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Lord Jyri Whitehawk

Heal the wounded, collect the dead and continue fighting!

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Prodigal Kennelmaster
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 34
Birthday: 3/20
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Rust Brown
Eye Color: Vibrant Green
Skintone: Bronzed

Titles: Red Wolf of the Iron Guard

Description: Jyri is considered a handsome man by most standards. His thick rust brown hair is trimmed at the sides while the top is long and braided and then set into a knot at the back of his head. The side of his head has tattoos that curl along the ear and down towards the neck. One green intense eye framed by thin white lines from squints and age, is a stark contrast on that tanned face - the other is covered with an eye-patch. His face is strong and defined, his features chiseled and angular as though carved from bronze and more often than not there's dark stubble as if shaving is optional. Lean and muscular, it is clear he is a warrior of some skill. Numerous other rusty red tattoos trail down and around his biceps in clearly tribal patterns, alongside a multitude of scars, denoting his prodigal origin to everyone who beholds him.

Personality:     Once a hotheaded warrior of the Black Elk tribe, Jyri is a man who prefers to act rather than talk. When he does opt to speak, it is often in a laconic manner which may catch more sensitive souls off-guard. He does not radiate concern and altruism and does not suffer fools easily. That said, his integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty is undeniable even to those who disdain him for being a racial other. He insists on taking responsibility for his actions, and takes pride in the work he does - when working towards a goal, Jyri holds back none of his time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience.

Background:     Jyri was a young son of the Black Elk tribe, born into a family of warriors. His parents fought, his brothers and sisters fought, and he too was meant to fight. The quality of the horses the tribe bred quickly led to their soldiers dominating the battlefield, making ample use of their array of weaponry, which consisted of javelins, a sword, and bow and arrows. They clashed frequently with rival tribes who resided around the Gray Creek, but their martial might paired with speed and mobility on the battlefield crushed their enemies with ruthless abandon. With his skill with the spear and his rapport with his steed and wolf, Jyri quickly became a famous personality on the battlefield, acquiring the byname the "Red Wolf" by enemy tribes.

    Then Tolamar Brand arrived. The Black Elk tribe fought valiantly, but they stood no chance against the metaphysical powers of their new foe, and after suffering tremendous losses they were forced to flee their land. Jyri and his infant son survived, while his siblings and young wife did not.

    Ashamed for falling, but knowing he was the only one his son had left, Jyri led himself and the other survivors to Arx where they sought shelter at the refugee camp. There he met the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard, and accepted the position of the Iron Guard kennelmaster for the silver and the opportunity to fight against Brand once again. He intends to put his life back together, one piece at a time.

Relationship Summary

  • Magpie - We're friends but supposedly enemies. Complicated?

  • Family:
  • Raavas - My son. My life.
  • Lothar - My brother was lost to me for many years. That he is back has given me so much joy.
  • Evonleigh - The best of cousins.
  • Tabitha - The best of cousins.
  • Sapphira - The best of cousins.
  • Delilah - The best of cousins.
  • Eshken - I feel an instinctual trust in this man.

  • Patron:
  • Mirk - My wise patron

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sable - Reliable and solid.
  • Thena - The kind you get drunk with without talking.
  • Rymarr - Though I don't know him that well, I enjoy his company and no-nonsense directness.
  • Aleksei - He's guided me away from confusion into some coherence and for that I owe him more than he knows.

  • Ally:
  • Silas - If he tells me to walk into a fire, I will.
  • Kenna - Smart and forward, and a damn good Guard. Glad to have her working with me.
  • Orrin - We may have very different backgrounds but we see eye to eye on many things.
  • Hadrian - He's the brains, I'm the brawns. Together, we do good things.

  • Northlands:
  • Elora - I am madly in love with my wife.

