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Princess Arianna Pravus

Sometimes the most clever thing to say is nothing at all.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Dark Maiden
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 12/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Agent
Height: 5'8''
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Blue with emerald flecks
Skintone: Alabaster

Obituary: Found dead in an alley in Setarco, surrounded by a dozen foes she took with her. They were dressed in the garb of Skal'daja.

Description: Sensual doesn't begin to cover this woman's countenance. She's pale but shines with a radiance that belies her good health and while her skin is milky during winter seasons it holds a tan quite well it during the sunnier times of the year. Lengthy tresses of pure Setarco gold flow around her shoulders after having been freshly cut and are often worn down. On the occasions that the Pravus noblewoman has her hair pulled back her high cheekbones and angular, feminine jawline are more apparent to the eye and lend an exotic quality to her features. Sapphire blue irises sit in almond-shaped eyes that sparkle with flecks of bright emerald green when a certain liveliness or mischief is piqued. Her waistline is small but her hips and rear are quite curvy, both traits often on display in lycene silks that leave little to the imagination. When she speaks her voice holds a soft, gentle cadence, or cold edge depending on whom she's addressing and full, pouty lips wordlessly promise carnal delights and fun times to be had for those adventurous enough to approach the Pravosi woman.

Personality: Arianna used to be quite the troublemaker as a youth. She caused no small amount of headaches and disappointment for her Liege and inevitably earned a ticket to Reform school. All things must come to an end, even the childish ways of an upstart noble with a skewed sense of the world. Not a very nice place it seems for whatever she experienced there has made her a different person altogether. Where she was once brash and disrespectful she is now restrained and properly deferent. Her demeanor is a cultured one of self-respect and quiet wisdom. Even if she has managed to maintain her dark sense of humor it is easy to see that Lady Stonewood spent those long eighteen months underneath some of the greatest instructors in social charms and it shows.

Background: Arianna was born the only daughter in the Stonewood family, born to a Lycene mother from Setarco. Lady Vayla Pravus instilled a lot of herself in her daughter and insisted on raising her child in the Lyceum. It was an unusual request, all things considered, seeing as it was in Lenosia and not Setarco that the girl was raised. Alongside other notables within House Velenosa like her Pravus cousins and Luca, the little Crownlander existed practically as a member of the fealty. She spent summers in Setarco and learned about the paramount House of the Silken City while she did so but rarely did she ever return to the lands of the House which she and her mother owed fealty. Her brothers and cousins in House Stonewood were not too keen of this but her father did not seem to mind it so and nothing was done about it until the man died and the Marquis Malesh took his place. She was summoned back to the House and parted ways with her mother who did not wish to return to a that House when she was welcome back in Setarco.

Arianna's return was met with mixed feelings but her clever ways and principled upbringing in the Lyceum made her savvy and a useful advisor to her brother whom soon after appointed her his Voice. For a long while she did an excellent job at this, staying out of court politics and tending to the affairs of her lands that had belonged to her father.

She was unhappy with her place in life and took to many hobbies to fill the voice, in time these hobbies became pursuits and these pursuits into careers. Trained in the Ministry of Defense as an Agent, working as an Investigator with the Iron Guard, spending time in the archives with Scholars, and even going so far as joining a company of sellswords that fought in many of the Compact's most recent wars. Being a famous sellsword and having a penchant for dark humor didn't win her many friends, but since she did so well in her duties as Voice that the public backlash for her activities and penchant for scandal washed over her brother like water off a duck's back.

Of course, this put tension on the relations between native Stonewoods and this Lycene girl in Crownlands clothing. Inquiries were made and loyalties were tested and ultimately the House was better served without her leadership, and even if her brother hadn't decided on this for her - the Pravosi girl threw in the chips and stepped down not just in Stonewood but elsewhere. She withdrew from the world at large and returned to Stonehearth to, presumably, attend Reform School. It's the worst kind of punishment for Lycene, especially when attending an institution with dour matrons and delinquent Crownlander nobles.

Suffice to say upon her return Arianna was quite well behaved and leaned even more so upon her Lycene upbringing. She left Stonewood to join Fireviper as the Sword of Cinder at her brother Gailin's request but even still she grew more distant from the Crownlanders and looked to home. Eventually the Count of Fireviper released her from her oath of fealty so she could return to Pravus and so she did.

