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Ilira Starlys

Mortality is in soul, not body.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: fey rogue
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Starlys
Gender: female
Marital Status: unwed
Age: 30
Birthday: 12/9
Religion: open to listen
Vocation: Warrior
Height: 5'
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: rich blue
Skintone: snow-white

Description: Her voluminous raven hair, lush as heavy velvet, cascades around her dainty form in silken ringlets that sway past the flare of her hips, warm with red-gold highlight. Over the point of her ear, a curl falls to linger against her round cheek. She is touched vulpine, in the brushstroke arch of her brows, the curve of her slim jaw, the button of her nose and peek of her fangs. Fragile as snow, her porcelain skin glows from within, rosed across her high cheekbones and flushed sanguine in the bloom of full lips. Azure eyes, large and upturned to a soft tilt, drink light through the languid sweep of sable lashes, her pupils ringed in fiery gold. Filigree scars trace her collarbone to the column of her throat, the crest of her right shoulder burned pearlescent. She curves in womanly silhouette, the delicacy of her figure refined lean throughout her shoulders, her spine, her slight waist and limbs. Branded with precision, a swirl of lines and angles laces her left palm, her inner wrists finely slashed.

Personality: Ilira is inclined to skew first impressions. Despite a common status, she comports with a grace and manner that navigates her through the upper echelons. Diplomacy suits her, though a rich wit and authenticity underlies her veneer of eloquent subtlety. While the company of nobles suits her fine, she enjoys equally the grit and revelry of the lower boroughs, known to linger in taverns and wax philosophical until closing time. She is the watchful type at bars, but when a mood strikes, she'll be ready with her lute and her voice, a moment in which she truly comes to life. Her esoteric way rarely fades, save in her three favored elements of music, dance, and sea, in which a goofball whimsy and vivacity emerges to full effect.

Background: A shav scout discovered baby Ilira abandoned, well-swaddled and tucked against the base of a tree. She was carried home with him, to a small tribal village by the coast. Situated within a forestal patch on the southernmost island of the Saffron Chain, the people thrived through nature, their structures built from and on the boughs. At campfire that night, the infant was presented, and elders agreed to adopt her as the tribe's own, if a search for parentage came to nothing. In the next days, speculation on her origins buzzed: the product of a broken fidelity contract? A change of mind? Perhaps she was lost, or stolen? Meanwhile, word of her was spread without answer; none knew of or claimed the child. Thus, at one of their nightly fires, a call was made to name her as their own. Ilira bloomed into an absolute ball of energy, under the care of Healers Lilia and Ahria Starling.
She learned quick, became a deft hand at the bedside of the sick, and developed repute for her wit and sweetness. Her affinity for animals drew rebuke when once, in the village's makeshift library, she gathered a menagerie of bunny, mouse, and chipmunk to read with her. It baffled grownups how she managed to catch them, and more so when she began to teach other children.
Her other keen talent, as evinced at each campfire, was her musical inclination. She had babbled along to the villagers songs before she could speak, and at four-years-old, stole a lute from an elder to strum. Her voice always carried a force and soul, powerful beyond her age, and her way with words translated to clever lyricism. She picked up a myriad of instruments--flute, lyre, fiddle--but lute became her favored. That fire in her music reflected throughout her personality, in her vivacious demeanor, the quirk and whimsy of her manner, and her propensity for goofy shenanigans.
Throughout her childhood, Ilira grew curiouser of references to the world beyond the forest, to a silken city, to the Pravus, the Thrax. Upon request, she was told of the Thrax Dynasty and their sovereignty over the Saffron, of Pravus wiles and custom, of a luxurious city called Setarco that dripped with silk and scandal. She wanted to go. Thus, when a pair of traders mentioned a trip to Setarco that would fall close to her tenth name-day, she requested that she might accompany them and potentially linger there for a while. When she arrived, the city intoxicated her in color, fragrance, chic, and culture alien to her. At a garden party, her mischief drew the attention of the Radiant of the Whispers. Ilira expressed her love of art, music, and described her roots, which endeared the Whisper, who offered to take her in as a protege.
Interspersed with visits to her village, the following three years refined Ilira's every grace and talent. Her Radiant mentor trained her to weave and sew fine materials, set her hands on new instruments, and supplied her with a range of books, as well as lessons in etiquette and finesse. On spare days, also, Ilira would join the sailors on the docks and learn of the boats and the sea. It all mesmerized her. After a while, she began to catch eyes and attentions with her ability, and as she grew, her budding beauty. She contrasted those around her with her delicately pale skin and wild dark hair, but worth more remark was the way her ears curved to fine points, the tilt of her eyes and gold within the blue. Her beauty struck, strange and increasingly luminous.
On her thirteenth name-day, she returned to her village in the forest and remained for the next few years, though a restlessness built in her. She would go on explorations by herself, often for days at a time. While as spirited as before, she developed a reserve, and many suspected there to be a paramour she kept to herself. At 16, she decided to act upon her desires, and obtained her own sailboat. She said she would return after a few months, and wished warm farewells to her tribe with one last song around the campfire. She never did.
Until now, Ilira has been away and seems somewhat reticent to speak on all those years. She is different, keened and refined by her experiences, with a competence in combat unafforded by her upbringing. Despite this, there is a warmth and deep joy evident in her return, and she faces Arx with fresh intentions and two swords at her back.

