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Apollo Oakwood


Social Rank: 7
Concept: Haunted Retainer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Oakwood
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 7/6
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Leatherworker
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Caramel

Description: He is a spare young man, of middling height and weight and a lean, lanky build. He's handsome, his features pleasing in an unassuming sort of way. He might not be the brightest star in the room, but there is a charm to his features that draws eyes back to him. A high brow and serious eyes rest over a nose that adds character to his face. His hands are large and show the signs of hard work; small scars from old knicks from sharp tools, calluses along the base of his fingers and on the pads of them as well. There is an air of distraction about him sometimes, an absent-mindedness that adds to that quirky and understated charm.

Personality: There's an ineffable charm to Apollo that sees him through most confrontations that may or may not have started with the glibness of his tongue. His wits are relied upon almost exclusively in times of trouble and they serve him rather well. He might be slow to trust, but once he does, he's loyal to the bone, so while he may call few friend, those he does, may count on him til his last.

Background: Born in Oakhaven, to parents who were both Trackers, Apollo should have had an ideal childhood. But fate was less than kind to him, and at the tender age of six, while traveling between Lyon's Redoubt and Keaton Keep, he and his family were ambushed by a group of bandits looking to thin the packs of hunters after them. Apollo's parents were killed in the conflict and the boy was taken, the plan to rear him as a bandit, the irony found to be delicious. Weeks passed, but eventually another pack of Trackers discovered the location of the bandit's hideout and cleared the lot of them out. When Apollo was found, one of the huntsmen recognized the boy and took him home to Keaton Keep where the child was raised in the court.

As an adult, he is fiercely loyal to the Keaton family. Eschewing the path of his parents, he learned the special art of tanning and leathercraft Oakhaven has become known for. The secrets of its manufacture are now his. When Kael left Oakhaven to come to Arx, he tapped his best leatherworker to come with him to see about making a name for themselves in Arx.

