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Princess Alarissa Thrax

Everything you want is there for the asking. One just needs to know how to ask.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Ambitious Socialite
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 37
Birthday: 12/07
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Socialite
Height: average height
Hair Color: champagne
Eye Color: night-blue
Skintone: pallid

Titles: Princess Consort of Maelstrom, The Pearl of the Isles

Description: Alarissa's glittering beauty and practiced regality speak of high blood and an even higher opinion of herself. Her silk-shiny hair has the same colour and luster that one could counter as champagne in shade, and with a great deal of care and labour, it's been spun into a careful waves that when left loose flatter a heart-shaped face or done up in elaborate styles. Rosebud lips and a thin nose are flattered by wide and expressive night-blue eyes; indeed, her fine features and porcelain complexion make a comparison to a doll an easy one though over the last few years has brought smile lines and faint crows feet. A sylphide frame curves prettily and she has a tendency to sway as she walks, but she carries herself these days with something of a quiet and reserved air. The winter of 1011, she lost her left arm from below the bicep, and a false one of varying styles, is often seen.

Personality: It seems that no matter what life throws her way, Alarissa's ambitions remain unshaken: she sees her confidence as a matter of Grayson Pride over mere vanity, and to settle as anything less than legendary would be to do her esteemed blood wrong. Quick to smile and slow to anger, she seems to put her cultured disposition to its best use in making people feel at-ease, though she's developed a bit of a dry wit and can even sound flippant at times. Above all, she seems to harbour a desire to make others know how good she is, even if to do so she must indulge in the occasional white lie or overt act of generosity.

Background: No matter how adept Princess Alarissa manages to be at getting her way, it always seems like the world conspires to ruin her victories. Ever since she was very young, the ambitious young woman felt she was destined for glory. She was born too distant from the crown to rule Grayson by inheritance, of course, but she had almost neatly circumvented that nuisance of birth by showing Alaric IV just how obviously lovely and charming she was, and had juuuuuust about gotten a betrothal when frustratingly wiser heads snatched him away and gotten the distantly related dolt to agree to marry a Thraxian instead. Yes, yes, putting an end to centuries of unrest and blood is simply wonderful for those worried about that sort of thing, but Alarissa would have been a marvelous Queen for a pure Grayson match. Instead, Alarissa was forced to pivot from being the perfect potential match for King Alaric into being the perfect potential match for some high-lord to be or other. So she arranged to 'accidentally' meet Prince Vance Valardin, the disturbingly pious and stalwart son of the Prince of Sanctum and future ruler of the Oathlands, and she had to awe him with her numerous virtues, foremost that she looked absolutely stunning in white. It wasn't too long before she was betrothed, and not much longer until she was married and finally in a position to be the wife of the future Prince of Sanctum, and then all her plans needed to be thrown into ruin once more. Her husband (along with most of his family) were killed at the Tragedy at Sanctum, leaving Alarissa an extremely young window without issue among her new family in House Valardin. While she appreciates that he died heroically protecting his extremely gorgeous and charming young wife, she would have much rather he heroically barred the door until help arrived rather than leaving her alone to consider her next move. It is most irritating.

That next move would take nearly five years. But good things come to those who wait and the Usurper of Maelstrom reached out with an offer. A political marriage. They were in need of her Grayson blood and Valardin connections. The hindrance was the status as enemies, both houses. But! She had a solution to that. Why wouldn't she? Nothing was going to get in her way. Oathlanders keep their promises after all and Alarissa had no qualms about leveraging a promise made by the Prince of Sanctum. It was a pairing that brought no small amount of shock and in a circuitous fashion Thrax and Grayson back again. A quiet marriage of just Godsworn and themselves, knee deep in water and the deed was done. The mainlander bride of the High Lord of Thrax. Whether this would last, who knew. She had adaptability going for her. A Grayson flower in the tidal pools of Thrax. Time would tell.

And it has thus far. At his side and working hand in hand, Thrax has begun to really prosper. The Gyre dispensed with, Thralldom reformations in place - attributed to her despite that in truth it's Victus but that's perfectly fine with her. A truce between Valardin and Thrax that has settled in, a renewed strong alliance between the Lycene and Mourning Isles. There is little that has failed to be accomplished when Alarissa has put her mind to it. Heirs provided, including the future first High Lady of Thrax, everything seems to be going well on the outside and the marriage going strong. But she's still young in that marriage, in helping rule and her status as one of the most talked about women in the city and the compact brings no small amount of jealousy or admiration from it's populace. She still has a long way to go and many more moves.

Relationship Summary

  • Vance (D.) - You left heavy burdens behind and a trust that leaves me wondering why. My dearest Dragon.
  • Victus - From the seed planted in knee deep waters, a tree has grown that shades all under it, weathering storms with roots dug deep. You are... loved and cherished.

  • Ally:
  • Lark - Dearest sister, all that I have of what was left. Our hearts beat to a song that only they heart.
  • Barric (D.) - From you I learned of courage. Of a path that must be tread and duty to family. My heart still stops when I remember you.
  • Astrid - You are the first in many ways and it terrifies me. My battleborn, my tempest, you hold so much of him in you. May the sea never harden you. May your people see your worth and appreciate you.
