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Sir Amund Monrosa

Imagination is a weapon. Those that fail to use it will perish.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Forlorn Hope
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Monrosa
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 7/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: onyx
Skintone: pale

Titles: Knight of Tor

Description: The viciousness in Amund's onyx gaze offsets the classical good looks that he sports. Gifted by the gods with proportionate features and a strong jaw, they can be considered somewhat sharp in profile thanks to the straight bridge of his nose, which is on the pleasant side of long, its tip slightly upturned. His lips curve slightly upward at the corners, giving his expressions a slight mischievous affectation for all that he does not seem to be prone to smiles. His hair, which is kept long, falls down to his shoulders in an undisciplined wavy cascade in stark contrast to his fair countenance. His build is that of a paragon of physical fitness, speaking of hours upon hours of intense martial training. Marring the man's handsomeness is a thin diagonal scar on his left cheek: dark, rather than angry red, it is likely an old wound acquired in a difficult fight. His voice, when he deigns to speak, is low, gravelly.

Personality: A survivor through and through, Amund is a man of few words. His demeanor is cool and impersonal, and things such as 'honor' and 'glory' are contingent on whether he gets to live another day or not. He's the quintessential sellsword: if he is to do things for the good of all mankind, it better be worth the pay. Then again, he has that thrillseeker's edge to his personality, one that is balanced by an attempt at strategic foreplanning in all things he does, along with a marked hesitation to accept honors over wealth.

Background: Born twenty-five years ago, Amund has learned from an early age that hardship and misery is the staple of living on the frontier with the Everwinter. The months of famine would bring sickness, the sickness would bring death. His parents fastidiously thought to spare him the worst parts, often to their own detriment.

One night, a band of aggressive shavs took the village by storm. The emaciated villagers fought their best, but ultimately they could not stop the wave of violence that would see babies wrenched from mothers' breasts and dashed against walls, fathers put to the sword and mothers speared through their skulls, hanging like ragdolls in the winter snows.

The boy, barely twelve, wasn't noticed from his perch on the roof of his house. With nowhere to go, he was forced to fend for himself. Out in the wilds he set out to avoid bands of raiders, foraging what he could from the woods until he found shelter in the next village. After a month of slow and painful recovery from frost exposure, he was nursed back to health and taken in by the village's mayor as a ward.

Eventually he became part of the watchers of the town, trained in the sword and the axe before a band of sellswords showed up in town and, after saying his goodbyes to these Whitehold-affiliated villagers, he signed up with them.

Their fight against the shav'arvani became ever more violent after he was recruited. Whereas the lieutenants would have consternation for his methods, they couldn't deny that they were effective. Slowly he crawled up the ranks until he made it to Lieutenant. When the general of the company died from a fever, the company disbanded. He became a Champion in ducal courts, his style a favorite of Northern nobles for its sheer ferocity and his disregard for the opponents' safety. If the fight ended in one blow and the opponent lived, then it didn't matter if it was a stab to the gut or a sliced vein that did it. His money was earned, win or lose, and it was time to part ways.

But that, too, became a boring endeavor. But the opportunity for money rose again when lord after lord would call for free swords to fight for them in the Silent War. And fight he did. There may have been unspeakable horrors in the line of battle, but he resolutely pressed on and took the fight to them. His remarkable versatility helped make himself quite the name in the field of battle. Once the battle was joined, win or lose, he gave his best; consummate professional that he is, the outcome didn't matter so much as the payment. If the bands of shav'arvani aligned with the Silence were slaughtered to a man, who cared? Moreover, there were times he sought out these tribes in diversion, intent on bleeding their numbers dry.

Once again, in the Gyre War, Amund distinguished himself with a seasonal contract with the Setarco military. For those battles, he proved himself gritty enough to be offered a renewal of his contract by a serjeant, which he declined.

