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Saedrus Whisper

The swan who goes on living in its parents' tree will die; this is why those who are beautiful and talented bear the burden of finding their own way in the world.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Cultured Courtier
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Cicisbeo
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 24
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: snow white
Eye Color: vibrant evergreen
Skintone: alabaster

Titles: Disciple of Skald

Description:     There is a unique charm to Saedrus that bleeds into every aspect of his form as if he were a created thing rather than imperfectly born. His gait is light, reminiscent of a dance and his voice caries a gentle yet rich cadence. Silken lengths of snowy white hair cascades well below his shoulders, a glimmer of starlight caught in the lengths in just the right light. The shorter lengths frame his features that tread a fine line between masculine and delicate. The mix a courtesy of pronounced cheekbones and strong jaw, which lacks even a whisper of stubble where one would expect it. The brilliant shade of his evergreen eyes holds confidence, tranquillity and sincere interest in their captive gaze while his mouth craves attention with its warm smile. No taller or shorter than the next man he has the honed physique of a dancer but broaches on the leaner end of the scale. Svelte might best describe the young man. A keen viewer though might note the smaller flaws, of which there are many, that suggest Saedrus is indeed one of those imperfectly born things. A few are more noticeable than others like the pale scars on otherwise smooth hands or the slight sneer an old hair-fine scar leaves on his upper lip.

Personality: Serenity becomes Saedrus; he is oft as tranquil as the mirror shine of an undisturbed lake. Not to say he is without passion, merely knows there is a time and place for such things. He is seldom brought to ire or malicious in word or action and in spite of being softly spoken Saedrus never lacks conviction nor shies from calling a spade anything other than what it is. Astute yet willing to admit to a lack of understanding in some topics he is always eager to learn, or to ask, but this eagerness can fuel a wicked curiosity for which he must stride along a fine line of decorum, never going so far to appear intrusive. Compassion comes easily to Saedrus and his loyalty is fierce. No matter the need he is willing to do almost anything to brighten another's day, bring about a smile or relieve some small burden if he is able. He is an attentive sounding board, an empathic ear and if needed simply company to enjoy wine and conversation with.

Background: A childhood spent growing up on one of the lush fragrant vineyards that surround the village of Saikland Greens sounds idyllic, a vision painted in dreamscape. In truth it was incredibly dull. Nothing of note happened throughout Saedrus' youth. Much of it he spent working on the family land, small as it was, with his six sisters and little else. They were a close family for many years but slowly one by one their numbers drew short as each of his sisters wed and started their own families leaving Saedrus to care for the vineyard alone, what with his father's failing health.

It all came to an end when his father passed. Saedrus had the choice then to keep making some of the most tantalizing wine as his father had done, and his father before him, or he could become more than a simple farmer. Wanderlust had always been in his heart but it was not until responsibility to his family had faded that the want for adventure became unbearable, that and the group of troubadours passing through Saikland Greens added just enough push to drive Saedrus towards his ambitions.

He stayed with the troupe for some months, travelling through the south and with them began his love for the arts, specifically music and dance. There would be more to learn though, and he could not stay with the musicians forever. The search for adventure and all the knowledge that comes with it saw Saedrus travel much of the continent in the first handful of years, never staying long enough to grow roots in one place. What called to him in all of his travels though were the schools of Courtesans where beauty and talent were drawn by the same brush and wrapped in silken finery; that was where he wanted to be. Where he could pursue his great love for performance and could bring that splendour to others, bring just a little colour and wonder into the darkness of the current state of the world.

For the last four years he's studied at a small variety of schools along the eastern coast on a path that has lead him back to Arx. Saedrus has passed through the city on countless occasions, who knows how long he might stay this time.