  • Danse - A steadfast heart, a steadfast hand, our only son. We know what the future holds for you. I have faith.
  • Siggy - The Squall, the dark storm to her twin. Rarely do they part.
  • Delia - The Tempest, The other half of matched pair. Hand in hand they go.
  • Eleyna - A lily growing in the salt. You bear the tenacity of your namesake, her grace and determination. My beloved, my favourite, my sea lily.
  • Natasha - Proof that even in the age of Donrai, flowers blossomed in the dark waiting for the day when night would pass and the fingers of dawn would touch so they may bloom. You are beloved to me, as if you were my blood.

  • Acquaintance:
    Name Summary
    Adora I don't like her.
    Adrienne I first knew Alarissa when she was Alarissa Valardin, Vance's bride. How long ago that seems. She's lost none of her steel and command, nor her graciousness and warmth.
    Aethan Forthright with no time for bullshit.
    Agatha The Princess Consort of Thrax. Maybe someday she will be part of every house! She seems very smart, and patient. And the kind of smart that makes me a little nervous sometimes. I can see how she has been so many Princesses. She is already asking about my Plans. But I will let Darren worry about that. HAH!
    Aiden She's proclaimed to have run the gaunlet, which puts her at an exceptional level of physical abilities. Aiden hasn't seen her since he was, well, a kid. Meeting her again has been interesting, especially since she had declared her interest in the menagerie! She seems to keep a lot in reserve, knowing her etiquette well enough not delve into certain topics in front of the wrong people. Those two attributes make her a strong woman and a cousin to learn from.
    Ajax A silk, a princess, no doubt well acclaimed and knowing. Just making a mental note to stray away from topics I don't like going over. She's very good at going into details I would rather forget.
    Alaric Woe betide anyone who cuts corners around Alarissa. If she's around, you know something will be done Properly. And she doesn't fear a challenge either. Look at who she married, after all!
    Alecstazi There is something within her, some ineffable quality that gives her the stately poise and grace of the highest of Queens. She is a Grayson at heart, you can see glimmers of the Griffin there under the scales she's draped herself in. She is the perfect wife for our High Lord.
    Alessandro Really quite fashionable, so there was not much chance of me winning. A very good sport, though.
    Alexis Princess Alarissa Valardin - formerly Grayson. A delicate woman, but one of fine spirits and with a wonderful curiosity to her. It's a shame our conversation turned to such dark topics. I can only hope that her family is able to support her through her grief. And I will do so as well, if she will let me.
    Amarantha A wise woman with all the elegance and charm that once would expect of royalty.
    Amari Formidable is the word. It's hard not to admire her, and the story about the butterflies was very unexpected. And fun.
    Amund A charitable Princess leading a difficult vanguard.
    Anisha The Princess-Consort of Thrax is the epitome of grace in our era, and we should all aspire to the kind of aesthetic she seemingly effortlessly embodies. She is passionate about her people, and passionate about the Compact. She will aid even a single commoner when she finds cause. If this is the quality of the people who lead us, then I see naught but a bright future for the Mournin Isles, and for the Compact as a whole.
    Apollis What a beauty. She seems so very nice. She offered to help me and to help Southport. We really need the help and to have such a sweet woman to offer it really warms my heart.
    Apollo If Vitalis ever accuses me of having a king's ransom in my satchel again, I'll have to point him at Princess Alarissa and counter that at least I keep mine /inside/.
    Appolonia A lady born to leadership. I could never manage all these unruly rakes.
    Arcadia Friendly, beautiful and smart. Maybe she won't mind if I bug her sometime.
    Arcelia I have met Princess Alarissa a couple of times now and she has seemed to be a very nice woman each time. I think she is a fine woman and I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Ardoin I've heard much of Princess Alarissa, and from our time at the picnic, all of it is true. Charming, sharp as a whip, brave, and possessing great knowledge. This is a relative I need to know better, and fortunately, I will get that chance on the expedition.
    Armani I need to get one of the cousins married to a Grayson if this is what you get.
    Arn Grayson girl. Damn fool as far as I can tell. Running the gauntlet at midnight like some hobo! Gauntlet's a place for princesses if they can keep up. This one can't. Gods...
    Astraea Oh Rissa. She's at once the kind of woman you very much envy but can't help it when you fall in love with her. I felt that way when I first met her when we were at Sanctum but she's grown. I respect her for her courage in bridging the gap between the Oathlands and the Mourning Isles. No one else is more deserving of that crown and I can see she is already doing good things with it. I admire her is all I'm sayin'.
    Auda A wonderful woman to help lead Thrax, who will surely help the House to great things.
    Aurora Princess Alarissa has frequented my shop for years, and has a good eye. Not afraid of trying new things, yet respecting the staples of fashion, she is a pleasure to work with.
    Barric She will always be Grayson, always be my little sister, and Bastion will always long for the loss that was always going to happen when she left us for other shores. Maelstrom is blessed to have her as Princess-Consort. Should anyone dare threaten her and survive her husband-- a thing doubtful considering his reputation-- then I will finish them off.
