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Duke Martino Malvici

"Even the House of War needs at least one arm to deal."

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Playboy Minister
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 35
Birthday: 7/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Titles: Fashionista of Malvici, Money Spinner of Malvici, Duke of Southport, Legendary Researcher

Description: At six feet tall with memorable green eyes, Martino Malvici is someone that few very easily forget. He has the classical good looks of the Arvum aristocracy, which points to excellent breeding. A strong jaw and athletic build does little to detract from this. He has a quick smile and easy about him that works well for the Minister and suits his personality. Its a matter of debate as to whether or not he frequently smells so good due to the women he tends to keep company with or if it is just immaculate hygiene.

Personality: Saved from a life of martial focus by his mother, Martino understands the value of an education that is non-traditional to the family. While so many of Malvici are more serious as they go about their business, Martino is not afraid to gladhand and laugh with fellow nobles. He serves the House well, though, and he knows that the Ducal leadership of Malvici has their faith well-placed in him. He is just as at home having a mead with a new friend in a dark bar as he is having a serious discussion of political considerations with someone far above his own station. It is of little secret, though, that he is suspicious of fellow Houses in the Lyceum, a fact he attributes to respect for history rather than a current proof.

Background: Raised closely to Eirene, Martino was one of the boys that stood out early for his competence for the blade and use rather than sheer skill with the art. His father had intended for him to become an officer and leader of battlefield formations, but a doting mother directed him, her firstborn, to receive more schooling. He honed his education not just with Malvici but also with other families for as long as six months at a time so that he might study the ways of other families - especially those outside the Lyceum. While he did this, he spent a lot of time playing logic puzzles and learning how to adapt to sometimes difficult circumstances. Knowing how to read a situation became something of a sixth sense to the young man. His mother's instinct paid off in dividends for the man who would grow to not just steward often for the house, but also work as a Minister.

As Martino has gotten older, he has become a weapon of the House. While he tends to have a much more laissez faire attitude contrasting to the somber of Malvici, he has proven to be valuable in that others can and will work through him to help establish diplomatic and political ties to a family that can otherwise be somewhat distant or difficult to penetrate. At the same age as Duchess Calypso, the two are extremely different people but there does seem to be a respect built there because despite his playboy attitude, there is a reason he is still a recognized representative of the House.

Relationship Summary

  • Eirene - Her words, wisdom and insight are always so valued to me.
  • Thea - Sister and has accepted responsibilities with open arms. Countess now.

  • Oathlands:
    Mourning isles:
  • Kaia - The Lady of Lions who (mostly) tamed the Malvici Playboy.

  • Friend:
  • Faye - Worked together for years. Closest confidant and valued friend.
  • Pasquale - Met briefly when younger, later have supported during their journey.
  • Xia - Recently met and offers some of the best conversational company I have met in the city.
  • Denica - Looking beyond the obvious, there is a depth that few have.
  • Natasha - Dangerously intelligent and one of the few people I have met who asks the right questions.
  • Alexio - Trustworthy supporter and friend.
  • Ariella - We have stepped to the edge of what is possible together, seen the other's best and worst. Our story would be believed by none.
  • Faye - Worked together for years. Closest confidant and valued friend.
  • Arman - I aspire to emulate your impressive status, your wisdom and your gravitas.

  • Crownlands:
    The crown:
  • Calypso - Our Duchess led Malvici and the Compact through some of the hardest times. Respected and missed.
  • Domonico - My brother. Malvici fire and drive. Lost to the Wheel.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana My brother in law has always been a charmer, evem with unexplained things staring him directly in the face.
    Aedin An elegant Lycene lord who enjoys the company of beautiful young ladies. I believe my jest at his expense may have been a pinch too dark, but I'm afraid I don't regret it at all!
    Aelgar Poised and efficient, he seems able to put people at ease in between smoothly accomplishing this or that task. Likely a Lord who does a fine job of handling his responsibilities. I am looking forward to getting to know such a man.
    Aella He claims to have a reputation, and lived a very fulfilling life. I can certainly believe it after meeting the Duke and having time to chat. Playful in nature, with warmth that radiates out like the bright sun on a morning day.
    Aethan A pleasant lord of Malvici, and also a hunter. I could very likely learn some things from him.
    Aethan I saw lord Martino in action at the War games. He is related to Domonico I do believe. I was impressed with his actions upon the field of the War games.
    Ahmar Another Malvici. This one looks like he goes to war with his words, but then again. I haven't seen him fight either. Maybe he can do both?
    Ajax A lord who seems more relaxed then his brother. Good on em'
    Alarissa A lovely gentleman and one who takes defeat with grace. I look forward to seeing more of the man.
    Alecstazi So very Lycene. All flourish and flash and says in twenty words, what could be said in two. Still, seems a friendly sort and it might be good to have contacts in the South.