  • Friend:
  • Auda - She's grown up and is all adult now. Got her own shop even. When did all this happen?!
  • Harlex - Wolf Brother. Once we would have tried to kill each other. Now I hope we will fight side to side some day.
  • Harper - Fox. A trusted friend. Stands up for herself and her loved ones. She has my respect and loyalty.
  • Sparte - Former patron and now very close friend. He is a brother.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Judging by his scars, he looks to be a seasoned warrior and yet, he's an admirer of art as well. An interesting blend. I would like to cross blades with him sometime.
    Adora Barks commands at his dogs like he were a dog himself. I don't like him.
    Aethan An admirable fighter, and crutch.
    Aiden Silas was showing me some of his work. The man in a genius.
    Ajax Lord Whitehawk, blunt and to the point. A trained soldier, I like that.
    Alarissa Though I cannot say I am a fan of commoner elevation, they are at least using their newfound status for good and for that, I respect him.
    Aleksei He's got a lot of questions, like so many of us do. I just hope I was able to help make at least some small part of the world a bit clearer.
    Alessia An incredibly talented artist. If I'm lucky I just might be able to get myself one of the larger cat paintings from the auction.
    Alexis Lord Jyri Whitehawk cuts an impressive figure, and I believe he'll continue to serve his people well - besides, he managed to complete the Gauntlet without even getting winded. That's always a good sign.
    Amari A warrior, painter, writer, gracious host, admirer of canines and all around pleasant surprise.
    Amund Brave and skilled.
    Anisha I don't know what I expected of Lord Jyri Whitehawk. A friend of Lady Sunaia, with shared interests, she said. He's an artist. He's a shaman. He's thoughtful and eloquent and forthright. A proud member of the Iron Guard, and a peer among peers who's still aptly remembering his roots. He is a complex man, but not a complicated one. And I have been delighted with his company.
    Asher A strong face, no nonsense, doesn't seem to have the patience to listen to someone jabber on and on. Probably because he has to listen to many people ramble, but he's got a good knowledge of when to smile and nod in such cases, so as to be polite.
    Auda A source of stability, oddly enough. His child is adorable, and so is the hound.
    Bedivere My most trusted of friends and family who ever started out as a shav.
    Berenice One of the Tournament competitors, as I recall. He competed honorably, I'm sure!
    Bhandn His dogs certainly know how to get straight to the point without much bark. I'm rather curious about the man himself, if that's how they're trained. I'll have to watch for him in the future.
    Calandra A very polite Iron Guardsman with the most remarkable tattooing. I'd like to find out more.
    Caprice I love when a creative mind comes by to give the apprentices some practice following someone else's direction. It was great to finally meet him, myself; he's got a fine eye for fashion and I'm excited to visit his gallery.
    Cerdensulathara A Prodigal Lord. Polite. Charitable. An artist. I can't wait to tell my father.
    Clover Kennelmaster of the Iron Guard is an interesting man. He seems stalwart and like he knows his things. A bit on the bashful side in his interactions with Lady Elora, and he clearly looks up to Baron Whitehawk!
    Coraline An officer who seems intent on thinking in only one way. A good trainer for hounds though, I could see the skill immediately. Hopefully we may get on a better foot in future meetings.
    Cristoph A plainspoken prodigal, employed with the Iron Guard but also a budding artist. The city of Arx truly attracts interesting people, almost like a magnet.
    Darren An excellent dog training. Bear actually learned a new trick thanks to this man.
    Delilah Jyri's mettle became apparent the moment trouble erupted in the marketplace. Without hesitation, he put himself in the way of danger to keep civilians safe. He moved into the thick of the throng to help children and adults alike, and he tried to preserve even the hungry dogs from coming to harm. A compassionate soul.
    Domonico Brave and smart. Quick to find an alternative solution to a violent situation.
