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Denon Whisper

"The hands are the most important part of the body. With them one can know pleasure, pain, paradise or torment. They can create great beauty or lay low the greatest works. A firm grip on a weapon of destruction or the tender caress on a lover's skin, hands are central to life as we know it."

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Artist Courtier
Fealty: Crown
Family: Whisper
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 5/10
Religion: The Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: onyx-black
Skintone: bronzed

Description:     Looking to be around his late twenties, this man stands at six feet in height with curly auburn locks, bronzed skin, and eyes as dark as onyx. He posses a rounded jaw and fine features, making him attractive for those who find such traits pleasing. He is well-groomed, carries himself with a cultured refinement, and takes special care of his hands as though they are most valuable to him. From what can be made out of his build, he appears to have a bit of toning to go with his medium frame showing he also keeps in shape, though likely not to the degree of a soldier or skilled athlete.

Personality: Well-mannered, respectable, and professional. Denon can be formal, flirty, patient, generally whatever his costumers require.

Background: Denon Whisper is the only son of a courtesan and courtier who married after the both retired in the thirties. Having been skilled in their craft and being respected by their fellow Whispers it wasn't overly hard for Denon himself to be sponsored for membership of the Whisper School of Arx, the same school his parents belonged to, once he was old enough.
He would train in the arts of a courtier, following in his parents footsteps, though he possessed a talent his parents didn't, those of a natural artist. His skill as a painter and sculptor grew quickly, and by the time he graduated as a full courtier his skills were already sought after by anyone seeking paintings or sculptures. Three years after becoming a full courtier he accepted a commission for a depiction of Jayus for the personal shrine of a noblewoman, though her choice of subject was likely inspired by the young man's attractiveness as well as Denon himself was requested to be the model for the statue.

Surprisingly Denon made no objection to being the model for the statue he himself was working on, instead taking it as a challenge of his skills. When the piece was completed, it was a marvel. Made of stone and colored with lacquer the statue had a realism to its appearance that seemed almost beyond the capabilities of humans. Denon's skills was praised, not only was he spoken of as a naturally gifted artist, some even suggested he might have had the favor of Jayus himself, or at least the work which was meant to represent the god of art was blessed by the very same god.
Since then Denon still is sought after as much for his skills as an artist as much as his skills as a courtier, if not more so. While he still takes commissions for art, he is employed as a courtier more often, simply due to the limited space most have for paintings or sculptures in their homes, yet he does work for nobles, royalty, even commoners when they can afford his services. The majority of his art is of more mundane variety however; landscapes, portraits, and the like.

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