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Bosco Caputo

Sometimes I imagine there's another me, living the life I was supposed to live and I hope he ultimately screws that up as good as I did.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Wayward Smith
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Caputo
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 11/17
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Smith
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: light olive

    Here's a man who is probably younger than he looks. Haunted might be a good word to describe the vibe he emits; a little too hard around some edges, a little scarred and calloused on others with an oft-times far-away look when there's nothing demanding his attention. He carries himself with a posture that is at times prouder than would be suggested by his station in life.
    Blue eyes are pale, with a colour that feels faded and dull, lending him a hard gaze. His olive skin is no stranger to the sun, nor to injury with a catalogue of small insults writ there from blade, fire and molten metal. For all these flaws, he's not unattractive and is obviously no stranger to demanding work and effort, with an impressively sturdy build that's matched with an artisan's dexterity. Black hair is kept short but achieves a reasonable level of kemptness.

Personality: No one has ever accused Bosco of being charming, witty or joyful. He's stubborn, that's for sure and often slips into snap judgments about people, places or things that are then hard to shift. There is a certain amount of bitterness about him that he doesn't express, and an often surly temprament that is prone to introspection. He's mostly pragmatic, and definitely capable. His passions (or perhaps outlets) are smithing and fighting, both of which involve beating something. Not quick to anger and there's often a weariness about any heated temper that suggests this wasn't always the case. He is capable of an affable good humour, although it doesn't always make it all the way to his eyes.

Background: Bosco had a good upbringing with a family on the very fringe of nobility in a minor house sworn to Velanosa. An able warrior, he was always quick to the blade and to the fight and learned martialry from his father, and crafting from his mother. He dreamed of being a knight and earning this through valliant effort. And he did. Everyone was proud; young, capable and destined for greatness.

It didn't quite work out that way though. Fortunes come and fortunes go, and after an early swing to favour there followed an equally potent downward spiral. A mix of bad decisions, inpugned honour, and a haze additiction culminated (in a long, drawn out episode) in being disowned.

There followed a trying period, kicked out of house and home and left to wander. The money dried up, and the addiction couldn't be fueled and hard choices had to be made. The swinging of the pendulum of fortunte led to an apprenticeship with an old master northlander smith in Ischia; the man was childless, and took pity on Bosco, guiding him out of the deep hole he'd fallen into. They developed a mutually beneficial arrangement and Bosco plied a trade as muscle and arms while mastering his trade in the small and soon to be terminated Caputo family.

Good times come to an end though, and with the passing of the old man after extended illness, Bosco was left with skills but no venue or patron. He has ultimately travelled to Arx to seek fortune or favour - without the social skills to pursue a business venture of his own, and having a most unfortunate past, he's left to hope that fortune is ready for an upwards swing.

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