    Alessandro A very impressive outfit and display at the Festival of Death fashion show -- I should ask the name of his tailor.
    Alexio Lord Martino Malvici is an interesting, clever and admirable man. One that truly undertands the value of the finer things in life. A most cherished and valued customer.
    Amador Lord Martino is an interesting and engaging man. I have heard many tales of his diplomatic endeavors and hope the opportunity to witness his work arises.
    Amanita Fashion forward and dashing as always, but so much more than that. Smart and witty, with so much information at his fingertips. Thank you, cousin!
    Amari The Malvici who smiles, as he introduced himself. I didn't know there was such a thing, but the world is better for such a lovely peculiarity, I think.
    Anisha Lord Martino Malvici is an excellent conversationist, with an excellent sense of style. May his nuptials bloom like the Spring into a long and lasting Summer.
    Ann The Duke is charming as ever. It is good to be in his presence again and look to him for aid and direction in what matters most.
    Antea A Malvici with a flair for words and a friendly demeanor. I look forward to exploring the city and meeting people with his guidance.
    Apollo Some things can be fixed. Some should be replaced. I wish it were my place to tell people which is which.
    Appolonia I have to applaud a cousin who knows how to build a hot spring. I bet it uses charcoals.
    Arcadia handsome young man, easy to speak with and seems eager for adventure
    Ariella The Duke certainly knows how to get right to the point.
    Arman A polite and welcoming man who has the social grace to easily embrace the company of a stranger without diminishing the conversation already in progress. Articulate and holds political potential in his words that if fostered could lead him beyond his position as a minister into the great sea of Arvum politics on the whole.
    Arman Great to see an old compatriot again. As sharp as ever and deep in his work.
    Armani Courteous and spoken like a gentleman, perfectly Velenosa.
    Artur Thea's brother. He seems to be the sort that allows for her to do as she wants, as opposed to Domonico. That's a good thing, though!
    Asher Not afraid of pain, entering the Melee that he was hosting; but, like the stereotype of a Lycene man, he was flirting even as he fell. I appreciate that kind of composure under fire.
    Ashur A smooth and collected Lord. I can certainly tell he has great social skills. Perhaps one day he'll give me a tip or two.
    Asralyn Lords can be an agreeable lot, if you know where to apply the right pressure. Enjoyable company.
    Astrid He was quik to respond, thorough in his instruction, and unfailingly polite in his company.
    Astyr A lord of the Malvici house: proud of his house, proud to serve it.
    Athaur An interesting Lord, polite and gracious. Not so boisterous as his brother
    Avary A devout Duke and not entirely glib about it, either. He pledged to assist me with my project and I am going to hold him to it.
    Avita He seems an intelligent man, with a glib tongue. It's my favourite kind of tongue. I would love to know more about what sits on the tip of it, but is yet to be said.
    Beatrice The Lord Malcivi and his reputation are identical. He is a gifted conversationalist with an eye for detail and the finer things. Parties are duller without him.
    Belladonna Pleasant as ever, a good addition to the Malvici of Arx. Brings some much needed levity to the whole House of War thing.
    Bellamy He certainly lives up to the Lycene stereotype my mother informed me about.
    Bethany Love matches seem to be more and more common.
    Bhandn He seems a man who enjoys the finer things in life. That is, anyone so garbed in umbra as he was likely does.
    Bianca An outstanding host, with a clever wit, and the good grace not to point out my unfortunate archery gaffes in public.
    Brady Well dressed, well-spoken, and a snazzy dancer. Seems like someone to aspire to be.
    Braith He seems rather fun, eager and mischievous. He is going to make a lovely husband ..a fun husband for some lucky noblewoman. I have a feeling he has an adventurous spirit below all the airs most of us wear.
    Brigida Still thinks he is a smooth talker and he can get around me with words. He has a lot to learn.
    Cahal In a room full of people he was one of the more memorable. Its going to take more time to work out exactly who he is.
    Calista The Malvici passed on a free drink at the Black Fox. His cousin Inigo would be so disappointed.
    Calla Bold and dashing, yet he dashed away so quickly. I wonder if his ambush left him more surprised than I was.
    Calla A brother of Lady Thea. Seems a lot more serious that his sister on a fist meeting.
    Calypso It can't be easy to have the bosslady giving him whiplash like this, but he's rolling with it.
    Cambria Unmistakably Malvici in looks. As is to be expected, he is also a gentleman. It was good to chance across him.
    Caprice People sit a little straighter, try a little harder to impress when Lord Martino is around. He's just so comfortable in himself you can't help but want to keep up.
    Caspian He seems like a decent sort. Lady Kaia chose well picking him. The banter between him and his siblings is amusing.
    Cassimir Seems to be quite the charming man, draws a large crowd. Seems to be a friendly sort, though quite busy.
