword and moves in to dance with the Sword of Setarco. She flashes a smile over to Rysen who joins her in trying to flank the graceful fighter. She growls as the Sword gets through her defenses, giving her a minor scratch of her blade, "Good show..." She dodges a blade from Bliss but then Brianna comes to her rescue, pulling the champion elsewhere. She strikes and moves, trying to find that opening but the maddening woman continues to evade her blade.

Asha dances on the field with her whirling spear, the red tassle just below the head painting strokes in the air as she strikes for Ouida, and then strikes again! Yet the steel finds no flesh, even when it manages to reach past the woman's guard. There is a wince and a grunt as she is struck, one can only hope blood does not stain red cloth. She smiles never the less, the thrill of fightinh upon her as she makes a display of both skill and showmanship.

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Though she tries to keep herself quiet to survey the battle from the edge, she's instantly locked onto by Domonico and Silas. She keeps her sword up in a defensive stance and grunts a bit as they piece by piece eat away at her, small nicks and cuts from a barely there dodge, long enough for her to try to get a strike in, but nothing penetrates her armor. She squints her eyes at both of them, dancing as well as she can between them both, her sword flying at them both. Silas finally manages to find a big opening and slashes in at her and she winces.

When Viviana notices Marian's attention on her, the Sword of Setarco offers a curtsey as her salute to the once Sword of Sanctum. With a wide smile upon her lips, the Lycene duelist settles into a ready stance as she approaches the redhead. Rapier at the ready, the silk-clad woman lashes out with testing strikes, only one of her blows managing to penetrate the Warchief's guard, and barely so. As Viviana notices Rysen's attention settling upon her as well, the silk-clad fencer settles into a steady rhythm of movement. The thin rapier snaps up to ring out against Marian's wickedly curved sword time and time again as the unarmored duelist does her best to duck and twist away from Rysen's strikes as well. How long can she keep that up, though?

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Domonico realised that it was likely that Raven would drop soon and appraised Silas carefully, noting the armour he wore before he switches target, taking advantage of his distraction to lay a hit in, before rapidly defending against the other man's vengeance!

Silas is busy mind his own business, trying his best to find a way to finally knock Raven out to no avail... when Domonico suddenly turns his blade on him! The initial attack lands on his shoulder, though it doesn't harm him much, and he replies with an irritated grunt. "Well, if you -insist-," he quips, and gives Raven a momentary respite to attempt to repay Domonico's gift.

Keeps up her defensive stance, barely keeping Silas and company at bay, she grimaces a bit and takes a breathe as she charges in, never able to strike through Silas's armor, just barely keeping her composure, even as Domonico switches to Silas.

The battle continues between Bliss and Brianna, North and South meeting up as the former focuses on the fight - there's still a glint of humor in her eyes, especially now that she's managing to hold Brianna off, the rapier occasionally whipping past the axe to slash against Brianna's skin as she does. Each swing causes another move, and back and forth they go in a dance of blades. Soon, though, Rysen is joining in on the attack as well, and Bliss is moving her rapier at double time, her footwork becoming intricate as she ducks and twists away, occasionally using her buckler to knock a weapon to the side. "I had no idea you were this good!" she tells Brianna with a pleased laugh.

As a trickle of blood stains the ground beneath her Asha still dances with a wicked smile, the odd step here and there the only thing betraying a tinge of pain as she puts weight upon the strike that struck her true. She dashes back and forth in a whirl and eventually the long reach of her spear proves quick enough! Striking quick as a spear the point of it comes in biting into one of Ouida's joints before darting back. Encouraged her grows bolder then "You dance well!" she calls out to the knight, unknown to her. The sound of steel against steel ringing true, her spear scraping armour again and again.

As luck would have it, the Sword of Setarco proves to be unable to maintain her perfect defense for much longer. Twisting and twirling, Viviana tries to ward off Rysen and Marian both, but eventually a blow gets through, and then another, and some more. And with the lack of armor, it's not terribly long before the fencer is stepping back and holding her arms out as she calls out, "I yield!" With her golden silks sporting a few rips and tears and blood to boot, the Pravus fencer backs away from the melee after inclining her head to Marian and Rysen, then goes to see about finding somebody with some bandages.

Rysen continues his all out assault on Viviana. Feeling the battle fury of his family, he slices and stabs with viscious alacrity. As Marian also presses forward, he manages to step passed Viviana, and slash deeply into the warrior's upper torso. When it seems she cannot continue, Rysen nods to Marian and sprints to Brianna's side, slashing upward to graze Bliss.

Marian smiles more menacingly as she starts to find the flaws in Viviana's stance. She gets in a moderate blow, stepping back to give Rysen room to attack. The two warriors tag team Vivianna, wearing her down until the Sword of Setarco has to yield. Then Rysen and her part, separating so that Marian can move on to target Domonico in defense of her old friend, Silas.

Brianna is fast and nimble, but so is Bliss. The Halfshav lady dodges and weaves, letting out a low chuckle at the other woman's compliment. "Could say the same for you, your Radiantness," she says, dancing away from the rapier and trying to get her axe in.

The combat between sword and spear remains full and focused. Ouida is easily outmaneuvered by the Asha, though her knightly armor and steadiness serve her well to keep her on her feet and relatively unscathed. That is, until a strong strike from her opponent finds that perfect place of vulnerability between the steel plates of armor, evoking a shout of pain from Ouida even as she attempts to parry--however, there will be blood now both on Asha's spear and seeping across the edges of the plate nearest that strike. The edge of her sword misses several times as she lashes out, but her eyes still sparkle as they rest upon Asha. "And now I wear your favor as well!" she calls out roughly to the other woman, red blood to match the champion's red skirts.

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A late arrival into the stands, Orvyn Harthall settles into one of the seats so as to observe what is already taking place down in the field. There's a uick scan of the combatants until he notes one familiar face in particular, cheering for a moment, but then ordering wine so that he can settle in and see how things play out.

Kalivan scurries out from the consession stand/medical post towards the field, skirting around the competitors and their whirling blades until he's close by Viviana, "Right this way, my lady!" He exclaims over the clamour and chaos, gesturing to the tent, "You can still stand, yes?"

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Sophie arrives late to the melee, as usual, and she's carrying supplies for healing. The Mother Mercy's eyes scan the field, settle on the few most likely to need her later, and then she makes her way into the stands and sits quietly to watch.

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Domonico defends himself from Marian and then finds himself fighting to defend his former target Raven. His xiphos darts out again and again, yet to strike true.