The lure of fighting against shav'arvani drew him to Arx. So he packed his bags, hoping for business that marries his hatred for the Abandoned with a desire for new thrills.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Adora Didn't buy a bookcase. I don't like him.
Aerandir A knight that seems more taciturn than most of our creed, though perhaps it is crowds that bring such on. Hardly something I can blame him for, if so. Nonetheless, Sir Amund seems to know well his trade, and appears just as well prepared in equipment; I am keen to talk to him again, if only to further my knowledge of the Butcher.
Aethan A very capable fighter -- there are worse to be taken down by.
Aiden Someone that has Gloria's favor and is certainly important to the dream. May his choices in life lead him to the results he wishes upon his quest.
Ajax A man who seems to be cut from the same cloth, I wonder if we'll work together or against one another one day.
Alaric He's rather nonchalant about having had a tree fall on him. I suppose veteran sellswords do tend to have a high tolerance for hazardous situations.
Alarissa A creative man, a respectful gentleman.
Alrec A familiar face, has a very easy way of dealing with things. I just can't exactly pin point where I know him from.
Amari A quiet, and somewhat mysterious fellow. At least he has the right opinion of pie.
Angelo Interesting fellow, what with the lack of words and rather intimidating weapon. I wanted to ask him about it but had to tend to things back home. Perhaps I'll get the chance to yet.
Anisha Sir Amund, former Sword, full-time adventurer, and part-time mystery. An interesting man with an interesting outlook on life. May he find what he's searching for.
Arianna What a mysterious sellsword who has a great sense of fashion but I know success in the game when I see it. It's been a while since I've found someone genuinely attractive...
Ariella While cautious, he is well learned and dedicated to the cause of making us safer as a whole. Seems like a fun target for teasing.
Artur A serious sort of sellsword, though he seemed friendly enough once we got to sparring. He's a pretty talented swordsman, so I hired him straight away for an expedition I'm leading into the woods southwest of Farhaven. I'm sure I won't regret it - he seems like a real professional.
Artur A stalwart Knight and a most loyal friend! Sir Amund is a Knight I will always be glad to have by my side!
Ashur I like this fellow's attitude. World-wise and steady.
Auda Eager to get in a scuffle, but also eager to help. Probably good to keep around!
Audgrim Ran into him in the forest, out hunting - clearly a fighter of some kind, that gear is pretty impressive.
Azova Not what one would call cheerful, but that might be odd in a warrior. Still, a fine conversationalist whom I look forward to speaking to further. Also excellent with pendant placement.
Belladonna Quite the story. I wonder about the scars. Those are always the interesting part of any warrior, after all.
Bethany Sword of the Telmarch, and I can think of none better.
Bhandn One does appreciate seeing people take a personal interest in keeping their weapons properly cared for, rather than delegating it to others. Then again, if /I/ owned something of the same value, no other hands but mine would ever touch it.
Blacktongue Too bad he's not much for Riddles. I suppose we'll find another way to pass the time
Brady Interesting Sellsword, very well dressed and generous.
Braith Interested in learning the art of being sneaky as it were. I do not fault him that. Much more pleasant to remain alive and without wounds.
Brianna A man of few words, but he didn't really need words to get his point across. I like that.
Brigida Those who are overly certain of themselves can lead the world to disaster, but those who are overly doubtful will never lead at all. He is not on the wrong track, but one should never doubt the presence of the gods.
Cahal Remind me not to get him angry.
Calista While the man may be from the Oathlands, he cuts a dangerous figure. Piqued my curiosity and that is no easy feat.
Caprice A Knight of Tor, knowledgeable but quieter than I suspected he'd be. I wonder what he's been through, or how many stories he could tell that I wouldn't really understand.
Celine Inclined toward self-preservation, Amund keeps an eye toward the easily forgotten threats that imperil us.
Charis Gild and Gloria both must favour him and one can see in his bearing what he's done to earn that favour, the right paths taken, the right choices made. These bruises sting with more than raised blood.
Charlotte A Northerner who is the Sword of Telmar! Not that those things should be mutually exclusive, of course. Anyway, he's polite and pleasant company, and seems to be very dedicated to his duties and his training. How excellent!
Cristoph A reasoned, intelligent knight of the Telmarch. The Telmar family is lucky to have such a pragmatic and dedicated man as their House Sword. I look forward to working with him in the future, I suspect he's going to have a key role to play in solving some of the Oathlands more painful issues.
