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Apollo Oakwood


Social Rank: 7
Concept: Haunted Retainer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Oakwood
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Leatherworker
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Caramel

Description: He is a spare young man, of middling height and weight and a lean, lanky build. He's handsome, his features pleasing in an unassuming sort of way. He might not be the brightest star in the room, but there is a charm to his features that draws eyes back to him. A high brow and serious eyes rest over a nose that adds character to his face. His hands are large and show the signs of hard work; small scars from old knicks from sharp tools, calluses along the base of his fingers and on the pads of them as well. There is an air of distraction about him sometimes, an absent-mindedness that adds to that quirky and understated charm.

Personality: There's an ineffable charm to Apollo that sees him through most confrontations that may or may not have started with the glibness of his tongue. His wits are relied upon almost exclusively in times of trouble and they serve him rather well. He might be slow to trust, but once he does, he's loyal to the bone, so while he may call few friend, those he does, may count on him til his last.

Background: Born in Oakhaven, to parents who were both Trackers, Apollo should have had an ideal childhood. But fate was less than kind to him, and at the tender age of six, while traveling between Lyon's Redoubt and Keaton Keep, he and his family were ambushed by a group of bandits looking to thin the packs of hunters after them. Apollo's parents were killed in the conflict and the boy was taken, the plan to rear him as a bandit, the irony found to be delicious. Weeks passed, but eventually another pack of Trackers discovered the location of the bandit's hideout and cleared the lot of them out. When Apollo was found, one of the huntsmen recognized the boy and took him home to Keaton Keep where the child was raised in the court.

As an adult, he is fiercely loyal to the Keaton family. Eschewing the path of his parents, he learned the special art of tanning and leathercraft Oakhaven has become known for. The secrets of its manufacture are now his. When Kael left Oakhaven to come to Arx, he tapped his best leatherworker to come with him to see about making a name for themselves in Arx.

Name Summary
Adora Leatherworker that doesn't actually have anything except base leather on display. Unsurprising I was the only person in his shop. Was that juice he was drinking? I don't like him.
Ajax A merchant. A seemingly shrewd man, I hope his skills are as good as his cunning.
Aleksei A handy leatherworker, I hear. Definitely fond of drink! Not so fond of fighting himself. That's all right! Drinking can be more fun.
Amari A bit blunt at times and perhaps overly serious, but he does very fine work so it's understandable. One does need to be practical, level headed and dedicated to master a craft as he has and be entrusted with the secrets of it.
Amund Oathlander. Leatherworker. Curious. Very curious. Loyal to a House Keaton.
Berenice Oathlanders are so /precious/, aren't they?
Bliss Hmmm. This one seems to think that he can play my games and keep up with me. That's the sense - or else, he's rather fond of the idea of being a brief interest. I'm not really certain which one it is, but I suppose I intend to find out. That kind of confidence is fun, whether it's founded or not.
Braelynn A capable sort, and quite polite. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Brigida An earnest young man, devout in his Oathlander way. But how we come to the gods is less important than that we do. May wish to brush up on his archlector recognition.
Cristoph A leatherworker from Oakhaven. If he was raised a ward of House Keaton then he /must/ be good. It'll be nice to have one of our own people to buy from.
Cullen One of those most sought after people in Arx, a leatherworker. Seems quite diligent in his craft, I look forward to seeing how the suit of armor he makes for me turns out.
Domonico A leatherworker and one with the savvy to know that hawking their services at a place were warriors practice can gain good results.
Draven He almost got himself attacked! By my Nova! He tried to trip me! To save a kitty! He seems like he might be nice! I don't know! Maybe!
Duarte An agreeable fellow.
Elora Soft spoken man with a love for working with his hands. Hopefully he can find a beautiful model to bring him lots of good work!
Emily Another man of Keaton, they seem to be in great supply but it is also a mark of their nature. Good in his respect. A leatherworker with an interest in continuing his work here in Arx. I hope he finds his footing.
Faruq A leatherworker from Oakhaven that says he is good enough to work with Cardian Snakeskin. Confident in his skills, I may have to commission a piece from him just to see for myself.
Gilroy Oathlander leatherworker with good taste in carpenters.
Iseulet A man that cannot be tempted by the smell of coffee! Truly, not a man to be triffled with. Still, I look forward to seeing what he may have in stock at his store in the future. Between comissions of course!
Isidora A kind man who likes leather. Good thing he isn't a tracker though.
Jasher He gets around. Still, I appreciate his initiative.
Jeffeth A leatherworker from the Oathlands, it was a brief meeting but he seems like a good man!
Jennyva He responded to my call for a broker to deal with the markets for me and I couldn't be happier. He's fantastic. Just fantastic.
Lorenzo An apparently skilled leatherworker, as well as pleasant company. I hope to give him a commission one day.
Lou The man drives a hard bargain, but I can see that his passion for leatherworking and good quality craftsmanship is well worth the effort I put into obtaining a discount for the Explorers. I hope it is a discount that lasts even after my demise - should that come to pass in the up and coming actions I'll be taking with Prince Talen in the defense of the Lodge of Petrichor.
Maddox A Leatherworker, and a man with a good humor. I might talk to him if I need anything else of leather made.
Meriah Should try harder to keep his blood inside his body.
Norwood A steady and good humored young man with a businessman's eye. As a Keaton and ward of Margerie he will always be welcome in Clement.
Petal He seems like a decent guy and is a fellow crafter too. I would love to see his work sometime.
Pharamond New to his craft but seems eager to learn. Make note to look him up when I need my next set.
Reese leather work who seems to be level-headed and calm. He has had great lose, but is dealing with such well.
Reigna There is a sweetness to him, and loyalty, which in truth is the most important trait of all. He seems to love Keaton, and I hope that, in time, he can help me navigate the future with Kata.
Renata A friendly young man and Ward of House Keaton. He teased me about getting warm muffins, and I expect I'll be visiting his shop.
Sabine A common leatherworker of uncommon background and exceptional talent.
Samuele 1Very professional. Very connected to his work, I like him.
Sebastian A dedicated young man who seems to represent the Keaton name well.
Sorrel This gentleman is a leatherworker, working on being one 'of some renown.' He seems ambitious and cheerful, so he'll probably make it someday soon. This town could certainly use some good leatherworkers like him.
Stygia Good natured, can take a joke, works with his hands, and conveniently located right next to my favorite coffee shop. Maybe I'll just be a regular at his place too.
Vayne He sells his intellect short, which is too bad. He's insightful and sincere, and because of the manner in which we disagreed, I look forward to engaging him again.