Following Brianna's lead, Rysen attempts to overwhelm the defenses of the Radiant Whisper. He raises his sword and steps forward with a series of slashes. Bliss's agility and defenses are superb, though Rysen manages to get a hold of her with his offhand, and drag her off balance enough to land a grazing blow to her left arm.

Raven is barely keeping herself together, just on the defensive as her blade flashes between Silas and now Marian as she keeps moving herself back. Looking for an opening between the two monsterous fighters. There is a frown and she grimaces a bit but she's remaining calm and focused.

Brianna is still locked in her dance with Bliss, and with the two of them, it looks all the world like a dance. She scores a minor hit, but it's a glancing blow. "I need to train with you more," she grunts through her mask.

Those amongst the crowd who might enjoy seeing an Oathlands knight getting almost literally danced around by one who seems far less encumbered and much more bold probably are keeping eager eyes on the fight between Ouida and Asha. The champion's spear rings off Ouida's armor again and again, while the knight seems to strike at her shadow more than the graceful champion herself. One blow does strike deep and true, however.

Now it is two-on-one for real, and Bliss is very clearly on the back foot, occasional winces as she moves her arm on the side where Brianna had barreled so roughly into her earlier. Her eyes are wide open, though, and she's moving her rapier in quick slashes, side-to-side, the weapon whipping through the air with an audible sound as she tries to twist her body and dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Still, she tries to get hits in on Brianna, her eyes narrowing slightly as grazing strikes manage to land on her body. First blood, this certainly isn't. "Been fighting since I was twelve," she tells Brianna with a glint in her eyes.

Silas returns to Raven, now that Marian seems to distract Domonico... -and- somehow find time to try to assist him with Raven! Silas looks mildly impressed, though he doesn't seem to be having much luck so far. He grits his teeth, and digs his heel into the ground before launching his next attack at the stubborn Lycene.

Asha grows bolder, encouraged by the exchange of wits and the harsh stabb of her spear. Perhaps that is why she falters so soon after, Ouida's sword managing to pass past her guard and quick steps, finding flesh oncemore. In the wake of it she becomes more cautious with her strikes, trying to keep the armroed woman at a distance. She smiles though, although that too is strained now to keep pain at bay.

Grimacing quite a bit, Viviana stops when Kalivan makes it to her side and then turns to follow him towards the tent. "Yes, yes, I can stand for now. I'm not certain for how long, if I don't get these bandaged, though," the Sword of Setarco adds as her head tilts, teeth gritting as she glances at the gashes and cuts she managed to collect from the melee. Trusting the medic to sort out the bandages and the like, the duelist's gaze strays back towards the field, watching the rest of the fight.

Marian moves her target quickly to Raven after a quick whispered exchange with Silas. She moves brutally, bringing strike after strike against Raven in tandem with Silas against the lady. As Domonico mounts his attack towards her, she strangely ignores him, using her whirling to move out of his way when possible or depending on that armor. Nothing distracts her from Raven as she continues to assist Silas.

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"Come on, Lord Rysen!" Acantha gives a bit of a cheer for the Crovane.

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Attendees in the stands come to their feet with cheers as the Sovereign of Arx enters the tournament grounds.

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A murmur of excitement goes through the crowd as a duelist from the Champions Guild enters the Tournament Grounds.

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Jyri limps in together with Aethan - the two are leaning on each other. Probably NOT advancing, but the prodigal looks just as cheerful anyway. Apart from the limping part. He beeliens for the Consession stand to find a seat, nodding respectfully at those there.

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Aethan does not look to be advancing, either, considering his condition and the fact that he's taking the help as much as he's giving the help. He does, however, move to take a seat to watch the rest with a more contented look on his face than usual, despite his loss.

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With two attackers still on her, Bliss seems to be trying to change the rhythm of the fight as much as possible, using her cape to distract by swaying her hips with each thrust, beginning to move in circles to make sure that she is never quite completely flanked. It's not a perfect defense, and strikes still get in against her - most hitting her buckler, some hitting her armor, but none seeming to slow her down at all. Not all of her strikes go toward Brianna anymore, with many shifting at the last minute after a quick feint to Rysen, the nimble rapier she uses twisting in between them as she fights for what likely feels like her very survival.

Domonico is focused purely on the immediate dance between him, Silas, Marian and Raven. Nothing else matters.

Marian lets out a growl as Domonico gets off a solid hit on her. She murmurs something to Silas, letting him know she can't keep ignoring this man on her back and then the two of them turn on the Thrax warrior. She whirls quickly and then strikes at him, trying to distract so Silas can get a solid hit on Domonico. Her piercing green eyes look over to see how Brianna and Rysen are holding up but they seem to be holding their own against the champion.

Silas gets careless in his quest to finally vanquish Raven, and pays dearly for it! The Lycene lands a solid hit, stunning him and nearly knocking the wind out of him. He sucks in a breath out of frustration, then turns his attention to his embattled partner - who was still defending against Domonico. "Alright, enough." He turns on his heel and switches his target again, on Domonico.

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There is a slight frustration mixed with the adrenaline and pain, Asha darts her spear in again and again. Doing naught but scraping fine Oathland steel. The champion moves slower now than her initial surge, using the long reach of her spear best as she is able. A stark difference between the two fighters upon the field, yet it is clear she enjoys it, the battle, the thrill, perhaps even the pain and above all the eyes upon them all.

Ouida continues to be locked in battle with the champion Asha, her sword strikes coming short as the spear wielder keeps her at bay. She is bleeding across one of the plates in her coat, a splash of color across polished steel. Several times Asha manages to land a blow, but again the armor sends the tip of the spear screeching without finding purchase. Her own movements are slower now as well, but those blue eyes remaind focused with both determination and admiration of her opponent.

Rysen's blade arcs through the air furiously, seeking an opening in Bliss's defenses. As she turns his attention to him, their blades clash, and feet circle - each's weapon finding its target, but not enough to cause serious injury. Beneath his helm, Rysen grins in spite of deep breaths, his fixed on his opponent. He draws back his weapon, steps to the side and prepares another series of strikes.

She dances with Silas, deftly avoiding the blade of Marian and Silas both, taking those small hits where she has to, but never letting any of them land anything solid. She keeps pressing forward and as Silas turns, and Raven finds herself open, she presses on.

Willow cheers loudly for Rysen.

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Raven learned how to fight on the street, and everything about her style suggests it. She's raw and unfiltered and she does not let up, but once she's able to get that hit on Silas she seems satisfied and turns her attention once more to Marian, but upon spotting an approaching Silas once more she lets out a small grin. "Back for more?" she taunts playfully.