Dante Sword of the Telmarch who takes his duty very seriously. Also he knows quite a lot about the threats that we face, which is an amazing resource to have available. I do hope that we can work out some sort of agreement with the Duke he represents.
Dianna Quiet. Serious, and efficient. It's hard to know more without more time spent around this man.
Domonico Obviously a warrior or sellsword of some sort. Seems to know what he is talking about. A shame so many fighters only do it for money.
Draven Stupid! Doesn't know how to be nice! Can't talk to women without getting into fights! Then points out his weapon when Stuff doesn't go his way!
Drusila He seems to be a warrior that follows a code, and one of the weapons he carries seems to align with a code as well. The strength of codes is that they allow trust to be established no matter what the task is; but Drusila wonders what brought such a thing in him. Perhaps in time, she'll learn more about Amund and the journey he's on. In the meantime, she'll try to convince him that whiskey should be abandoned for wine. Knights and codes are things she enjoys.
Duarte A fearless sell sword by the looks of it!
Eleanor Serious about his duties. I don't know much about him, or anything really, but I always admire someone willing to step up for the Compact.
Emma Possessed of good manners and incredible skill at arms, Sir Amund is a superlative fighter and a gracious teacher both. I suspect there's not a squire or knight in the Oathlands who wouldn't benefit from his lessons in the arts of combat.
Ephrath Brash, bold, and more than a little enigmatic.
Eris Taciturn, and no mincer of words, but he is an exceedingly capable fighter with grit and determination. The man can certainly take a blow and keep on moving.
Evaristo Perfect man to have at your back. But I'd still probably prefer to keep him at my front, just to know where he is...
Fairen Interesting. Someone who is an expert at tracking down and dealing with one of Arvum's thornier problems. Someone I will have to consult with more for our one specific issue.
Fatima He came speaking of Eurus but with a patriot's bent for his country. Impressive in his knowledge of broad subjects. Intriguing.
Fianna I sense that he will be exceptional in the saddle with only a little training. He is welcome at the Crovane stables anytime and I look forward to hearing of his adventures with Corr.
Fiora Admittedly I didn't really give him a chance, but he didn't do great with that.
Gabriel It takes a bold man to see the future so clearly.
Gael We may never have anything in common, Sir Amund, but you've saved my life and that is more than I can say about most any I've met in my life. A debt that cannot be repaid in a single life alone, but they say the Wheel is endless, and one day my turn shall be to spare you the Queen's embrace. May that day never come, and if it does, let us be ready.
Gaspar Diligent. Focused. I don't know if I will ever attain his status of a swordsman, but I'll be damned if I don't try.
Gaston Says little that doesn't need to be said, unless it's with his blade. Sensible, skilled...I see why Teagan likes the man.
Gerald An interesting fellow. I suspect he's the sort that when bought stays bought. Can't object to a man making his trade.
Gianna He seems bold and markedly uninterested in dithering or beating around the bush, which I can appreciate.
Giulio Taciturn fellow, but not without some depths. Always a matter of intrigue, I find.
Grazia A sellsword who wants people to play his dice game. That being said, he's better at making games than winning them, and he's got terrible luck with the dice.
Harlex Took a hit. Got back up. Seems solid.
Helena A friendly sort of sellsword who seems quite direct and pragmatic.
Iliana Refreshingly blunt; curiously intent. It often takes more honor to step away from a thing than to hold fast to it.
Ilira Swift in the rink, though must stay better hydrated. I trust, and hope, our paths will cross once more.
Jaenelle I do not know this man well, though it seems he has returned to the Lyceum. Or perhaps the Oathlands had only been borrowing him? The mystery is there!
Jasher He has the look of someone who's seen and dealt death.
Jeffeth For someone so brazen with his opinions in the Whites, he tried to talk a lot of circles in person. Hopefully I can get him a drink next time.
Jenessa Sir Amund, the Sword of Telmarch, is quite the serious young man, but kind. He doesn't appear to smile often, and seems to take his duties and responsibilities quite seriously. Admirable, in my opinion. I believe he will serve House Telmar well.
Joscelin A man frugal in his use of words. I can appreciate that.
Josephine A lovely man, very forthright and a sword that has yet to be blooded.
Jules He's a nice man who doesn't seem too pushy about the water. Normally people seem to love it and want to force you to or they don't care. He's a good in between.
Julian Way too fast for me in all that light armor. I will have to adjust.
Juniper Stone and steel. That sort of strength is a comfort to someone like myself. However strong a heart or mind, they can't stop swords or armies.
Jyri He knocked me out of the fight quite quick - I'm properly impressed. Wouldn't mind sparring with him to pick up some more skill. Glad to see him go so far in the tournament and proud to have fought against him.