    Barric Still the pretty princess, wrapping pirates around her finger. Though I do love her to death and really should spend some more time with her. No tea parties though. Victus would never let me live it down... Wish I had half her style.
    Berenice Plenty of sniping with the priests! Quite entertaining.
    Bhandn Cousin to our Mother Mercy, apparently. All the more reason to have made the offer that I did. She seems to enjoy tea, another point in her favor.
    Blacktongue Curiouser and Curiouser. A clue or another puzzle?
    Brady Kind, knowledgeable, and giving. I was hesitant to meet her, but she was very welcoming.
    Brigida Some might call her venal and power hungry. She holds her fealty together. She has earned who she is.
    Brigida Well at the very least she could run agood auction house.
    Cadenza So much fun to talk to and so happy she is a new member of the Society of Explorers.
    Caith Alarissa! Oh, she is so beautiful and regal and .. formal. I feel like such a country-cousin whenever I am around her and inwardly kick myself for skipping out on all those etiquette lessons. Alarissa, being the Princess-Consort and Voice of Thrax, is very busy so I just stay out of her way mostly!
    Calaudrin It's good to see the nobility of the Compact come to the shrines and pray. And she asks introspective questions. I wish for her the very best in whatever road she's currently embarking upon.
    Calista Princess Alarissa is perhaps the only woman I have come to know who can 'tame' the wild Prince of Maelstrom. She is kind and courteous but anyone who might mistake her for some sort of shrinking violet would be gravely mistaken.
    Cambria She thought I'd poison her! It was cute, really.
    Carita A shining example of dignity and decorum, with an inner warmth that radiates from her.
    Caspian A kind princess who offered me some sound advice and seems to care deeply for Thrax (even if she doesn't remember writing to me).
    Cassandra One of the first I met when I returned to the city. I was honored to bless her shrine in the Thrax home and enjoyed the view and mystery of the flying ship.
    Catalana My favorite cousin of Wash's and one of few who I can speak with knowing they won't get pouty with my thoughts or opinions. Someone's who's opinion I cherish.
    Catriona Strong and composed Thrax Voice, more than worthy of the title and every bit of respect she is afforded. I admire her dedication to the House and already know I will enjoy working with her.
    Christine She may hide things... Not just that baby to be. Must remember she doesn't like to be called dear.
    Cirroch My father once said the only way you can tell how truely loved someone is see their funeral. If Alarissa's birthday is any predictor, she will have a thousand wet eyes at her's.
    Clover Clover often categories people in two ways: Those who help up smaller people, and those who don't. Alarissa is in the former category. She seems kind, and nice, and so far Clover likes her.
    Col Every bit the righteous princess. It is interesting if she would have behaved the same while she was still a Valardin Princess rather than Thrax.
    Constantine The Princess-Consort of Thrax and I have no doubt it has been her gentle guidance that has aided in the rise of historical reform. She is a shining pearl amidst our turbulent seas.
    Coraline So graceful, and fashionable, two things I am utterly amazed at and are mysteries to me. I have no idea either how she does all of what she does!
    Cornelius Cold one moment, charming the next. My daughter is blessed with her protection as patron.
    Cristoph I rather like the princess, though I'm concerned about her fixation with the one possible freckle on her face. She was good company tonight while I was drinking and even thanked me for making myself a potential pin cushion the other day. I'm not sure she entirely understands my sense of humor, but that's alright can't expect everyone to.
    Cullen Princess Alarissa is someone I've quite wanted to meet for awhile - charming and well-known for her intelligence and knowledge, as well as adventurous spirit, she's precisely the sort of person I would expect to get along quite well with.
    Cyril Well educated noble in economic theories with an extremely useful method of teaching complex ideas to disciples. Her assisting will be instrumental to the betterment of house Melaeris.
    Cyril A leader who has paved the way for a new reformed Thrax. The people are in her debt.
    Daemon A fine lady and a fine hound. Will be sad to see the Princess go if such is in the cards, but I wish her a happy life with her husband all the same!
    Darren Victus' wife is an excellent complement to him. Her bright energy soothes any upset over his direct and boisterous ways. Relationship goals?
    Darrow A princess who can eye a table of Thrax without faltering either has steel in her blood or a blade on her neck.
    Delia Wisdom, grace, fine fashion and thoughtful words. She is everything I hope to be.
    Delilah Larger than life, Alarissa is the very moon to the ocean. She influences the world on a subtle and a grand scale, bestowing her largesse and guidance. She has a charisma for which empires are built and fall.
    Denica While things were off to what would call a rocky start, Alarissa has turned out to be a rather important influence on her life. If there is anybody that could teach her the finer points of being a proper Princess, it's Alarissa, and she's slowly finding a confidante in her, something in dreadfully short supply as of late.
    Denica While things started out rather contentious between us, I'm glad that we were able to resolve our differences over time. She's become a close confidant and someone that I can truly feel comfortable confiding in.
    Dianna Lovely beyond words. I should like to know more of her; her grace is simply stunning.
    Dio A princess of fine tastes and courtesy. She has a keen wit too, and seems a true survivor.
    Domonico Spoilt. Loud. Demanding. Used to getting her own way. Seems to possess very few actual qualities.
