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Saro Uliveto

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. ..Usually for the worse.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Luckless Luthier
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Uliveto
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 27
Birthday: 3/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Carpenter
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Murky blue-grey
Skintone: Dusky olive

Description: Saro has a lopsided smile that reveals a missing left front tooth, and the faintly worn look of her gently angled face suggests she's seen a lot in her short life. Her coal black hair has a tendency to curl and stick out from her head at odd angles when loose, and to escape messily from its fastenings when worn up. Blue-grey is the predominant color of her eyes, but in their changeable murky quality they seem to hold a little of all the moods of the sea. She is prone to bouts of illness and is almost painfully thin, yet the sinewy muscle in her arms and calves suggest the strength and agility of which she's capable in good health.

(is wearing her hair in a rolled bun that seems keen to unroll itself despite the heroic efforts of haircombs and pins)

Personality: Saro has an oddly unfinished sort of character, not so much in the sense of being incompletely formed, but rather that she's smooth and polished in some ways with unexpected patches of roughness elsewhere, as if a very talented artisan had begun the shaping of her personality but lost interest in the process at critical junctures. She is generally level-headed with a tendency towards the practical, but is often sent off course by a streak of dreamy vision, or loses her temper in a fit of irritability. She's deeply empathetic, yet sharp-tongued on occasion and at times stunningly tactless -- sometimes intentionally so, other times just out of thoughtlessness. She has a strong streak of stubborn persistence, but is prone to bouts of melancholy and doubt that may cause her to suddenly give up at just the moment when she might have achieved success. Nevertheless she has a kind heart, a ready sense of humor, and a soft spot for both animals and children.

Background: Dogged by bad luck and poor decisions, Saro is a woman who seems perpetually to be trying to leave one life behind for a new one, trailing a string of battered cast-off existences in her wake. Her origins lie in the warm, dry farming country of the Lyceum, and it's certain that she's been by turns olive grower's daughter, ship's deckhand, farrier's assistant, and street entertainer, but she also seems to have been involved in a number of failed or elsewise simply disagreeable ventures that she prefers to leave in the past. Whatever else she may have been and however fickle her fortunes, she chanced happily to find a trade she truly loved when she become a luthier's apprentice in the city of Bravura. With a deft hand, a delicate touch, and an eye and ear alike attuned to beauty, she is in a fair way to become a carpenter and luthier of good reputation in Arx -- with luck.

Name Summary
Ajax A crafts woman, huh, well. Good luck to you, I really do hope you can succeed.
Alessandro A spider expert -- luckily for me. And one cannot help but like someone who is kind fo their children.
Arcadia Interesting woman. Passionate about her work. Hopefully she'll get that workshop going.
Athaur A instrument maker! We will have to talk later
Braden An instrument maker. I have heard she is very talented. Wonder what other wood working she can do.
Brady One of those people you get the feeling ate carrying a dark secret. But hey, that's everyone these days, am I right?
Brigida Would be better if she didn't fidget so much. She is pleasant enough though.
Delia She is a font of knowledge on spiders, and I absolutely adore it! I never would have thought I would want to do more than enjoy their webs, but now I want to learn about them too. Her enthusiasm is contageous.
Domonico New to the city and already making high class connections. Well done.
Evaristo Luthier galore, she's so very welcome and seems to be that no-nonsense sort of person that gets stuff done. I like her!
Gianna A luthier, confident in her abilities and a very welcome addition to the Bard's College. I like her.
Iliana Friendly, and with an obvious passion for her craft that I appreciate. I intend to get a look at some of her work, and see her play too if I can manage it.
Jeffeth She had biscuits. They were very good biscuits. For this. I will never forget her.
Josephine Her dedication things 8 legged is inspiring.
Korka A quiet, mysterious luthier. Very polite, shared her biscuits!
Leola Have to love someone who loves spiders as much as Saro. Just not up close. Or visit them.
Lorenzo A charming woman who makes musical instruments. I do enjoy speaking with someone who is passionate about her work, and I look forward to speaking with her again.
Lycoris She looks to be handling the weather far, far better than I think I ever could. I have no idea why she's missing a tooth, but I look forward to seeing her again and hearing that story.
Marisol The Mistress is keen and sharp with a rather creative mind. I appreciate her attention to detail even when it come to the personal. Perhaps we will have a conversation when it is not to discuss what she will make of me and that day I look forward to.
Nina She's a skilled craftswoman, that I can tell. She also has a fair talent for improvisational song... or at least, she's brave enough to give it a go! I should look for her the next time I need new strings...
Porter A very kind woman that introduced me to one of the most adventurous spiders that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Quintin A luthier with a love of stringed musical instruments. And other instruments, but particularly stringed ones, as I understand it. I hope she does plenty of business.
Reese An interesting woman who makes instruments and music both. I hope have instruments made by her one day and I hope to hear her music too.
Sabella An incredibly talented luthier that works for the Bard's College! I have to say there's an air of mystery about her, but perhaps that just comes from being the person that creates the tools with which people make music! It must be amazing to know that what you do will last long after you are gone.
Seren A quiet one, she. But the Mockingbird seemed to have great respect for her skill as a luthier. And she does show herself to be pretty clever once she opens up.
Thea Apparently she has talents that I'll have to see. And she's modest about them. Which isn't an awful trait to have. I'll have to seek her out for gifts. I still don't uderstand the arts, but still..
Willow She seems sweet and an animal lover. As someone who prefers animals to people, myself, that is /always/ a good thing.