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Brianna is bleeding, but she's still up and fighting. And she's still fighting Bliss. Damn, girl. Damn.

Domonico is moving clinically and precisely, every strike, parry and dodge well practisef

The circling between champion and Oathlands knight continues, with Asha managing to strike out at Ouida several times before Ouida's blade hits true again. Ouida's demeanor towards Asha shifts to protective for a moment, as she looks to see that she is alright, before her eyes see the two on one combat going on around Bliss. With a bow of her head to Asha, Ouida turns to stride purposefully towards Rysen, perhaps catching him by surprise, as she strikes a vicious blow to him. But his return is just enough to hit that bloody joint exposed earlier and more blood oozes out to coat the nearby plates of her armor. She will take a knee on the field to indicate surrender, and then offer Rysen a hand up if he desires. "Well fought, friend," says the muffled and breathless voice behind the visor.

It's a rough fight for Bliss, stretched as she is between Brianna and Rysen, but the Radiant Whisper has been in harder fights, presumably? Back and forth go the blows, and she gets a few more nicks across her face, definite slowing to her movement - and then suddenly Ouida breaks free of her fight to come and help relieve her. Seizing on the moment, and on the obvious fatigue that is starting to get to Rysen as she manages blow after blow on him, she surges through once the man falters and manages to get a clean strike against him just as Ouida takes him down - and Marian takes the Harthall down. A moment of breath - but then she whips back to Brianna, and oh no, the Sword of Farhaven is onto her as well now. Well.

Silas, indeed, wasn't content with letting Raven go just yet. His eyes seem to be darting to and fro, trying to keep up with everything going on around him - and Marian. "You're quite slippery," Silas answers Raven. "But I'm not going to let you get -too- comfortable."

Marian isn't having much luck this time around, but she is successfully partnering with first Silas who attacks switch between Domonico and Raven. Then she switches to Ouida as Rysen starts to get tagged by both Ouida and Bliss. Finally, once Ouida and Rysen knock each other out of the game, she finally switches to flank with Brianna, coming to the Halfshav's warrior's side to take on Bliss. She murmurs a soft word of assurance to Brianna, letting her know she's got her back.

It is with a final thrust that Asha lunges too close, even as her spear finds another weaker joint to pierce. With the reckless strike she leaves herself open and she soon finds herself losing her footing after Ouida presses the advantage. The champion rolls over once with a groan staining her skirts in more than blood. Wincing as she tries to keep herself out of the way of the other fighrts, rolling to the side even as she holds up a hand to signal yield before trying to rise.

Willow starts cheering Marian after Rysen taps out.

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Breathing heavily, Rysen's footwork begins to slow. He lunges at Bliss, but she manages to deflect his attack and score a deep strike with her rapier. As Ouida turns her attention to Rysen, he grits his teeth. As she lands a perfect strike on him, he manages to spin with the blow enough to slash his own weapon with precision. As Rysen tumbles to the ground, breathing heavily, he laughs to see Ouida standing over him, offering a hand. He takes it, and replies, "Same to you, friend," before limping off the field.

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Ouida claps Rysen very carefully on the shoulder as he gets to his feet, though her eyes are searching those leaving the field for Asha as well, her brow faintly creased as she finally flips up her visor to reveal a sweat soaked and reddened face, dark hair wildly plastered unflatteringly to her forehead. She raises a hand in salute to the champion as well, offering her a bright if pain-tinged smile.

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As combatants start to leave the field Sophie starts to unpack the supplies she might need, her white robes of Mercy easily visible - in case any are in need of her care.

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"Well fought, Lord Rysen!" Acantha cheers the Crovane lord. Benny even gives a tail thump at that. She then drops into quieter conversation with the Halfshav group.

Silas gets clobbered by Domonico one last time. "Oh for the love of--" It's enough to get him to a knee, and the judges deduce he can go no further, much to his chagrin. He mutters and shambles off the field. Curse those dodgey Lycene!

Asha manages to rise with a little struggle and moves off the field. Catching the eyes of Ouida as she navigates towards Sophie and those very familiar white robes. A hand raised she wiggles her fingers to the knight in return with a wicked smile, bright if tinged with pain.

Well all's well that ends well, while she's faced off against Silas, Domonico comes once again to her aid, she gives him a dip of her head and a tip of her hat with a bitof a grin. "Well fought," she offers to him before she sets her sights once more on Marian, landing some good hits before she too is eliminated, and so Raven finds herself facing off against Brianna.

And as the round comes to an end, Orvyn sets aside his wine and claps, rising slowly so that he can better see the ones coming in from the field. It's a process, but one that he's content to remain standing for, though he does pull a small ledger from his inside cloak pocket. Using charcoal to scratch out a few notes before tucking it away.

Brianna continues her dance with Bliss, until she sees Raven rounding on Marian. She turns, laying into the other woman, but it's not enough. She murmurs something to the princess, before returning her focus.

Ouida is obviously bleeding quite heavily, each step sending a little more red to make its way across her armor. Her squire rushes to her side to assist, and though the knight looks cheerful, once she manages to make her way to her ledger wielding brother, there will be a healer sought.

Removing his helmet, Rysen offers a pained but sincere smile to Ouida. When he hears Acantha in the stands, he turns his eyes to Lady of House Clearlake, and waves, as best he's able in his exhaustion. He then hobbles his way up to the quiet booth to observe the conclusion of the melee.

They just keep coming for her, and Bliss Whisper just keeps holding her ground, though there's a clear sheen of sweat that's on her body as she starts laughing. With the other combatants starting to whittle away, and it down to the last cluster, Brianna turns away from her and Bliss is able to focus on the Redrain Warchief. Each swing of that heavy blade is parried aside by the Radiant, and soon, the clatter of other weapons against her takes her out - leaving Bliss free for just a brief moment. She turns, looking for her next target, and goes right after Domonico.

Domonico grits his teeth as he breathes hard, striking Silas and then Marian in turn, nodding to Raven once as he goes back into combat

Marian feels the deep cut from Domonico piercing her side, forcing her to bend on knee and yield in the fight. She tried to protect Brianna's back but there were too many on them. There's a soft exchange as Marian offers well wishes to Brianna to stand strong in the fight. Then she limps off to the Mercies to get herself some assistance.

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Ouida is overheard praising Asha: An amazing combatant and true champion!

Brianna is overheard praising Bliss.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Archeron before departing.

Marian is overheard praising Brianna: For advancing to the next round.

Mia is overheard praising Silas.

Mia is overheard praising Jyri.

