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Juliette Datura

"Herbal cures work by balancing plants which cause the opposite symptom of those which poison, thus offsetting its effects, so sedative plants will slow a racing heart and so on and so forth."

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Prodigal Herbalist
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Datura
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 5/15
Religion: Petrichor and Mangata
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: golden

Description: Short and sharp-eyed, this woman's golden skin encompasses a figure with a bounty of curves. Not so much pudgy, she is busty with muscular thighs and elegant limbs shaped with sleek and easily missed muscle tone. Her brows are strong and dark above clear eyes the color of the ocean - primarily blue but with hints of green or grey that stand out depending on what she is wearing. Not merely full, her lips are pillowy soft looking, her nose straight and slender. Long thick lashes frame her gaze, as dark as coffee like the roots of her hair. That proud lion's mane is a full profusion of ringlets which hang below her shoulders, the sun bleaching coffee brown hues through an array of gilded and honey hues toward the ends.

Personality: Quick to laugh and forgive, she never, ever forgets, and has periodically held a grudge long past the point of madness, but only quite rarely. She has become extremely devoted to Petrichor and Mangata since her family was accepted into the Compact, and rumor has it is very devout if not in a particularly orthodox fashion. She is romantic and idealized beauty for its own sake, with a touch of the hedonist leading to an enjoyment of most sensory related pleasures from a good meal to a soft bed to the smell of fresh coffee or spending hours kissing.

Background: Juliette's family has been part of the Compact since her grandmother was a girl, around 50 years or so. Her mother died in childbirth and she never knew her father, leaving her to be raised by the iron willed old woman. That said, their beliefs have never entirely shifted to reflect that of the Compact. While all the gods of the Pantheon are formally acknowledged, any outside of Petrichor and Mangata are mainly just paid lip service. She was raised in Setarco where strict adherence to orthodoxy in the Faith was never much of a priority. A wealthy old trader by the time the girl was born, her grandmother named her in honor of Juliet Fidante, as the older woman spent some good stretch of years in Tor before Juliette was born. More than interested in her grandmother's vocation, Juliet herself nonetheless attended the Apothecary college in Tor rather than learning diligently from the grand matriarch. Recently she has come to Arx with the passing of the woman who raised her, however, struck by the chance to study trade in the Capital city.

Relationship Summary

  • Celeste - General and Voice of House Pravus. I shall ever endeavor to make you proud and serve your esteemed family and yourself in any way I am welcome and able to do so.
  • Name Summary
    Celeste Eager, skilled, attractive. She'll go far on her ambition, she only needs the opportunities.