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Ilsa Innes

What is the world, if not a realm of endless possibility?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Hedge Witch
Fealty: Crown
Family: Innes
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 05/01
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: green
Skintone: pale, freckled

A delicate flower. A fragile gem. An apt description for the woman, in form and figure. Lush, tonal green eyes, darkly lashed, accented by perfectly arched brows illuminate her face, set above a puckish nose. Full, sweetly curved cupid's bow lips in a naturally rosey tone add a sensuality to her face, offsetting high cheekbones and a slender chin. Her skin is all peaches and cream, darkened by a peppering of freckles splashed over her skin. Her hair is a brilliant sun-kissed red, shot through with hints of sunset orange and gold, framing her face in the playful wisps, and falling down to the small of her back.

Personality: Ilsa is, in a word. Mercurial. Her laughter comes as quickly and as easily as her temper, moments of sudden inspiration as likely to take her has moments of reflection. Too well does she know that kindness must often go hand in hand with cruelty. And yet, for all that she has seen, the world in her eyes is ever new, ever surprising. A thing to be seen, and felt, and tasted. Experienced in all of its manifestations. Taking the bitter and the sweet.

Background: Hillward. A town in the Oathlands of little renown. But it was home. From the moment of Ilsa's birth, a place of hard work and graft, of joy and delight. A place of simple pleasures for simple folk. Folk who knew the wisdom of the woods and who gave thanks for the gifts they were given by the gods. Ilsa was born into a house of wise women, her own mother, having lost her husband soon after her daughter was born, lived with her sister's family, with her mother and aunts. A family of women tending to their own. From her youngest days, she trailed at the heels of these wise women, learning their ways, learning the secrets of herb and flower. The power of poultice and potion. The wisdom of speaking to the gods and to the spirits of the land. And when she came of age, she took her place as a wise woman herself, tending to the needs of the town and of the countryside. Knowing, always, that the day would come when she would find her way to the wider world, to places of greater renown and grander vistas. A place where she could ply her craft and hone her skills. And now, her chance has come. And Arx awaits.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Amari Someone from Hillward in Arx, very unexpected but curious. She seems quite nice and has good taste in animals, and patrons.
Apollo Someone from home! I swear I recognize her face, if I could remember when we met.
Dianna A striking beauty abounding in kindness and good will towards others. I look forward to working with her on /many/ projects.
Jules She's the type to help those in need, which fits very well with all those you serve. That desire to help just to help is worth taking the opportunity to help them. They're the type who fall through the cracks and, in some cases, become quite bitter.
Korka Makes a fine stew and is quite helpful when needing to gather large groups together for observation.
Mabelle A demure yet kind hearted woman with care for her surrounding. I should keep an eye out for her for future charity projects.
Martino I was expecting someone more covered in moss and have been quite surprised. Good, fine person it seems. Or they hide the moss quite well.
Ras Likes sunshowers. Smart enough to see that refugees ain't actually treated well, and kind enough to care about that.
Reigna A woman born in Oakhaven, and the protege of Rohran. She seems sweet and I am curious to know more about her, what her hopes and dreams are. She gives great suggestions!
Rukhnis A friendly and versatile woman with a willingness to help those in the greatest need. I will be interested to see what use she makes of her skills, and grateful for her assistance at the clinic.
Svana A displaced Northern Oathlander who is a midwife and also experiments with dyes. Friendly, sweet, and interesting.
Zoey Common folk don't need charity from nobles like myself. They need empowerment from people like her, and I'm happy to enable her to give them their dignity.