Marian is overheard praising Rysen: For his fine partnering

Marian is overheard praising Silas: For trying to get my back

Marian is overheard praising Bliss: She held strong even though we tried to take her.

Marian is overheard praising Domonico: Congrats for making it to the next round.

Raven keeps on pushing on, and in that last stretch she decides to take on Bliss. While she's able to land a few good strikes in, she loses her focus on Brianna and it's one last final shot that takes her out of the running and with that she hisses and winces. "Good shot," she says to Brianna, before she hobbles on out of the feild.

It's just the four left, and Brianna maintains her focus on Raven, dodging and dancing like wildfire, landing strikes where she can. Blood drips from her armor onto the dust at her feet, breath heaving as a hold is called. She salutes Raven with her axe. "Well fought."

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It's a loud clatter of steel when the last four of the fighters manage to group on one another, and weapons keep sliding back and forth and forth and back. Bliss is right there in the thick of it, sweat pouring in rivulets down her face by the end, but still the Champion is not ready to give up. Finally, Raven manages to collapse from a blow from Brianna, and Bliss lowers her arm, leaning against her blade and beginning to pant as she does so, shaking her head a few times to clear it.

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Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes arrive, following Sophie.

Brianna is overheard praising Marian.

But it's only for a moment. And then Bliss is hurrying over with the others to join the central melee.

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Marian is overheard praising Sophie: For her fine healing skills

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Tabitha.

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The large form of Jeffeth limps over to Bliss, waving her over to him with one bloody hand to murmur something to her before making his way to the stands.

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A murmur of excitement goes through the crowd as a duelist from the Champions Guild enters the Tournament Grounds.

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Flutter, a lovely passerine bird, Joan, Merek, Felicia, Ian, Sorrel, Kael, Lisebet arrive, following Videl.

Domonico is breathing hard now and takes a moment to steady himself and stretch before he hefts Wavecutter and moves back to the main fight.

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Ouida stays still as she is assisted with the removal of her armor coat and gloves, so that Princess Sophie can tend to the wound at her shoulder, her linen shirt underneath a bloody mess. At least her cloak can obscure most of it from being offensive to those nearby, once the bandaging is done, but now that adrenaline is ebbing, the pain and fatigue is showing more plainly in the Harthall's face. There's no little exhiliration in her eyes either, though, as she watches the remaining combatants, her cheerful focus on on in particular.

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Ian follows along a little after the finalists in his group, at once watching his own footsteps and elevating the huge (bandaged, probably stitched) that runs all the way up his left forearm The bandage is bloody. His arm is bloody. His hand is coated in gore. There's probably blood on his armor, too, but it's all black so it doesn't show. That cut must have gone through an artery. He doesn't seem too worried about it, though, although that might just be because he's concentrating on not tripping and falling without his cane.

Willow whistles at Brogan from a quiet spot in the stands, and waves.

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It's been a stunning fight from all parties involved. Berenice has been watching with close, rapt attention, relying on those attendants with an expert eye for combat to make sure the tenets of honor are followed. And now that the battle has come to this pause, Berenice rises once more. "You have all fought with stunning displays of skill, prowess, and honor! We now come to our final moments of the Grand Melee in this year's Tournament of Roses! Princess Sorrel Thrax, Marquis Kael Keaton, Lord Michael Bisland, Lady Brianna Halfshav, Lord Domonico Malvici, Lady Arianna Pravus, Radiant Bliss Whisper, Dame Felicia Harrow, and Messere Amund will now face each other to compete for the honor of a royal boon from the King himself, His Majesty Alaric IV!"

Marian salutes Brianna as she makes it into the the next round. Her own wounds being seen to as she sits there on the sidelines, getting the needed medical help. She gives a grateful look to the person that brings her a glass of whiskey and she takes a deep hit, handing the glass back and sending them to get another. It's clear that Marian is self-medicating for the pain, compliments of whiskey.

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Aethan gets up from the concessions tent, catching sigh of his brother as he walks in. "Ian," he calls as he starts toward the general seating.

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Amund walks in alongside the finalists of his branch, after a quiet exchange with them, and nods wishing good fortune, he draws his falchion again as he takes to the arena.

As she winds her way from the outer edges of the grand melee Arianna seems no more winded than when she began but she was battered and bruised, several wounds looking quite serious but she's still standing. Noticing that the field had thinned, the young woman smiles at the remaining few and gives a singular, languid nod to each of the people present before she draws her short sword. Her eyes rapidly flit back and forth between everyone before she finally advances.

Ian takes note of Aethan and follows him, left arm still elevated. At least he's not dripping anymore. Reigna knows what she's doing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

So what if Brianna's dripping blood? She's got plenty of it. Right? She rolls her shoulders and swings her arms, keeping warm.

Lisebet makes her way back, along with Jace and Olivia and Ian and everyone else from over that way.

Ouida cheers those who have now taken the field, placing her hand over heart in salute Though she seems quite content to remain seated on her bench for now, thankyouverymuch.

Belladonna takes her seat and eyes the combat going on in the field, leaning over so her arms rest on the rails, chin upon them, her azure eyes following the action. That ever-amused mood is there, her lips curled into a little smile, but the Duchess of Setarco observes the action focused and a little tense. This is not her field of expertise, and she can do nothing but watch the events unfold. She does blow a kiss to her family members and protege, whenever they look in her direction. Her assistant remains standing, for whatever reason. Won't sit on the stands.

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Gilroy takes I'm Sorry, a Lenosian parrying dagger from a simple velvet bag.

Gilroy takes What Did You Fuckin' Say To Me, a Lenosian stiletto from a simple velvet bag.

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Felicia is, in some respects, lighter hearted when she joins the field at the tournament grounds. Tired, sweating, bleeding, and with numerous fresh dents in her armor, but a smile on her face as she sizes up the remaining field and draws her broadsword anew with a soft sigh.

Domonico is a bit banged up, Bliss's earlier hit being telling. His eyes sweep across the field and the Malvici readies his xiphos.

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"Go Brianna!" Khanne jumps up and down in the stands to cheer on her cousin.

Kael is moving to take his place on the field, most definitely feeling his wounds underneath that armor of his. Still, after a few deep breaths are taken, he nods to his opponents and scans the field to look for his new target.

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Merek makes his way back, bandaged up while he moves to find a place to settle in and watch.

Jogging back to the battlefield with the others, the blood and sweat both incredibly visible on her and a small wince coming from every step, but soon, then, she's shifted back into position, lifting her rapier up and getting ready for everyone to join. As they do, she turns her head looking to see who might be eyeing her particularly hungrily, and there's a cocky quirk of her lips as she says lowly, "Well, looks like this is happening again."