Relationship Summary

  • New People - I don't -usually- have time to make new acquaintances but it's for the best. They usually don't hold my interest for too long anyways.

  • Family:
  • Belladonna - My cousin is the Duchess of Setarco and I've never been more proud to say it. She's led us from one conquest to the next and has lifted us from a dark place and brought us into the light. She made me her First Knight of Setarco and my blade will defend this House and our legacy with every ounce of willpower and ability I can muster, which is considerable thanks to the schooling I've received in the Silken City since returning home. None has ever come close to Procella, until now, and I fully believe she has gone above and beyond to surpass her legendary predecessor by a long shot. You bring us glory, power, pride, and life. I will strive to live up to your expectations. That is my promise.
  • Viviana - Even before I returned to Setarco my cousin kept in touch. She made sure to visit me in the Grayson Ward and to take me away on her ship for adventures at sea. Provided me with comfort and a sense of pride for who I was when I was told that I was nothing. Nobody has earned my love like she has because she was there for me when all others abandoned me. So humble, she is, that she never takes claim for bringing me out of my shell, for rescuing me from myself and the darkest times of my life. My Sword, my cousin and my fiercest companion, she is truly beloved to me and nothing will ever change that.
  • Valentina - The Dowager Duchess is actually one of the cousins I've grown closest to. She is my charge and as the Commander of the Seven she has my blade. I will lay down my life to protect her if I must because she is precious beyond compare. Born of the Argento but a Pravus through and through, every day spent with her is an adventure I am blessed to be a part of. Even though she may not be my relation by blood our bond goes beyond such things and truly transcends the understanding of lesser minds. My uncle loved her until his dying breath and now that I have gotten to know her, I can see why a hundred times over.
  • Sudara - Auntie! Well she's not quite but we're from different generations and my mother really always loved Sudara. They got along like siblings and carried on with some of the same interests. It doesn't surprise me that they were close and as a result she was my childhood instructor in most all subjects of study. Her mind is the sharpest I've yet to witness and her knowledge is vast. Even now I sometimes return when I'm stumped and Auntie S can help me wrap my brain around something that eludes me. Tempered, like steel, yet Pravus blooded and possessing of her own brand of sass. Lovely and adored.
  • Althea - The Lamb of Setarco. My sweet cousin. She's almost like my baby cousin in how naive she can be to the hardened ways of the world but her kindness is not a weakness. She does not need to have a killer instinct when I exist to shield her from the harm that could come from her innocence. We need women like her in Pravus too and even though others will try to change her, I will do what is in my power to preserve that precious heart of hers. I love her dearly and would slay the fool who would ever try to take advantage of her and not think twice about it on the way to whatever punishment awaited me.

  • Parent:
  • Vayla - Mother and giver of the greatest gift, life itself. My mother means the world to me. She was my first friend in a lonely place with people who didn't understand us. She taught me the Southern way, the way of Setarco and what it meant to be Pravus even if I had the name of some Crownlands House. My loyalties were always to her and to our blood but she never failed to leave me with more questions or doubts of my own validity. None of that matters now because I see that her designs were so intricate that any Spider would feel jealous of the webs she weaved and all for me. No one could ask for a better role model and her wit is pure, weaponized sass. Love eternal.

  • Ally:
  • Kyden - Never once have I met someone whom I immediately had such companionship with. She is like me in so many ways that I was startled upon first encountering her. An inspiration and breath of fresh air compared to the sea of bland, soulless vessels wandering around the city. She lacks a distinct air of ingenuity and has a gifted mind that translates to her art. My protege wants for nothing, I spoil her more than some Royal families can afford to dote upon their princesses and she deserves every last silver. I will continue to support her ascension to the greatest artists of our time. Every piece she creates is pure duality.
  • Fatima - Princess Thrax is a friend of the family and while I don't know her like the rest we've become fast friends. Her brilliance is so unlike some of her brethren and yet she has this traditional Thraxian vibe that's pretty fucking cool. She's hard to read at times but loves to have a good time, she has a wit to match any Pravosi and the salacious appetites to boot. I'm not convinced she -isn't- actually Pravus at this point. Something about her just resonates with me and I find talking to her, spending time with her is easy. Tima's mine and I'll stab anyone who mistreats her because I'm her Champion and I'd do it for free.