    Cassiopeia I cannot tell if this man is clever or foolish. He let his three-year old daughter play with some of the most dangerous reptiles from the Saffron Chain, so I'd say both.
    Catalana What a gallant gentleman. Just when I thought he was pure white knight he showed his lycene roots. Heels and all!
    Celine The duke was kind enough to help me with some questions I had. I heard before meeting him that he has a certain reputation amongst the fairer sex, but I found him nothing but charm and grace. Perhaps that's wherein lies the danger?
    Cerdensulathara Older, better, wiser? Two out of three is still an accomplishment.
    Cerys The Duke seems to commands respect. He piqued my curiosity, and now I find myself wanting to know more about him.
    Cerys He has that Lyceum Swagger.
    Cesare The Duke of Malvici is as erudite as he is fashionable, a pleasure to speak with him.
    Charlotte A charming man with such wonderful and pretty words. It is a shame he told such a lie to steal a kiss.
    Cirroch Lord Martino Malvici is a well attentive father making time for both children of his own and of freinds, as well as able to sort out when to get back to business.
    Clara Good Warrior. Met him at the Southport Training Center durin' a melee. Watched him fight. He's no joke.
    Corrigan Smart guy. Not bad for a Silk, either.
    Cristoph I've had the pleasure of meeting Lord Martino on several occasions and I've been most impressed by his savvy in social matters, I look forward to working with him in the future as an ally of House Laurent.
    Damiana A Malvici lord comparable to the sweetest wines and smoothest silks, but a mind as razor sharp as a stiletto. Lycene perhaps, his honor runs deep.
    Damiana He's a different man than the one I first knew. Or maybe I never knew him then.
    Dante A man ready to take bets for pool games is a man who knows how to enjoy such parties to their fullest. Till we meet again!
    Dante Cheerful and dapper as always, I look forward to spending time with him often again!
    Dariel Handsome, charming, friendly and far less stoical than his brother.
    Delfina A clever man who seems to enjoy puzzles and solving problems. He is enjoyable company, and I'd love to speak with him more in the future.
    Delia Noble poise, that subtle Lycene wit, and a good taste in gourds, apparently. A man like him is always bound to be entertaining.
    Delilah Without a doubt, one of the most social and gregarious of the Malvicis. Thus, one to be watched.
    Denica Oh Lord Martino. So smooth of voice. I can't wait to meet the woman who managed to tame you. She must be remarkable.
    Denica Charm and witting. Even when he is walking into an unexpected trap and coming out unscathed! Impressive.
    Desma A well-informed and knowledgeable cousin that I'm only now having the pleasure of getting re-acquainted with.
    Desma My oldest cousin and now Duke of Malvici! Who would have thought it! He is keen to help me help him and Malvici. I hope he proves a good Duke.
    Dianna What an amusing gentleman.
    Dio Who can fathom the depths of this man's patience being the elder brother of Lady Thea?
    Domonico My brother returns to the city and of course manages to find something new to torment me about. I have missed him.
    Donato Far more charismatic and fun than his brother, he's still kind of old in his advice. I understand what he's saying, and often it's true. But not always, and this is one of those exceptions.
    Duarte I told him about my abyssal vines at the black fox once and he felt sad for me. I must say, though, it did not help with the females.
    Dycard Friendly, warm and charming. Lady Eirene suggested that we would make firm friends, and though I believe it was meant as a vague insult to us both, from what little I've seen of the Lord, I think that she's right.
    Elora The poor man. He seemed so kind and genial, but I fear I made him uncomfortable. Perhaps next time will be less nonplussed.
    Elsbetta A charming Lycene, as most Lycenes are. Invited me to join his table and we shared a good meal. I'd quite like to know this duke better.
    Ember Not all of us were built to climb walls. There is still courage in attempting what is beyond us.
    Emily The lord is kind, jovial and quite open with his invitations. I might have to take him up on it actually as I find exploring more of the city right up my ally.
    Erik The bookish of the Malvici, I look forward to the opportunity of having a deeper conversation with him, so I may know his opinion and knowledge about some more complex subjects.
    Eshken Friendly and well spoken, for the short time we had. Looking forward to speaking again, though perhaps too trusting.
    Esme He seems very devoted to his wife and acts as a gentleman upon meeting. I am sure we will be good friends.
    Evangeline Lord Malvici is quite agreeable and a wonderful companion. He does take his coffee black, though.
    Evaristo All around Lord, pleasant company, inviting and social.
    Evelynn A charming man of House Malvici, I do enjoy his company.
    Evonleigh Dapper and outgoing, he is the quintessential host, and a maker of a decent drink. He cannot say the same of me, I am afraid, at least on that last bit.
    Ezekiel A delightful lord with a lovely child. It was a pleasure to play for him.