Relationship Summary

  • Valery - Dear Girl and So Soft Spoken
  • Magpie - Curious Young Man of Curious First Impressions
  • Mae - Incredibly Sweet and Unquestionably Youthful
  • Orathy - Brute

  • Family:
  • Aleksei - "Hand Wash Only"
  • Aldwin - Most Kind and Wise Dominus
  • Aureth - Ridiculous and Fabulously So
  • Fortunato - My Favourite Artist

  • Patron:
  • Presently - Undetermined

  • Oathlands:
  • Roland - Adorable. (Which does not infer I wish to marry him.)
  • Isabeau - Generous Princess and Potential Dance Student
  • Holden - Most Stern and Brusque Knight
  • Warrick - Infrequently Lucky and Aspiring Baker
  • Sophie - Delightful Company and Unquestionably Kind

  • Lyceum:
  • Calypso - Lethal Grace and Steel Trendsetter
  • Eirene - Stern but Skilled Medic
  • Mirari - Breathtakingly Inspiring

  • Ally:
  • Bliss - Cause of Many Headaches
  • Lumen - Magnificent and Causes far less Headaches
  • Amanda - Charmingly Oathlander
  • Rook - Patron and Asset to the Whisper House
  • Ferrando - Keeper of the Courtiers and Trusted House Staff
  • Jhond - Adventurously Wild
  • Nisaa - Dearest little Dancer
  • Gianna - Determined Young Woman

  • Deceased:
  • Eos - Grief Remains. Slow is the Healing.
  • Niamh - Remarkable Champion and Dearly Missed
  • Juliet - Most Vibrant Rose of Tor
  • Kima - Beloved Inspiration

  • Friend:
  • Orazio - Just and Honourable Archlector
  • Joscelin - Gifted Jeweller and Bearer of Gifts