  • Friend:
  • Beatrice - Our relationship isn't complicated to understand like some of my other ones. She's a beautiful, smart, sassy woman who knows where her loyalties lie. She's served Pravus with zeal and grace, both admirable enough traits but when paired with her deadly sense of wit and cutting remarks she just makes it so easy to get along. I enjoy her fresh take on things and her willingness to dress things down so that the whole picture can be looked at without bias. Lycene through and through but a Setarcan first and that is why she is my friend and I will have her back if push comes to shove.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana An intriguing Lady of Stonewood, I know she would best me in a spar but I what if getting some lessons from her would aide. And she is quite lovely and I am curious is she may become a fast friend.
    Aella Delightful, clever, and oh so talented with those daggers of hers. It truly was a pleasure getting to meet and converse with Lady Stonewood. Now to see if she enjoys making trouble, just as much as I do.
    Agostino Sharp wits, a lovely face, and keeper of interesting company. Making her acquaintance was a pleasure.
    Aiden Well... the first impression... Aiden scared her off, he's certain, with his talk of murder when conflict started in the Golden Hart due to a particular commoner. The second impression, which was as good as the first, Aiden felt she pushed her boundaries with him and made him fall in line without knowing it. She's got a sharp silver tongue.
    Ajax A noble masked woman, who throws down plenty of coin and seems to have a good sense of humor. Not sure if I like her yet or not. But I always welcome business.
    Alessia Her charisma makes her one hard to forget, her company was truly a pleasure. And I appreciate anyone who can remind me of the collaborative effort required in making a house great. I don't doubt that she does her family proud.
    Alexis Lady Arianna Stonewood. Nice enough, I think? Very informal. And yet, somehow I get a sense of danger from her.
    Amund Charming and dangerous in her way. Must be a Pravus family trait. Very intriguing.
    Apollis What a stunning beauty and every bit the woman I was hoping her to be. She invited me to a night on The Rising Sun and I was instantly delighted by her. She really cuts to the quick. I hope to get to know her much better.
    Arcadia Oh my gosh! She is so pretty and cool and funny and amazing with a sword! Stay cool Cady. Don't scare her off by being a clutz!
    Arn Laugh at me, will you? Better not be a second time. Some crownlands noble girl that knows Percephon. That's strike two. Wants to talk to me about my history. Why the hell are all these girls harassing me for training and knowledge? Gods be damned, why am I being tormented so?
    Asher Attractive, likely dangerous, flirtatious, and is okay with innuendo. It's like a female version of myself, if I was incredible enough to not need a day job.
    Aurora She is...a lot. Brash and confident. I have no idea what to make of her just yet, but it appears she is a regular in the Unkindness so im sure i'll run into her once or twice to find out.
    Berenice She has everything figured out, it would seem! How remarkable.
    Brigida Rolling her eyes at me when I'm giving advice to others? I have applied a switch to some for less. This woman reminds me of a sharp razorblade though.
    Caelis I was unsure what to think of this odd woman. Her carriage speaks of violence and yet I found her challenging my intellect instead. I don't know if she can be couldn't as ally or threat, but she is at the very least fascinating.
    Calaudrin I haven't spent time much with her. I think she might be a little odd, but who isn't? She does seem to her shit or some shit and willing to share information. That's invaluable.
    Carmen Our sergeant ice princess loves trouble a little too much, but she ain't dumb, she's got discipline, and she takes orders from a Lowers kid in stride.
    Caspian A charming lady with a charming smile. She seems to be a kind and elegant lady. It's a shame Darkwater scooped me up, I could easily see myself as her protege! Hopefully she does hire me some day.
    Christine A charming woman. One of the first people Christine met in Arx.
    Clara Attitude in a pretty package. Good fighter.
    Constance I've never met someone who views confession as a sport. Now I know why they call you *sins*. Incorrigible. And so terribly wrong about cider.
    Daemon One of the few faces I still remember from my time here in the city. One of the few who also remembers me. I cherish that connection and I only hope with all of my heart she feels the same.
    Dante Drifted in like the fancy sword and armor she wore were merely decorations. After I accepted her invitation to spar, I woke up staring at the sky and knew I was very wrong.