Relationship Summary

  • Iseulet - I delight in her companionship, conversation, and all she has enlightened me to. Relatable to me in many respects, she has lived and accomplished in ways that make my admiration deep.
  • Evaristo - The first man in the city to make me smile so. I adore him wholly, in all his sweet, histrionic, exhausting glory. Our friendship bloomed with a swiftness, and I damn him for it, but I've already thrown myself between he and hurtling spears.
  • Pasquale - I still promise you the sea.
  • Valencia - The solemn moon, a sparkling sun.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Martino - We keep meeting like this.
  • Cerys - A first patron, that darling.

  • Patron:
  • Lexir - My lion.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Pleasant and of nimble wit, she's a self-described woman of the sword and the wood. I recognize in her a like-minded adventurous spirit, perhaps a future traveling companion.
    Adrienne Ilira Starlys responded to an advertisement of mine requesting a lutist. She's an elegant and precise young woman, one who knows how to put on a performance. I have no doubt she will soon be a full Whisper if it remains her intent.
    Alarissa I am not fond of Whispers, I never have been. But she counts amount the new ones that are changing my mind and learning to appreciate them better.
    Alessia A whisper-bard, one whom Iseulet seems especially fond of. And who is interested in discussing the Thirteenth.
    Alexis I don't quite know what to make of her. She's Lycene, but not. Polite and pleasant, more a courtier than a warrior - but has some practice in the field. New to Arx, that much is obvious. A mystery woman, but not in a bad way. And if I'm going to spar with her then I guess I'll get the chance to know her better and dispel some of that mystery.
    Amund A mistress with a mysterious past, industrious and a captivating story, though I heard only a little of that. Given that she seems to be of a martial background, our paths are bound to cross once more.
    Anisha Her tale of origin has a hint of the fantastic to it - but far from unbelieveable. Her charm is polished, her manner impeccable. Of course I could do nothing but extend an invitation to see how she'd shine and glitter among fellow jewels of the Compact.
    Aswin She seems ready enough to do what needs to be done. I'd be interested in seeing how skilled she is with those blades sometime.
    Braith Evaristo spoke so highly over and I see why. I am certain we will continue to enjoy each other's company.
    Cassandra When I went to the Whisper House, I was looking for a night to simply forget that I was the Sword of the Faith, a chance to unwind, relax and be pampered. Whisper Ilira did so much more. She made me feel like I was a treasured bloom she had just found in the forest and I find myself wanting to learn more about her.
    Dimitri When I met Mistress Ilira, she was surrounded by nobles from Ladies to Princes and Princesses. To her credit, she didn't shy away in the least, which speaks well to her character.
    Domonico A former warrior and sailor turned Whisper and Bard? Such a background could make for an impressive range of skills and experiences to draw upon.
    Drake A swordswoman who aspires to become a Champion. She has the killer instinct, and she's stubborn, but she may still need for training. Happy enough to provide a spar or two...
    Evaristo A fellow sailor, lovely and social and with an eye for a good fight? What's not to like!
    Faye A woman with a preference for wildness over careful cultivation, even as she has a fine appreciation for gardens and flowers.
    Felicia Quick with a blade and stoic in the face of filth. Always admirable.
    Iseulet A woman of good humor - that frequents a few places I do and that I can appreciate very much. I look forward to getting to know her more.
    Jaenelle A charming woman who has recently entered into an apprenticeship with the Whisper House. A fine pairing, and I look forward to hearing all about her accomplishments in the years to come.
    Jyri Bright, charming and easy to talk to - seems like someone that will go far.
    Kastelon A woman of delicate frame. I wish she had finished the pie I gave her, but she did not. Alas, for she needed it more than I. Picking at her food like a bird with a fork.