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From the booth, Rysen cups his hands and bellows, "Go Brianana! Go Sorrel!!"

Watching Ouida come from the field and her injury exposed, Orvyn frowns slightly, but his attentions are once again drawn to the remaining combatants, slowly making his way down from the stands to join his sister at the edge. "Well fought," he exclaims, though it is clear that his attentions are elsewhere.

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Michael is within the battle once more, in Iron Guard armor and a shimmering green steel blade. A...cravat? Is it called a cravat? Its worn around his bicep tightly. A favor from some lucky lady.

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From the beverage tent a loud cheer is heard for both Michael, the Sword of Pridehall and Domonico.

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Brianna checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 7 higher.

Brianna remains capable of fighting.

Krissa, the golden, long-haired cat arrives, following Radhilde.

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Sorrel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 52 higher.

Sorrel remains capable of fighting.

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The final scuffle. Its an awful cacophony of bashing hammers, whistling swords and clunking Shields. Michael has a shield and its been serving him well all day. An askance glance towards Amund and Arianna as they meander away from him. But a nod to Domonico has the pair turning to face others in the resulting scuffle. The pair turn up Kael and fight ineffectually for the time being.

As soon as the melee is joined, and Brianna is charging at her again, Bliss tries to dodge once more - but this time, the blow of the axe comes in clean, and the Radiant Whisper takes the hit to her right shoulder and tumbles to the ground with a sudden sharp cry of pain. "I yield!" she gasps out, before pushing herself up on one hand, the other pushing herself upright as her right arm hangs limp, fingers barely holding the rapier as she stumbles over to the tents, before calling over her shoulder, "Well fought, Lady Halfshav!"

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Domonico slides next to Michael and Malvici and Bisland fight side by side, blades flashing as they work together.

Amund came into the finals round as the least injured. And he's paid for it when Sorrel and Brianna do a phalanx that threatens his bodily integrity quite well. He tries a few times to get past the wall of savage muscle that is the Halfshav Lady, but unsuccessfully, until Arianna joins the fray. Then, their efforts combined seem to defeat the Halfshav and he steps up towards Sorrel; his shot goes wide while Arianna scores a powerful attack with her dagger. He whisltes, impressed, turning to face the Malvici in the field.

Thank the gods for Aeterna. Reigna SHOULD be covered head to toe in blood. Well, alright maybe not, but she should be splashed and spattered. But her master's robe is still bright white as she is finishing with one and looking up to see Bliss and wave her over. "You performed so well! Come, let me take a look at you."

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"Yield!" Felicia cedes the field after a particularly good blow from Arianna and limps her way over to the healing tent to be tended, pulling off her helm and setting it aside to begin the task of peeling herself out of her armor to make her injuries easier to access.

As the grand melee continues, Kael is lifting his blade and attacking Domonico, given that he appears to have turned toward the Keaton. That being said, when the Bisland joins in against him, there is a set of his jaw and he changes to Michael - striking wide - and then returning his focus back to the Malvici while trying to avoid the strikes from the Bisland.

Brianna was hanging in there against Amund, but a solid shot from Arianna makes her lose her footing, and she goes down hard. There's a long moment where her world is spinning, the wind knocked out of her, and she holds up a shaky hand, yielding. She's dragged off the field unceremoniously.

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"You did so well!" shouts Khanne towards Brianna when she sees her go down. "I'm so proud to be your cousin!"

Slowly the Pravosi Knight engaged, moving first on her highest priority target and gunning for Bliss. She realizes it'd be an unfair start though and instead focuses down Dame Felicia. After which she took a momentary breather and surveyed the field. As Michael stood near her she quickly lunged in and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Thanks," she mutters before biting her lip and turning to Bliss whom falls between a combined effort of her and Amund. "Well fought Radiant," she utters before flicking the blood off her blade and rounding on Brianna after, once that bit of business was tended to she almost looked winded but fell back to catch her breath. "Alright gentleman. Let's keep this cordial, don't go for the face. That's all I ask."

Sorrel teams up with Brianna to attack people, and it's quite the fight. But when Brianna goes down, Sorrel is left alone, and it's not long before she's limping off the field herself.

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Domonico checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 9, rolling 54 higher.

Domonico remains capable of fighting.

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Mia spies not so much a competitor down, but a competitor being dragged from the field. Gods above! Whatever it was she was saying to the Whitehawks clustered in the concessions tent, she's soon bobbing and weaving her way out from under the cover and through the crowds to meet them, one of her bags marked with Lagoma's flame in hand.

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2 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Andre, the messenger who can't even arrive, following Dante.

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Kalivan darts out of the tent as well, following on Mia's heels with a stretcher dragging along the ground behind him. "She's still breathing, yeah?" He asks, setting it down beside the injured Brianna.

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Brianna coughs, giving Kalivan a thumbs-up. "Still totally alive," she wheezes.

Amund checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 40 higher.

Amund remains capable of fighting.

Olivia kind of glances at Narcissa but smiles after a moment, "I did not do it fawning that is for sure. I felt the Ashfords should have at least some kind of horse in the race." She turns and smiles at Brogan, "Thank you uncle. Next time I vow to do better. That or Pharamond and Harlan are going to have me shipped off before it. Hard to tell at this point." She finishes her first whiskey and orders another. "Thank you Lord Jace. I am far more talented in the battle with garden weeds. I assure you."

"Yes, though not well," Mia murmurs in reply to Kalivan's question. Her eyes have widened after a cursory inspection of Brianna, realizing this is far beyond her skill. Her lips set into a line at the Halfshav woman's reply. "Marquessa! Marquessa Keaton!" She calls out, searching for Reigna. No doubt that the Countess will be mutering something unkind about beating one another senseless for sport by the end of the day.

Calypso gives a brief look at Domonico, her eyebrow arched. Possibly either in disappointment or concern.

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When Arianna turns to face him, Amund's not really surprised so much as wary. He gets stabbed hard several times, and holds up his hand to yield, nodding to the Pravus and heading to the infirmary as he bleeds copiously. It is that bad.

Michael and Domonico proceed through the fray together. For awhile. They circle Kael and do their best to flank him. The Marquis of Keaton stands against their most furious attacks! Its a scuffle as other fights occur, other contenders are brought low. Arianna's arrival brings Domonico fall. Even as he attempts to interpose his shield between her blades and Domonico. But is just /not/ fast enough. The look exchanged between them is swift, but communicates a great deal as the pair turn towards Kael.

