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Archlector Wylla of Jayus

Never give up art. Creation is all we are. Without it, our lives are empty as the void.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Dreamer Facing Reality
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Halfshav
Gender: female
Age: 35
Religion: Pantheon; Jayus
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: flame red
Eye Color: brilliant blue
Skintone: freckled fair

Titles: Archlector of Jayus

Description: Though many of the women of her line are tall, Wylla is short-stacked and lushly curved. Her hair is a dramatic mane of fiery curls, framing a heart-shaped face of milky hue, dusted with dozens of tiny freckles -- not quite so much that she has more freckle than face, but it's a joke that has been made in the past and made her blush furiously. Her lips are thin beneath a small, pointed nose. Her eyes are brilliant blue, wide and deep and full of an idealist's dreams as yet unfractured.

Personality: Warm and quiet by nature with a dreamer's bright eyes, Wylla is growing into her maturity with the support of her faith behind her. Creativity and art call her most, and she connects to people through these mediums far better than any other way. Flirting, for example, makes her blush ridiculously despite the gravity of her status. She can be a bit dithery. She is a loving, compassionate person, but deep within her is the spark of an ember of fiery passion, and once her temper is roused -- a difficult feat to accomplish -- she has the capacity to change from shy and mousy to terrifying in her ferocity. The blood of Halfshav Dukes that runs in her veins, perhaps.

Background: Wylla was definitely born in the wrong house. Sometimes when she was a girl, surrounded by a history of warriors and glory, she thought that someone had somehow switched her at birth, perhaps with someone from a family of craftsmen -- people who were small and quiet and knew what they wanted. Of course -- she had the looks of her family, with her bright red hair and milky skin and freckles, so it couldn't really be so. But she definitely didn't have the martial theme that seemed so common in her house.

All Wylla wanted was to paint. Even when she was a little girl, her spare time was spent in ink and charcoal and paint. Outside, she made snow sculptures. But it was with ink and paint and brush that she always excelled. She was called to the work, and so it was not actually /that/ much of a surprise when, coming to the capital with her family, it was the Shrine of Jayus that most often called the paint-stained little girl to its benches and festivals. She followed an old priest of Jayus there around, and he frequently suggested discipleship to her, but she always felt sad about it. Being a lay dedicate for Jayus seemed like half measures. At 16, she chose to do it anyway.

At 22, Wylla was all set to marry into a lesser house. It was three days before her wedding day when, painting in her room, she suddenly burst into tears. The images would not come. Nothing would come to her. She wept inconsolably and lay in bed for a day and a night. She broke off the marriage after that, and went to join the Faith, not as a lay dedicate, but as a godsworn, for the marriage of her heart was to the gods.

It caused trouble for her family. But the Faith was her new family now.

Being a priest was difficult for Wylla, especially at first. Art and creativity called her, but people did not. She was socially awkward and uncomfortable. It took her time to grow and learn. But connecting with people through art worked well for her, so it only made sense that she worked so much with Jayus's dedicates. When the Archlector of Jayus, her old mentor, passed away, it was his desire that she succeed him. She's still getting used to it.