    Donella Proper. The first thought that would linger in my mind, but I think there is far more than just that. Even if he refused my commission. However, those words spoken. I feel there is something burning deep within his being beneath the surface. It is like a fire that has wrapped itself in coals. They are deceptive in how hot they actually burn and how much damage they could wield. I feel the same for Jyri. I feel his first impression given is not the depth of his character.
    Dycard Kept his head and got his man out of the fire. Loyalty and common sense are good traits to have, and a rare combination in Arx.
    Elora Stubborn. Gruff. Not entirely as I was expecting. But he cares about the dogs and I can respect that.
    Elora Beautiful man. Passionate heart. What need have I for taming when he can run just as wild and free?
    Elora My loving husband and partner in this realm. There are many adventures ahead of us and I am eager to explore all of them with him.
    Emily When given the time to talk to him personally there is a depth to him and an eagerness to learn. I must admit I think we are similar souls. I look forward to our searching for lost histories together.
    Eshken A friendly sort, seems good with animals. The Lord seems rather knowledgable. I look forward to working with him.
    Evonleigh Willing to put up with and capable of keeping up with the Whitehawk banter! Merry and funny and doing what he can to keep Arx safe.
    Ezra He's one of Mia's vassals and seems like he's a more serious fellow or he's more cautious around Mia's family. You expect he's just more serious though and that's a man that takes his job and family seriously. The difficulty in such a situation is sometimes knowing when to let go, this means it's good to be allied with him.
    Faruq Good with animals. Less violent approaches are often the best approach.
    Faye Iron Guard, clever and thoughtful. I look forward to working with him in the future.
    Fecundo Met over tea at Ignoble Steep. Courteous and a damned big sword. Easy speaking with the man. Probably has some interesting stories. Someone to look up again.
    Gaston I like this man. His generosity and wisdom -- and skill with a brush and the written word -- are truly something to behold, and we seem to have some unspoken kinship that eases the wolf inside of me. I hope we can become great friends.
    Genevra Iron guardsman freshly reunited with his brother; I know, I saw it happen! Seems to be less stiff than Lothar, and a lot cleaner.
    Gianna A guardsman and storyteller. He was a quick enough study and actually seemed to appreciate bluntness. I wouldn't mind hearing more of his stories.
    Giulio A taciturn Iron Guard. But wise enough to know their own concerns. Always a lovely thing to see.
    Gwenna Lord Jyri Whitehawk and I crossed paths at an endeavor to aide the Stone Grove. I'm familiar with the name, of course, and he is just as warm and wonderful to speak with as all of the other Whitehawks I've had occasion to get to know. Besides, how could I /not/ like someone as familiar with ship weddings?
    Haakon Painter. Odd sort. Has a thing for dragons, seems like.
    Hamish Some may see a rough prodigal, but there is a tremendous goodness in him.
    Harlex The Iron Guard houndsman. Steady sort but then, am I not bias toward those who know the ken of beasts?
    Harper Jyri's one of the few folks that I've ever come close to losing my temper with. Not because he frustrates me, but because I think he knows me too well and knows just where to hit me to make his point. Maybe that's why he's earned my respect... and my friendship.
    Helena One of our shaman and a Spirit Walker, Lord Jyri is friendly and a wonderful conversationalist -- those with questions on Shamanism will find it very easy to speak with him, I should think.
    Ian Lots of dogs.
    Icelyn Talent, drive and curiosity. I look at him and see the past, but Lord Jyri embodies much more than just that.
    Ilira An artist with the presence of a general and the smile of a friend, when it comes. I'd experience each again.
    Jasher An Iron Guardsman and a Prodigal, assigned to look over the Lodge. Perhaps time will tell me more about this man.
    Jeffeth I'm glad he survived. He was a capable fighter, and seemed a good man. We may have only ever talked about snacks, but I would gladly share a battlefield with him once more. And I will definitely bring snacks.
    Jennyva I invited him over to talk about commissions shortly after finding his shop. I'm glad I did, he is a delightful person! And I can't wait to see what he does with this commission and ones I may request in the future.
