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Jessamine Fawn

Only time can mend a broken heart, but I can help with the rest.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Bleeding Heart Healer
Fealty: Crown
Family: Fawn
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 1/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum blonde
Eye Color: turquoise
Skintone: rosy

Description: Radiating warmth, her bright smile is frequent and almost permanently dimples both cheeks. Delicate in almost every way, from her high cheekbones to deft, slender fingers, her petite height makes her seem all the more fragile. Despite that, she moves with animated exuberance, and such life sparkles in those turquoise eyes framed by long, often fluttering lashes. Soft skin is kissed with a healthy, rosy flush, and her face is dusted with an adorable smattering of faint freckles. Thick, snowy blonde hair brushes down to the middle of her back, falling in naturally loose curls.

Personality: Bubbly and flighty, Jessamine is a whirlwind of energy and is always on the go with some philanthropic project in mind or cause to champion in her own way. She's a sweet girl, with a heart bigger than her coin pouch truly allows for, but she has airheaded and forgetful tendencies. Even when expressing her extreme displeasure, she is careful to phrase her frustration in the most polite and tactful way she can manage. When others are in trouble, she is the first to swoop in and offer what aid she can, from a healing hand to a shoulder to cry on. Her fervent belief in the goodness of people - and the adorable innocence of all animals (especially the small and fluffy ones) - might make her naive, but she just smiles brightly through all such criticism.

Background: Jessamine is well aware that not all stories with such sad beginnings end up progressing so positively, a fact that has only made her embrace the goodness of her life all the more. The true circumstances of her birth remain a mystery to her. All she knows is that her very loving parents found her abandoned and, unable to have children of their own, took her into their home and hearts. She was never the brightest or wittiest among her peers, but she tried valiantly to make up for it with her willingness to share and play peacemaker. Far from a wilting flower, she has no issue speaking up when needed or doing she sees as right or necessary, she will just happily defer authority to a more competent individual in the right situation.

Those skills have served her well in adulthood: a helper, not a leader, she is more than content with her role as aide to those who need her services, from the injured to down-on-their-luck. To the frustration of many, she is an eternal optimist, stubbornly refusing to accept defeat in almost anything she deals with. Even the painful loss of her father, who abruptly disappeared a short time ago, has resulted in her carrying herself with her chin held higher in determination as she tries to unravel the cause.

Now that her father has vanished and her mother is too elderly to run the family business, Jessamine has taken over care of the Traders Tavern at night while spending her days balancing apothecary orders and offering her healing services as needed. It keeps her busy, but there is little she hates more than idle hands, save for maybe the abuse of adorable creatures.

Relationship Summary

  • Dorian - Dashing Champion
  • Acacia - Vivacious Vixen
  • Silas - Clever Card Master
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