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If you aren't buying something, get out.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Surly Carpenter
Fealty: Crown
Family: Ulbran
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 2/6
Religion: Atheist
Vocation: Carpenter
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: light

Description: Of rather average height, Adora's dark brown hair has been pulled up and away from her face in a series of knots that give her a slightly eccentric appearance. Her skin is pale with her hands and fingers marked by many scars, some thin and faint, others thicker, likely from a careless movement with a sharp tool. Her brown eyes are large, but often narrowed and mouth turned downwards in a scowl. She's thin, the sort of skinny form that speaks to a lack of nutrition when young, and she doesn't so much have curves as a sharpness to her, all unwelcome angles and elbows. Her skin is pale and often covered in a light layer of sawdust.

Personality: To the majority of people, Adora is gruff and off-putting. For the most part she is not interested in other people unless they're paying customers. She has little patience for stupidity and has no qualms about letting people know they've gotten on her nerves. She is unfriendly, foul-mouthed, and sarcastic, but she can be charming when the need calls for it. She just tries to make sure it never does. She is not interested in being your friend. She is interested in selling you a bookcase and becoming the best damn carpenter in Arx.

Background: The Bell family of Arx was once known for making, you guessed it, bells! But it turns out the demand for such things isn't as great as one would think since they're mostly made to last. As a result, luckless Abrahall Bell (who everyone just called A as a sly joke), decided to strike out on his own and found a brewery! Sadly, he was not very good at it yet he was extremely stubborn that one day Bell Beer would take off, and so it wasn't long before he and his young new family found themselves in the Lower Boroughs, not quite struggling to survive thanks to small stipends sent by other more successful family members, but close enough.

Two children were born of his marriage to wife Barb: Silver, a sickly young boy and Adora, who her mother swore never smiled until she was three years old and learned to push her brother down.

Adora embraced the lawlessness of the Lower Boroughs early on, sneaking away from her family to roughhouse with the local kids and inevitably being taken in by the Ulbrans, who recognized a little thug when they saw one. She took to petty thieving like she was born to it and by the time she was a teenager had many run-ins with the Iron Guard, most of which she was able to talk her way out of. Not all. At a loss, her parents tried to steer her towards something that wouldn't end up with her at the end of a noose or worse, and thus a love of whittling was born. From there it was a short leap to carpentry. She loved the feeling of assembling something from nothing and loved the feel of coin in her hand even more. Coin that the Iron Guard couldn't question her about! By the time she hit her twenties, she was on the straight and narrow--at least by all outside appearances--looking to open her own shop and start raising her family out of the Lower Boroughs once and for all.

Relationship Summary

  • Magpie - Ughh
  • Mayir - Ughhhhhhhhh
  • Jeffeth - Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why did you bring him here he is so annoying
  • Gilroy - Uuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh you're always ruining it
  • Petal - Uuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Rowenova - Ugh
  • Draven - Ugh
  • Andry - Ughhhhhhh
  • Arthen - Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Evaristo - uuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Client:
  • Alarissa - Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Jasher - Ughhhhh
  • Alaric - Ughhh
  • Isabetta - Uuuughhhhhhhhh
  • Oswyn - Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Gianna - Ughhhh
  • Vanora - Ughhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Acquaintance:
  • Theodoric - Yeah, whatever don't mention it

  • Parent:
  • Abe - Whatever.
  • Barbara - Whatever.