It is clear at this point that Marquis Keaton is starting to tire - perhaps not exceptionally so, but it is evident in his movements. He does well enough whittling away at this opponent or that, attempting to strike at their armor and lift his blade once more. Avoiding strikes however? That is where he is starting to suffer. One blow hits him significantly, then another - and the last, from Arianna, it has him stumbling before he turns to try to defend himself from the two attackers.

After having her wounds tended to and eventually departing the medic tent, Viviana finds her way to her Duchess's side, the Sword of Setarco settling alongside Belladonna, with bloodied silks and bandages and all, to watch the final few fighters settle matters with a smile on her thick lips.

"Oh Michael. Lord Malvici....really?" Arianna flashes the Bisland lord a pout before gripping the pommel hard and setting her jaw sternly. She looked about ready to attack him before she suddenly turned on Amund. Rounding on him quickly the knight in an array of flashing greens moved in and danced with the sellsword. "You know how it is Amund! Just business buddy." When she manages to slip his guard she looks a bit surprised. "I'm really sorry!" Professes the knight with a sincerely apologetic look after the stabbing. Flicking the blood off the short sword she shakes her head and turns to look between Michael and the Marquis.

Domonico steps back, nay staggers back as he turned to defend himself from Amund only to have Arianna blindside him. The Malvici Commodore takes another two steps back, holding his side and raising his hand in yielding. He grits his teeth and straightens up before saluting the crowd with Wavecutter.

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To the person Reigna is working on stitching up, apologies. As the field narrows to her husband and two others, Reigna's attention is lingering more and more on the field and less on the needle in her hand. She passes it off to her apprentice, Gigi and looks back to the field, tension in her shoulders.

Cleaned up herself and settled on the opposite side of Belladonna, Raven gives Viviana a small smile as she joins them, words spoken quietly for only the pair of them to hear.

"Brilliant! Good to hear." Kalivan chimes to Brianna, though he recoils a little as he looks down to the Halfshav's injuries, "Huh, yes, looks like a job for Lady Reigna." He mutters in agreement with Mia, looking up to the packed medical post as he carefully helps Brianna onto the stretcher, "Let's get you patched up - or at least someplace you're less likely to get stepped on."

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Brianna grunts as Kalivan helps her onto the stretcher. "Thank you. I appreciate not being a bearskin rug," she says with a wan smile.

Krissa, the golden, long-haired cat have been dismissed.

From the beverage tent a loud cheer is heard for Michael, again. (Regardless if he's done for before the Destroyer.)

Amund settles down somewhere beside Mia, nodding to the Countess of the Twainfort. "Between the lower ribs, I think. Also the shoulderblade."

With that next sharp blow in against a weak point of his armor, Kael is lifting his hand in the universal sign of 'I yield.' The Oathlander is actually turning his head, spitting out a bit more blood as he withdraws to the side of the tournament field. There's no lacking of trust there, for though he has his hand raised in that signal, he does take his eyes off of his opponents. His blade is held defensively, but that is all, his egress is made.

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Reigna turns to look towards the stretcher being brought her way by Kalivan and Mia, "Countess Riven, are you bringing me a gift?" There is a reassuring look cast to Brianna and Reigna offers the flame haired woman a smile, "You must be the formidible Lady Halfshav. Your cousin is my very best friend." She is pouring all of her anxiety into a smile, and while her attention is focused there, she misses Kael's surrender.

Belladonna welcomes Viviana with a smile, readily grinning at her cousin and eyeing her bandaged self. "Could not bring yourself to wear real armor, huh? I suppose a scorpion must sting, and a Viviana must dare." She says so humored softly elbowing her cousin and making sure she is not hitting any bruises. "You both did excelently!" And then, it is down to Arianna and Michael, and the Duchess inhales deeply. "Oh, Gods. Who can stop our little cousin? Hatched at last...," she murmurs with an amused expression. She claps at the final three, "Great performance, Marquis! You stung like a bee!"

"You can do it Arianna!" Raven shouts from the booth alongside Belladonna. "Take it home!" She stands and throws her arms in the air, but than promptly winces and sits back down.

Domonico stays on the fringe of the field, refusing to leave as he turns to watch the fight, pulling his helm off his head, before calling out in a loud voice suited to shouting orders at sea. "PRIDEHALL!" is his cry in support of the Bisland lord.

Pharamond stands beside Tabitha, and watches the engagement with a look of longing. Clearly he is disappointed to have returned to town late from whatever kept him away, but he has his arms about Tabitha as they stand and watch, having arrived after the first round to watch what is down to the last few fighters. He lets out a cheer for all parties involved at this point, and then stays near to his betrothed with so many about.

Brianna pulls her helmet off, her fiery hair plastered to her head with sweat. "Pleased to meet you, Marquessa," she says to Reigna. "Which cousin? I have..." she winces as talking suddenly hurts. "I have many," she finishes.

From her seat not far from Brianna, surrounded by healers, Sorrel takes renewed interest in the fight, pressing her fingers to her newly acquired bandages and stares at the fighters who remain, narrowing her eyes slightly.

Kyden yells at the top of her lungs to Michael "MICHAEL!!! You're going to die!" She then grins and him and blows him a kiss. She then continues to Cheer for Arianna, her voice starting to go horse.

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As the Marquis lifts his hand she looks down at him with a slight bit of concern,"Well fought Marquis." The young woman says softly and a bit airily as she turns to face the last opponent. There's a whirl of emotion as she paces in place. "I'll wait for you to catch your breath Mikey...I had a feeling it would turn out this way. You fight for glory and so do I." As she crouches down and looks over to him she grins then and looks to the crowd. "We've done this before," she says to him with a wink before she stands up and begins to round on him with a cautiousness and wariness that carried her this far. The cheers from her family and friends makes her laugh and she takes the moment to pace while facing the audience, all before pointing at the Pravus section of seating - particularly the Duchess. "For you my Duchess!"

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"I am indeed, Marquessa, and your very favorite sort -- the bloody kind," she offers to Reigna with a forced smile and a surprisingly grave nod. "And good humored enough about it that I think I ought to ask her to give my husband lessons in not grousing as he's being stitched back together for the hundredth time." A slight shooing of Mia's hand at Brianna seems to indicate that the assistants can see to getting the woman out of her armor rather than seeing to it herself, though. Had she spoken too soon? Maybe. "The Marquessa is the most talented healer I know, Lady Halfshav. I've trusted her with my own life, and you couldn't be in any finer hands except Lagoma's directly." And with that, she offers a quick excuse to depart, though there's likely little need to explanation as others come in for healing, including Amund as he plops himself down at her feet. The shouts for Pridehall are a quick distraction, taking a long glance at the field and the Bisland lord before returning to her work.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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The final two. Kael's hand lofted in yield as Michael stepping back, and away. Michael's helm gets lifted from his head and tossed aside into the grass, far far aside. The time to get your wind back is now and he utilizes it. No fighting yet. Not yet. His gaze scans the crowds, spotting out people...Kaia Bisland, who's favor he wears. Then the King. That gleaming emerald sword lofts high, sideways towards King Alaric Grayson IV. Its held long, since Arianna is giving him the time.