    Donaldo She seemed sad at a wedding, which is not what I expect. I will have to ask her about what she and Victus did not have.
    Drake It has been years, seemingly, since the Princess left Valardin for her marriage to Thrax, but she is a woman who needs no introduction. Her success and fame will follow her where ever she goes.
    Duarte I still think her figurines are better; Gloria be damned.
    Echo When you plan your next words and actions with the scrutiny and care as Alarissa does, people listen. They straighten themselves out and direct their full attention to you, and they soak every word in with care. With Victus at her side, Thrax looks unbeatable.
    Edain Princess Alarissa is the widow of my older brother Vance. She provides are more vibrant presence around the Valardin Manor that is often absent because we are so focused on whatever crisis is infront of us. I am glad she has stayed with our family. As far as I am concerned she has a home with the Valardin as long as she wishes to have one.
    Eirlys Very nice, polite and seems to be very caring.
    Eleanor I interrupted her evening with King's Own business, but she was hospitable despite it. Difficult to tell how involved she was, but certainly shouldn't underestimate her - despite her injuries. I do hope she heals quickly.
    Eleyna We love reflections in the Lyceum and so, I find Alarissa fascinating. But for a few small twists along the path, I could be here and she could be me. We come from similar backgrounds, princesses that had to make our own fates rather than trust them to the whims of destiny. I look at her and see aspects of myself, perhaps with a bit more polish and bit less venom in her veins. I think we understand each other. I hope we'll be friends.
    Emilia Well-spoken and very dedicated. Thrax is blessed to have her. When I saw her lead Sina to the altar, I knew from that very moment that her greatness is unmatched, even though she doesn't show it.
    Emily The Princess Consort is a woman information that I need, but not only that I sense she would aid me if I were to ask her. I look forward to the growth of a common bond and friendship.
    Emmelline She is very lovely. Hopefully, with time I will get to know her more.
    Emrys The Princess-Consort is said to have done much, and while she will be the first to correct when undeserved credit is given, she has undeniably achieved more than many. I found her polite and of excellent company, and quite a change from the atmosphere I experienced among Thrax, decades ago.
    Ephrath A very gracious and kind host. Especially considering her offer to teach me Nox'alfar. I can only hope to be a good student.
    Esme I have always been circling the perimeter with this one. I sent her thoughts on her arm that were well received. Her strength is beauty and that is still a weapon of hers to wield. We have missed each other so often. Been at parties but never sat to truly talk. She is a delight in person as I had always imagined. I am sure we are to be friends when our paths continue to meet.
    Evaristo The famous Princess Alarissa - just being in her vicinity is inspiration and awe.
    Fairen A kind and intelligent Princess of Thrax. She generously gifted me with a large and lovely supply of books that I am most grateful to possess.
    Fairen Pleasant, as always. It pleases me that she seeks to pass along knowledge to others with her linguistics classes. Also her work with her charity is simply astounding. A remarkable woman indeed.
    Faruq Princess. Consort. Thrax who was Valardin who was Grayson. That's a lot of hats to wear. I will watch and see if she turns into a beautiful three headed monster, really, any excuse to watch or talk to the charming princess is acceptable.
    Fatima Gorgeous and refined, she seems bubbly and spirited all the same. She reminds me a lot of my little sister.
    Faye A gracious and welcoming woman, clearly attentive to solving problems. I hope to be able to speak with her again in a more social environment.
    Ferrando A composed and precise Princess, even while relaxing. She's obviously quite smart and seems to like to watch animals, whether fish or fowl. Her interest in the world around her which is always excellent to see in members of the ruling families.
    Fiachra I believe that she is far stronger than many would give her credit for. A gracious woman as well, and I am happy to be able to call her family even though neither of us were born to the Valardin name.
    Fiora The Princess-Consort is very famous. And as such, many things are spoken about her all the time. I got to witness tonight that many of them are indeed, true!
    Galen Certainly the better half of Victus, on top of being very helpful since I have returned to Arx. I hope she knows she may call one me for anything.
    Galen She is slight by appearance but in will she is mighty. I am glad she is one of us.
    Gareth Cousin. Princess consort of House Thrax. She acts in a way that is suitable to ruling a house. It's a pleasure to have her in the family.
    Gaston She seemed a fragile thing at first, small and delicate. If there's nothing else that I've learned in my wanderings though, it's that the size of something is hardly it's whole story. Kind, and thoughtful, I would say. Insightful, and easy to speak to.
    Gaston A friend from years past returned to me in the present. I have always valued her opinion, and will continue to do so. Even if I don't always agree with her.
    Gianna Excellent taste in jewelry and apparel; grace and wit to match.
    Gilroy Obviously I'll just have to win her over!
    Giulio A lovely young princess of the Thrax -- and more over, a talented instructor. I look forward to working with her further.
    Gretchen Perfect, poised, and pregnant. Isn't that everything a Thrax woman aspires to?
    Haakon What I expected a royal lady to look like. Wouldn't have guessed her for being born a Mainlander.
    Hadrian Sophisticated, cordial, pleasant, charitable, intriguing, and socially adept. The Princess-Consort of Maelstrom is a wonderful conversational companion. We have previously only had the most fleeting of interactions, but now that we've taken the opportunity to sit down and converse with our attention paid to one another? I find myself enjoying her company a great deal and excited at the opportunity to truly get to meet her, finally.