    Denica It has been two years, and yet she is exactly as I remember her. She's changed sure, but who hasn't in two years? But you can take one look at her and still see that strength and posture, that look of determination, and in just a glance I knew it could be nobody else. I have a chance to have her back in my life again, and I don't want to let her get away for so long again, now to see if things are as they were before.
    Dorian Confidence is key in being a champion and Dorian finds those like Arianna to be very valuable - She's good at soaking up all the attention in the room, which is useful sometimes.
    Duarte Secret whispering on the benches. I'm sure it was nothing sinister or plotting.
    Echo An incredibly alluring and beautiful woman. She speaks with an infinite wisdom that makes you want to just listen and absorb for an unhealthy amount of time. And mystery! Oh, there's so much mystery around Arianna that I can't help but want to delve deeper. She reels you in, almost like you're her prey - I'll have to be careful around this one.
    Eilonwy I think I'll stick close to her in the future. We seem to work well together, not bad for a silk.
    Eleyna She's undeniably beautiful, but she is like the half-opened bud of rare flower. There is a promise of grace in the petals, but the blossom has yet to be given the opportunity to fully bloom. It'll be interesting to see what place she takes in the garden when she finally has.
    Esoka The Voice of Stonewood seems to comport herself well in an intimidating room, amidst the grim threat of supernatural blights.
    Evaristo The famous Lady Arianna Pravus is just as intriguing and mysterious as I thought she'd be. I'm fascinated.
    Faruq Presents herself as dangerous. May actually be dangerous. May not. I shall have to find out. I am certain it will take repeated interactions.
    Gaston The first time I saw her, Duke Arn was ripping into her. She didn't wilt, but seemed to almost build herself up with it. Irritated towards the end perhaps, but soon with a smile gracing her lips once more.
    Genevra I've heard of her, the 'Dark Maiden'. Proud of herself, proud of her skill. Merited, it looks like. I think my cousin mentioned her once or twice in passing, but I know very little about her personally.
    Geralt Cheeky little thing, and I'm just betting she's gonna be all sorts of trouble!
    Gretchen Ah, so she's the one I hear they're calling the Destroyer of Men based on her performance at the Tournament of Roses! A stunning display in the arena and a clever wit at the table. She seems like an interesting person to know.
    Harlex There are those who see that bad side of me and seek it more, those that come to fear it, those that want to quash it, but she is the first to come callin' for it. Unprovoked. She has my respect.
    Imi Lady Arianna is a force unto herself. Of that her presence leaves little doubt.
    Isolde A curious soul. Beautiful but with an edge about her.
    Jeffeth She stared at me for a long time while taking off my armor. Then waggled her eyebrows at me. It made me blush. Not sure if I'm attracted to her or scared of her. Maybe both.
    Joslyn Such a mysterious woman... She wanted to provide comfort to me for my loss, though we hardly know one another. She seems kind and gracious, and though there's something else about her I can't quite put my finger on, I am grateful for her company.
    Killian An interesting young woman, intense and willing to become involved in matters. It will be interesting to see how she develops in the city. I've had very little exposure to Stonewood, so don't really know just what to expect of her.
    Mabelle Goodness she's beautiful. And alluring. And Vibrant. If I ever was stirred by a woman...
    Macda She makes some of the same faces I do. Which can only mean we get up to the same trouble- I mean, we are of the same core virtues and faith.
    Maeve I have to admire someone who seeks knowledge of the spirits and ways to fix the land. She seems very serious about this endeavor! I kind of feel badly for interrupting her conversation with Lady Khanne. Hopefully, she will find the knowledge she seeks.
    Marian Damn girl! You have no idea just how hard you made me work for that victory. In a few years, you'll absolutely destroy me.
    Meesha The wealthy lady of Fireviper -if there is coin Meesha approves; a patron of the self-indulgent industry. Has provided me with a most generous fee in exchange of fleetingly spontaneous displays of my Rivenshari famous gifts in the arts of performance. She shall also fall to Meesha's feet, like most men and some women always do for the River Siren.
    Merek %bMerek doesn't know much about Arianna, but he thinks she is beautiful and well-meaning from what he has seen at the least when he first saw her! Also something about a fashion discussion he overheard, who knows!
    Miranda Quiet as a mouse when she wants to be. She's fiesty. Love that in a girl.