    Korka Quiet in the way of a person that everyone will soon be talking about.
    Kritr A talented swordswoman with a squirrel. I think the squirrel is more personable, but the woman more dangerous. I know, surprising first impression.
    Lena Talks... like a highborn woman. Isn't. Good to study for well-to-do merchant, ennobled.
    Lexir Only two things of Ilira have not changed - her height, and one other that I will keep close to my heart, as I will keep her. Your lion has found his way to you once more.
    Mabelle A beautiful woman skilled on the battlefield and on the stage alike. A dangerous combination.
    Martino Good charm about the Messere, quick to smile and relax. Took some time to reach us here in the city and, well, one does hope she is able to draw all she can from the fine city.
    Medeia Should I have have want or need of a new twin, I choose Ilira. I have my reasons.
    Neilda Some people hit a little trouble and wilt. Not her. I bet that's not the last we see of each other.
    Niklas Appears to have a grave misunderstanding of what it is to be a famous wealthy celebrity artist prince. Though I suppose most people do.
    Piccola A quick, skilled fighter with an infectious smile that hits like a spiteful viper and deserves much respect.
    Poppy She didn't judge and is warm and open. I enjoy her company very much.
    Raymesin Sharp as her blade, but trust isn't so fast.
    Reese I want to learn more about her, she has something about her that draws one in, but I cannot quite pin point it fully yet. I want to learn more, all about her, what she does for a living and what she likes and well much more.
    Samira A most intriguing woman, one who understands the value of presenting certain qualities to the world but preserving one's innermost thoughts and desires. She seems capable, determined, confident in her abilities - as she should be. We're like-minded in many ways, I think, and hers is company I find myself enjoying.
    Sebastian A talented musician; being that she was trained in Setarco, I shouldn't be surprised. I look forward to hearing her perform again soon.
    Seren Ilira was quiet for most of the conversation, but as soon as she returned I could tell I would like her. She's a troublemaker, and those are the best people to be friends with.
    Sirius Another sailor freshly arrived, foolishly seeking fortune and glory in this Capitol of the damned. Her boat should've never docked on Arx, yet here she is, and now she must turn to the conditions of those poor devils who remain.
    Sorrel A bard with a fighting spirit who loves the sea! I need to remember her name; she's got so much potential that perhaps I could help her realize.
    Sydney Knows her way around a blade, and doesn't lack the resolve to put it to proper use - it doesn't matter a whit that she's short, when she's so capable.
    Thea An intersting woman to the say the least. I'm sure we will have quite the conversations.
    Valdemar Apparently she is a skilled scout. And it seems we will see how her merciful approach to treating enemies will turn out.
    Valerius Captain Whisper. The best choice for providing introductions in a crowded pub crawl.
    Veronica Singer, swordswoman, sailor, with a lilt and turn of phrase that makes her speech very difficult to ignore. Some women are natural beauties, and Ilira is one of them. But she has gods' gifts far beyond that.
    Videl A lovely prodigal woman, she seems pleasant and I hope she finds a good home here in Arx.
    Vitalis How is she not freezing?
    Vittorio A shinning star in the night's sky. A bard and a Whisper. Sounds like a good plan for an entertaining evening.
    Viviana Ilira is a wonderful companion, and I could have used her on deck countless times in the past handful of years. It is good to see her again and know she's in the capital.
    Wash A clever woman, ably prepared for her independence and making the most of it.
    Wylla A woman of great creative potential with a touch of brashness and confidence that's essential in a performer.
    Zoey Very insightful and at least a little ambitious. There is a good heart in there too, which will ensure that using the former because of the latter will not cause undue harm.
    Zyanya She says very little but listens much. It is well practiced this performance with her companion, he the song, she the instrument.