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Tallius Oakheart

The coming of winter always seems bleak and final, but in time, the spring always comes again.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Displaced Archer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Penrose
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Huntsman
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Lightly Tanned

Description: A young man who approaches without quite reaching the six foot mark, he possesses a wirey but muscular build that suggests strength and agility in equal measure. He moves with the grace of one accustomed to tracking silently through the forest, and the slight kiss of sun upon his skin is testimony to time spent out of doors. Dark blonde hair is unruly, seeming unwilling to be tamed or stay that way, giving him a somewhat wild appearance. His eyes are dark brown, deep and soulful, and seem to always be looking about as though constantly on the watch. The faintest shadows of hair adorn his cheeks and chin, as though he has forgotten once again to shave.

Personality: Tallius tends towards the quiet contemplation, the silence of the hunt something he learned from a young age. He's friendly enough, he just doesn't seem to feel the need to fill the spare moments with chatter, and is perfectly happy to sit silently in the company of those he cares about rather than insisting upon speech.

Background: Tallius Oakheart is the only son of Arnell and Dellia, northern shavs who were granted the family name Oakheart when they bent the knee and became prodigals, shortly after discovering that Dellia was with child. Swearing oath to the House of Redrain, the pair settled in a village on the southern edges of Redrain territory. Tallius took after his father, and learned the crafts of hunting and fletching, becoming a skilled archer from a very young age. He spent much of his childhood in the woods near the village hunting and collecting pieces of wood, learning to carve during the winter months. It was a good, if simple, life and he grew up happy in that small village.

Unfortunately, war came to the village, in the form of the advance of the armies of Tolomar Brand. When the village was overrun, Arnell and Dellia stood with many of the other elders of the village, fighting fiercely to try and buy time. When Tallius attempted to stay and fight, his father commanded him to go, pushing the bow he had helped Tallius to build into his hands and telling him to watch after the others. Knowing he would never see his parents again, he embraced them for the last time and joined those fleeing. The journey was arduous and long, and beset constantly by the attacks of the foul creatures of the invading horde, but eventually the refugees stole through and achieved the safety of Arx. Of the thirty who fled the village, only a handful remained, Tallius and his childhood friend Petal amongst them.

The scars of the battle, and of the long flight to the dubious safety of Arx, are etched deep into Tallius.

Relationship Summary

  • Petal - Not really my 'sister' though we told people such upon arrival to help keep her safe and us together. Anyone who hurts her had better be able to dodge arrows though.
  • Name Summary
    Aella Another quiet fellow, but one from the Northern, who also speaks my native tongue.
    Denica He seems to genuinely care for the wellbeing of his... partner? Perhaps I should ask if they're together, or just friends.
    Eilonwy He seems friendly, a nice man from the North who also owns a shop in the city. Hopefully I can be successful at that as well and make friends from other northern tribes.
    Eleyna A crafter lauded by Prince Darren and full of praise for myself, which makes me like him even more. If I'm ever in need of a large, coffin-shaped box to maybe store an errant husband in, he'll be the first that I call upon.
    Joslyn A friend of Petal's. He seems a good sort, and he keeps an eye on her. I'm glad she has a friend as loyal and faithful as he is. Arx is hard enough to get along in, being all alone in a new city.
    Lydia Pretty sure he's the best shot with a bow I've ever seen.
    Mydas He's probably going to die after drinking that vodka, either now or later. When the Redrain themselves back off from a drink... it's usually a pretty good enough sign. Still, it takes balls. He'll be fondly remembered.
    Petal Petal is very close to Tallius and has been for many years. They made into the city together. She cares for him deeply and to her he is close as anyone. She hopes he settles well in the city and wants to help him as much as possible. She partly works so hard to help take care of him. She has kissed him and if it will bloom into more remains in question.
    Prisila Interesting, when so many things are truly boring. Perceptive, cunning and wise for someone so young. Worthy.
    Reese He seemed like a decent man. He didn't understand the different between being a thrall and a slave and struggle wit that myself.
    Sasha I wonder if he is regretting drinking that vodka now
    Talen A carpenter introduced to Talen at one of the Redrain fealty dinners that Eleyna and he are often used to crashing. Tallius' talents were lauded by the Prince of Farhaven himself, which is certainly something. Perhaps when Talen has had enough of marriage, he will commission a coffin. For himself, or the Princess, it's not confirmed.
    Thena He seems like a good responsible sort, and of course a friend of Petal's is a friend of mine. He was able to say to Princess Denica what I could not. I miss that freedom sometimes.