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Sir Audgrim Veilandir

Sometimes it takes something worse to kill a monster.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ranger with a dark past
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Veilandir
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 11/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Ranger
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Knight of the Red Wall, Assistant Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild

Description: Tall and fit, he has amber eyes framed by long lashes, a classically handsome face with a scar across one eyebrow, and short dark hair. There is stubble most days, shaving not a daily occurance. He is an athlete, shown in the way he moves with control and confidence, and he has a guarded and careful way, without having an unfriendly air.

Personality: Audgrim is a man of cynical humor and the capability to not let his emotions rule. However, he is not asocial - he can enjoy a drink with friendly people, he can tell a story and he enjoys hearing a good one. But he does not trust easily and does not open up to just anyone. From hard life experiences he may seem overly suspicious of situations most would think are harmless, a quirk that sometimes see him refusing to enter an inn, or walk down a certain street - as if he imagines monsters waiting.

Background: Born to a Knighted couple in a small barony in the Crownlands, Audgrim grew up in a happy home. From an early age he loved the forest, and joined the scouts and rangers working for the baron. He learned to survive and hunt this way, and when old enough he took employ in the ranks of the rangers. His parents were proud of him, and they also saw to him getting training with weapons and armor, to give him a chance for a career as a Knight or at least a soldier.

Life in the barony was mostly peaceful, the occasional skirmish with abandoned or bandits being the worst that happened. But then the Silent War began and everything changed. Banners were called, and Audgrim's parents were to join the army against Tolamar Brand and his forces. The baron also dedicated his trained rangers for scouting, Audgrim included. So, leaving his family behind, including his fiancee since only a month, he and his fellow rangers took off to scout for the main forces, while the baron gathered up troops on his land to move to the frontlines.

What was not expected was that The Silent Army was moving through the forest and came straight at the barony and the small town where the mansion was. When Audgrim and his fellow scouts realised this, they turned around and rode as hard as they could back home, but they arrived to death and oblivion. The silent army was still there and captured the rangers after a short skirmish where it was clear to Audgrim that they never stood a chance.

About a week later, Audgrim awoke alone on a small strip of beach by a small, dark lake. He did not know where he was or what had happened. There was no sign of anyone or the silent army, or his fellow rangers. The area was silent and the forest dying around him. He stumbled away and managed to make it back to the mansion where he proceeded to bury everyone he loved, including his fiancee.

He walked away, and stayed in the forest for years, banding together with others of similar fates, hunting and taking on mercenary work for villages having trouble with bandits. But they stayed on the fringe of society, earning a reputation as a fearless and cunning band of a semi shady reputation. They avoided entanglement with Compact forces and were called the Woodsmen.

Many years like this ended when Audgrim and his band ended up in trouble that caught the interest of people from Arx. Audgrim decided to go to Arx and look for answers and to start another life. There are always those in need of a ranger and hunter, whether of beast or man.

Relationship Summary

  • Isabeau - Duches Isabeau Telmar and I took a chance. So far, so good.

  • Ally:
  • Yrsa - A fellow blade and monster hunter.
  • Zakhar - There is a lot one can learn from a veteran. But also some bad habits.
  • Caprice - Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild.
  • Samira - Assistant Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild.

