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-What- is that?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mousy Apothecary
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Frost
Gender: female
Age: 19
Religion: shamanism
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'2''
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: light blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Legendary Alchemist

Description: This woman seems pretty young. She doesn't stand taller than 5'2'' and she's lean and not so curvy. Her eyes are big and from a very light blue color, and her hair is cut short and light brown, almost dirt blonde. She features a few light scars on her legs, back and arm, a burnt scar ar the side of her right arm and a crude tattoo of a violet flower at the back of her neck.

Personality: Valery seems to be mostly lost on the world, finding simple things confusing or amazing. She may seem rude and reluctant to trust people, but in general she's willing to know and learn.

Background: Her mother was a beautiful woman, and her father was a jealous apothecary. Valery lived locked in the store most of her life, leaving just when the whole family would go out together. Once her mother died, her chances decreased terribly and she almost never was allowed to leave the house. She learned all she knows about herbs, remedies, perfumes and poisons by looking at her father work on his store. One day she just got fed up of the situation, stole her father's money and left the house, running away to never come back.

Relationship Summary

  • Aksel - Also works for the House
  • Natalia - Princess. She helped me get my job
  • Agnarr - A guard or something like that. I've found him often at the tavern
  • Branan - Nice. He's a poet and he gave me my necklace
  • Cybele - She's a shaman. I can't see the moment to have the chance to talk with her again.
  • Lydia - New Nightgold Duchess
  • Mydas - Wise Nightgold
  • Sigurd - Nightgold. Teacher of Life.
  • Cassius - Part of the Nightgold family.He's still scary.
  • Abbas - Scary Thraxian Prince
  • Abbas - Scary Thraxian Prince
  • Asger - He's nice, but I never know what to expect...
  • Anze - He always listens.
  • Drea - They call her Mother Bear. I can see why. She's really nice.
  • Khanne - She also knows how to listen.
  • Calathane - There is still a lot I don't understand.
  • Calandra - She is sweet and nice.
  • Darren - Head of the Redrain House. I guess I work for him now.
  • Deva - Redrain's Voice. The person to talk to, about important things.
  • Eirene - She's teaching me how to heal.
  • Freja - Nice and quiet Redrain
  • Rowan - Shaman. He's interesting to talk to.
  • Cassius - Part of the Nightgold family. He's still scary.
  • Armel - He always has a treat for the mice.
  • Brianna - If I'd knew how to help...

  • Patron:
  • Nadia - She hired me to work for their House
  • Kieran - Nice, warm, safe. And happy.