Name Summary
Agatha The Archlector seems sort of timid sometimes, but so bright! I wonder if her brain is like Josie with all those amazing ideas in there.
Alban A gentle soul yet there must be steel in there to have risen to that position. I have no doubt Jayus would not have chosen anyone for such position without perfect reason. Other than the obvious ones.
Amari A brave pearl hunter and Archlector of Jayus, with a very cute (possibly deadly) cat. She seems very sweet and easy to talk to.
Ariella Seems nice enough. Kind of wasted my time.
Augustus Quite a nervous one for an ArchLector. Hopefully her confidence grows, eventually.
Aurora The Archlector of Jayus is a generous woman. Innocent and perhaps just as socially awkward as I am.
Bethany ... Not exactly what I expected from an Archlector.
Cambria The Archlector of Jayus. A kind, pleasant woman...though I admit confusion when she informed me I was a cat she also adopted. Maybe it's an artist thing?
Cirroch Archlector Wylla is always a joy to be around. She is an admirable woman who gave up her family name to turn her passion into her life's work. It's quite romantic, and that is not something I often say, but I can't help but to admit it.
Darren The Archlector of Jayus seems nice, and she came to a Bonfire so she's got to be good.
Darren The Archlector of Jayus is a fascinating woman. I must remember to visit her some time and pick her brain about dreams and visions.
Delilah The Archlector can be remarkably astute, and surprisingly quite lighthearted! I wasn't expecting to see her so freely charming among children, teaching them how colours combine to make others, so that alone instills such great appreciation.
Echo She's a very personable Archlector. I haven't had the opportunity to see her talents, but I'm certain she's amazing. I'm also willing to bet that she would be very accepting of the terrible stuff I make. I wonder if she'd call it art? Whatever it may be, she's a gentle soul.
Etienne The shy, yet spirited Archlector of Jayus throws a fantastic destruction party.
Fairen A brilliant learner and artist. I should make it a point to speak with her about learning to paint when the time comes that I may take up a new hobby.
Gianna Talented but shy. Dedicated to art.
Gwenna The Archlector of Jayus is a warm and lovely woman! She joined us at a bonfire, which some might be hesitant to do, and truly fit right in with us all. She paints and plans to hold some festivals for art and music. I very much look forward to crossing paths with her again soon.
Ian Really into painting. Which I guess stands to reason.
Iseulet Such a sweetheart, shy, reserved even on the outside but so charming!
Itzal The Archlector provided inspiring conversation when I visited the Shrine of Jayus. She also looks great in red. I know, scandalous.
Jacque Archlector of Jayus. She seems a bit shy, like she's not very good at expressing herself with words. Which I can understand, I guess. I get like that sometimes -- especially if, say, I bring a paintbucket to paint the shrine instead of paint AT the shrine.
Jayanthi Wylla looks like a shy person, but not that much. She appears to be just as cheerful and artistic as me. I think I could get along with her quite well!
Jeffeth The Archlector of Jayus. A lovely lady. Especially since she let me hit people with pretty colors.
Joscelin Shy, and shorter than I expected. She makes me nervous but less so, after having met her.
Karadoc Skittish like a deer if you pay her too much attention, but not meek.
Kenna What an amazing experience she provided for everyone! She seems quiet and shy, but overall completely wonderful.
Luis A hesitation exists within her when dealing with what can only be assumed to be new people, or topics she is unfamiliar with. Of course there is that rigid condifence that comes from being strong in on'es faith, but they often seem at odds, which is causing all sorts of confusion for the young Lord.
Margerie She hosted the sip and splat event she hosted at Jayus' temple. What a gentle, bright tone she has moving from earnest artist to earnest artist, encouraging and questioning.
Marian She is a kind soul with a gentle heart. I'm glad that she likes my festival idea. Perhaps while I am away at war, it will give me hope that such a thing is in the planning so everyone can find release from their inner darkness after the Crown and Compact have been defended.
Mirari At first I thought she was so chipper because she was around all of those clothes. Now I'm convinced that she's just chipper. Very much so. It's adorable.
Monique Kind and shy, and a clear talent. I'd like to know more about her thoughts on the place of destruction in art, and in Faith.
Niklas The archlector of Jayus is a sweet and sensitive soul. I kind of want to hug her and keep the bad old world away.
Orazio She's a bit...eccentric, to be certain, but Orazio is certain that to have ascended to her place, she is magnificently competent at wrangling artists and mediating the discipleship. But he would perhaps not turn down a hit of what she is smoking.
Oswyn Possibly more apologetic than myself.
Petal I was a little nervous with her a being an arch lector and of Jayus of al gods. I was glad that she liked my stuff. That seems good. She is friendly and well I know her more in the future.
Reese She is friendly, but in a deeper and warmer way that many truly are. At least I think, but I am just meeting her. I see how welcoming she is to those around her regardless of class and bringing in those who seem shy. She even likes my pink. I do hope to see more of her. She seems like someone worth knowing.
Rinel She seems awfully nervous for an Archlector. Maybe there's hope for me.
River The cutest blushes. And so adorable.
Rook Shy, sweet, so very sweet. SWEET. Still, she's very quiet and that must be worked upon.
Rymarr The Archlector of Jayus. She speaks some uncomfortable truths, for a person like myself. Yet, those same truths have made it evident that I need to visit Jayus' shrine with far more regularity. It's a crime to forget the beauty in the world thats worth fighting for. Gloria can give one the desire to fight, but if that's all one looks for in their deity, soon they'll think of nothing but the next fight.
Sabella I absolutely adore her! What little I've seen, at least. I probably would love whoever was the archlector of Jayus, but she is just so sweet! Much like Tabitha, I think we shall be good friends and I will have to start dragging her around parties to make introductions.
Sorrel The Archlector of Jayus is an incredibly sweet woman, and quite patient with my song-writing efforts. I find her an invaluable resource, and I hope that we can cultivate a friendship in our love of arts and music.
Sparte She said she liked my drawing. That is really nice to hear from the Archlector of Jayus, but I think she says the same thing to school kids. Still made me happy.
Terese I wasn't sure what to expect upon meeting the Archlector of Jayus. She is a bit shy but polite with a curious wit and devout in her beliefs with a love of the arts
Thena Touchy-feely type, but not too pushy about it. It actually did feel...nice, to create something. I should try to get back to the herbalism when I get a chance.
Theron Archlector of Jayus. The joyous kind of person, enthusiastic about her crafts. Good drinking buddy, too, I bet.
Thorley Such a lovely presence in the Temple of Jayus. There is no doubt of her affection for Jayus, and the beauty that she is herself. In the coming days, it will be her creativity that will bring us the guidance we need to think outside of the box and prepare for victory against a foe that believes it knows us, but through her, we will act in unexpected ways.
Valarian Not sure what Archlector Wylla doesn't like about me, she's always giving me odd looks. First Prince Victus' party, now once again. I suppose it could be something I've said....
Vercyn How odd that after all these years, I have yet to meet a distant cousin face-to-face, until I see her here in Arx. She seems less shy than what I remember of her reputation, but family is family. We will speak more soon.
Zoey She seems to be a veritable bundle of energy! And perhaps she might be willing to work with me on some designs in the future. Fo Jayus, of course.