    Fairen To take the wisdom he has and combine it with his easy-going and approachable nature makes Lord Martino a true asset for his house. Someone I'm glad to call friend.
    Farrah One day he shall appreciate the lack of procrastination.
    Faye This Lycene man has said a few things that have made me curious. I should definitely try to track him down and speak with him again.
    Fianna We met at Companion Park and I sense that he is good with animals, a trait that I find quite admirable in friends.
    Fiora Cousin Martino. He might have started a little flirty, but at least he's not like Domonico. This is a cousin I might like. We'll see, I guess.
    Flynt Suprsingly resourceful fellow Velenosi who seems to be well-connected.
    Fortescue Lord Martino is the man who set me off in my current path in life. He saw potential in me when I was a (frankly dismal) recruit at the Southport Academy, took me on and taught me a lot of what I know today. Not only do I admire him greatly, but I also owe him a very great deal.
    Galatea The Lord, who I know nothing of, is extremely affable and generous. Is it simply his nature, or does he have an ulterior motive? Time will tell, perhaps.
    Gaspar Generous, fashionable and refined. I look forward to knowing him better.
    Gaspard He managed to defeat Marquessa Cady in a drinking contest, that's really something. I ought to learn something from him.
    Gawain He had a very fine bathing suit and was a pleasure to share the pools with at the Hart!
    Giada Poor man... Nice enough, but so fussy about his clothes.
    Gianna A generous lord with a knack for soothing a slightly wounded spirit.
    Gilroy Did he just ask Gretchen what I think he did? Here's a guy who knows how to party!
    Giorgio Lord Martino seems to be a friendly sort. I have met a few from Southport, and I hope to meet more. I look forward to learning more of Lord Martino in the meantime as well.
    Giuliano A laid-back Malvici, understands the importance of looking good and having a great time. I'll certainly speak to him more.
    Giulio It is always interesting to find those of a more investigative bent. I will be curious to see where he goes from here.
    Gloriel A smooth Duke dripping in sweet words.
    Grady Writer of romance novels, seeker of knowledge and, most importantly, a man of many layers. As the Lycenes so often seem to be.
    Gretchen He has some interesting ideas on additions to the spa. Some of them I might actually implement!
    Gwenna My fellow in fashion, Lord Martino Malvici is as charming as one might expect of the Lycene. He is obviously beyond competent, too, seeing as he is a Voice as well for his House. Beyond that, he exudes a friendly warmth that draws one in, and I'm quite glad our paths crossed and we had occasion to meet.
    Haakon Before meeting this one, when I'd smell a body coming before seeing them it was wretched. After meeting him, it's still wretched. Fucking perfumes...
    Hadrian He faces an uphill battle. One that I once faced for myself. I pity him, but I do hope that I will be able to aid him in his own personal growth, for his own benefit.
    Helena Quite charming and clearly a lover of all things beautiful and refined, be it music, fabric, wine, or company.
    Ian What just happened? Lycene games are weird.
    Iliana We didn't speak much, but he seemed good-tempered - and a betting man, so he must be good fun.
    Ilira Rich presence. Convivial wit. Keen eyes. I'll maintain my contact with this one.
    Ilmia He has too much of the southern charm, but a very beautiful garden.
    Ilsa Why do I feel that I have somehow disappointed him, without even knowing his name or what I was supposed to have done?
    Imi Sometimes a meeting out of the blue is still fruitful. I don't think I helped as much as he wanted, but Lord Martino was quite gracious about the whole thing.
    Iroh This man knows how to put a show together. Perhaps the most relaxed Malvici I've ever met, I would not mind sharing a drink with this man and telling our stories.
    Isabeau Trouble with a capital T. Tease with another capital T. Best keep an eye on this one.
    Iseulet A true Lycene Lord, living up to every expectation I have of him. Hard to imagine he is Domonico's brother - they are as different as night and day - but still possess charming qualities.
    Ishmael A flashy lord, of the Malvici If memory serves. I am certain he is a great asset to his house.
    Isolde A man of patience, obviously, if he can tolerate me during serious meetings asking every question possible but also smooth and Lycene. A delight, truly.
    Isolde A fountain of knowledge. He also seems open minded to what topics are worth looking into.
    Jaenelle A charming man. It is obvious after speaking with him that he only wants the absolute best for Southport and it's people.
    Jasher The less serious of a serious group of Malvici peers. Still, only a fool will interpret irreverence as incompetence.
    Jaufrey An amiable sort of Lord I met at the Training Centre. He introduced me to Baroness Calla and we sparred. I won (obviously).
    Jeffeth He is a well spoken noble who likes to make friends it seems, always charming those around him. A good sort. Probably.
    Jennyva Don't tell him I said this, but his smile could light up Arx after dark; enough to drive a saint to madness or a Queen to her knees. But I mean... he seems fun!
