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Princess Ophelia Velenosa

You might get only one shot. So shoot.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Archeress Princess
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 05/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Huntress
Height: average height
Hair Color: sun-kissed honey
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: golden tan

Titles: Disciple of Petrichor, Fowl Scourge

Description: There is something especially sweet about Ophelia's features, from the sun-kissed honey hue of her decadent curls, to the rich warmth of her long-lashed, innocent brown eyes. Hers is a radiant beauty, all wondrous expressions and impish delight, and when a frown does dare to cross her features, she bites her bottom lip just so, and it's truly the sweetest thing. Her curves are arresting, but if she notices, she doesn't let on, instead utilizing her dimpled smile and infectious charm to sway the hearts and minds of those around her.

Personality: There are some who might mistake Ophelia's seeming innocence for a clever facade, built up through years of navigating the treacherous waters of the Lyceum. They would be wrong. Ophelia's lived a charmed life, flitting from one thing to the next with no particular aim, her naivete somehow unchecked by the cruelties of life. Oh, certainly she knows that bad things happen to other people, she's not stupid by any means. But they never seem to happen to her, so she's thus far avoided becoming jaded about life, facing each new day with a bright and sunny optimism.

Background: Ophelia has always found being a princess quite the best bit of luck. She's never wanted for much of anything, with maids and servants to tend to her needs. Far enough from the ruling line to not take much heed to lessons in leadership, Ophelia instead focused on whatever her interests might have been in the moment. For a while, she thought she might be a painter, and her rooms were cluttered with canvases full of particularly awful abstract artwork of which she is very, very proud. She later decided that fashion would be her creative outlet, and for quite some time she could be found draping her indulgent cousins with bits of silk or ribbon or strings of diamonds, certain that each of her designs would be the next big thing.

While certainly worthwhile, neither of these pursuits were exactly original within the Lyceum, where indolent pastimes were more the norm than anything particularly outstanding. With that in mind, she turned to more unusual hobbies. Rock collecting - that ended with a particularly long-winded lecture after she collected a ruby ring that didn't belong to her. Egg carving - a beautiful art meant for someone with a more extensive attention span than Ophelia. Things came to a head however when she decided to take up bird-keeping. Her father indulged her desire, purchasing a beautiful menagerie of songbirds. She'd sit inside, watching the birds flit about, singing sweetly, and eventually she decided they'd be happier with other birds for company, so she threw open the doors.

Needless to say, the songbirds didn't waste any time escaping, and during her attempts to corral them back from the cage doors, they tangled in her hair, screeched in her face, scratched her arms and just generally made for the worst day of Ophelia's life. She ran to tell her brother, Luca, about what had happened, and Luca informed her with seriousness that the birds, being non-native to Lenosia, would kill all of the other birds on the island. Little did he know that his words would instill in Ophelia a hobby that would stand the test of time. She took up archery, and after several months of training with a determination heretofore unseen in the Velenosa princess, Ophelia began to systematically kill the songbirds of Lenosia.

Concerned, but not unduly so, since Ophelia was still the same bright-eyed, sweetly dispositioned girl as always, it was determined that Ophelia would go and spend some time at the capital with her brother, and perhaps not return home until she'd had a reality check and determined what exactly she meant to do with her life. Her time in the city of Arx was spent with Luca whenever he was home from his expeditions and she found pleasure in telling him stories of what she did to occupy her time while he was gone. Archery competitions, hunting excursions at the Lodge of Petrichor, horseback riding, avian target practice, it was everything that she wanted and more. Life was so very good. That is, until tragedy struck during the winter of 1010.

Luca was unexpectedly killed and his death left Ophelia reeling for the year to follow. She continued to grasp for meaning in her life and she tried all sorts of activities to keep her mind distracted from the pain that she felt. It was a struggle. During that dark time in her life, she put down her bow and arrows and left the songbirds alone.

Time, as they say, heals all wounds and eventually the sweetly aimless princess found direction and purpose at the Lodge of Petrichor where she could focus on her discipleship and passion for hunting. With such a difficult life lesson learned, Ophelia hardened herself to the reality that nothing lasts forever and that life is an opportunity that should not be squandered. Her appreciation for the little things grew exponentially and her gratitude helped balance this new outlook on life, which meant that happiness could be found again. And it certainly was. Her bow and arrows were picked back up and the birds of Arvum were no longer safe as the avian huntress returned with newfound drive and purpose.

Still sweet, still kind, and still the best secret keeper in all of Arx, Ophelia is finally gaining a sense of normalcy with each passing day.

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