    Hamish A hundred years from now it will be undeniable that the princess consort of Maelstrom had left her mark on the Mourning Isles.
    Harald The lady laughs and smiles to excess. She puts great effort into showing respect, which is misplaced but forgivable.
    Harlex There's sorrow on you and kindness. I won't soon forget that moment.
    Ian From someone who's been called 'useless' many times before, she's more important than she says she is. I just can't tell if she realizes that.
    Imi Her Highness was a most gracious hostess, and the changes she's been behind in Thrax are truly impressive. She is a formidable woman, and in the height of a pregnancy conveys no less power or grace as far as I could tell. Truly she is a woman worth cultivating a relationship with.
    Ingvar Princess Alarissa was one of those who visited Grihem's Hall on the tour, though I did not really get to meet her as the tourists mostly kept to themselves. She seemed nice enough, out of those who came.
    Jacque Once married to a dragon, now married to the High Lord of the Thrax. Princess Alarissa has always treated me courteously, and I return the favor. It is my hope to maintain the bonds of familiarity, even if she is married to the lord of all Islanders now.
    Jael She seems like a sweet person, very concerned with the wellbeing of the otter. I hope I can get to know her a little better.
    Jan She has the grace of a lady and the sharp mind of a sage. I'll make a point to get to know her better when she has the time.
    Jasher She is like the sea. Those who don't know her underestimate her. Those who do learn respect.
    Jeffeth A kind Thrax Princess who wanted to hire one of the kids from the orphanage. She sounded like she was going to hire Ovelia from the tragedy. A good heart, I'm glad to know her.
    Jordan She's kind, and she's a former Grayson. Princess Alarissa Thrax seems to enjoy teasing her husband and if that's not a sign of love, I have no idea what else would be!
    Joscelin Regal and articulate, well-mannered, and the betrothed of Lord Victus. That I like her even with that connection says a lot.
    Juliana Well Princess, maybe there is more to both of us than meets the eye?
    Jyri She's a great inspiration and working together with her is a pleasure and an honor.
    Kaia The charitable Princess of Thrax. She's so pretty!~ I admire her and her noble efforts. I hope to one day do something as outstanding as her.
    Kaldur A most gracious hostess. I have a question or two for her about being a hostess. Host. HOST. Being a host.
    Karina Gregarious and graceful, she seems devoted to her spouse and children. I could wish that she were a little warmer toward my lady, but I understand that hosting might leave her attention stretched a bit thin.
    Katarina When Katarina first met Alarissa, she was rather awed by the grace and social accumen of this Grayson-born princes. But after only a few encounters later, Katarina has become rather fond of her and considers Alarissa to be a potential partner in all future socio-political endeavors for the good of the Oathlands. Plus she's fierce with the fashion trends!
    Katarina Alarissa has my love unrequited as a sister of mine, regardless of where she may go. She has done things with her life I can only dream of doing with my own, going from widow of a dragon to sterling wife of a Thrax Highlord. She is utterly ambitious and lets nothing stop her from achieving the life she envisioned from herself.
    Kenna I watched her at the crew race. I am impressed by her leadership and composure as she handed out the awards.
    Klaus The High Lady of Thrax I had heard about even before my return to the City. I can see why House Thrax now holds the position it does.
    Laric She's done a commendable job with helping Victus steer his ship, and I have no doubt her child will do what Genevieve ultimately couldn't.
    Leola I was, when I first came to Arx, scared of Thrax. Her highness has done much to alleviate this, in myself and others. She understands her place, in the nobility, and she acts accordingly. This, I can respect
    Liara She's quick-witted, bold, compassionate and an entirely excellent cousin.
    Lilia The Princess-Consort of Maelstrom is a gracious lady, and formidable. Her working knowledge of the deep things of her side of the world is enviable. I look forward to many future opportunities to learn from her.
    Llewella Meeting with Her Highness can give one something to aspire to. She was gracious as a hostess and more knowledgable than I had any right to hope for.
    Lore A strong example of a female leader, we need more like her.
    Lou I met her briefly during the horse jumping competition. She had great advice on what to expect when dining with the Keatons, which I shall take to heart.
    Luca Alarissa's the kind of woman you go to when you need a bit of sound advice. It's no wonder I don't see her all that often. But then, I'm never the worse for having spent a bit of time with her either. Still, she'll always have all the respect I can muster for chaining herself to Victus Thrax. He's come a long way, but it's probably cost her some patience. Do I have this all wrong?
    Lumen As eloquent and poised as one might expect a diplomatically adept woman of Thrax to be... by way of the Oathlands... by way of the Crownlands! It's no wonder she's got a Queen's name.
    Lys Graceful and yet with a touch of down to earthness to her. Not afraid to have a little fun either!
    Mabelle Gracious host with adventorous mind. What a lovely event!
    Maeve She came to my shop, the wife of the High Lord of Thrax! She is a confusing woman to me. She is a woman of pure silk and Arxian refinement. She had asked me if my legs were broken when I forgot to curtsey! Arxians are so confusing to me.