    Josephine A very smiling malvici that doesn't make you wonder what's in your drink. Enjoyable.
    Jules The good lord married lady Kaia in something of a worrisome gathering. He does seem a good enough fellow!
    Julian Liege Lord Martino. A see just as silver tongued as always. Not everyone fights with swords I think.
    Juniper Creativity, courtliness and... I can't think of a word for amusing banter which starts with "C", but if one existed, he would deserve recognition for that quality as well!
    Kaia Domonico's eldest brother. He's quite handsome and stylish. A charming lord, bearer of honeyed words. I must be weary of this one; he seems fun, but the sort of fun which generally leads to trouble.
    Kamaria Genteel, through and through. The perfect gentleman. I am honored to have met his acquaintance and even more privileged to have been able to help him and the Marquessa in their diplomatic endeavors. A treat to chat with and never boorish!
    Katarina Lord Martino is a charming, intelligent, and ambitious man, whose good qualities far outshine the strange judgment of inviting a daughter of the desert to an outdoor meeting in the thick of winter.
    Keely He seems kind, funny, and poised, but what I like most is the charming affection with which he speaks of his wife.
    Kenna He spoke up with matters of trade. I do hope that such can be followed through upon to the benefit of all.
    Khanne He said I was a surprise. Not the first time I ever heard that, nor will it be the last, far from it. I enjoy surprising people though, so I take no offense in his preconceived notions about how someone with my last name might behave. I was not so much surprised by him, but I did find him to be entertaining as a storyteller and conversationalist.
    Kia I find Lord Martino good company. He's always willing to listen to my questions, no matter how naive, and give answers where he can. I have learned much from this Malvici lord.
    Korka A delightfully charming Lycene lord who is politically minded, but still charming.
    Korka He seems very friendly. Too friendly. At least the talkers make my job easy.
    Kritr Lord Malvici is an excellent host. A sincere compliment to his skill, everyone appeared to dogpile onto him without mercy.
    Lailah Lord Martino is friendly, cheerful and perhaps a bit too eager to please. Still, no doubt a good person to befriend.
    Lena A charming Duke, and a lover of the arts.
    Leola Either he's canny, sharp, and willing to give the wrong impression to draw out debate, before coming down on the winning side, or he's a dratted fool. I don't know, honestly
    Lianne An engaging storyteller. Bold in his aspirations. I'm curious to see how well he follows through.
    Liara However brief the encounter, he still had enough time to strike me as polite and charming.
    Lilia I feel as though Duke Malvici and I are kindred spirits linked by a calling to learn and discover. He is a valued research partner and I truly appreciate our new friendship. We'll see where our studies take us.
    Lorenzo A clever Lycene lord and pleasant company, not above tricks to get the edge on someone in a sparring match, even against his beloved. He seems quite talented on a number of levels. I hope our paths will cross again and we will get the chance to talk more.
    Lou Martino is my protege, and I an happy to guide him wherever he needs guidance most. I'd like to stay we have a strong working relationship, for I know I consider working with him a boon.
    Lucita A brother of Lord Domonico and part of the Malvici fealty of which Saik is a vassal. He seems interested in current events and people, getting to know them and enjoys wine.
    Lucrezia Sauve and flirtatous. Too sauve for my tastes, but playing at flirting with him seems an entertaining diversion.
    Lustry Fun to have conversations with, even if short.
    Lycoris Lord Malvici seems as competant at politics as much as his brother Lord Domonico is with the sword. I look forward to seeing what he is capable of in the near future.
    Lyra Lord Malvici is exactly as I expected him to be; an exemplary example of a Lycene lord. He had some good advice for a novice Voice such as myself, and I can see us working well together in the future.
    Lysander One who may be a kindred spirit. Perhaps we will go on the hunt for inspiration together, or he will be my next.
    Mabelle A philantropist for the fairer sex, what's not to like?"
    Macario I'm not going to say he's better dressed and more charming than I am, but I'm not not going to say any differently.
    Madeleine This one seems like a smooth talker and I can't help wonder if he's obviously showing off on purpose.
    Magnus A very friendly and welcoming Lycene lord. He has a sophisticated taste for drinks and might help me settle into the city better. Maybe that's the kind of company I need now.
    Mailys What a man to find in the Archives. A very nice surprise he also enjoys the arts.
    Maja A Malvici lord. I met him in the city center one day when he was looking for some help from a merchant. Apparently, he has a pair of cursed boots that cause babies to be born immediately! What a horrifying pair of footwear -- ha!
    Malcolm He seems rather the opposite of his brother, the Commodore. Friendly, charismatic, and more than happy to have a conversation and a drink.
    Marena I wish he didn't smile at me like that.
    Margerie There are times when the stars align and you meet someone who has a piece of a puzzle you are working on. The lord Martino Malvici seems to hold a great many puzzle pieces.