Kaldur I admire his pragmatism, though disagree that one must be paid to worry.
Katarina It is the best sort of knight that knows his mind and his heart will win the battle, not his sword or his shield.
Kenjay An exceptional swordsman, but one who thinks of himself in the starkest terms.
Lianne An engaging conversationalist who articulates his points succinctly and with subtlety. As comfortable with silence as with verbosity.
Lilia A man of few words but commendable willingness to venture outside his comfort zone.
Lore A Northman, one with ties to the Lowers. Interesting sort, I'll have to keep my eye out for him.
Lucita A knight of the Valardin fealty who was met as a newcomer to Arx and lost. He was amicable, accepting of being given advice and directions but wisely not 'too' friendly. Perhaps we can talk more if encountering him while about my usual tasks about the city.
Lys Succinct, indeed. Though the creepy statue routine might get him into trouble. Though he doesn't appear to like the snow. Can't blame him there!
Mabelle A fellow fealty Knight who is sensible and enjoys rum as much as I do.
Macda Curious man with opinion and grit. Not sure if he's part of Lady Lilia's entourage or not, but he looks capable.
Maddox Blunt, but not outspoken. Seems like a good man to have on your side of a fight.
Mailys A bit withdrawn, but I think I'm going to like this one. Quiet is far from dull.
Medeia I don't believe I have ever seen a match end so decisively. Amund is either terrifying skilled, or lucky. I'd hate to think it is both.
Merek A trustworthy man that knows his way in a fight. Intelligent also.
Meriah Ah, another killer-for-hire. Well, at least this one is honest. I don't mind him.
Michael A stalwart swordarm and a good fighter. He lasted a long time into the Grand Melee with me. Perhaps we should have turned onto Arianna sooner.
Mikani Quiet man from the North. Seems like an interesting person to get to know.
Miranda A sellsword who was recommended highly. Well skilled, as expected, and a brevity I admire. Also, I can't help but be jealous over his gear. I hope he doesn't notice the drool...
Mirari The smile is what sticks to mind; he doesn't seem like a man who smiles all that often. But when he does it's stunning. Still, I'm quite interested in what he has to say for he seems very intelligent.
Mirella Sturdy northman, a sellsword I believe. Can take some hits in a fight, has a high tolerance for whiskey. Might be someone to hire for future ventures that require a blade.
Mirk Reserved. But perhaps a valuable ally.
Modi He looked a stoic man, one who had seen much. I would hate to find his gaze as an enemy, but I lauded that he still arrived for a feast of intelligent discussion.
Monique A Knight with a good deal of information at his fingertips. And a spectacular weapon. No, that's not innuendo.
Morrighan Determined. Can take a beating. The man has potential, and I'm curious to see how he'll grow, in time.
Mydas Talks too much.
Narcissa He is all too eager to both lift his blade and find purpose, the latter intrinsic to the former.
Nigel Ah! The man that helped me stun the my sister and brother-in-law. Gifts such as that are quite, quite rare and to be deeply cherished.
Niklas The man is certainly straightforward.
Nisaa The man is ever changing, always surprising me with his tales. He certainly keeps his life interesting.
Olivia Everyone needs a strong knight friend. I'm no exception, and Sir Amund serves this roll well.
Ophelia I saw what he did and now I have a sense of what he is capable of. He more than likely won't recognize me in a crowd, which is good because I don't want to be found.
Ophne An intense bearing with little room for words; I positively hit the wall trying to sort him out.
Orathy Fights well, suspicious of crazy spiritual things like annointments.
Orrin Quite enthusiastic about training, and also quite adept - had I kept my head I might have liked to hire him.
Petal He seems like an okay man who is well spoken and polite. I think he is a warrior who like weapons too.
Porter An excellent swordsman, if his display against Lord Domonico is any indication. Too bad that I couldn't stay to watch how it turned out. He had some wise words for the Marquessa as well, may we meet again in a more sociable setting.
Qadira Would it be hypocritical to say he seems like a good man? It would. But he listens well, and seems to take his purpose seriously. If he keeps watching, perhaps I'll show him something worth regarding.
Quenia A remarkable warrior who was seen at the training center; I just hope he didn't wound Domonico too much.
Raja I met this man while going for a walk in the forest where we just so happened to cross an elf. He also seems to have a good eye for weapons and their make.
Rane Sir Amund is a clear veteran of the battlefield. He knows of the struggles and difficulties. His support is appreciated and I pray good things for him in coming days.
Ras Not somebody I ever wanna cross, seein how he fights and thinks. Wise in a way that most folk ain't, gives practical advice, but... there's somethin else to him, too. A sharp sorta darkness.
Raven A fellow swordsman, he aspires to be a blademaster, the same as I. I feel like we have much we can teach each other. I look forward to seeing what that future brings.