    Joscelin I met him when he first came to the city, trying to find his place in the Compact, with his son and his heart sore from the loss of his wife. Watching him grow to what he is now... I'm honored to call him friend.
    Josephine Very good at saving old ladies in markets from starving dogs. Impressive.
    Josephine Though he is now a noble, left us behind, he is no less beloved and cherished. Always one of us.
    Kaia My favorite painter in all Arx /and/ THE MOST TALENTED AND UNIQUE ARTIST IN ALL ARVUM! My idol! I adore him! ~ My (never-to-become real) crush. *whispers* He shall never truly know, shh. *giggles, and continues watching him paint from afar*
    Kaldur Sharp eye on this one... erm. Well, he spotted the egress of a thief we then ran down. His hound's sharp, too. I'll walk a beat with these two any day. Or night, as it were.
    Kenna A solid Guardsman - I love the connection Jyri has between himself and the dogs he commands. Someday I hope he can teach Princess Muffin more manners because she gets super silly sometimes. He handled that body with such professionalism too!
    Korka I don't usually think much of the Iron Guard, but at least this one seems to want to get things done. Even if he is a Lord. Are they all Lords? Maybe that explains it.
    Laurel I was quite taken aback by being greeted by the figure that he is when I came looking for Lord Whitehawk. That being said he has manners, thoughtfulness and tact. That is. more than can be said for some nobles.
    Lena Talks... straight. One eye, but I felt seen. Good to study for still waters running deep.
    Leola A loyal member of the Iron Guard, and not one who rises to provocation or makes quick judgements. I think I could like him, given time.
    Liara He's certainly a chatty fellow, despite his sometimes serious demeanour - can't we all be? An accomplished artist, too, besides and despite all the other duties he holds, which is always laudable.
    Lottie What a pleasant and talented man! I just love his shop and his artwork. It's right up my alley! I'm gonna' end up coatin' my shop with his work. Not to mention a Kennelmaster too! What an interesting individual.
    Lou His work with charities and helping to free the Thralls has always been an admirable thing.
    Lucita Someone who cares deeply for his dogs and his son. He is easy to talk to, understands animals, and speaks kindly of my late husband, One of the Iron Guard. So far, I like him.
    Macda He's lighter than I thought and he can take a hit- like a brick.
    Maddox This man may be a prodigal and a commoner, but he has an openness about him. His heart and mind are Attentive, and it comes out clearly in his art and in his handling of animals. I look forward to learning more about him.
    Malcolm We're related now, ain't we? Something along the lines of cousins. He's also a good guard and a better man than most I know.
    Malesh A polite enough prodigal turned painter. Might have been sensative about my phrasing, but who can blame him? His people are treated a certain way aren't they?
    Melody Another prodigal, another warrior. Turns out he's an artist -- who would've guessed!
    Merek A Guard which knows his abilities, and seeks to protect others. He might not have followed my orders, but I'm glad he didn't, as he was better suited with another task that protected people.
    Meriah A big strong Iron Guard but he seems to like animals. He called my Triage handsome. Also, it should be noted, we share a /singular vision/. Har har.
    Michael A wonder of a houndsman. I'm happy to have him join a Bisland vassal.
    Mikani It was a brief encounter. But the Kennelmaster seemed nice. He said hello."
    Miranda Excellent idea! Way to use your noggin'! He distracted dogs by throwing meat at them to help protect people. Way to go!
    Mirella Staunch Iron Guard. Has very good dogs. Apparently an expert at solving certain kinds of puzzles. It's good to see such efficiency present in the Guard.
    Mirk An oddity. A prodigal that follows shamanism among the nobility of the Crownlands. But he seems a good sort, both creative and close to the land.
    Monique He seems like a good man, given over to the simpler things in life and thoughtful about his progeny. Of course, that's only on first meeting... still waters often run deep.
    Naka A lover of animals and a teller of fine tales featuring the same.
    Neilda Seems fond of straightforward solutions. Not always a bad thing - seems like the kind of person I'd want around for split-second decisions.