    Marisol Lord Martino certainly did try to stand against those who had a stronger constitution than he did. Well done and at rather pleasant Lord. I think he is courting the Lady Kaia? I wish them both the very best.
    Marli Tempting, intelligent, and quite useful to have around.
    Marzio Quite different from his brother. And his sister. It is interesting to note the differences in the siblings as I meet each of them. This one seems to be quite the socialite. I hope it will serve him well.
    Medeia Beloved heartbreaker, dearer friend.
    Merek I haven't heard of spas for a while, a bit different than I remember. But this noble was kind to invite me to relax.
    Michael Whom Kaia seeks to marry. Talkative. A tad overbearing, but meeting family of your intended would do that to any man.
    Mikani Not to go all girly ... but a man with looks like that is hard to forget. Fun conversation made him unforgettable.
    Miranda Love seeing my second-cousin. Of course, he caught me just before I could be up to no good. And then helped me get into mischief! Malvicis. Gotta love 'em.
    Mirari Not very much like his brother, but great company.
    Mirari He's no Calypso, but he will do.
    Mirella An excellent customer. Agreeable company for conversation. Knows exactly how much charm is the right amount of charm, which is a talent in itself. It might seem odd that he's a Malvici, but not all blades are forged from steel.
    Monique A writer! And entirely pleasant. With a wicked sense of humor and a courtier's gracious wiles. And a thing for gourds.
    Morgan I like this guy. Dresses nice, affable, a friend of Princess Valencia, and just a fine fellow. Very different from every other Malvici I've met.
    Nanette A Lycene man, through and through. Their culture is vastly different to my own, true, but there is no doubt that he is a well educated man who knows how to behave in polite company, which are both things I appreciate and admire. Likewise, he seems to acknowledge the use in caution, a rarity among individuals I've met in our fair city so far. I do not believe I'll regret doing some work for him in return for his kindness.
    Narcissa Manners maketh man, but it would be foolish of one to assume that the somewhat tamed persona happened upon in a tavern is the solitary depth he offers. While our first meeting was brief, there is a knowing cut of his eyes with the sharp remarks he makes. I may not be capable of sparring and crossing swords, but if fortune deems it so we may come to spar words at some juncture - I hope.
    Narcissa Charming, even with all the trouble he's in, and knowledgable. Everyone should know someone like Duke Martino.
    Neilda The fashionable Malvici. Even manages to bring his fashion sense to grotto where the point is to get naked.
    Neilda Has he really been tamed? Not sure I believe it.
    Nigel A friendly cousin of Eirene's. He was quite kind to me, even though a stranger. I will be sure to repay his kindness sometime.
    Nina Quite a graceful dancer! I hope it is not too lewd to notice how easily he handled two partners at once.
    Nisaa I am remembering that festival fashion . He was rather dashing in the outfit that paid homage to the Queen of Endings.
    Noelle I hadn't intended to meet the Duke at all, but he was there for one of my falling episodes. Such a great first impression!
    Nyima He's willing to talk fashion with me. Interesting enough to hold a conversation.
    Olin An easy way about him with both commoner and noble, balancing pretty words for a princess with a kind interest in the pursuits of a non-noble Northlander.
    Olivia So glad I have a volunteer midwife in the Lord Martino.
    Olivian A Malvici relation, it seems as though he and I have more in common than not. Which is honestly quite refereshing in this military-minded family.
    Olivian A fellow fashionista, and the one to aspire after. But also a steady hand and stout heart, one of the cornerstones of the family and one that has so much of my respect.
    Ophelia We met on a ballroom dance floor! No one seems to be shocked by this. He is no doubt one of the best dance instructors in the city, perhaps even in Arvum. I appreciate how much confidence he's given me through his instruction, and I do look forward to the next gathering where I can dance without stepping on my partner's toes!
    Ophne An unexpected meeting in the The Stacks. Was helpful in pointing me in the direction of what I was looking for, but mysterious with warnings he gave. I shall tread carefully.
    Ophne He is a deep fount of knowledge, if not connections. He sent me on my way after seeking his advice with a direction in mind. I will write often.
    Orelia Definitely not the martial type, but he's trying and I will never sneer at a man giving his best effort.
    Orland Two ships passing each other at night it would seem, but I know he's connected to Malvici at least and has an interest for dragons. Don't we all!
    Orrin A genial sort, ready to do business at a moment's notice.
    Ouida An intriguing lord of the Malvicis, and a welcome perspective that is relatable. I doubt that we agree on all, but there is strength for both in the discussion.
    Pasquale Perhaps, in future, he will learn to keep his sapphire-eyes and his sparkling-diamonds apart. Do try, my friend, I do not wish to investigate your murder.
    Petal He seems like a friendly and well spoken Lord
    Poppy A little fluffy. And a lycene. But he would make for pleasant dinner conversation.
