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Severine Seabright

A time to rend, and a time to sew.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Semptress of Seasilk
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Seabright
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 24
Birthday: 01/09
Religion: Pantheon; Queen of Endings
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Seal Brown
Eye Color: Silver Sage Green
Skintone: Sun-Kissed Fair

Description: Well-built, standing arrow-straight, muscled and graceful -- although not effortlessly -- her form was gained through a half decade of training of some sort. Her figure is nearly nonexistent, any trace of curve has been replaced with muscle. Light and quick on her feet, slender and honed from exercise like some sleek creature -- like an unsheathed rapier. Her hair is a closely cropped nimbus of dark seal brown with flashes of mahogany if she's been in the sun, combed by nothing more than her fingers. Her fine-boned face is classically angular: high cheekbones, straight nose, wide-set eyes and a pointed chin. Normally fair, though her sun-kissed complexion will take on freckles over her nose and faintly ruddy cheeks. Her eyes are the silvery-gray of frost-touched leaves with just enough green to lighten the severity of her stoic gaze, if barely. Small, strong hands are calloused and scarred with constellations of faded scars from either the needle or the sword. Although she tends to speak quietly, she carries herself with evident confidence and attempts to create a certain likable distance in her demeanor.

Personality: Every word is considered before it is spoken. Every emotion should be checked before expressing it. Driven and focused. Quiet and intense. Loyal and steadfast. Willful, perceptive and patient. Faith intertwined with spirituality. A wary curiosity of the unknown. A desire to pursue those mysteries. Confident, disciplined. Occasionally caustic and defensive. Respect given is respect earned. Slow to smile, slower to anger. Reserved, severe. Sometimes caught by the small glimpses of beauty in the world that reveal themselves. Passionate crafter with a keen eye for -- needlepoint.


Severine Seabright is the second youngest in a family of four, with two older brothers and a younger sister. Dear mother Dolores Grimsea (-- the younger sister of Anneke Grimsea -- the wife of Harald Grimhall ) may have offended the despotic Eugine Grimhall over a perceived slight that came with a substantial punishment. She was ordered to either marry Pyotr Seabright or face the extermination of the whole of the Grimsea family if she did not obey. Fortunately, Dolores was passing fond for Pyotr Seabright, one of House Grimhall's most steadfast naval captains, having commanded a decently sized fleet from Grihem's Point for most of his maritime career. The Seabright name was distinguished based on its own merits, so Dolores was indifferent to the loss of her title and name.

Living in the Mourning Isles is rarely predictable, from the constant threat of piracy (-- and rumors of worse) even during those calm times between battles, but Severine's life was relatively stable. Like her sister, she missed her father when he was away keeping Grimhall waters safe, and when he came back to his homeport -- her younger sister would always be the first one running down the docks to meet him -- Severine would always be the one to meet him before the hearth. Whether it was darning socks or mending the tears in his clothes. This was the quiet way that Severine showed her usefulness.

The family was as traditionalist as any in the Mourning Isles, though they kept only two thralls, a couple with minor debts that were paid off within a handful of years. They chose to stay on, and thus Severine's experience with the practice was peaceable and familial. She was taught to sew while under the attentive eye of the woman that she considered a part of household. Soon enough she was sneaking in hidden, embroidered embellishments on the collars and cuffs of her father's uniforms. Tiny superstitious symbols, minute lines of prayers to the gods -- anything to ensure that her father would always return safe. Carefully stitched during those long hours fireside as he told the family of his exploits at sea. Yes, this was the quiet way that Severine expressed her love.

Such traditionalism may have meant that Severine would have been wed off to some worthy warrior, birth heirs (and not much else) -- yet Severine was clever enough to seek out more. Yes, her father would have put his foot down hard had she asked to train with the fleet, or taken up a blade for the Legion, yet she knew better than to ask -- or demand -- for either. When her younger sister craved canvas and brush, Severine craved the needle and thread. When her younger sister proved to be a prodigy (Jayus-touched, they said) creating exquisite works of art from such a young age, Severine agreed - yes, her sister had a gift. Severine would quietly, progressively continue to learn the tailor's art. The girl's hands became quick, her eyes sharp. It proved to be a highly methodical craft that required the precise measuring, cutting, and sewing of fabric in order to create the most aesthetically pleasing styles. This was the quiet way that Severine marked time, waiting for a favorable opportunity.

Once her parent's marriage had started to cool, and the increasing frequency of Pyotr's journeys were slowly becoming more obvious. A week turned into many weeks. Weeks turned into months. By the time that Severine had reached the age of her majority at eighteen, her mother Dolores was devoting nearly all her time to her youngest daughter, Karina, driving her to excel with her art. This was the favorable opportunity that she had been waiting for. Severine wrote a letter to the renowned Academy of Courtiers in Setarco, sending along one of her finest gowns in seasilk and trimmed in pearls - asking to be allowed admittance -

Instead, what she had done was create a reason to leave Grihem's Point for the Southern Isles, sent out with nothing more than murmured assent from her mother and the full approval of her father who was proud to know that _both_ of his daughters seemed to be on the path toward ends and ambitions that would bring positive attention to the family. There was never any response to her letter - or, if there was - Severine made it go away. She went away. She settled in Setarco, seemingly content to ply her trade as a seamstress for the nobility of the Lyceum. At least until the Gyre conflict that sank so many ships and sailors to the deep, dark belly of the sea and the sheer number of casualties frightened her. She took that fear and turned it into respect as she learned about Death. That respect bloomed into faithfulness as she accepted the Mother of Beginnings. This was the quiet way that Severine learned to revere the Queen of Endings.

Eventually, news reached Severine that her sister had suffered the loss of her beloved. That Karina was being sent away from Grihem's Point for the mainland, headed to the capital city of Arx to attend as a lady-in waiting to Vanora Grimhall.

In her quiet way, Severine followed.

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