Name Summary
Alessia I had the pleasure of meeting Vitalis' protege, finally. As friendly as I had anticipated, I look forward to future meetings.
Alexio A fellow merchant and one of my closest friends. I owe him much of my knowledge. A good man; excellent at his craft.
Arcadia A true artist. I can't wait to see what he brings out next.
Aslaug You know that guy in every village that everyone knows and loves? That's Master Apollo. It's not just that he knows his stuff - Leatherworking, I mean - it's a presence he has. You walk in and you know he will take good care of you.
Astyr A crafter of some talent, with a wide-ranging clientele. He clearly knows his trade, and he likely knows the city as well. May be good to keep in mind for future business.
Athaur A curious sort of fellow, though not in a bad way
Beatrice I collided with him, and yet he apologized and offered to clean up the mess. A kinder response than I deserved, even if I will need to get my shirt cleaned.
Bhandn One hopes he does not do what I think he could have done, or that he will do similar again. I'm not convinced.
Cambria Everyone speaks so highly of him, and it is hardly undeserved! Hopefully, however, people are interested as much in the man as they are the leatherworker.
Catalana He distracted my husband with his soap boat. I wonder if the Keaton's will let him come for a play date?
Cristoph What an absolutely lovely young man. Very smart and forward thinking, but also humble, loyal and devoted to his community. Quite an impressive person.
Delia Personable as you please, helpful, cheerful - I already know I will be coming back for his work and company in future.
Elgana Master Apollo is a skilled man with a sharp mind for business. I am pleased to own not just one but two pieces of his work and hope to continue to add to my collection. He is truly blessed by Jayus.
Evaristo His work is astounding and marvellous and spectacular - and he's all and all a morally upstanding citizen of Arx, as well. But somehow, I also think he'd be very fun at parties!
Flavien Perhaps we will one day bond over a mutual appreciate for the Thraxian Slug. Until then, I may simply wish to die every single time his name is even uttered in a conversation.
Hickson Extremely skilled in all manner of leather working, from gloves to armor - and great taste in sandwiches.
Ida Associated with House Keaton, which already said much about him to me, Apollo is a bright and enthusiastic crafter I've recently had occasion to work with. Obviously quite skilled, to judge simply by reputation, it is obvious that he loves his work. That, too, says a great deal about him to me.
Jasher Makes good leather. His dog is a menace.
Jeffeth Ah. Well. Not so much forgiveness to be had with this fellow. Oh well. I wish the man the best in his business and future endeavors.
Josephine A good boy, even if he looks like he got his hand caught in the cookie jar. He needs to get into trouble more, if it gets him out of his shop now and then.
Julian An artisan with scruples. Must make it harder to make coin.
Juniper Oh goodness, he has clouds in his eyes! But not stormy clouds. Summer clouds, back-lit by the sun, promising something wonderful once they've passed and left Jayus' inspiration printed upon his thoughts.
Laurel A talented leather worker with an eye for detail. I do hope I can help him navigate the treacherous waters of the market.
Lisebet Master Apollo is a very talented and humble man, deserving much more praise.
Llewella Master Apollo is a most delightful conversationalist. His manners are impeccable, his passion for his craft obvious, and his stance against slave labor one I wholeheartedly support.
Lorenzo A charming man and exceptionally skilled craftsman. I'm always happy to recommend his work to a friend.
Lottie He seems like a very gentle man and a very talented one. His designs are superb! I'm so glad I got nosey and poked my head in his shop. It's always my honor to meet a fellow crafter.
Lysander Worry not, shrinking violet. Under the right conditions, you will grow all the more beautifully.
Mabelle Seems to be very passionate about his work.
Marisol A talented haggler and merchant. I should really seek him out for aid.
Martino What a wonderful gentleman. Held his cool when I gave him, perhaps, a terrible surprise in a bag that was made of my shoes. Not my fault! Not my fault... fine craftsman. Would trust.
Marzio A Leatherworker with some very impressive skill, from what I've been told. And by that I mean everyone in the Black Fox went on and on about him. He seems like a nice enough sort. I will have to keep an eye on him in the future, and reach out to him should I decide to commission a leather set of armor.
Miranda Education comes from all sorts of places, including merchants who take pride in their work. He is polite and knows his business and takes the time to understand his business. This is a very good man with a very high conscience.
Monique He couldn't have had a better small weapons teacher than me. And he picked up the lesson exceptionally well. He'll be a killer yet.
Norwood It's brave of him to be here and to listen to all of this - especially when his unease is so clear.
Olin A fellow Northerner, well steeped in his craft, interested in trade and welcoming to those newly arrived.
Perrach I don't know whether to think that he is full of shit, or if perhaps he is just as good as he says that he is. I'll be interested to find out once we finish our business dealings.
Petal He seems to very much like steel silk or maybe my work and he seems a bit absented minded as well, but I think he is an okay man.
Pharamond He seems a skilled and knowledgable smith. I am eager for his work and most appreciative that he took my commission.
Ras Seems like he knows what he's doing in life, even though I don't like his advice.
Reese He seems like a thoughtful, pleasant and talented artist. I look forward to seeing and having more of his creations.
Reigna There is something special about this one. He has phenomenal talent, but more than that, his heart is good. I think sometimes I upset him or say something that throws him. But I would trust him with my children. And that alone says a lot.
Sanya A charming man who's services my cousin has sought. I wish him success and hope to converse with him again.
Sophie Troubled. Pained. I wish I could help him, but I believe his ailment can only be fixed by his own force of will and dedication.
Sorrel This leatherworker is very kind and we managed to conduct business without saying a word, which was a relief for me. I'm definitely going to get him to make me some corsets to wear with some of my dresses.
Sparte A craftsman with a desire to work wonders. I hope my guidance was what he needed, and not just what he wanted.
Tescelina A mind so passionate and exquisite in their trade, as well as professional, holds my interest like nothing else. Greatly lives up to his reputation. I shall take much of my business to him.
Videl Master Apollo seems like a pleasant sort and a skilled artisan, if I need leathers I'll have to make sure to keep him in mind.
Vitalis His store couldn't be more well-named, the wares within unlike any I've seen in the City. My only complaint: it's too far from the Bank.
Wash A unself-conscious craftsman. Well spoken and better mannered, proof that not all noble souls are born into noble heritage.