    Porter The man knows how to throw a good wine tasting! A shame more of it didn't taste properly like dirt so that Ian could understand what I was talking about. Maybe next time!
    Portia A man who goes after what he wants and doesn't accept naysayers.
    Qadira Couldn't help but open my mouth in front of this one, could I? Decent, though, for a Lord. Think I'm getting the hang of this dance.
    Quenia I have enjoyed Lord Martino's company the times I've been able to speak and meet with him, and certainly at any Igniseri dinners he's attended.
    Quintin Another fine Malvici who can hold his brandy better than I can, certainly. I'll have to take him up on that invitation to visit.
    Raimon Another Malvici. Apparently this one is stylish
    Raimon First seen at the Wargames Tourney, where he was teamed with Cerys et al. Eloquent. Persuasive. Precise
    Rane As sophisticated as I would expect anyone from the Lyceum to be. An invitation was extended to dine with him and his wife and we are most excited to do so. I look forward to our future relationship.
    Ras I thought he'd be some kinda knight or hunter, but he doesn't really look or act like one... this guy's probably pretty brave.
    Rawen I wish he had been able to play the drinking game. He seems like one who would give me a run for my silver on two truths, one lie.
    Raziel Lord Martino Malvici has a good head on his shoulders, and better yet uses it. He sees matters clearly and knows when and how to act.
    Reese A polite Lord from an interesting family. I would like to learn more about him.
    Reigna A chance meeting led to the discovery of an elder brother. Not mine, naturally, but there are certain threads of commonality between almost all big brothers. He seems abundantly proud of his, and is quite the jovial spirit. He is quite unlike many of the other Malvici I have met. He is every bit the Lord and he rather makes me smile.
    Renata A Lycene lord with a Lycene glint in his eye. We didn't speak much as I was a little pre-occupied, but I'd not object to speaking with him again.
    Renata This man is a master of subtlety, a true enigma in the art of charm. He possesses an air of mystery and self-assuredness that keeps others guessing while he holds his cards close to his chest.
    Rinel The Malvici who smiles, or so he claims. He is charming--which means I must be especially careful.
    Romulius Lady Farshaw's tutor. As fine a host as one might ask, and he matches all her praises and more.
    Ronja Smooth. Very smooth. So smooth he makes you forget how smooth he's being. Good company for a drink, too.
    Rook Hard not to be charmed by a man full of such cheer so early. Charmed and delightfully suspicious.
    Rook Extremely reasonable and understanding, and incredibly insightful. Certainly a good person to have on your side.
    Rosalind He doesn't look like he has a hair out of place. Why was he had a mud wrestling event? Weird.
    Rowenova An entertaining fellow and always a treat to meet wherever you might find him, puts on a good Grand Melee, always helpful, definitely one of my favorite Lycene fellows.
    Rowynna A man that's generous with his time, and more than helpful with the questions I asked of him. I hope he doesn't too quickly tire of me pestering him as I'd like to talk with him again.
    Rowynna Lord Martino was my patron before I took an extended trip home to deal with ministerial duties at New Hope. Ever the scholar and researcher, there is much to be admired in the man.
    Roxana A sweet man in seeming, he's one of the older Malvici's in the city, a cousin rather than a nephew. His company is always appreciated.
    Rukhnis An excellent dance instructor, to whom I am actually quite thankful for teaching such exotic dances so well.
    Rysen A lord of impeccable taste whose ability to teach the art of dance while making his students feel comfortable is second to none.
    Sabella Lord Martino is always so welcoming and kind it is no wonder Lady Kaia finds him so wonderful! I look forward to many visits with the two of them!
    Sabella The husband of Lady Kaia always asks the most interesting questions and shares intriguing bits of stories. A shame he is not a bard, he could captivate a crowd.
    Sabine He navigates a shifting landscape with ease-- no great surprise, for a man born to his station, his blood, his place in life. The violin was a mild surprise, of course.
    Salvador A Malvici lord I met at the Ambassador Salon, he is an interesting fellow to converse with, showed some curiosity as to my projects, though I'm not entirely sure what he does for his family, or if he is just something of a wastrel.
    Samael My son-in-law; a charming man, quick-witted and full of humour.
    Sanya A certainly charming diplomat, I look forward to future meetings.
    Saoirse A very gauche nobleman who flings his cash around wildly. I guess some people are into that sort of thing.
    Savio I have for sure seen worse hair.
    Scythia Reputation and expectation combined to an interesting mixture. He does not disappoint upon reacquaintance.
    Selah Cousin-in-law, if such a word exists. My second cousin-in-law, Inquisition colleague in fact! Willing to ponder art; perhaps just as thoughtful about other mysteries.