    Maja The Princess-Consort of Thrax, wife of Highlord Victus. She is very dignified, refined and graceful. And fashionable! Oh my god, the clothes! I could just /diiiie/!!
    Malesh A very gracious and thoughtful host. Married to a High Lord, there is much to expect from her and she never disapoints.
    Margerie Charming, graceful, curious - and sharp. I am glad that she is a willing teacher because I have a feeling there is a great deal to learn from this young lady.
    Marian She means well...I keep reminding myself that she means well but somehow we can not get through a conversation without trading barbs. It's like she wants everyone to fall in line. I get that she almost became Queen but she's not. She's a widow to a fallen Valardin, just like me, so that puts us on even playing ground. Even if she would like to deny it.
    Marius She's polite and easy on the eyes. Seems to know what she's about, too. I'll resolve judgement until I know her better.
    Martino A devout and truly inspiring woman. People speak of living legends and, I am certain, they nearly always mean Princess Alarissa.
    Melody A keeper of souls, something vague and far too important. Sometimes you have to risk a little bit of safety to have some fun.
    Mercedes She ran a gauntlet that was well attended; it was good to see her again. She is with Thrax now -- with the thrall reforms, I can already see her positive influence there. Hopefully this will continue and, with her help and guidance, Thrax will abandon their savage ways.
    Merek %bMerek thinks Alarissa is motherly.
    Michael I want to be wary of her. Even though she was born a Grayson. Then. Valardin. Then Thrax. But shes kind and nice.
    Mikani The Princess Consort. A very kind woman. I am excited what we could accomplish together.
    Miranda Pleasant enough, this Princess of Thrax. She seems a summer person as well.
    Mirari I've actually known the Princess-Consort for a bit. However tonight, in short order, I gave her my diamondplate claws, and watched her get mobbed by an army of cats. It must be one of those days.
    Mirari There is not enough time in the day to speak of Princess Alarissa Thrax, Consort of the Maelstrom. To the say the least her fashion is no doubt the finest in the world. And her fashion is only the beginning of her. There is so much more beneath the surface.
    Mirella Easy to tell she's royalty. She's got the composure and grace. Warm and welcoming, nonetheless.
    Morrighan Princess of Valardin and former client some scant years ago, Morrighan encountered her once more while being taught linguistics by Rook. She's very much noble, different from what she's accustomed to with Redrain, but found her pleasant and amicable.
    Niklas The Princess Consort of Thrax. She may have been born a Grayson and spent time as a Valardin, but she is Thrax through and through. I can't imagine her any other way. She will lead the Mourning Isles to prosperity and progression and we will be the better for her having done so. She has my loyalty and my friendship.
    Niklas The Princess consort of Maelstrom is a diamond. She shines brilliantly, is hard as nothing else and capable of cutting cleaner than alaricite.
    Norwood Well, she has very much taught her dog the best way to behave. Perhaps it is only as it should be fore a princess.
    Nurie Her Grace has been so very kind and generous the last few times we have met, I always come away with a desire to cross paths with her once more.
    Olivia Having caught her attention when seeking out an etiquette instructor, Olivia was able to meet Princess Alarissa at a lovely tea shop, and the two seemed to hit it off quite well. Every bit the immaculately polished noblewoman that she would seek to emmulate, Alarissa also seemed to enjoy Olivia's teas, and even her related ramblings about their uses and collection. Its rare to find people she can share her hobbies with, and if she can help them in doing so, all the very better!
    Orazio Ambitious, but somehow charming even in the admission of it. Orazio admires a little ambition, particularly when leavened with intelligence and a seeming devotion to the gods. Orazio likes her, and is eternally grateful she wasn't born a Velenosa.
    Orchid She seems a little cold and distant but she doesn't seem a bad person. I think.
    Orrin Ambitious and careful. I can't imagine the line she must walk.
    Orvyn Her highness, wait no her Grace! A wonderful and charitable woman. She did not seem to mind the state of affairs in the household as the rebuilding continued, and was even willing to offer aid to meet my wife's decorating plans. She shall be a valuable person to know more in the coming months.
    Oswyn The elegant Princess generously offered use of the truly impressive Thrax library, for which I am very grateful.
    Petal The Princess seems to be friendly and she appreciates my work. I think I will be seeing more of her. She is lovely and might be fun to dress.
    Philippe I believe it is a very good thing to see one of our beloved nobles embrace a foreign people but still remain true to her roots. The joust was very fun.
    Quenia I finally had a chance to meet Princess Alarissa in person at Mangata's Shrine, after exchanging messengers with her. She's very affable, and I look forward to any future endeavors House Igniseri might be able to support on Thrax's behalf.
    Quintin She knows more about spoons than anyone I've ever met, and the rest of etiquette as well. It would probably be smart to go to her for lessons.
    Raimon A cheerful Princess
    Ras First I heard she was mean to one friend, then I heard she saved another friend's life. Snobby silk templar but with a brave heart?
    Reese She is certainly well dressed even for a mission in the tunnels and quite lovely. There is more to her than I realized. She knows quite a bot of the mysteries. I never realized that. There is more than her than looks.