  • Friend:
  • Gavin - Works with wood. Nice and sweet
  • Leta - She seems happy. I like her
  • Bethany - She's nice to talk with, and she's also interested in plants
  • Signe - Part of the Nightgold family. She caught Boots, the mouse, for me.
  • Julea - She always listens. She always tells.
  • Shadow - He scared me a bit at first, but I'm really glad I met him. He's really nice and kind and easy to talk with
  • Saedrus - He listens... and he makes me talk, maybe too much
  • Teela - She became close so fast!
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A meek little thing, if her hesitance and muttering are anything to go by. An apothecary by trade, she says, one who dabbles in medicine, it would seem. One must wonder how it is that a wallflower like her managed to befriend nobility, a princess, no less.
    Agatha People at the war planning meeting kept talking about all of the things she could make to help us fight. She must be so clever! That's kind of intimidating. She's little, and quiet, and young. I'm not sure how you can own a garden, but that sounds impressive. We must keep her safe so she can keep making things!
    Aiden She's quiet as her mice are. She always appears in places least expected. I also adore that she cares so much for her two friends, Boots and Chip. I think because of her reserved nature, she gets often overlooked, but sometimes, those who are not seen or heard are the most valuable.
    Alarissa A timid Redrain, with a lovely shop.
    Aleksei Quiet as the mice she carries!
    Alexis Mistress Valery. A quiet Northlander woman. Shy, with a pair of mice in a basket. I feel bad that I didn't see her leave - but I expect I will get a chance to talk to her again, and perhaps learn more of her. And her mice!
    Amarantha I admire anyone who devotes their time to acts of charity. In these recent days, it seems far too many people have forgotten how to be kind. I wish her well in future endeavors--be it with gardens or children.
    Ardoin A quiet and polite Northern herbalist, she seems quite helpful and provided me with some invaluable insight into what I could use for my upcoming expedition. I shall visit her again.
    Arik Quiet young woman with good ears and a shy way of sharing opinions, even if accidentally.
    Arta First person to greet her in the city of Arx. Arta will have to remember her friendliness.
    Artur A sweet girl with adorable mice as pets! She seems a little shy at first, but she's friendly enough once you can get her talking.
    Asher Cute girl, very quiet. Lots of secrets, seems like. Not sure what she wants.
    Aslaug (Hastily sketched is what appears to be the crude outline of a face. Many of the features are left bare and vague but for the mouth. The mouth, it seems, was where all focus was put on, shaped into a frown.)
    Astraea She's shy and quiet like, there is a sweet sensibility about her that I like. One couldn't ask for much more from a vassal.
    Aurora Valery is one of the few people who accepts me for who I am, and it is refreshing not to feel as an awkward outcast in her presence.
    Barik A little creature with what seems like firsthand tendencies for self-deprecation. With some hope, she'll grow out of it.
    Bastien I can barely remember her. Does she talk?
    Calaudrin She seemed like a quiet girl, just there to observe and help if needed. Maybe a little shy. I don't know what she had in the basket, seemed a little shifty about it.
    Cambria A shy, seemingly pleasant girl. She might melt if I focused the brunt of my attention on her. Or maybe she's made of sturdier stuff!
    Caspian She seems like a woman who has had a rough life and is a bit quite. Once bitten, twice shy? But more then once for her.
    Cirroch A quiet gardener. She seems like a nice person.
    Clara A welcoming women, cute kids following behind her. She directed me to where I might find my brother and we talked about gardening a bit. I think I would like to meet her again.
    Clover Quiet, mousey but always nice and willing to help.
    Cristoph A quiet young woman with a shop that I greatly enjoy visiting, she's also very helpful. I hope to see more of her work in the future.
    Cullen A knowledgeable apothecary who also sells teas that will solve a bevy of problems. Kindly and soft spoken, educates children. A rather nice person in general who is pleasant to talk to.
    Cybele Miss Valery is very nice and has cute mice. I hope she gets to be happy with the boy she likes.
    Daemon Though I only saw her briefly, I did enjoy her company. Something oddly... mousy about that one.
    Darren It was excellent to see the alchemist again tonight, even if it did lead to a near-mauling and a trip through a bush. Her concern warms my heart.
    Delilah Like the best of her teas, she should be appreciated slowly, her company a balm for all the aches of the world and that contemplative space she allows a rarity at the speeds we all run. She is unrushed and hears the softer notes in the world, inspiring with her patience all manners of plants and souls to come to fullest blossom. A treasure. But honestly, those teas!
    Denica She has such beautiful hair, lovely red. I really want to capture her look in a painting, and keep it for all time.
    Echo A modest girl who is definitely really good with kids, the gardens, and probably all sorts of other stuff. Redrain took her in and should be proud, she's so talented!
    Eleanor Mouse seems like an apt nickname. A sweet one, though.
    Fairen A quiet girl with a basket. An apothecary who works for House Redrain. Perhaps she'll prove to be very good at what she does.
    Faruq Knowledgeable, pretty, and makes a mean cup of tea. I don't even like tea. I liked this.
    Fatima Sweet girl who happens to like jewelry. A member of the guild as well. I wonder what kind of wares she makes!
    Ferrando She likes plants, makes excellent tea, and it kind of feels like she's forever right about to apologize for something.
    Gaston Quiet and shy at first, almost skittish at times. Perhaps she's simply worried about her little friends and Titus, however. In some ways, I think it likely her and Chip have a similar past. Traumatized greatly at some point, and now slowly working through it.
    Ian An alchemist, I think? Is she the one with the mouse?
    Itzal The quiet legendary alchemist. She was pleasant company, and I was glad to repay it with one of my finest songs.
    Jeffeth A nice young lady with a garden. She held a tea party for everyone at her gardens. I will need to speak with her about what it takes to start a garden.
    Joscelin Always quiet and unassuming, sweet, kind.
    Kaldur Meek little thing!
    Khanne Such a cute, shy little Mouse. She is one of few people that seem to not have let the city change them much in my time here. She is still quiet and shy, though perhaps not as shy as before.
    Leola Something of a quiet one, and unwilling to speak on a number of issues. I wonder how she finds her solace, but there is something that she does, clearly
    Lorenzo Shared a cup of tea at The Spirits. She seems a little shy and reserved but a sweet young woman.
    Lorien A little bit defensive at first, but seems sweet. Knows my cousin Shae, and keeps a basket of very brave mice.
