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Lady Brianna Halfshav

Anyone that's seen all of the wild and violent North knows that life is far too short to not experience fully.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Half-wild, Half-elegant
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Halfshav
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 32
Birthday: 03/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: flaming red
Eye Color: fierce blue
Skintone: fair

Description: When flattering bards sing of 'the wildfire of sunrise tresses,' they might mean Lady Brianna Halfshav. Popular southern songs singing of northern women tell how the cold north cannot contain the fire of their beauty, or the blaze of their vitality, and she fits the ideal of the songs perfectly. Her fierce blue eyes entrance, reflecting one's own soul in their intense mirth or fury. Her lush lips accentuate the rampant joy or dark fury that her lovely eyes hold. Her frame is the muse to many an artist, with soft curves and graceful lines. She takes the breath away entering a room, then fill it again with a sense of life and delight that no one can match. When one catches a glimpse of her alone, they may see the deep sadness she lets through where no one else can see.

Personality: Brianna never quite settled into the role of a proper lady. She is courteous, graceful, demure when needs be, and knows all the steps of the courtly dance, but it's all practice, rather than natural ability. She loves to laugh at raunchy humor, and dance a bawdy dance. She loves living in Arx, because it lets her dress in the nigh-scandalous fashions of the Lyceum - which show more skin than is practical in the cold North. She's rarely inappropriate and never so by intention, but she loves how the Velenosa skirt that line, and the rich sparkles of the Grayson mines. She can be vain, cruel, and terrible when she needs to be, but mostly she simply wants to experience life like few can. She made for warfare and the adventures that go with it, and she makes her own adventures in the wilds of the city life. Little ignite the wild fury she feels like the Shav that terrorize her homeland, and she becomes completely irrational when talk turns to them and their ilk.

Background: A true child of the north, Brianna has always wanted more. She's proud of everything about her heritage, taking particular pride in her family House Halfshav winning glory for House Redrain and laying low the worst elements of the Abandoned in the North. Despite that pride, she yearns to see more, and she grew up of tales among northern nobility about the wild customs and fashions of the south and the pageantry of the court of Arx. When she was finally old enough to accompany her father south to court, it seemed to be all she had ever dreamed, delighting in all she found and even meeting the king, becoming King Alaric IV's frequent companion.

Shortly after the king's marriage, she was forced to return to the north, but has since returned after the tragedy of the King's Rest. Still bright and vivacious, she also has a newfound determination and intensity about her, the tragedy of recent events with the coma of the king and deaths of so many others weighing heavily upon her mind.