Then he turns towards her...his stance completely different now. They've done this before. "We Win Glory, Arianna." A smile through gritted teeth. That sword swings and slams into his shield. Once. Twice. Thrice. Clanging out his challenge.

Kaia says, "Whoooooo! Michael! We LOVE YOU!!!"

Kaia says, "WE WIN GLORY!!!"

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

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Felicia is overheard praising Arianna: Winner of the Grand Melee!

Kael is limping his way over toward the healers, and in particular the Master Physician is that which he focuses on. This is rather like a man walking through the desert in search of his oasis. He might be dragging severely by the end his arm moving around Reigna's shoulder when he finally comes to a lean and looking ready to drop, but he manages to remain standing. That is absolute stubbornness, you know. A few words are offered quietly to her and, finally, he starts to lower himself to the ground - and then just drops. Oof.

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Merek is overheard praising Arianna.

Ouida lifts fingers to her lips to whistle loudly in salute as Kael lifts a hand to yield, and then her eyes rest on the final two. When Michael yields her voice is only one amongst many others cheering for the grand champion of the melee.

Lisebet finishes her drink and calls out, "Well fought!" She pauses and then says, "I don't even now who to praise first. Everyone should be proud."

Arianna is overheard praising Michael: You went all the way with me! Thank you for teaching me all that you knew and you still won glory.

Brianna is overheard praising Michael.

Pharamond is overheard praising Michael: Incredible fighting skills

Kalivan gently sets Brianna and her stretcher down on one of the mats as he starts collecting bandages and bottles of curious liquids and pastes from the workstation he's got set up, arraying them by Reigna's side, "Bindings, bandages, stitches, you're all set Lady Keaton." He says softly, hutting to Kael's side as he collapses, dropping to a knee as he inspects the Marquis' wounds, "He's not doing too bad, but..."

Pharamond is overheard praising Arianna: She just ran threw everyone. Amazing fight

"Helpful," Mia murmurs to Amund at his direction. And in truth, it certainly is. It's much easier to conduct an examination when she knows what the worst of it might be, but even as she's applying pastes from her bag and binding up gashes, she's looking over the rest of him for more, lest there be some cracked bone or internal bleeding that's missed. "Do you have a healer in your House to see to you on the morrow, my lord?"

Jyri stands up, despite his injured leg, and applauds the fighters with a content expression. Then he collapses back down, totally spent - half of that in tension watching the others!

Domonico claps his hands together, gritting his teeth against the pain as he does so, knowing he should go to the concessions tent to continue getting seen to.

"Much appreciated, Lady Narcissa. There are days though I feel as if mine are the bones of the earth folks call the mountains." He plucks up a refil for his horn and considers the liquid within. "Sometimes I think it's because I drink too much," He downs the gorn. "Then I realize that would be impossible!" he points a finger at Felicia. "She's right. I can nag sometimes. Though I learned from her, she forgets that part." He looks over to Olivia at this. "Bah, you don't want to look like me. I'm all hairy!"

"I'm no lord, my lady." Amund defers in a quiet tone, turning to regard her after the treatment. "I'll see a healer come the morning, though. At present, whiskey will do." As he moves to stand, the sellsword clutches his side, watching the outcome of the fight and nodding to himself. "Lost to the eventual Champion, not too bad."

The whirlwind. Arianna is a tornado assailing the fixed position that is Michael. Shield upright and in front of him, but it isn't as much use against someone wielding such a small and swift sword. It catches that blade again, again, shoving it away as he is assaulted. They circle often, boots shuffling through the grass until a gleaming blade strikes past his shield and scathes his arm. Blood trails through that favor. Poor Mikey Bisland stumbles and holds himself aloft still.

Its a matter of time now, only more strike before Michael's blade spins within his hand to push its point into the grass. "I yield, Lady Arianna Pravus."

Altough the Destroyer got him, Kaia cheers for Michael anyways and basically sprints from her seat to get near him in hopes of helping her cousin get to the medic tents.

Silas applauds from his seat at the concession stands. Not as vibrantly as he normally would have, perhaps, due to... all the bandages, but still!

"Please do, then, sir," Mia answers, since Amund had not given his name. "You'll need it, to make sure none of the bruising along your sides has grown or spread. If it has, see a Mercy, and swiftly. It's a worse sign than you might think."

Braided hair soaking wet, Carmen shoulders and squeezes her way through the crowds on her way to steal an empty seat. Her height lets her catch the end of the fight without too much difficulty and she's got a grin for those gathered nearest her when she plops onto the bench, hunched forward.

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Raven, in spite of her pair, stands up once more, cheering as loud as her lungs can carry when Arianna finally takes her victory. She smiles broadly and proudly for the Pravus lady. She seems overjoyed and winces a bit as her bandages shift around, a pained wince on her face, but a defiant grin given as she settles back down.

Lucita gives a cheer for all the contestants and the winner. A warm smile given. She then turns toward those seated near her and murmurs. "I best be getting back home. It was an exciting time here!

At the announced conclusion, Mirk pushes himself to his feet, and waves to Acantha and Khanne, in his section of the stands. On his way out, he stops in the healer's tent to tell Brianna, "You did good. Better than most, enough to brag about." Then he's moving on, out of the tournament grounds entirely.

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Calypso gives a polite nod to those around her and heads towards the exit now that the match is over. She gives Kaia a tiny nod as she passes by the beverage tent.

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The Sword of Setarco rises to her feet as the melee comes to a close, a hand pressed against her bandaged side. Her other hand gets thrown up into the air as Viviana cheers loudly for her cousin, the champion of the melee, joining in with the racket caused by the rest of the crowd. Grinning aside at Belladonna and Raven, the Pravosi fencer remains on her feet, continuing to cheer until the noise starts to die down.