    Niklas The man likes his rat on a stick. Have to respect that.
    Niklas An artist of great renown. And one of the few painters in the city who doesn't just paint depressing stuff. Too few, I say!
    Nurie Artistic kennelmaster of the Iron Guard! He was kind and welcoming as we talked. I'd only seen him from across the room at Mistress Auda's shop opening. And he gave me a hand with Valor! I will have to go visit to see his art soon!
    Orrin A fine man, and dutiful. If he can apply the same surety and command to the business of rule as he brings to bear with animals, he will be a formidable force.
    Perronne Prodigal and Iron Guardsman! Laconic, but he seems nice! Sorta shavy, but in a nice way! And he likes traps maybe a little TOO much.
    Petal Very helpful and from Shave orgins too. I am glad he is around the lodge right now.
    Pharamond A hulking man - with trained pets. Very glad he is on our side.
    Pharamond An old friend not seen for a while. It's good to have him back
    Piccola With all of the subjectivity of the appreciation of art, it is good to know there are still those who are straight-forward in manner yet imaginative in spirit.
    Poppy Serious, but I'm sure he has a fun side underneath. Now if only to convince the Iron guard to swoon whenever I go past.
    Porter Likeable Iron Guard. Too bad about that aggressive seasickness. I imagine it's what I feel like anytime I have to spend a day on horseback. Which is terrible, honestly. Terrible. Probably not as bad as being seasick.
    Preston A capable fighter at the lodge - one with whom I'd happily fight again. Anyone who stood that day is worthy of respect.
    Quenia Dedicated to his mission of helping the refugees, and given my past work, I believe this means we will work well together.
    Quintin More tattooed than I would have expected of an Iron Guard.
    Razija Level headed and hospitable, not what you would typically associate with a former Shav turned hardass Iron Guard. I like the surprise. I hope he keeps surprising me - but not too much. I hope to work with him in the future.
    Reese Good with horses, devoted to catching thieves, seems like a good all around guy."
    Reigna An Iron Guardsman and brave soldier. Faced a Gargantuan and lived to tell of it. Apparently considers Lady Shae to be a wolf sister and yet refuses to explain. Curious. I have a feeling I will get to the bottom of that, one way or another. He clearly has an appreciation of all things canine, and for that I commend him.
    Renata An interesting person to talk to and yes, he was so very right when he said the baths are a good place to meet people! I hope to meet him again!
    Rhue Another Whitehawk I consider myself blessed to know and trust. A talented artist and a strong fighter, Jyri is generous and giving - both with his time and his knowledge. A genuinely good person, through and through.
    River He's definitely focused on improving his talent, and to see such enthusiasm about his work is really exciting to me.
    Rowenova This esteemed artist is a kind guardsman who generously gifted his lovely home to our Bruvir family (where we now live). Forever grateful, we avidly shop around his art store, picking up multiple paintings over time!
    Rowley A man belonging to the Iron Guard, I believe I have heard, as well as to the Whitehawk family. I've heard that he has his own inclinations toward the arts. Perhaps he and I will be able to collaborate on something in the future. He seems like he is a solid sort.
    Rysen A renowned artist, Lord Jyri also posses keen and searching intellect, and a dedication to the protection of the people of the Compact.
    Sabella Anyone who agrees with me on good things is surely a great person who I should become friends with! I hope that he stays safe during the coming conflict.
    Sabella An artist of incredible skill who also has a generous heart. His actions to help refugees have not gone unnoticed! I am proud that he is a vassal of Grayson.
    Sabine He impresses me more than many of my peers do. I'm not sure if this says more about him, or them.
    Sable I didn't expect to see someone with that many tribal tattoos in a city guard's armor. I wonder what the story there is.
    Samael A rough and ready sort of fellow, but grounded and good-humoured.
    Samuele I think we could be quickly fast friends and good training partners.
    Selene For a man of famed notoriety marrying in to a noble house, I see more of a guardsman concerned about keeping order and easing fears. This city devours its heroes. I hope he's ready for that.