    Mirari It's no secret that we didn't quite like each other when we first met. Harsh words were spoken between the two of us in the Golden Hart. But I can see it now for what it was: Two cats meeting for the first time, trying to figure out who the bigger, badder cat was. Lady Arianna has grown into a woman I respect and admire. Someone I could consider a friend.
    Nijah She bought me a lot of drinks, and is eager to show me new things. I'll have to remember to tell her something interesting the next time we meet.
    Pasquale Note to self. Do not touch Valentina where Arianna can see unless you want your eyes scooping out with spoons.
    Petal She is very pretty, looks good in my dresses and is nice about the order she places.
    Pharamond A gracious and skilled fighter from one of my favorite families.
    Reese Reese thinks that Arianna seems like a promising young voice. She doesn't know her well yet, but she would like to know her better, specially since her family is part of Grayson. She is pleasant to be around and certainly is quite charming. Reese hopes to become a friend with time.
    Renata Fights like she's got demons on her back. Glad we're on the same side!
    Roxana I met the lady once before at the beach and yet again at the Training Grounds. She is polite, and it is always lovely to meet a fellow Lycene among the Grayson fealty.
    Sabella How can one not love the dramatic and theatric sight of of a lovely rear warming a bar top with a bit of sweet and sass to add to the atmosphere of a night out.
    Samael I am regretting not insisting on meeting Lady Arianna sooner. She is simply a delight. One of the most beautiful young women in the Compact and so very polite and charming. She has agreed to help me and I am glad to have her as an ally. We will be good friends, I'm sure.
    Samantha Lady Arianna has grown into a self-determined, strong woman who is devoted to duty. Most recently she has been an example of 'best intention, unfortunate result', but she is young, and still in need in tempering. If she manages to hone her skills and course correct, she will be a formidable diplomat and politico. It would please me very much to watch her succeed.
    Sebastian My second cousin and maker of mischief. We spent some time growing up together in Setarco, but it has been too long since I have seen her. It was good to make contact again.
    Sebastian Calmly capable, she knows what needs to be done and doesn't seem afraid to shy away from the difficult jobs.
    Silas Silas taught Lady Arianna the basics of investigation. Chances are she's now much better at it than he is, but the bar he sets is pretty low. His initial impression left him believing she is an ambitious and mentally sharp woman, who is useful as an ally and dangerous as an enemy.
    Sivard Lady Arianna Stonewood. Happenstance found me in the Training Center, where I found her in the middle of a bout with a few men. Despite them having the advantage in power and range, she bested them in a near effortless manner. I had been looking for someone who preferred a similar method of combat, perhaps to converse with, nothing more.. yet, I left that day with a teacher. She's skilled and very patient, which is good.. because I can be quite trying at times.
    Skapti Well, she's certainly not bloody shy now, is she? Damned awful lot of titles though. I think I'd pass out for lack of breath if I tried to say them all in the same one.
    Sparte A very, um, very strong personality. She doesn't wanted to be treated as special, even though the daftest pair of eyes can clearly see she is. Quick and capable with a blade too, though she needs some work there if she wants to win any fair fights.
    Stygia Eccentric, but in an adorable way. I do so adore her dolls at tea time.
    Valentina I have only met the woman in passing before, but I should not be surprised at either her astute observations or masterful handling of strategic demonstrations. After all, House Pravus is known for its artful ways of dealing with outsiders. She certainly helped put that haughty young Princess in her place, at the least! We seem to have more in common than might appear... at first glance.
    Valery She seems nice, though maybe a bit suspicious, not sure sometimes if she was joking. And she's curious.
    Vanora We've crossed paths many times over the months and had brief but intriguing conversations about Tehom. Today however her thoughtfulness, devotion, and insight nigh blew me away. Wise beyond her years and a boon to the Shrine
    Victus Cousin called her Ambassador. She's certainly got the looks for diplomacy.
    Viviana Rarely have I known such a concentrated bundle of trouble. I do look forward to seeing what fun we can seek out now that I'm back in the capital.
    Willow Gorgeous and seems tk share coloring with my cousin Belladonna.
    Zoey My dearest childhood friend. I don't understand everything you do, but I love you.