Seeing as how they knew one another's styles really well they seemed hesitant to engage but they had done this before. Arianna smirked a little as she dances with the Bisland lord, evading his strikes rather than parrying. He left himself open and she struck him, the first time she looked disappointed at him. Smiling a little as she steps back and raises her brows, still, she says nothing. The second time she moved past his strike and slipped under his shield so her short blade could reach his flesh. The sight of the blood and Michael's subsequent yield made the Pravus Knight look concerned. Ari leans in to plant a kiss upon his lips and turns to face the crowd. "It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Lord Michael who trained me, House Pravus who equipped me, and my beloved faith which sustains me. Your dreams matter and you can achieve them." At this she winks at Amund and lets her gaze settle on a few other choice people in the crowd before she awaits the conclusion of the tournament.

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Though wounded, Bliss stands tall and lets out a cheer for the victor of the melee as well, calling out, "Well fought!" with a smile before she looks to Jeffeth beside her, leaning in to murmur something in his ear before gingerly patting him on the shoulder.

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Michael was turning towards Kaia as she approaches to snag him. Before he gets ambushed /AGAIN/. The fight is over Arianna! MMPFPFMFHMPHH! A mock glower towards the girl, "I can't believe you used your boon already." A joke. Clearly. Kaia's hands grasp Michael's shield arm and he winks down at the cousin. "Lets go make sure I don't bleed over my armor anymore." They hobble away.

And so the Grand Melee draws to its conclusion. Berenice rises at the Judges Booth, looking down at the two final competitors on the field -- both the victor and her worthy challenger. Her smile is brilliant upon both. "Lord Michael Bisland, Sword of Pridehall, you have proven yourself a credit to your house and given honor to Gloria. You are worthy of all due praise and acclaim for your performance on the field today." And then her gaze sweeps to Arianna. "Lady Arianna Pravus! You have proven victorious on the field, and you are named Champion of the Grand Melee of the Tournament of Roses for the year 1010 AR -- and the honor of a royal boon from His Majesty, King Alaric Grayson IV!" She sweeps her arm toward Alaric, and then to the crowd. "Please join me in congratulating our Champion!"

Kyden jumps the fence at the general seating area running out pasted Michael giving him and Kaia a wink as she zooms by. She jumps up and down as she gets close to Arianna and gives the knight a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek as she showers her patron with praise.

Kyden has left the General Seating.

"Well, sorry Sis, you're on your own in this crowd. Previous commitment and all that." Dante flashes Narcissa a smile before leaving the poor girl all by her lonesome. Instead, he heads towards some of the participants, Bliss and Jeffeth among them. "I'm afraid I came in too late as to see your parts. So, how grand was it and how much did I miss?"

Lisebet stands to join in the cheering and congratulations. And then she quietly moves to slip out. She does turn to murmur to Olivia briefly on the way.

Mirk has left the Far Stands.

Berenice is overheard praising Michael: You have proven yourself a credit to your house and given honor to Gloria!

Berenice is overheard praising Arianna: Champion of the Grand Melee of the Tournament of Roses for the year 1010 AR!

Kael is overheard praising Arianna: Well done!

Jyri applauds once more, more vigorously and shouts out a 'Congratulations!' to Lady Arianna - before he collapses back down, once more. Eventually he'll make his way out of the tournament grounds to seek the comfort of his home.

Kael is overheard praising Michael: Excellent fight!

"Lord Dante, I was just leaving, do walk with me," Bliss says to Dante as he approaches, motioning him after her. "Well enough to make it into the last set, despite quite some effort otherwise. It was an excellent fight, I'm quite glad I took part in it." She gives one last whoop for Arianna and then she's slipping through the crowd, Dante behind her.

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Aethan leaves, following Jyri.

Bliss has left the General Seating.

2 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Andre, the messenger who can't even leave, following Dante.

Dante leaves, following Bliss.

Ouida stands and cheers the Pravus knight, her voice cheering with so many others. But once it dies down and the crowds start to move a little more, the Harthall knight slowly and painfully makes her way towards the exit, her head held high.

Aethan has joined the General Seating.

Ouida has left the General Seating.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Kaia chuckles at the whole exchange between Michael and Arianna, but eventuall nods to her cousin and helps him over to the medic tents. "Of course cousin. You fought well!" she says excitedly, "I'm proud of you!" she chimes and places a kiss on his cheek (forget the sweat and blood).

Lisebet has left the the Beverage Tent.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard leave, following Lisebet.

Berenice is overheard praising Videl: Gracious and generous in her assistance at the Grand Melee!

Brianna is overheard praising Arianna.

Amund offers another nod to Arianna as he stands, looking to Mia for a moment. He says something in thanks to Countess Riven and then starts to make his way out of the tournament grounds, despite doctor's recommendations otherwise.

As the announcement goes up, Mia wipes her hands clean of yet more of the mess, her skin by now stained a touch pink despite all of her best efforts. Still, they're dry at least, as she moves her way towards the side of the field to wait, with her fingers laced together, to intercept Michael Bisland before he stumbles his way fully into the physicians' tents.

Brianna is overheard praising Michael.

Berenice is overheard praising Alaric: Incomparable, as ever.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tabitha before departing.

Evonleigh has left the General Seating.

"My congratulations to Lady Arianna Prvus and the Sword of Lenosia Harlex Valtyr for their fine performances in this year's Tournament. As is traditional it will be my honor to receive them at the royal court to hear their petitions and to grant them any resonable desire as a royal boon," Alaric declares regally. "Well done to our champions, and to all who entered to show their skill and valor before the gods and their fellow members of the Compact of Arvum!"

Alaric is overheard praising Arianna: Congratulations to the melee champion!

Before she leaves, presumably accompanied by Pharamond, Tabitha cheers for the victor!

Alaric is overheard praising Harlex: Congratulations to the joust champion!

Pharamond is overheard praising Alaric: For honoring the boons for those who won the tournament - how fun fro all!

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards leave, following Tabitha.

Silas has left the the Concessions Tent.

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Ian has a short, quiet conversation with Aethan and then, probably with some help from his brother, gets to his feet. "We can get a carriage. I'll send for my cane." Time to go, apparently.

On the path to the tents, Mia has stepped into the man's path. And after a few soft words are exchanged between them, she holds Michael's bared hands clutched tightly in hers for a moment, saying just loudly enough to be overheard -- and with enough formality that it seems to indicate some hint of ritual or cermony that she's placed importance on, "You have served your House and your family well. I am PROUD of you today."

"I would also like to thank this year's tournament director, Princess Berenice Velenosa, one last time for all her fine effort organizing this successful event. With that, I regretfully yet proudly call this latest edition of the Tournament of Roses to a close. May the gods of the Pantheon continue to bless our Compact with the prosperity to thrive as free and righeous people," Alaric proclaims.

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