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Hana Grayhope

Some people say a blade sings. I say it tells a story.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Crafting Prodigy
Fealty: Crown
Family: Grayhope
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 36
Birthday: 7/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Weaponsmith
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Titles: Disciple of Jayus, Legendary Smith

Description: The first thing most notice about this young woman is her striking hazel eyes, as well as her frequent warm and friendly smile; these, along with the slightly upturned tip of her nose, tend to make her look younger than she actually is. Her hair is a dark brown with golden highlights, verging on blonde, and often worn loose in slightly unruly curls when she's not working. Her left eyebrow is often quirked slightly higher than the right, giving her an almost challenging or questioning look at times. Yet despite this, her face and mannerisms tend to shift based on the company she keeps; that raised eyebrow can read as playful, challenging, or skeptical, depending on her tone and posture. That smile can seem amused, tolerant, or warm and friendly.

Personality: Hana is a study in contrasts, in many ways. She has an imaginative mind, which is turned to unusual and striking designs in her weaponsmithing work. Despite this, she has no desire to travel any more, preferring to stay to areas that feel comfortable and familiar when left to her own devices. She wants her crafts to be recognized, but she prefers to keep herself out of the spotlight. She's an independent young woman with a ready smile for new acquaintances, but she's also a conversational chameleon; as time goes on, she tends to find herself mimicing some of the speech patterns and mannerisms of those she's interacting with. With someone friendly and casual, she'll be friendly and casual. Formal? She'll speak formally. Aggressive posturing? She may well get up in their face. It's almost unconscious.

Background: Hana's mother was a member of a trading group that made a great loop through the cities of the realm, in an ongoing nomadic caravan. The girl spent her early life traveling, seeing goods from around the world, and speaking to many varied people. Perhaps that's why she became tired of traveling early on. Some people dream of seeing the world, but Hana's already seen it; her dreams are of waking in the same place for more than two or three days in a row, of getting to know one's neighbors. To know a city not as a tourist, but a resident.

Still, if traveling gave her anything, it was an appreciation for many different styles of crafting. Bows from two different cities would have distinct looks. Blades from one city had stylistic elements that another lacked. To someone who knows the language of weaponsmithing, everything has a story to tell in the line of the blade, the shape of the crossguard, even the chips and dents of use. And a crafter can use that same language to tell a story.

Now Hana's come to Arx, seeking to hone her crafting talents and perhaps make a comfortable life for herself. And maybe even meet the father she's never really known: a man named Aureth Grayhope.

Name Summary
Aleksei First off? Tried to hit on her. Then realized she's Aureth's kid. A little awkward. Now she's kind of like a little kid sister with a scary amount of weaponsmithing talent. Also tends to make dumb decisions about internal bleeding.
Alexis Hana Grayhope, finest weaponsmith in the city. She seems nice - and I saw her close to the Paladin of Groves. And she's not much older than me! I bet I have much to learn from her!
Arianna Lovely, respectful and perhaps one of the finest smiths I have ever had the chance to meet. I am sure I will be using her services quite a bit in the coming days. I do love a good blade.
Asher Why haven't I met her before today? She's family, yet we've never crossed paths. That's strange. But she seems nice, and willing to help teach me a thing or two so I can't fault her for that.
Aureth I had no idea Hana existed for the first 19 years of her life. It's just emblematic of generations of shitty Grayhope fathers, I guess. But she's the most precious thing in my life and part of the reason I became a real person. I couldn't be prouder of her.
Barric A fine and skilled weaponsmith, but also an interesting and dedicated disciple of Jayus, from all I have heard.
Caspian Judging by the accomplishment she had mentioned and how highly others spoke of her, she must be very talented.
Christine Another Greyhope! And this one knows about weapons. It's good to know.
Eleanor Leola says she's the best smith in the city, so I suppose she is. I'll be eager to get to know her on our journey.
Eleyna A remarkable and unique talent, especially as she is so very young. The commission she crafted for my husband was a marvel, despite her own criticism of it. She'll be someone to watch.
Fortunato Aureth's kid, and what a delightful surprise. Hana's the bravest person I know, although she'd never call herself that, always working for more and higher, scrabbling against risk (horrible risk) and hurt. A genius and a deep explorer of the craft. I'm proud she's my niece. I worry for her. I can't help it.
Gisele In a pack of Grayhopes, Hana stands out. A prodigy-- as Gisele was-- and sweet-- as Gisele was-- and up to her neck in events she never asked for-- as Gisele is-- she sees a lot of her younger self in Aureth's daughter, even on few encounters.
Joscelin Her niece? Kind of? Friend, definitely. Family? Yes. Certainly that.
Killian Hana made Killian's first 'real' sword, the blade he carried for years when adventuring on his own, bought without ever meeting the woman in a chance encounter upon the road that certainly could not have been chance. The gods themselves made certain he'd be armed with the sort of weapon that would see him safely to the destiny he would face years later, and he considers Hana to be -clearly- divinely gifted to arm those who would fight against evil. Plus she's incredibly cute. He crushed heavily upon her when they met and she repaired his sword, and discovered the shared history..and though nothing ever came of it as tragedy in her family kept him from seeking to pursue any sort of entanglement, still he remains incredibly fond of the smith and will use no other to arm himself or those he cares about. He makes no secret that she is the best, in his opinion.
Laric Littlest smith? Sure! Best smith? Apparently!
Leola We met, wandering an unfamiliar city, feeling lost and alone. We've grown closer in the months that have passed, until it feels as though she and I could hold tight to one another through the storm at the end of the world. When Brand assaulted my soul, she gave me a rock to cling to. I love her.
Lianne Sincere in her curiosity and polite enough not to ask after other's business. Remarkable workmanship, pleasant company. I am grateful.
Mercedes Probably not a criminal.
Reese Reese absolutely loves the weapons that Hana made for her and sees them as being very special. She even sees them as possibly blessed by the gods and credits Hana with such. She has great respect for her as a crafter despite not knowing her well. Reese things she is wonderful. She loves both Destiny and Devotion.
Roland This young smith is a prodigy! And so charming and sweet, too. She reminds him (entirely erroneously) of his little sister, who likes to tinker and make things too. When Bringers attacked her shop, Roland was there and would be good goddamned before he let anyone hurt Hana.
Saedrus Mistress Hana Grayhope is a delightful young woman, and one of such exceptional skill. Even though I have not had too many chances to speak with her personally, I do hope that changes. She seems a strong young woman, of her own mind, and with a quiet strength about her.
Shard The smith from the Storied Blade, so I've heard of her before. Thoughtful woman. Seems...nice. Randomly struck up a conversation about art, and it wasn't obnoxious.
Vanora She is polite and well spoken, and knowledgable on topics that I am interested in myself. Also she makes jewelry. I think having a jeweler for a friend can only improve things. I'll make a note to work on it.