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Crafters Guild

Words: "May Jayus inspire you, as your art makes the world."
Sigil: Hammer crossed with a brush.

The Crafters' Guild of Jayus is a mix both of extremely mercantile minded craftsmen who wish to ply a trade for the maximum amount of profit and artistically minded artists who have only the most passing relationship with supporting themselves. While it is considered improper for nobles to engage in any form of art for profit, quite a few practice an art-form as a form of worship towards Jayus and become an associated artist of the guild.


Name Rank Title Description
Felix 1 Guildmaster Legendary Weaponsmith
Hana 2 Assistant Guildmaster Legendary Weaponsmith
Apollo 2 Assistant Guildmaster Master Leatherworker
Eithne 4 Master Crafter Master Armorsmith
Wolbrand 4 Master Crafter Master Jewler
Ida 4 Master Crafter Master Weaponsmith
Morrighan 4 Master Crafter Master Tailor
Aurora 4 Master Crafter Legendary Tailor
Kenemir 4 Master Crafter Legendary Leatherworker
Valery 4 Master Crafter Legendary Apothecary
Torian 4 Master Crafter Master Leatherworker
Petal 4 Master Crafter Legendary Tailor
Alexis 4 Master Crafter Master Armorsmith
Emele 4 Master Crafter Master Armorsmith
Talia 4 Master Crafter Master Tailor
Saya 4 Master Crafter Legendary Tailor
Rinaldo 4 Master Crafter Apothecary
Jacali 4 Master Crafter Master Apothecary
Nurie 4 Master Crafter Master Tailor
Neviah 4 Master Crafter Master Apothecary
Orchid 4 Master Crafter Master Carpenter
Ephrath 4 Master Crafter Master Jewelsmith
Rinel 4 Master Crafter Master Jewelsmith
Seren 4 Master Crafter Master Jewelsmith
Jessamine 5 Crafter Apothecary
Lola 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Francesca 5 Crafter Apothecary
Gisele 5 Crafter Apothecary
Silana 5 Crafter Apothecary
Jayeth 5 Crafter Armorsmith
Gavin 5 Crafter Carpenter
Gwendolyn 5 Crafter Apothecary
Lyiana 5 Crafter Tailor
Waldemai 5 Crafter Armorsmith
Branan 5 Crafter Artist
Merek 5 Crafter General Crafter
Nathaniel 5 Crafter Jeweler
Manox 5 Crafter Apothecary
Dayton 5 Crafter Leatherworker
Zakar 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Lia 5 Crafter Leatherworker
Haati 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Caprice 5 Crafter Tailor
Nimm 5 Crafter Leatherworker
Rickard 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Avasyn 5 Crafter Apothecary
Malik 5 Crafter Artist
Seva 5 Crafter Apothecary
Maeve 5 Crafter Apothecary
Archene 5 Crafter Apothecary
Greer 5 Crafter Armorsmith
Tallius 5 Crafter Carpenter
Lanei 5 Crafter Tailor
Thistle 5 Crafter A mystery!
Arthur 5 Crafter Leatherworker
Rose 5 Crafter Apothecary
Kiaaleia 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Siobhan 5 Crafter <unknown>
Corinne 5 Crafter Apothecary
Aaron 5 Crafter Tailor
Claude 5 Crafter Carpenter
Thesbe 5 Crafter Tailor
Lottie 5 Crafter Baker
Jorunna 5 Crafter Artist
Mae 5 Crafter Artist
Rue 5 Crafter Tailor
Venturo 5 Crafter Brewer
Cufre 5 Crafter Jeweler
Salvador 5 Crafter Carpenter
Arion 5 Crafter Apothecary
Aviana 5 Crafter Tailor
Briar 5 Crafter Leatherworker
Kaine 5 Crafter Artist
Giselle 5 Crafter Apothecary
Chiara 5 Crafter Brewer
Sasiri 5 Crafter Carpenter
Aonghus 5 Crafter Armorsmith
Snow 5 Crafter Apothecary
Alayne 5 Crafter Apothecary
Karina 5 Crafter <unknown>
Vittoria 5 Crafter Tailor
Alessio 5 Crafter Jeweler
Mevo 5 Crafter Apothecary
Niro 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Kyden 5 Crafter <unknown>
Berto 5 Crafter Brewer
Imane 5 Crafter Tailor
Jorn 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Arielle 5 Crafter Stylist
Mailys 5 Crafter Haggler
Adora 5 Crafter Carpenter
Amorria 5 Crafter Jeweler
Vincenzo 5 Crafter Tailor
Isatis 5 Crafter Weaponsmith
Reynir 5 Crafter Jeweler
Evangelina 5 Crafter Artisan
Kheun 5 Crafter Apothecary
Cassia 5 Crafter Apothecary
Helle 5 Crafter Carpenter
Aerwyna 5 Crafter Tailor
Sira 5 Crafter Tailor
Kalivan 5 Crafter Apothecary
Caera 5 Crafter Apothecary
Saro 5 Crafter Carpenter
Kanduo 5 Crafter Carpenter
Galatea 5 Crafter <unknown>
Renee 5 Crafter <unknown>
Gertrude 5 Crafter Apothecary
Astor 5 Crafter Apothecary
Leda 5 Crafter Apothecary
Mimi 5 Crafter Artist
Sindri 5 Crafter
Swift 5 Crafter
Otto 5 Crafter
Laurel 5 Crafter
Juliette 5 Crafter
Ciriel 5 Crafter
Ilsa 5 Crafter
Severine 6 Journeying <unknown>
Wrakjon 6 Journeying
Scarlett 6 Journeying
Dag 6 Journeying
Denon 7 Associate Courtier
Jeremiah 7 Associate Merchant
Brier 7 Associate Lady of Crovane & Armorsmith
Miella 7 Associate Haggler
Saedrus 7 Associate Former Model
Melody 7 Associate Former Model
Alexio 7 Associate Haggler
Tatienne 7 Associate
Wylla 8 Patron The Archlector of Jayus
Nico 8 Patron Supporter
Lora 8 Patron Lady of Fidante
Silas 9 Retired Baron Whitehawk & Retired Carpenter
Tabitha 9 Retired Lady Whitehawk & Artist
Anastasio(RIP) 10 Perished Apothecary
Ianthe 10 Perished Merchant