    Lou I met this lovely women in the Redrain Gardens. She produces teas and ointments, and I am considering ordering a large supply of both from her in the future to stock up the Explorers. I can't wait to try her spring tea, and I hope Mason can make use of the headache tea.
    Luca A charming woman of remarkable talents. Don't let the praise fool you, see for yourself. She's better than they say, even.
    Lucita Is she shy? Uneasy? A newcomer to the city who seems to have been taken under the wing of Dame Leona. Perhaps will get a chance to know her better.
    Lydia Sometimes you find a retainer who becomes like a trusted member of the family. And there comes a time when, even if they don't see it, for their own good it's best they move on to greater things. Still, you miss them, and if the transition wasn't the smoothest, things can be awkward. Sometimes you have to reach out and find a way to let them know you are still happy for all their successes.
    Maeve Yay another apothecary! I do enjoy talking to apothecaries. She also has the cutest little mouse. We met just outside the Villa where we got to talk about the forest and ways to fix it. The poor poor forest...
    Magpie Magpie only briefly met Valery at the Murder of Crows. He didn't really catch her name, but she was talking about being plagued by nightmares, yet wouldn't elaborate on them other than saying she's had them for a long time. And she doesn't drink rum. Noteworthy.
    Malik Valery may be as quiet and shy as her nickname of 'Mouse' is suggesting, but I was very much enjoying our talk and hope we can be making new friends.
    Marian I met her first at a tavern, then at the bath. Each time I get this strange urge to protect the girl. She has House Redrain to see to her needs so I will leave it to Fergus and his kin to look after her.
    Melody It's a rare comfort to have someone look after you the way Valery does to her guests. I get a very homey, warm feeling around the Redrain Gardens because of her.
    Merek I think Valery likes gardens and her animals, and is also a bit quiet. Very nice person though too.
    Meriah She's a quiet one and maybe it all got to be too much for her in the trenches. But she's kind to take me in and I'll repay the kindness.
    Mirari Quiet, sneaky.
    Monique Valery has always been helpful and kind, and someone Monique trusts.
    Morrighan It seems a long time ago that I met this quiet mouse working in the Nightgold Estate, their apothecary, if I remember right, though now she's employed by Redrain nobility. She's helped me out a time or two when I had terrible hangovers, and she really knows her herbs and remedies, I'm thankful for her. I don't speak with her often, but she seems like a nice young woman, and she played an important part in our success in defending the ramparts during the Siege. I'm glad that Redrain has her as an ally.
    Mydas Quiet Miss Valery, akin to her mice in some respects, yet with hidden depths. A shame she was the collateral of Redrain and Nightgold disputes.
    Nierzen Glad to see someone works hard outside of the Boroughs. Cute.
    Oriana I can see why she's sought after as a teacher.
    Petal Valery seems very cute and sweet. I feel like there much more to the girl that I don't yet understand.
    Quenia She reminds me of my sister, Iovita. She's very passionate about her garden, and is already planning around the concert idea I gave her. Iovita would have loved her garden, and had she not gone back to Granato, I'm sure they would have become fast friends.
    Reese Reese thinks Valery is very sweet. She worries about her and wonders what her scars and if she is being hurt or has ben in the past.
    Reyna At first she seemed really shy and unsure, but eventually she warmed up some! She is very sweet and nice. And helpful too! And her little mice friends are super adorable, she let me feed them! Hope to see more of her.
    Rook A quiet woman, yet good natured and seems to foster good friends. A carer of children, of animals-- an all around saint, really. But -ever- so quiet.
    Rosalie Soft-spoken, but don't let that fool you. She is one of the single most knowledgeable people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I hope that we can become friends.
    Ryhalt Seems pleasant though shy, although I would expect the circumstances of the meeting contributed. A friend of Princess Valencia's I think?
    Saedrus Dear Mistress Valery. Such a timid young thing, and I do not think I have heard her speak beyond a whisper for as long as I can remember meeting her. It was in Mistress Julea's shop, from memory, and I had proper knife made for her by the smith. She suits those dear little pets of hers, Boots and Chip. For all of her quiet nature, I am sure there is a wealth of knowledge about her in her field. She is a lovely young girl, I am very happy to know.
    Samael She was worried and concerned. How endearing. I'm interested in meeting her again in better circumstances.
    Sasha A very quite young woman who is fond of mice
    Sergei Quiet little thing, if it weren't for those twinkling little anklets of her. Wonder if she squeaks when you catch her?
    Shae Kind hearted and thoughtful, perhaps a little shy, but she seemed to warm up. Has cute little mice friends, and seems to really love gardens. I hope she does come to the Estate to see our book garden.
    Shard She's quiet and she has pet mice. Apparently, she also likes gardening?
    Sigurd Its not surprising she surrounds herself with beautiful flowers in an attempt to blend in.
    Sparte An apothecary, and a good one. She is ever so polite as well, and takes very good care of her tiny charges.
    Talen An apothecary. Quiet. Seems to carry around mice and children and a basket for both. Talen met her at the Grotto and seemed to know who he was. It's strange how that doesn't quite sink in until it does. Fame, or infamy, was not originally on the cards to Talen. Now it is.
    Theron A Northerner who works for the Redrains. She's given me some valuable food for thought, so she's smart, and likely got resourcefulness of her own. I'll have to speak with her more at length on this.
    Thistle A shy, quiet northern woman. I'd love to get to know her better
    Toste Valery is such a lovely, beautiful, shy girl. I'm so glad I have gotten to meet her and look forward to getting to know her more.
    Valarian A rather welcoming apothecary who also is skilled at the art of blending teas, I intend on buying some from her and enjoying them a great deal. Her friendliness is a welcoming sight up here, as not all from the Lowers are treated such.
    Violet Apparently a very notable alchemist. And while quiet a friendly companion when drinking. Or at least when I was drinking. I look forward to going to her shop to find a new perfume. Something that is both soft and floral, but not too sweet.
    Volcica Sweet girl, who's put roots down in the city. A shame, that.
    Warrick The first time Warrick saw Valery, it was in the Grotto with mice. The second time, in the Murder with mice. Will the third time also be with mice? Only time will tell.
    Zalika A somewhat quiet and a little shy girl who has little mice for pets. And is surprised I want Aeterna pants.
    Zoey Sweet and softspoken, she's a legendary alchemist. That reminds me, I need to get a perfume from her!