    Shae Smells like cubs and dogs, like he sleeps in the dens with them. I know this smell. Mother complains about this smell when she'd tell me to wash my blankets. This one is the leader of his pack, the four-legged soldiers and guards under his command. Silas is the Knight-Commander of the Iron Guard, but Jyri Tersk is the Knight-Commander in the heart of his charges; the look to him as a beloved alpha, a paternal lord. He would show-throat to no one.
    Sheena An artist. He's now a lord. It will be interesting to plan future work with him.
    Silas A prodigal warrior Silas recruited into the Iron Guard after he was displaced by Tolamar Brand. He could tell that city life has been bewildering for him, but he has adapted remarkably well. It will only get stranger from now on, but Silas will never doubt Jyri's candor or ability.
    Sparte A master with managing animals, easily the best such hand in all of the Iron Guard. I feel a bit odd out ranking someone and commanding the calvary when I know he knows so much more than I do about the care and tending of horses, but I'll just have to make use of the wisdom for the betterment of our troops on two legs and four.
    Sudara Prodigal, ex-kennelmaster, shopkeeper, and... delver into Pravus family history? Throw in a batch of scars and an inclination to charitable good works, and you can colour me pleasantly surprised. I honestly thought that I had encountered most varieties of prodigal by now.
    Sunaia He has a solid mind and a deep interest in the safety and protection of Grayson lands and of the Compact. I'm glad to know him.
    Svana There is kindness behind the gruffness, and I sense a duty to serve fairly. He helped me get closure and made me feel a bit safer before it was all done with - I hope to work with him in the future.
    Tabitha A kind soul who has a remarkable way with animals, just like my cousin Elora. I'm so glad that he's a friend of the family, and I'm so glad I could help encourage his wonderful artistic talent! His paintings are truly marvelous.
    Tabitha He says that I helped him to become an artist, but his amazing talent was always there. And he's as wonderful a cousin as anyone could ask for, too. I'm so thankful for Elora for bringing him into the family.
    Tabitha My wonderful and talented cousin. My life is made happier by our friendship, and the world is made more beautiful by the gift of his art.
    Teagan A wonderfully talented artist and a generous soul.
    Tenebrae Prodigal with a disturbingly civilized veneer. Respects Sudara, as he should, and looks to be a warrior worth knowing. Though why he wants to imprison himself in a metal case I do not know.
    Thea He's scared of boats--which is a bit strange. His dogs are great. Other than that, he seems a brave man.
    Thena Practical and plain-spoken. The Guard needs more like him. I should perhaps pick his brain about Dog at some point.
    Theodoric A storytelling Guardsman, I bet I could offer him a tale or two.
    Thesarin Seems a man who knows his business. Another of the Abandoned driven out the woods; seems he's done well finding a place here.
    Thorley The Guard with the soul of an Artist. His painting reminded me so much of Violet that it shall hang proudly in our home - be it the Crimson Blades, or in the Baronial Estate.
    Verity He might look fierce, and many may judge him poorly just for obviously being a Prodigal, but Master Jyri proved quite pleasant. I was nothing more than a stranger interrupting his "aromantic" outing with a beautiful woman, and still he was good company.
    Volcica A guardsman, it looks like. He seems helpful, reliable.
    Warrick Pleasant officer, just the right amount of dogs. Can't help but wonder what happened to his eye.
    Willow I have admiration for his charitable work and would like to get to know him better.
    Yrsa A man of honour, I think. But not too stiff in his uniform to enjoy a subtle joke. I am glad to have had the chance to meet him, I think he will be a good person to know.
    Zakhar Good to see that they city is letting us shavs hold positions of worth. A solider through and through, with the same level of humor I would expect for his age.
    Zara As talented as ever, I'm always amazed when I look upon his art.
    Zoey Solid head on his shoulders at first glance. Knows Michael and Ainsley, of course.
    Zoey What he lacks in refinement of his manners he more than makes up for in his heart and his brush hand.