  • Sibling:
  • Silver - Die.
  • Name Summary
    Agostino As gruff as her reputation suggests, but equally talented. At least you know where she stands as you speak with her, though.
    Ajax A shrewd business woman, likely talented enough. Should smile more when selling bookcases, though.
    Alarissa Well. That was that.
    Aleksei Yeah she's just a little scary!
    Alrec Gods damn it! Why do I keep running into my favorite furniture maker while doing jobs.
    Amari She's so Adora-bly grumpy, and I'm sure she doesn't like me at all.
    Amund Loud. Unafraid. Carpenter? Can't explain.
    Andry Still as charming as ever, I hear the other craftsmen use her to weld steel.
    Armani I wonder if her furniture will be valuable to future generations, the customers that pass the trial of her social graces and staggering prices must be few.
    Arthen Wow. She is somethin', ain't she? *long slow whistle* Wow. *slow shake of head*
    Artur Adora makes the 'Best Bookcases in all of Arvum' though I wonder if she would be happier operating a mail order business, rather than a shop. She certainly seems very strong and well...fierce. Sort of like a cross between a hungry bear and a manticore.
    Auda So blunt, it's amazing. Don't expect sugarcoating from her, but I don't have much of a sweet tooth.
    Beatrice She stormed up to my table in the middle of the Black Fox, swearing about fake and unfilled orders. She has a mouth, clearly, and fearlessness if absolutely no sense of How Things Are Done. Jeffeth vouches for her quality. If I buy from her or if I do not, I don't think I can lose in this.
    Berto Charming woman, that.
    Bliss Seems pleasant enough. Complimented me on my fight. Too bad I couldn't stay long and really talk to her.
    Brady Thuggish, uncouthe, and a bully. That shouldn't be attractive, right? Right??
    Brianna Standoffish. Rude. If she makes good furniture, we'll see what goes on.
    Brigida Mouthy little thing. I almost like her.
    Cadenza Sent me a crib and said I owed her 15K silver...even though I didn't commission it from her. Ended up meeting all makes sense. The way you speak to/around me is how you get treated in return. It's a wonder she stays in business but hey....I guess good work is good work.
    Caith What a skilled artist! I likely disturbed her, pulling her away from the spark of inspiration -- so who can blame her for being a touch grouchy? Or perhaps I caught her on a bad day -- we all have them! Lovely! Just breathtakingly lovely!
    Calandra Gods, she curses a lot, and I say that having grew up in the Lowers! But I've yet to hear her equal!
    Calaudrin Funny thing, a lot of people have trouble with my last name. They spell it wrong or can't say it correctly... unless they've been arrested before. I can always tell the people I've arrested in the past based on how familiar they are with shouting "Estardes!" from a distance. Look, I found another one!
    Carmen How can such a little person be this -loud-? You can smell the Lowers from across the gods damned, sweat-soaked training center on her.
    Caspian I hope her wears are good, because with an attitude like that if they aren't she isn't gonna last very long! Though I will admit she's kinda funny in an ass hole kinda way.
    Clara I briefly met Adora at The Spirits. She seems nice enough, I nodded at her in greeting, then she joined in the conversation. I am sure she is a nice woman but until I get to know her better it would be difficult to say. I wish her well in everything she does.
    Cleo Bought her drinks! She seems very stiff and unfriendly though... which is a shame. Will have to try harder to thaw her out! It should be easy! This place is so hot compared to Everwinter anyone can thaw out.
    Coraline I wonder, is she part monkey? Why the stall tops why not just run? Strange girl, and hey did she steal that apple?
    Cullen A very angry carpenter who makes quality bookshelves and chests. I can't tell if it is a sales tactic and works, or is just a natural state of being. In any case, I should probably buy a chest from her. That might make her happy.
    Dariel Hard to really think much of someone who is cheering on the people trying to mug you.
    Delia Rude, with the gumption to be so to those who buy her wares regardless of their custom. This is someone with doesn't give a shit, save for every third word.
    Delilah About as foul-mouthed as they come, pricklier than a thistle, and a remarkably talented woodworker. Being on the receiving end of her snippy statements isn't particularly fun, but underneath the surface is someone with great talent and an iron backbone when it counts.
    Domonico Hasn't learned the first rule of training in Southport Square, which is training is first. It's not the place to come and try and push people to buy bookcases.
    Draven Dog Kicker! Moron! No wonder no one likes her!
    Eddard Officious and exasperating! Lord and flagrantly abrasive. What a woman.
    Emilia She is adorable.
    Evaristo Bluntly honest and I like it. So far!
    Faruq Rude. Brash. An out and out liar determined to knock everyone around her down a peg. I think I am in love.
    Fecundo Rather coarse, but I should not have been surprised. I was the one where I did not belong.
    Fianna A little scary and also a little intriguing. Not an animal lover, but perhaps our next conversation can be about something else!
    Fiora I don't like her.
    Gaston Likes to swear. For some reason, I get the impression she wants me to buy her stuff. I could be wrong, though...