    Renata More empathetic and understanding of things than I might have hoped she would be. She gave me some very useful advice, and I very much look forward to speaking with her again.
    Romulius Why are all the bloody /good/ women in this /bloody/ city already taken? Still... here's looking to the future right? All else fails might be able to find a look alike somewhere...
    Rook All in all, Princess Alarissa is remarkably similar to Rook in many aspects, with the true birthright and upbringing that he lacked. A shame, truly.
    Rook My long and dear friend. Each time in your presence I can only call it a blessing and privilege. Your mind always thinks of the biggest ideas, the most challenging and you do not let that stop you.
    Rosalie An excellent hostess, she always seems to know exactly what to do to have her guests enjoying themselves to the utmost. She's also supposed to be accomplished in a number of other areas as well, I'll have to ask her about hem sometime!
    Rowley A patron of the arts. She came to my shop and made a purchase for another, seeking no recognition for herself. Perhaps this says something about the character of the Princess Consort of Maelstrom? She certainly seems to be kind, at least in my dealings with her. I would be interested in learning more of her.
    Roxana The High Lady of Thrax but she used to be Grayson. That makes us...something cousins a few times removed? I don't know. I do know she seems very polished and has a warm and generous heart.
    Ryhalt Have I been away so long, or has it been so long since we last saw one another? Well at least I did not order bacon.
    Rysen A trustworthy leader of vision and wisdom, arrayed with regality, and armed with an alaricite wit.
    Sabella Generous, fashionable, and direct, my cousin Alarissa has a wonderfully large heart and a firm resolve that makes her a lovely force to be reckoned with! I adore her, but she is definitely scarier than her husband.
    Sabella There is absolutely nothing my cousin cannot do. Possibly has not done! When Alarissa sets her mind to a thing, it happens. While many laud Victus for his proclamation on thralls--which well they should of course as it was momentous--she was working tirelessly to free thrall children before that decision was made. I know many people think that she's somewhat distant and hard to approach, but I assure you that is only because she cares so deeply about things and changing the world for the better that I have to think she rarely sleeps for thinking up new ways to help and her time really is that valuable!
    Saedrus The magnificent Princess-Consort of Thrax, Alarissa is a remarkable woman whoes reputation of generosity and leadership proceeds her. It is an honour to know her in my professional and social circles.
    Samael I think I saw them at the Prayers of the Sentinel. They must care about justice.
    Samantha Princess Alarissa is a very thoughtful woman. She reminds me a bit of Lark in that she clearly gives a great deal of consideration to the choices she makes, and isn't afraid to show her intelligence. If she does end up marrying into Thrax, I have no doubt that she will be able to hold her own.
    Sanya I admire her grace and etiquette as well as respect her for the work she puts in as Princess-consort.
    Sasha One of my fondest cousins, she helps me strive to be more social and not so buried within my books. I admire how charming she is.
    Selene The epitome of elegance and class in the city, and in many ways, a setter of the trends. What she sets forth is the height of popularity. It would be enough to reside on her laurels of power. But Princess Alarissa turns her attention to charitable matters and that is a powerful statement in itself.
    Shae A friendly and kind princess, more like what I had thought a princess would be. With good manners, and excellent taste. And the prettiest greyhound. I would have loved to trainer her, but well I am sure I will find our hounds. But princess is still very welcoming and kind. And has exquisite taste.
    Sheena Princess Alarissa seems to have a bit of an obssession with clothing. She seems okay, though.
    Sirius Would that I could ever unsee my cousin's face when I look at her. Would that I had the wherewithal to let such memories drift, and let be what once was. Forever a bittersweet sight, your Highness. Limerance's blessings.
    Sivard Princess Alarissa Valardin, a rather interesting individual upon first meeting. Kind enough to have paid me a compliment. Though time will tell if I am to be the Grimhall child to make her frown upon getting to know one another, here's hoping I don't ruin her streak of smiling. She has a rather nice one and it would be a shame.
    Skapti Apparently the bit about Valardin's not drinking only applies to born to it. The married in ones get smashed the same as everyone else. Though they don't exactly hold it well.
    Sorrel She's charming and very nice. We ran into one another at the tea shop, and though she's got a somewhat confusing marital history, I do hope to get to know her better.
    Sparte She really likes alcohol. I mean, really really likes it. I think I get why she opted to marry out of her old house.
    Sudara There truly does seem to be a divide within those owing fealty to the House of Thrax: as one might expect for a born Grayson, Alarissa falls very firmly on the 'elegant and eloquent' side. Moreover, she shows a profoundly impressive desire to make the world a better place - yet in person, manages to be sympathetic and charming. Little wonder that her renown as a philanthropist is so widespread.
    Sunniva The High lady is a great conversationalist and has a rather generous heart. Even if she had not offered such a wonderful gift to our house in the form of a statue of Mangata I would be inclined to favor her as a wonderful acquaintance. I look forward to aiding her in her gardening and must prepare a list of native Oathland plants in an array of colors.
    Sunniva The Princess is a woman of duty and good deeds. Her work for House Thrax is to be commended and Harthall is lucky to have gained her as patron. It also helps that she has adorable children and I am glad to be an adoptive Aunt for them.