  • Crownlands:
  • Ainsley - Dashing Prince in Dashing Armour
  • Tikva - Adorably Sweet and Fellow Absurd Blusher
  • Reese - Noble Princess and a most Brave Knight
  • Laric - Perplexing and Not So Serious
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A wonderful host in the grotto and from similar lands as I. I look forward to learning more about this whisper.
    Alaric What fantastically long hair, she must spend lots of time taking care of it to be so luxurious. I barely noticed anything else about her!
    Alexis The Softest Whisper Saedrus. He's a wonderful, wonderful man. Ever so polite, and soft-spoken like his title would say. Elegant and graceful. I'm sure he makes both men and women swoon. I always need to hold back the urge to dedicate some great deed to him.
    Artur Beautiful and charming, with legs that go on for miles! Everything a whisper is meant to be, I suppose. Even so, there's obviously a lot more to him than a pretty face (and yes, legs) - intriguing.
    Bliss I write this not about the man who just became Radiant, but about the one I have known as my fellow Softest these past few months. Saedrus Whisper is the epitome of elegance and poise, and the man whom I know I can rely on, no matter what. I trust him, wholly and completely, which is something I can say about so, so few people. A sharp mind, steel hidden under all those soft layers, a cunning brain, and a returned trust to those who work with him - he is one of the best in all of Arvum, if not further. Soft Whispers, Harder Hearts.
    Clover Saedrus Whisper is surely grace in human form. The impression that Clover gets of him is a man of utter social and physical grace. He's a moment of surcease during a difficult situation. Comforting, amazing, and kind.
    Cristoph It's been a time since I last saw the Softest Whisper Saedrus. I had nearly forgotten what an amazing host he was. The dinner was spectacular and the next time we need to host a large event at the Laurent House, I know who we'll look to.
    Daemon I usually don't meet many people who have such beauty to them. Saedrus offered me kind words and a charming demeanor that I'm not soon to forget. A true example of the Whisper's integrity without a doubt.
    Ferrando I'd never really talked to him in depth until a tea party at the Fidante Villa, and it's really a shame that it took that long. Saedrus is a consummate Whisper, elegant, subtle, and most importantly he had the Grotto built which is the main reason I don't freeze solid during Arx winters.
    Flora It is very, very important for the protagonist of any given novel to be able to touch their shoulders. If they can't-- well, YOU KNOW. You know.
    Gisele Gisele's first /first/ impression of Saedrus was one of his robes-- the man has excellent taste in silks, even she could see that. And though they never really spoke, she saw the effects of his presence on the people she most cares about in this world. It's made for a remote sort of fondness, an affection only confirmed seeing the proof of his care and consideration first-hand.
    Hana I've only met him a few times, always with Aleksei around, but he seems nice! Very thoughtful sometimes, but attentive to others. I guess that's what a Whisper always should be.
    Holden The man is stronger-willed than he appears. I appreciate his candor. And he's a damned good cook. So far it has been difficult to find fault in him.
    Holden My brother is fortunate to have you to look after him, even when he's being a brat.
    Ian He's very much a Whisper. I guess it takes all kinds.
    Jael I have a faint memory of him trying to help the Mercies at the melee while Cris was down, but really saw his true nature at Princess Tikva's dinner. He is a truly gifted host. I hadn't thought to call on the Whisper House to help with events at the Laurent Manse, but I will certainly have to consider it now.
    Jeffeth I've heard so much and I finally get to see him in action! And look at him go! Get him, Saedrus!
    Katarina Saedrus Whisper, another of the Whisper House, and one of high ranking that keeps the company of, seemingly, a few of the upper echelons of the community of the Faith. Well-mannered, polite, but she's never spoken at length with him. Perhaps that might change in the future.
    Lou A skilled member of Whisper House who helped organize the food and entertainment for a Grayson dinner. I certainly hope we get to see more of him.
    Melody With hair as white as snow and such a warm and gentle personality to go with it, I'm surprised I haven't heard of Saedrus up until now. Disappointed, even. Who knew that the simple of act of walking through the city streets could be such a pleasant thing?
    Mirari Saedrus is the most darly, amazing, charming, fabulous courtesan there is in all of Arvum. She'd allow him liberties she wouldn't allow anyone else! And he's a fine dancer, it's incredibly awesome to watch him dance with Costas.
    Monique He's basically perfect, isn't he? How can someone be so perfect without it being obnoxious? He manages it. It's charming!
    Olivia The host with the most! Though he was mostly performing general social duties as normal of the Whisper Houses, Saedrus clearly was quite good at what he did, creating a wondefully welcoming environment and a fine selection of dishes - even if one of them scared Olivia out of her appetite. The fruit and wines were lovely, though!
    Petal He supports the arts with his shows and with such grace!
    Reese He is more gentle than just about anyone I ever meant and yet this gentleness is devoid of any weakness or lack of art. His is gentle with a subtle and hidden strength, like steelsilk.
    Samael I think I saw them at the Prayers of the Sentinel. They must care about justice.
    Sameera A Whisper. He seems nice nd smiles. Undecided if it is annoying.
    Sasha First time I have ever met a Softest Whisper and he is ever so warm and charming. If more are like him I think I will seek out a whisper soon for some conversation.
    Saya Saedris. Pretty-ris. Best /clothing/ris.
    Sebastian A gracious host. Did not get the opportunity to talk to him, but he does throw an impressive event.
    Skapti Not really the sort of type I'm familiar with. Certainly can't see him as part of a raiding crew, slipping ashore in the dead of night. Pleasant enough company though, and a more than generous host, so I can hardly complain. Not everyone's a warrior, and that's not exactly a bad thing, is it?
    Sparte He is a nice man and a capable cook by all measures I hear. I look forward to sampling his fare. I just hope the Sword he is representing in the upcoming event doesn't leave him all on his own for it.
    Thena For all I've been getting trained in How To Be Proper at the Whisper House, I've crossed paths with him mostly outside that venue. I was delighted by how willing he was to help me with getting the Knights of Solace into the public eye, and he was a tremendous help at the Melee debacle.
    Valery Saedrus was the first Whisper Valery met. And he was all nice clothes and style and style and niceness and she had trouble even to not stare at him. And he even gave her a gift! Since, they haven't met so much, but she finds the man nice and a pleasant company
    Vanora I met him at the same garden 'salon' where I was educated about the First Choice. He was remarkable at keeping the event running smoothly, making sure that questions for Aleksei were properly paced and the mood of the discussion consistently comfortable. Clearly good at what he does.
    Victus I'm still not sure that's not a woman. But with enough rum, I get pretty sure of something or another. Either way, pretty words and a nice face and he never seems to mind when I swear to his face. Better than most.