Relationship Summary

  • Vercyn - Distant Father

  • Rival:
    Name Summary
    Adrienne I met Brianna Halfshav at the Traders Tavern on a warm spring night with her new husband. In one moment she talks of brutal weapons; in the next of caring for orphans. Her contrasts are remarkable and make her a valuable member of the peerage and pleasant company over tea and wine.
    Aethan A good guesser, and also clue-giver.
    Aiden The type of person I needed for this quest and very much the reason Vellichor sent her to me.
    Ajax Ah, lady Halfshav. It is always pleasure.
    Alaric To convey my thoughts on Lady Brianna Halfshav would take a fortnight. She has been one of my closest confidants since a time where I had not known myself. And though we've gone through great tribulations over the past few years, I know without a doubt that she is someone I can truly call a friend.
    Alecstazi My little Brianna all grown up. When I met her, she was a spark and in the intervening years has become an exquisite fire. Would that I could express the respect and admiration I hold you in. It is not that I have no faith in your abilities as a warrior. For I have heard of your victories and I celebrate them with you. But the fact is that you should not have had to pick up a blade in the first place.
    Aleksei A cousin of Khanne's, and she's certainly got my sympathy for certain things. Kind of disappointed in some of her new friends, but. Ah well.
    Alessandro My cousin has grown, but I still recognize the girl she was from childhood -- it is a comfort.
    Alexis Lady Brianna remains a wonderful conversationalist - and I suspect I was right about the lack of skirts. I might not be able to help with jewelery, but I am always happy to spar, or discuss armours and weapons at length with a fellow enthusiast.
    Arman A breathtaking woman and none too shy to bear the garbs of my homelands. Refreshing. Beyond that she has a clear intellect about her and is quick to offer her help where it may be relevant. Both commendable merits.
    Asher Someone on the path that I want to be on, someday. Envy, and admiration.
    Athaur Such lovely red hair and such charm
    Bahiya A philanthropist from the north, also a fighter, seems to be quite good at single combat as her husband has only beaten her once. She must be a great fighter.
    Berenice She loves me! Well, who could blame her.
    Bliss Nobody had warned me that Brianna Halfshav could swing an axe like that. What an utterly pleasant - if painful! - surprise. I couldn't have been matched against a better partner in the Grand Melee, and the fact that we both went on to the last nine despite all efforts by others to change that proves this is the case. She also loved the challenge - good points all around.
    Braden A northern warrior woman, who apparently took a would from a greatsword and was not cut in twixt. Quite impressive. Looking forward to getting to know her better.
    Braith A lovely bride. It is about time she had more joy in her life. I am more than happy for her and hope her future remains so.
    Cahal A bright axe-wielding warrior with a good sense of humor.
    Cassandra One of the main components of Halfshav. A strong and compassionate woman, she holds her family and Halfshav close. That is a mark of a true leader and noble, despite what certain Grayson princes may say.
    Catalana A prankster and clearly a Halfshav if she plans to taunt Lord Arik.
    Cristoph Lady Brianna is the finest captain of toy-ships in all of the Compact. May her enemies tremble.
    Delilah The northern flame burns so bright on the tournament grounds as she does in person. How easy to be drawn in and how difficult to leave! All the Halfshavs have an excess of spirit about them, an intensity of being that illuminates them from deep within, and Lady Brianna has a light that will not be quenched despite whatever may be arrayed against it. She writes beautifully, too.
    Dianna An impressive fighter; my congratulations on the win. One can only wonder at this woman's skill in battle.
    Donella When one first hears the name Brianna Halfshav, there is a chance they will think of only her recklessness. There is that to her, a wild that is born of the north. Yet, I find that when there needs to be she is a woman of resolve. Her story is still in the process of being written and I am interested to see how it plays out.
    Drake A gracious woman, a lovely host, though with more than a bit of a competetive streak. Though she is from the chill north, the heat of fire is within her.
    Eleanor She might be the most strong-willed person I've ever met. It's rather inspiring, honestly, even if I expect it doesn't make planning things go entirely... smoothly.
    Elysio A soon to be Sword. Had the pleasure of discussing what that title means with her.
    Evaristo Firm, that handshake. I bet she'd sweep me across the dance floor!
    Evelynn Alec's friend. A fierce warrior who does not lack for conviction.
    Fredrik She just wiped the floor with a huge man and then grinned like she just had cake. I'm frightened. And Impressed.
    Haakon Halfshav is a strong hand in the fight, with a fine fucking axe.
    Hadrian It's not often that I find when one boasts of their prowess, in any capacity, that they live up to their own expectations. Her boasts however prove themselves to be delightfully accurate!
    Harlex She is a tall one and knows what she likes, which sounds like conking fellas on the head. We'll fight, eventually.
    Ian I wonder if she'll marry into Thrax, or he'll marry into Halfshav.
    Ilmia A lovely first meeting, and I think there might be something there. Patron? I don't know. We'll see.
    Jaenelle Despite it all, everything she has gone through, Lady Brianna continues forward without hesitation or restraint. If only more were like her.
    Jasher Clever, as long as she keeps that axe away from the books,
    Jeffeth It's good to connect with Lady Halfshav once more. She's absolutely lovely and I hope we can have more time together.
    Josephine As with all Halfshav's, I have yet to meet one that I don't like and the Lady Brianna is no exception. She rates right up there with her father in delight.
    Kasa A tremendous fighter and a very friendly person! I hope to one day live up to her example!
