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Alexio Donatti

The best way to predict the future is to create your own

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Opportunistic Merchant
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Donatti
Gender: male
Age: 21
Religion: mirrormask
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 5'9
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned

Description: A mop of curly brown hair falls from atop this man's head in a messy sort of tousle, falling to near his jawline in length. A tanned complexion graces his features, complimenting high cheekbones and a chiseled jawline, as well as contrasting strikingly with the piercing blue eyes that rest beneath two dark brows. A neat and manicured beard graces his face, lending a sophistication to his bearing.

Built solidly, the man stands only a mere 5'9. He is slender, with the build of a runner. And is typically clad in a quality grade of tailored attire, rather than shoddy rags or armor.

Personality: An opportunist in near every aspect of life, Alexio will likely try anything once if he thinks that it will help him, or those that he cares about, get ahead. He is a social creature, and thrives in such environments, as opposed to those where brawn is valued over wits. He enjoys the finer things in life, likely because growing up he did not have any of them. As such, he values that which he has and does not wish to see anything go to squander that he has earned or been given him.

Background: Born and raised on the streets of Southport, Alexio was the youngest of three siblings. His mother passed with his birth, leaving his father to raise him and his siblings. Work on the docks of Southport hardly paid well, and the silver that it did pay didn't go far when the first thing on his father's priority list was booze, and not his children.

Alexio and his siblings pretty much raised themselves, for better or worse. With no authority figure at home, it is little surprise that the three children ended up on the streets. Alexio himself developed a certain knack for the acquisition of things he did not have through particularly sticky fingers. As he got more skilled with his thievery, and what he sold became more valuable, he turned to selling the things that he nicked, rather than simply for survival. What started as a means of survival, soon turned into a means of helping himself and his siblings attain the things that had evaded them for so much of their lives.

As he came of age, he learned to use the skills that he had learned on the streets in matters of more legitimate trade, and soon discovered that he had a knack as a businessman. As such, he has made the journey to Arx where he hopes to expand upon his business opportunities and see what he can make of himself.

Name Summary
Bianca He has a wit about him. Congenial and even tempered. I hear he is a merchant of some sort? I will need to follow up on that.
Calypso A good man with ties I can respect. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with himself and his own drive. We have high hopes.
Coraline Charming, and at least he is up front about being a flirt, which is really helpful! I look forward to seeing the friendship that comes.
Cullen A curious sort, a merchant I believe, who came to watch a sparring match between High Lord Edain and I. Apparently was a soldier at some point in the past, although I am not sure where.
Delilah A Lycene merchant with a quick tongue and way with words that charmed the highborn no doubt responsible for purchasing the bulk of his wares. Have a care, he might drain your accounts faster than you imagine, and you'll smile while he does it.
Domonico A master (paper)shipwright in the making it seems. It's hard to take a man seriously when he is paddling with paperboats.
Gianna A merchant come to find his fortune here in the city. There's much wealth for the taking here.
Grazia A charming young man who is eager to please. His suave manner and excellent manners are likely to serve him well in future endeavors.
Iseulet The Lyceum produces such interesting men and he's no exception. Delightful company on spring evenings, too.
Joscelin An ambitious merchant, who has goals I'm only just discovering.
Josephine A fellow dealer in sweet talking the vendors in the market. Very respectful.
Marian He's pragmatic, ambitious and self-aware. It's a good combination in the budding merchant. And his soldier career woes will be in the past soon. I think this man has a bright future ahead.
Mirari A 'businessman' looking for work. I always enjoy helping someone make connections so I can see the chaos that they get into. Sometimes things go the way you don't expect, sometimes they go exactly like you might think. He's very interesting, to say the least.
Mirari No more or less capable than ever. I'm glad he's back in the city.
Mirella A childhood friend of mine. We've kept in touch over the years, for which I'm glad. He was always witty and clever, and I can safely say that nothing has changed. I'm looking forward to spending more time with him and catching up on things that happened since we last saw each other, as well as working alongside him as a fellow minister of House Inverno.
Niklas A genial merchant from Southport. I expect to see him make it rich here in Arx.
Petal A business man who seems clever and sort of Lyceum like!
Reese He is well dressed and has charming smiles
Sasha A merchant with a lovely sense of style, I look forward to seeing him thrive within the city.
Sorrel A smart merchant type who's offered to get me a deal on some materials I need for luxury goods. He seems very quick and very charming, and I hope that this is the start of a good friendship and excellent business relationship.
Valdemar He was quiet, but insightful. And of course, the regard that Duchess Calypso holds him in means a great deal.