Raziel Professional and pragmatic. He didn't have to say much to make that plain, his fighting style made it clear for anyone with eyes to see. To every situation its proper tool. To every opponent, the right strike and parry.
Reese He is a warrior who seems pretty smart and to know his stuff!
Rhue He seems nice. I got a bit lost in the knightly bits, but I think he's a bit different from Irisa. Really good in the ring, too, but he's not smug when he wins. A good one to learn from.
River Briefly met, instantly liked. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not.
Romulius A fearsome warrior, as I am told, who protected my cousin the Marquessa Seryn during the riots in the Crimson Square. Worthy of his titles, without doubt.
Rosalie A stoic Northman claiming allegiance to Halfshav. He will certainly find plenty of people willing to pay him, the only question is if he'll want the work being offered.
Rosalind Stern I think. I didn't see him smile not once!
Roxana There is something quite off putting about his eyes, yet he is polite in conversation and seems learned on a variety of topics.
Sabella He seems very soft spoken. Very to the point! I appreciate someone that can be brief, but I look forward to getting to know him and opening up the floodgates of that imagination!
Sanya Our meeting was brief but he seemed to have an appreciation for my skills.
Selene I know enough to keep my beautiful mouth shut on this one.
Sheena He seems very to the point and gruff. He seems nice, though.
Simone Not a man of many words, yet something darker strikes me about him. I think there is more than what can be revealed by just scratching the surface.
Sira Affable and honorable, and beyond that quite doting on his wife. It's sweet to see - even for one jaded as I am.
Sirius A formidable warrior and a countenance of steel; all Knights from the Oathlands should aspire to traits like his.
Solange Just because we are commoners does not mean we have to be rude and ill-mannered. Not impressed.
Sophie Well, there's a little bit of hopeful in him! A little bit can take over if you let it!
Sorrel The Telmar Sword is a serious knight with a good head for strategy. He will be a useful ally, and I look forward to continuing to work with him.
Sparte A sellsword who keeps his thoughts close. He didn't volunteer much, don't think he is the sort you get to know quickly.
Stygia Really not a bad guy. He is very serious all the time though. Very serious. May be on to something with hitting flying things with a sword and sending them flying though. Looks like fun!
Sunaia A friend to cousin Olivia and a knight. Pity he's not a noble, as he's just her type - and they seem to get along well.
Tabitha What horrors must a man have seen to speak so coldly of murder? Or maybe he's just that heartless. I don't know if it's more sad or chilling a thing, but either way it's concerning.
Tanith A very serious man, at least when it comes to his booze and his perspective of the world, with just enough yield to allow space for that of others. Unexpected, if nothing else.
Teagan He boasts without boasting. It is a subtle thing; blink and you may miss it. It is not a bad thing, per se. Some may think so, but it is only bad when one cannot back up their claims. Speak loud, stand tall, but be ready to stand firm when one comes knocking.
Tescelina He is very quiet and seems dutiful to the Telmarch. These are good qualities.
Thea A sellsword--really all I can remember.
Thesarin Quiet. Angry. Young. Ain't might care for Abandoned, but... reminds me of... someone, at that age.
Tyrus Few are as professional as this one. A chance encounter, yet one that I suspect will prove very fortunate in the days, weeks and months to come.
Valenzo Quiet, laconic even...but friendly enough! And his skill with the blade is impressive! Could use a warrior for our next voyage, I'll have to get to know the man better!
Valerius Correct. both in a dance and a spar, one should put their all in to know their partner.
Verity He seems a grim man, but dedicated! I can respect someone devoting themselves entirely to a pursuit at the expense of personal safety, even if I'm more of an innocent dabbler myself.
Vicente A knight with interesting ideas on titles and such things. While there may be a difference of opinion, he at least has the right idea on the importance of action.
Viviana The Sword of the Telmarch is a rather well-travelled man, it would seem, and appears to be the sort of fellow that is easy enough to get along with. Maybe all the travelling stopped much Oathlander from getting into him.
Volcica A fierce warrior who follows his own path. I'm glad to have met him.
Wagner Drippin' in all the wealth of those above him. Can swing a sword better than most, but I wonder who's paying for his privilege.
Willow Quite attractive, I like the moon accents on his things. He seems to have the bearings of a true northman.
Zeriax The calm before the storm, still but for a flash of lightning. In the moment of illumination ten thousand fires rage, swept away with the swiftness of a single, slight, touch...yet embers still smoulder, eyes filled with the resultant black smoke.
Zoey Skilled, prepared, and stalwart