    Sunniva As wonderfully warm and supportive as ever. She is a truly generous soul who loves deeply those nearest her. I am lucky to call her a friend.
    Svoli Seemed to react alright to the being pelted with a snowball. Probably less dramatic than I understand lots of Princesses can be.
    Tabitha The picture of royal grace and composure, but also charmingly warm and witty. A lover of the arts, too!
    Talen Princess Alarissa Valardin nee Grayson. A picture of proper princess. Everything Talen isn't as a prince, and more. Pure bred, to his common blood. Yet, here they are, in a tea shop, drinking together and discuss MANNERS. While she freaks out over a sneak, internally. Well done, Talen.
    Tarik I met Princess Alarissa when I was coming from the RedRain dinner. She had bruises on her face, and a shiner on her eye. She was polite, but there was a sadness to her. I am not sure if the sadness was from the performance in the competition, or from the loss of her husband. I did not dwell on the matter, because everyone's grief is there own. She did ask me a clever probing question that caught me off guard. It just reminds that I really need to work on my answers to certain.
    Terese A woman of grace and warmth with a backbone of steel whom I have always greatly admired. Though she is no longer Valardin, she is and will always be family and cousin in my heart. Her place in Thrax has only reinforced and elevated my belief in her as I watch the strides she makes in helping and defending their people.
    Tescelina The Princess of Maelstrom is a kind, warm woman whose company I adore. Her patience for my lessons, as well, are a sign of a masterful instructor. I hope to learn much from time spent in her grace.
    Tessa She promised me a fancy dress.... I don't think I ever got it though.
    Theo The Princess-Consort of House Thrax; she is intelligent and competent, and the sort of person, I think, that one would like to have as a friend rather than an enemy.
    Theron Princess-Consort of Thrax. Must have had something in the cake, because she talked about butterflies, and nuzzled someone. So maybe she's a mix of enjoying herself, not taking life too hard and propriety. Here's to knowing her better in the future.
    Tomwell A gracious teacher. Good to keep in mind for the future.
    Turo Straightforward and honest. Seems to understand one's duty. I can work with that.
    Tynan Princess Alarissa is an impressive woman. Measured words, thoughtful remarks, with poise and grace. Still, friendly and approachable even for somebody in her position. I look forward to seeing what all she can teach me, it's not an opportunity I'm going to waste.
    Tyrus She took the long way to join Thrax, but now that she's here, it's as if she's always belonged. Evidently, Victus got lucky.
    Valdemar She seemed well-composed, and quite willing to be helpful.
    Vanora Our first meeting was under a very official capacity. Our second allowed me a deeper glimpse into the Princess Consort of Maelstrom. In some ways she is still a mystery, and in others I feel as if we are kindred spirits. May time tell more.
    Vayne If she is in reality only half as intelligent and intentional as she appears to be in our conversations, then she is a singular individual in Arx. While we have disagreed in the past - sharply - I've never believed her to be capricious in her beliefs and courses of action. Someone I look forward to knowing better, and discovering even more common ground.
    Vega I never would have expected a Grayson Princess to fit in so well in the Isles, but Alarissa Thrax has been nothing but a boon to this family and fealty. I am proud to call her cousin, and moreso to call her friend.
    Venturo A patron of my brews whose collecting habits are appreciated. Wise and friendly, a willingness to teach, she's always one to make a moment when you need it.
    Veronica The Lady Alarissa allowed herself to be the mock accused, and took some pies in the process. Well, bravo for the sacrifice to the Sentinel!
    Victus She's a pretty one, though I am a bit weary at how she keeps lookin' at me...
    Vincenzo Aeterna and pearl. I wanted to argue, to lead one with her pallid complexion to a place of brightness, so that glorious color could be used against the blank canvas of her skin. Pallor and white are infrequently suited for one another. But this one knows precisely who she is and she hears none of it if someone tries to tell her otherwise. The Pearl of Thrax indeed. Well. I suppose I should go looking for a large quantity of pearls.
    Wash They say she's upwardly mobile. I don't think she'd shy away from admitting as much. She'll be marginalized in Thrax if she doesn't love the sea.
    Wulfrum Refined and all manner of proper. Good suggestions on people to introduce myself too. I should probably write her from time to time.
    Wylla If I could have but a quarter of her grace and dignity... It's heartening also to see such piety in a leader of the Compact.
    Yasmine It is refreshing to meet a princess that is very aware that she is a princess, yet doesn't use it as a weapon to make other people feel less for not being a princess. Too many want to either use their high position to make me feel small or pretend that the distinction doesn't exist, which comes across as false. Princess Alarissa acknowledges the differences between her rank and mine, yet doesn't make me feel as though my lack of such makes me less of a person.
    Zara She absolutely _models_ the virtues of a noblewoman, and what can be accomplished with a gentle touch.
    Zeriax As a flower blossoms, so too does generosity expand outwards. A fire, a ripple of water, a cooling breeze to embrace those who cannot fend for themselves. Not all shields are forged of steel, and not all salves come from powdered plants.
    Zoey Victus' wife and the Princess-Consort of Maelstrom. For some reason, she seems to have taken a shine to me.
    Zoey Poise and fashion sense in human form. I feel like I could learn so much from you.