    Selene Irrepressible flirt blended with excellent manners and attentiveness. A man cut from the brocade of the Hundred Cities fits him well, and he will always find appreciative company among the Whispers for that. So refreshing to find someone who uses a smile and a courtly gesture to draw a lady in. I'll remember that in busy social events.
    Sigurd The other useful brother. I am quite sure there are different wines for different reasons.
    Silvana He should be quite fun. So far his company is interesting and he is quite easy on the eyes. I lok forward to more time with him when we go on the tour he promised.
    Simone Don't tell my husband, but I can quite see why he has a reputation as a heart breaker.
    Simone Ever so charming and charismatic, Lord Martino is always in good spirits and his company is always welcomed.
    Simone A man who has taught me much, though perhaps has more to teach. If only I did not know it all already and just enjoy his company I am willing to listen anyway.
    Sira The duke is a man of fine taste, it seems, and makes the effort to be fully put together in every way in public. It's good to see a noble taking his position seriously.
    Sofia Too handsome for anyone’s wellbeing, his included.
    Solene The meeting was brief. Hopefully the sparring will not be. He has invited me to such and I will certainly not turn down a chance to learn something from the south.
    Sophie Charming party-goer and quite delightful companion of Kaia's.
    Sparte I wasn't sure what to make of the man when he showed up with bits of pastry on him, but it looks like battle scars earned in well-meaning play. A member of the Salon too! I think I'll like him.
    Sudara Talkative without revealing much; he appears keen to present himself as a luxury-pursuing popinjay. It does not seem likely that the colours he so ostentatiously displays are his true ones.
    Sunaia I still don't know what to think about him. He looks like he's constantly about to devour her - in public. I expect she likes it, but it's too Lycene for me.
    Sunniva Impeccably dressed and with the manners to match. I admit, he isn't what I expect from most Lycene lords. He is pleasant company for tea.
    Svoli My sister's husband's brother. I get the feeling he loves women like I love horses: each and every one, and with a preference of them to other people.
    Svoli His brother is married to my sister, so we're family. And I'm glad.
    Sydney He does not fail to make an impression. And any man who's had two women on him should already know that staying power's the most important of all.
    Talwyn Well-mannered and the picture of etiquette, Lord Martino made for a wonderful conversationalist and admirer of the arts. Certainly someone to talk to more and befriend - plus, he plays the violin!
    Tamsin Delightful company! He's smart, polite, knows his audience.
    Tescelina A Malvici Lord. Everyone assumed he did not treat his assistant well! But he seemed a polite gentleman. I can't imagine that's true.
    Thea My eldest brother, the one full of laughs. Your sword hand seems lacking, allow me to remind you. I'm happy to be home, home is where my family is. Missed you!
    Turo A genial host. Ironic that he didn't hold his liquor better at the alcohol tasting he was holding, but that's not a mark against him.
    Umbroise Martino claims to be a Duke from the Lyceum. I think he's a shark that learned to walk on land and wear perfume.
    Val A Malvici Lord that I had the pleasure to share a flagon of wine with at the Black Fox. I'd not mind doing so again, and that has to be a good thing, yes?
    Venturo A gentleman of a Lord, a friend of the Baroness, and a man who both knows his tastes and likes, but is open to new experiments nonetheless. A joy to host.
    Verity The lightness with which he speaks about traumatic near-death experiences shows just how much social grace he wields! I envy composure like this.
    Veronica Very considerate of what words he chooses to say. That usually means you ought to pay attention, so I do. Personable too, which is always a plus.
    Vitalis A sober, charming man in private, a dazzling host in public. Quite a party.
    Vittorio Relaxed and informal, he is a welcoming sort with a playfulness I did not quite expect from Malvici.
    Volcica A gracious Lycene, who I'm glad to have met. Our exchanges have benefited us both, I think.
    Wash There are few Lycenes that can find thhe middle ground between decadence and duty. Martino knows how to dance that razor's edge.
    Willow He smells nice, he's charming, and he likes orchids. What's not to love?
    Xanthe He seems friendly. I think a flirt. Not certain there. Flirting is using pet names, right?
    Xia Duke Martino was a very helpful person, kindly overlooking the areas of social nicities of which I was unfamiliar with.
    Ysabel Ever the charmer, even among the charming, and his sense of fashion is without match: blessed by a bounty of beautiful brocade. He absolutely worries too much though! Thea is no trouble at all!!
    Zakhar A voice and leader of war for a family that has seen much of the hardships of what happens when kin comes after kinship. Well spoken to not take a strike at me upon my heartier days. Could become a good ally or employer possibly.
    Zara A Malvici lord, he wields his charm well in service of his house.
    Zara I really appreciate Duke Martino's willingness to step across fealty lines and help me with a subject I had great interest in.
    Zebulon A man of fashion and a favorite of the ladies. I need to learn from him.
    Zoey He seems to be a good man, and he makes my little sister happy. I look forward to calling him family.