  • Friend:
  • Apollo - He has never judged me and I owe him more than he realises.
  • Ophelia - I do miss you, but I know you are happy.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Viviana - Fickle and vivacious princess.
  • Name Summary
    Apollo He convinced me that diplomacy is worth the effort.
    Bhandn A mercenary Sergeant, apparently. He seems to have his head on straight for managing his troops, keeping them from exposing any weaknesses in their defenses even when the unexpected happens.
    Bianca A man searching for questions. Something I can respect. He is engaging in a conversational capacity and rather good company at that. I hope that he does someday take me up on my offer. It would be nice to speak again at greater length.
    Bran Assistant guildmaster Audgrim does not back down from points of disagreement, handling them with a rugged dignity that reminds of the veterans who once fought under my banner.
    Cahal Grim Warrior.
    Caprice A new acquaintance recently returned to the city and opening his own shop. A rough, gritty exterior disguising the shine of a generous, witty personality. I suspect he collects his own pelts.
    Cesare Life has led us down different paths, but perhaps not so different as one may have expected. And I find differences intriguing, anyway. It's easier to learn from someone who's very different from you than from someone just the same, after all.
    Cristoph At first I thought that Master Audgrim might be a bit too serious, but there's a sense of humor under all of those deadpan looks. I'm sure of it.
    Denica Sneaky, clever and seems to have a decent sense of humour.
    Desiree The man has a way with style that speaks of his bold nature. The physical representation of the Red Wall, Audgrim is certainly tall, strong, and built like a And yet, in my company that wall comes down.
    Everett Met this fellow student of Apollo's at Audgrim's shop, where I'd gone to meet up with Brec. Of course that'd be m'Lord Apollo now, which is a change from the ole days, good on for him. Master Audgrim seems a man of many talents, though some be hidden from a man's first plain sight, I do reckon. He'd be an upskilled leather worker, I'd rightly say, an he knows his trade well, and has got himself a right bountiful business. He also mentioned bein' a hunter of man and beast, which I can believe, as he's got a deadly eye when he looks to ya square on. We all got to talkin' and my brother and I got to thinkin' that maybe such a man could be mighty right helpful, out back home at Acorn Hill. What with all the strange goings on since the disaster. We're gonna have to meet him again, methinks, talk it on over, when he's not too much busy.
    Gabriella A Crimson Blade I met while travelling back to Arx from Bastion. His dry humor kept me entertained as he helped me get to Saving Grace in one piece. Had he not been there, my trip would've taken double the time. He has my gratitude.
    Gael It is a strange time when an enlightened mind must pick up the sword and fight on behalf of a world tearing itself at its seams. I see it every time when there is a battlefield, a war, a conflict of any kind--the young and old alike go off to drift on behalf of a greater cause, risking and often losing their lives for it, and it makes me think... what could have been, had they not left their homes? A question I'd prefer not to ask, of Master Veilandir.
    Giorgio A ranger. New to the city, it would seem. Savio has invited him along on our next mission to the Saffron, so I do hope to get to know him better on the voyage. His willingness to leap into potential danger does speak well of him, however.
    Grady A knight first, and a leatherworker second. Or maybe it's the other way around, but either way, it's a lot of accomplishment for one man.
    Ian I always appreciate having a skilled archer at my back.
    Isabeau A skilled craftsman, judging by the pieces in his shop. I shall have to see more, even if leather is not my personal preference. I am impressed.
    Ivy A leatherworker, came into the hospital with Yrsa. He understands that noble etiquette has its place, and the hospital isn't it.
    Kaia I was quite surprised to see him here in Arx. I must say, his leatherwork is exquisite. I gather I'll be a frequent customer at his shop.
    Katarina Between the good sense of caution and the surety of strength and skill, there is a long life to be had for those who can unite all of those things.
    Katarzyna I rather enjoy this sergeant's sense of humor and his ability to make light of a painful situation. I'm sure our paths will cross again soon. In truth, I look forward to it.
    Kia A perceptive person that saw a problem and made it go away. Easy to talk to too. I'd not mind if our paths crossed again in the future.
    Lianne Grim humor undone with a touch too much honesty. It is better to know. Better and so much worse.
    Liara Fairly forthright sort of fellow. Spoke directly and without any sort of hesitation, whatever the topic. Directed me to an artisan who works in the very same field as him, claiming the other to be better - an unusual approach. He works with the Crimson Blades too, though we didn't discuss that much.
    Lisebet Someone to hide behind in a fight. If necessary. I appreciate that.
    Lyra I only knew Master Audgrim as a wonderful crafter of leather goods, until he signed up with the Crimson Blades to assist Cedar Vale. How wrong I was. And now I hear that he helped so many in Bastion when it fell, for which he's been knighted. A lesson, to never judge a book by its cover.
    Mabelle A very talented leatherworker. His experience as a ranger likely donates to the accuracy of his work. Handsome too.
    Medeia Any who dismiss this man as 'just' a mercenary or 'just' a leatherworker are not paying attention.
    Mikani Didn't know him long. But was happy to train him. He was happy to learn.
    Miraj I really enjoyed running into him and sharing a laugh. I'm sure he makes every dull party he's at far more tolerable.
    Ophelia It pleases me that Audgrim has found purpose in the city as a leatherworker. Now that he's here, perhaps he won't disappear again for a while. He /is/ a ranger, though, with a penchant for wandering, but I remain confident that he'll stay.
    Orland He's pretty good at all this treking exploring stuff. I like him.
    Porter Reasonably competent swordsman despite his protests otherwise! But possibly a far better archer. Excellent sense of humor, dry and crisp! Much appreciated.
    Raimon Seemed interesting. Would have liked to learn more. Ah well, Fate
    Razija A good fit for the Blades. Proactive and well mannered. He can teach the others a thing or two.
    Romulius A ranger with good senses and, apparently, a sharp mind. Generous in spite of himself.
    Rosemary Pretty shrewd but I've learned to at least give the ones who see the world in black a white a chance. Might not be able to negotiate but I bet I never need another pair of boots.
    Samira A man of many skills, self-sufficient and clearly no stranger to adversity. Those who have had to struggle and scrape and fight for every bit of what they own, they are the ones who understand the real value of things. I have a feeling Audgrim Veilandir knows this well.
    Savio Not everyone handles "Hi, sit down, want to fight crocodiles?" with such aplomb. Truly a level-headed man, and likely an asset on any expedition!
    Tanith Audgrim. Now there is a name I know from hearsay alone from Raymesin, a name spoken in begrudging respect and a little trepidation. When my husband says, 'I don't want him at our house, he's too competent', I know exactly what he means. That being said, he's a ranger with a chip on his shoulders. Not in the way of some with a thing to prove, but with a burden to carry that he wants to be worthy of.
    Thalamina Scouted the Saffron Isles together. Given that I'm still alive, I consider him to be an excellent scout to have at one's side.
    Vitalis He's changed a lot since we first me- it was like meeting him anew. Peckworthy liked him, he doesn't like many people.
    Viviana A man of very few words. But - he has stories to tell - I know he does. For now, I'll just lounge around in the lovely leathers he's crafted for me and wait.
    Vulpiano A man with a tragic past, yet he appears not to have let it consume him.
    Yrsa It's been a while, and it's very odd seeing him in the context of the city, but good nonetheless. I wonder what the future holds for him now.
    Zakhar a fine blade
    Zoey There is much skill there that deserves to be recognized.