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Caprice Artiglio

Every work of art is an attempt by the god Jayus to speak to the world, and make no mistake, what I weave is art.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Virtuoso of Silk
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Artiglio
Gender: female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 23
Birthday: 09/04
Religion: Disciple of Jayus
Vocation: Artisan
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Copper-gold
Eye Color: Brilliant green
Skintone: Richly dark

Description: She has about her a warmth of color -- in her firelit copper hair, in her richly complected skin. She has high cheekbones, delicate, slightly gaunt cheekbones, and above them big, bright green eyes. Those brilliant eyes are distant, her smiles elusive, beautiful. For all her loveliness, she is built like a bird: elegant in her own way, but entirely too thin. Because of her weight, perhaps, she moves lightly, each step graceful and airy, effortlessly so.

(Her hair is gathered and pinned into a rose bun at the nape of her neck.)

Personality: Caprice loves her life. She loves her god, and her faith, finding peace and fulfillment most rarely can claim. She loves the art she creates, the fabrics that slide through her fingers reminding her of the threads and fabric of life itself. She sees her creations more as prayers than functional garments, trying to capture the essence of a person within a commission. She is as kind and cruel as anyone can be, but is careful to protection the reputations of her patrons. She's practical, despite her fanciful thoughts of faith and humanity, truly believing one can work in the world and be close to the divine at the same time. Her fatal flaw, however, is pride, and she becomes rather... cross if someone disrespects her work, or seems callous about the gods.

Background: Caprice often receives praise as being one of the most promising talents in tailoring from the Lyceum, but she has never felt quite comfortable with the assessment. She is, foremost, simply an artist who demonstrates her talents by weaving fabrics into stunning fashions as her chosen medium of expression. From a very early age, she felt called to be one of the chosen of Jayus, feeling a spark of inspiration from the Prince of Stories. Even as a child she would idle by shrines of Jayus and toy with dyes and clothes, working ever more elaborate colorations and blends of fabric. As a young woman, her talent was quickly recognized, and at a very young age she has been given the immense honor of being appointed the tailor of House Velenosa. Caprice is fully aware that her position might well be one of the most coveted of any tailor in all of Arvum. The Lyceum are the height of fashion for the entire Compact, after all, and House Velenosa is the height of fashion for the Lyceum. But the knowledge does not trouble her unduly She is, in her opinion and without any feelings of conceit, divinely inspired.

Name Summary
Anisha Mistress Caprice of the storied Artiglio line. Pleasant, knowing, and friends with, it would seem, all the right people. I shall enjoy seeing her art spread along the fine folk of Arx. Mayhaps I'll even find myself wearing some of it...
Apollo She's got a definite thirst to improve her craft, and an enviable understanding of her own limits.
Baldessare Anyone who doubts Caprice can hold her own in multiple fields would be a fool. Her art is superb. Her wit is sharp. Her humor fantastic. She is, in a word, superlative. And I will duel anyone that says otherwise.
Cassimir A perfectly polite woman with an inquisitive and sharp mind. I look forward to seeing her craftsmanship at work.
Desma Though we didn't talk long, I am left with the impression of a woman of intelligence and style. A sense of humour too, which is always a welcome thing.
Domonico Respectful but with a keen sense of humour. I approve.
Esme The best tailor that has ever existed in the Southern Area. I am in awe of everything she designs. We are sure to be the best of friends.
Evaristo She wrote the absolute BEST song about winter in a minute and sang so lovely, and now she's a member of the Bard's College. Also, her clothes are amazing.
Fidel She must be good. I had not been in her shop five minutes before it was being overrun by others. I'll have to invite her to Charon next time to have a quieter talk.
Haakon A mainland lady, fond of alcohol and attire. Witty enough, though a bit odd.
Harlex She has a fine eye for detail. I would expect nothing less. Captivating. Not one I'd mind spoiling.
Jasmine Mistress Caprice was met through business; I had duskweave and she had talent. But during the final fitting I did come to find that she was very pleasant with conversation and shrewd with business. I'm sure she'll go very far in Arx or anywhere else she desires to be.
Jyri About half a year ago, I just wandered into this shop in the Lycene ward and it was just something about the place - I decided to order my new tunics from it. That's one of the best decisions ever made. Still, it took awhile to meet the owner herself, but glad to finally have done so. She's welcoming, pleasant and professional.
Kaia Such a fashionable woman with gorgeous copper hair! I heard from Esme she's a famous tailor of the Lyceum. I must seek her out again. Now that I think about it, I do think Thea mentioned her as well! I must see her designs. Fashion demands it!
Kastelon Well-dressed, likely a rich merchant, but hungry.
Llewella Mistress Artiglio has a deft hand with many forms of art, truly one who has enjoyed the blessings of Jayus in her life. Yet she does not come off as anything but sweet and sincere. I cannot recommend her company enough.
Mabelle The talented Lycene seamstress. Truly they should be called artists. I look forward to have her stitch for me.
Martino There is a delightful shade of little flirt in the quality seamstress. An eye for fashion, a tongue for it to, she speaks so freely of what would look utterly fantastic upon me and others.
Medeia An even more keen observer than I am. I'd be wary if I didn't find her company so appealing.
Miska Mistress Caprice is a bright figure in Arx. Her smiles are radiant, her business sense is on point. I am looking forward to my next engagement with her.
Orrin A dedicated member of the Artiglio family, she seems to know a lot about her vocation, yet is still eager to learn more. I admire this kind of hard work and I hope I can help her in this quest of becoming a better tailor.
Porter I've been to her shop before, but not recently! I should probably go soon. Especially with word of my fake cobbler business taking the city by storm! I can appreciate someone who gets in on a joke. Sir Cobbler indeed.
Ripley The world is a better place for the astonishing Caprice. A sister through nebulous means, she is a sight for sore eyes and a balm for the heart.
Ryhalt A savvy business woman who offers drinks in her clothing store. I approve!
Sabella Mistress Caprice is pure light and sunshine and I absolutely adore her! As a fellow Disciple of Jayus I can see us running all kinds of events and programs at the Shrine! She is utterly delightful!
Sirius At first sight I thought it was a cat that passed me by, just a few meters behind me. A shadow that moved without sound. I heard her before I saw her; a voice, more fetching than I have encountered in some time, came drifting past the pews. While a lament might have been more suited to this sepulchral and ever-changing locale, her instilled meanings felt more like confidence, hope. Perhaps less a ray of sunshine then, more like a bolt of lightning. One must beware of these artists, they can surprise you in all sorts of ways.
Svana Caprice Artiglio; a beautiful name that rolls off the tongue, just like her clothes compliment her personality and all else about her. She is fast on her feet with ideas and inspiration. Together, we could be dangerous.
Thea Nice to see Messere Caprice back in the city. I'm happy to hear she's been busy. She does amazing work!
Valerius does not hold themselves as many commoners do, possibly due their interactions as a seamstress with nobles. Either way, a lovely sight that I would happily hold and not "duck" from.
Vittorio Funny, beautiful. That hair on her head like a burning flame.
Wylla Caprice is an impeccably dressed joy, and a font of curious new ideas. I always enjoy her visits to the shrine and our conversations together.
Zoey A young designer stretching her wings.