    Genevra Snarky woman who likes her drinks. Honest, too.
    Gianna Grouchy, but not wrong.
    Gilroy What the fuck even is a bookcase?
    Harlex A plain spoken woodworker good at her trade. No unlikable qualities that I saw.
    Helena Uncouth, in a word, but one has to be impressed with her brassy courage. It got her some work, but it might one day get her hurt, if it hasn't already.
    Iseulet She thinks she's not Adora-bell in pink, but I do!
    Isidora Ooooo she does not like me at all. Granted she doesn't know me. Then again I don't know here. The feeling could be mutual.
    Jasher She's impertinent.
    Jeffeth Oh noooooo.
    Jennyva I still think she's adora-bell! Hah! Get it? No she's just like a walnut. Hard to crack but I'm sure she's a good nut on the inside.
    Josephine So brash, so gruff. But skilled. One has to respectt hat in it's whole.
    Jyri Bloody blunt, that one. That ain't necessarily a bad thing.
    Kaia Loud and rude. I would probably choose to buy my furniture from someone who is not so uncouth.
    Klaus I think she was grumpy I took her sausage pastries from her plate. She was not eating them, and I gave her butter tarts.
    Lore Hehehe. HAHAHAHAHA. I really should go see her shop.
    Lothar Mocked us for speaking like we're "out in the woods." Don't like her, but will always respect someone so plain-spoken.
    Lottie She's a bit scary, but I've seen her work. Worth the intimidating demeanor for such a level of craftsmanship. Besides, sometimes a bit of contention can help foster the best of friendships!
    Lucita A craftsman? She listens well but we just didn't seem to warm to each other.
    Macda If you can charm a brick, you can charm a pillow. Next time I'll bring one before I get there!
    Maddox A brash and loud mouthed commoner, she might be worth listening to.. if she can get her brain moving before her mouth.
    Malcolm . . . Uh. She's abrasive, fiesty, rude, and the best damn woodworker in the entire gods-damned city.
    Martino A very straight and loud woman to be sure, a door to many troubles.
    Melody She's upset with prodigals for overcrowding the city, but she probably doesn't consider /why/ they're finding safety here. She also has a poor read on me, but I don't blame her -- The umbra can be misleading.
    Meriah She must be on a high salt diet. Tsk tsk.
    Michael Obnoxious, oblivious. I like her.
    Miranda What a mouth! And I like her attitude. Doesn't let anyone or anything or any situation bother her.
    Modi My time in this city hasn't been long, but at last I've made a lasting impression upon not just any old person... But the greatest carpenter in all of Arx. I can tell I'll be looking forward to our business arrangements and discussing furniture dimensions! I'm so excited!
    Niklas She's just plain adorable. Pricey cabinets, tho.
    Nottie She does not seem pleased with Mayir. Not uncommon.
    Nuala Shrike of a high, shrill call that no one misses. Good in a merchant. Refreshingly sharp.
    Orathy She has similar views of where we all be, at the bottom of the shit heap. There is that. If she hate the Cullers for somethin one of us did, eh, sounds like we ain't the only ones.
    Orelia She's utterly enchanting. While, obviously, doing her utmost to be quite the opposite. I wonder if she realises that only inspires me to making her smile, ultimately? The grouch.
    Oswyn She says she's better with wood than with people and I can believe that. A determined woman unafraid of speaking her mind.
    Petal She seems kind of grumpy and knows about life in the lower boroughs. Maybe they are related. She doesn't like my name, probably others don't either but are just less honest about it.
    Raymesin Abrasive. Competent. I'm glad she's family.
    Reese She is one to keep your guard up around.
    Rinel She is excessively grumpy. I like her.
    Rowenova She tried to kick Sir Flop! I don't like her!
    Samuele interesting way to make a deal, but might actually work.
    Sorrel An extremely grumpy someone with no sense of decorum or respect for the Gods.
    Sparte I've often wondered how crafters that complain of their customers being annoying stay in business, but it is a rare sight to see someone complain about a customer before they can place an order. She is either very good at what she does or her competition is terrible.
    Stygia No love lost.
    Talwyn Rough, hard, and utterly cold as a frosty note in the dead of a winter's night. She has a way with words that fits the stage, but a chill that doesn't recommend itself.
    Theodoric Talented worker of wood and resourceful to boot.
    Valarian Has a distinct odor of sawdust about her and enough coarse words to have caused a tree to turn into said powder. A fine example of the lowers.
    Valdemar A direct, straightforward woman who is confident in her abilities.
    Valenzo Anyone who shuts down my friend Evaristo cold, hard, and in public, can't help but win my undying admiration /forever/.
    Vercyn Blunt, Rude, overconfident. I like her.
    Verity She wouldn't be my favorite soothsayer if she honeyed her words. Share edges are fine for this one.
    Vincenzo Burlap and quartz. Prickly, that is for sure. Quick to judge, seems to be uninterested in seeing past her assumptions. I've been to her shop. She's got talent. Shame.
    Willow Kind of reminds me of my older brothers. I'm not sure if the humorousness is intentional or incidental.
    Ysabel It ought to be illegal to be so unpleasant.
    Zebulon I don't like her.