    Liesel An amazing fighter, and a generous lady.
    Lou I'm as yet uncertain of what to think of Lady Brianna, particularly when I've heard things from my family members. She seems nice enough, but maybe one to watch.
    Mabelle A woman who caused me to lose my sleep. Its not as bad or as scandalous as it may sound!
    Martino Murmurs of the city that she was half wild are, from my experience, quite untrue. Truly a surprisingly jovial and social Lady. Having seen her spar though, there is that...
    Marzio She seems to be of a sound mind and you can tell that she cares deeply for her family. She has honor. I would enjoy the opportunity to get to know her better.
    Medeia When a beautiful woman throws herself at your feet, you help her up and pour your heart out to her. Right? Right.
    Michael A childhood acquitance. We've had various tumultuous events while growing up. We've sparred as teenagers. Shes always been very pretty. In a very /fierce/ way.
    Mikani Always bears her strength with a smile and a drink. I think that's what makes us such good friends. We know how to build each other up.
    Miranda This Halfshav lady is rather cautious when it comes to speaking of The Enemy. Rightly so. Caution is never a bad thing.
    Mirk A cousin, a friend, and sometimes a troublemaker. More responsible than she lets on.
    Monique She couldn't quite match the jousting prowess of the Oathlands, but she did a wonderful job trying and it was a close match!
    Morgan So, I discovered that Northern warrior women are hot. She's the only one I met, but the statement stands! Funny, dangerous, and a total badass. I like the cut of her jib!
    Norwood She didn't mean to try to decapitate me, it was just an accident.
    Orrin An energetic woman - I think she's the first Northerner I've met that made me feel like Southerner applies to me.
    Petal She seems cheerful and includes people and likes games and the like. She seems confident too.
    Poppy A wonderful lady who is grace and compassion. I look forward to working with her more and more.
    Porter My first real meeting with Brianna was on the steps of the Cathedral... as it was burning down. And we were fighting heretics! I definitely won't forget it.
    Quintin A fierce Northern warrior with a war axe who dances a violent fight.
    Rane Polite and concerned, due to my display at the Shrine. Thankfully, she seemed to handle it very graceful. She seems to have a lovely soul and a tempered one. I'd be careful hugging her without proper warning.
    Ras Not only does she have a good sense of people, she's tough and cool and pays real well!
    Raven Managed to take me down at the melee, but also good fun at a party. May have immeasurably improved my evening indirectly.
    Raziel She knows to value her life over glorious death. It's a lesson most warriors never learn, and those that do only do so too late. A rarity. Whether the life that she has afterwards is one worth living, however, remains to be seen.
    Reese She seems friendly and fierce at the very same time and isn't very hung up on titles.
    Rowenova One of my Halfshavs who has been good to me and encouraging to me over the years. More regal than the stories can convey, and a fierce champion of our Northern lands.
    Ryhalt Another not too keen upon all the endless balls these season, but she seems another lover of coffee, that is the important thing.
    Sabella Lady Brianna taught me an extremely important lessons in that while I often look to see the good in people I am not immune to my perceptions being colored by popular opinion and gossip. I am happy to say that I find her quite delightful, willing to speak her mind on any number of subjects and very passionate about many of them! I think we should be quite good friends!
    Sanya A great warrior, truly a joy to watch in combat. Also, great company at dinner.
    Sebastian She seems to have a bit of a sly humor about her, and appears to have a fine taste in drinks on top of that. As a Lycene I can't help but to approve of both of these things.
    Selene Impressive in competition and warm-hearted off the field. She has an ease about her I find charming.
    Sorrel Lady Brianna Halfshav and I are thick as thieves, though I worry about all the heartache she's gone through over the last few years. But we'll always be found fighting side-by-side, to the end. She's a good friend.
    Sunniva Despite the bumpy introduction, Lady Brianna seems like a sensible and lovely woman. I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Svana Strong, lovely, and a survivor. We need more people like her all over the Earth.
    Sydney An absolute vision to watch in combat. Her edge has only sharpened since the Rite of Gloria.
    Tarik Living proof that all the Halfshav nobles have corner the market on beauty and hospitality. I glad that she is the first face I see when I got back to town.
    Tyrus A Northerner invited to dinner by Alecstazi. She was good company, a fine addition to the gathering.
    Valdemar A spirited woman, and every bit the warrior that I'd heard.
    Vanora An excellent fighter who bested my husband in a close sparring match, she seems interesting but maintains an air of mystery.
    Vercyn She has grown so much these past few months. It is not surprising considering all that she has been through. I hope to see her grow further and that she stays close by.
    Verity Wise in both religion and math! I didn't quite follow everything she said about sums and honor, but it sounded very good.
    Victus Usually it's rare that you find a Northerner with a strong respect for institutions. Lady Brianna has made me proud to call House Halfshav an ally. I will not throw swords at her family.
    Vitalis She was straddling me within moments of our acquaintance. Which I wish I could say was some testament to my great charm, but was rather, instead, a testament to her perspicacity. Alas.
    Wash A halfshav who gives better than she gets. I'd expect nothing less.
    Willow The Pride of Halfshav.
    Wylla She seems to be in a good place now, with a growing family and firmer ties. I can see some of the Brianna I knew when we were young shining through, vibrant still, but tempered.
    Zoey Good with children. I wonder if motherhood is in her future.