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Raja Culler

Monsters are real. Ghosts are real. I am not talking of those that might walk the land. They are inside of all of us. Sometimes they win.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Shadow of the Boroughs
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: 5'6''
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Ebony
Skintone: Deep Brown

Description: Raja is a dark and mysterious looking woman. She has deep brown skin that sets her apart from most of Arx's inhabitants. Her raven black hair is actually twisted into many long dreadlocks that hang to her shoulders. These are often adorned with colorful beads or small golden clasps. Her almond-shaped eyes are beautiful, but they hold a dangerous, brooding sort of glare. She has a pair of full lips which are often twisted into a smirk. She is a little taller than most women, though not the tallest to be found. Her body is rather curvy with a full bosom and flaired hips. Those curves do not slow her down as she is rather strong and quite agile and it shows with each movement of her body.

Personality: Raja is typically quiet and brooding, sticking to her own business. Though, when her passions are aroused, she has no qualms in saying what she wants to say. Her language is often bold, hard, and often foul. She is quick to anger and will often hold a deep grudge until the offender has made ammends. Despite this, once someone has earned her loyalty, she can be one of the best allies one could have. Woe be to the one who would dare betray her.

Background: My earliest memory was aboard a ship. I remember lightning. I remember waves crashing over the deck. I remember people screaming and running back and forth as orders were barked. I remember a wave catching me and thrusting me against the mast. It all went dark after that. When I woke, I was here in this city. I don't remember how I got here. I don't even remember where I am from. What I do know is that someone took the time to make sure I was alive. Then, I was left in the tavern with a hot bowl of soup, never to see or hear from anyone of that voyage again.

It seems to me that noone likes to have a dead kid. Everyone wants to save the children. Yet, noone wants to take care of one. As a result, I simply became one of the forgotten. I lived on the streets, forced to steal so I could eat. I got caught many times and took my beatings. I would retreat to the dark corners to nurse my bruises. It strengthened me. I became better. I became bitter.

I grew older and I grew stronger. The people that tried to pick at me stopped as I showed them I was a force to be reckoned with. I stopped caring. Noone else cared, why should I? I made my way into the Culler family. I am not blood kin to them, but it sure beats being alone. It gives me a warm bed and food and in return, I will fight off anyone who dares to look sideways at them.

Name Summary
Agnarr Probably wants what's in my coinpurse, but eh, that's the whole boroughs to each other. Looks like a Grayson origin, or maybe deeper south.
Clara During a bar fight is always the best time to meet people...
Lou I met her during the new year. I find it unfortunately that she has to find food in the trash because she doesn't have enough to eat. I asked Mason to send her home with a bunch of meat pies so she doesn't starve. I could see he was gauging her skills, perhaps he might hire her for sometimg.
Magpie Magpie watched Raja encourage a full-out bar brawl before she joined in. She was grinning at the end despite taking some lumps. A Culler through and through.
Mira Dark and mysterious! Dreadlocks! Moves like a shadow! And turned on Jhond in my defense, which was really great. We almost hit him, too.
Orathy She came to the Cullers by my hand. Reckon I be pushing for her to be adopted as she were orphaned about the same age I were, when I be taken. It be some plenty of time ago, when she be a little mouse, scurrying about to survive, stealing lunches and giving a fella the slip. She be finding her way now, with the Cullers, and be knowing how to take care of herself. Reckon I has been looking out for her and teaching her best I can be doing, even if I be shit at it. Reckon I be proud to see her grown up as she be.
Petal Hopefully this will work out. I really need the help and she seems like a woman of ability, strength and streetwise. Couldn't hurt to have her around if the Thrax come strolling in either!
Reese So far I like her, but the meeting is brief. She says she is rogue and well rogues are quite needed, but also can be dangerous. I would be interested in learning more about her.
Sergei That's one serious face, I'll say that much. Always figured people the hold a serious face like that has something interesting to learn 'bout. I bet she's a real sweetheart.
Sparte I didn't really get to know this Culler well. I think they were having some amusement at the way I dealt with a brawl in the murder, and well, didn't come along to chat while I ran halfway across the lowers. Maybe next time.
Torian Good to see family get along, and nice to have another voice of wisdome in my ear as well.