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Georgine Dubois

It's not hard to lose oneself in creation. You only have to exist.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Dreamy Jeweler
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Dubois
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 08/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: average height
Hair Color: bright copper
Eye Color: amethyst
Skintone: light cream

Description: There is no doubt that this is a small woman. Barely hitting five feet tall, she possesses a daintily balletic figure that contributes to the 'feminine' frangibility she exudes. This is echoed, in turn, in the delicate features of her heart-shaped face. Under long, dark auburn eyelashes are almond-shaped eyes the shade of pale amethysts, the hue striking against the bright copper of her hair. Hers is the finespun beauty of a doll, perfect and pretty in her own way.

Personality: Quiet and often lost in her own thoughts, Eloise is constantly imagining. It might be easy to assume that the tiny woman is completely airheaded, but she's been known to be very firm when she wishes. She might be a little ditzy with a dreamlike quality to her personage, but she's solid gold and loyal to death under it all.

Background: Georgine Dubois comes from a wealthy merchant family in Sanctum, one that deals in the kinds of luxuries and trends that makes an apprenticeship with a jeweler just part of the family business. Even as a child, she always had her head in the clouds, spending hours just doodling pretty things like dresses and tiaras. It was not uncommon for the girl to be carried through the workshops by her father, and she grew into a creative and inspired designer of jewelry. After several years, she decided to leave Sanctum for the very first time. The news of the Cathedral's sad state after the Heretic, Georgine travelled to Arx with no thought but to lend her hands to the effort.

Name Summary
Achard Like a little dancer on the outside, talented beyong belief on the inside and way tougher than she looks. Giggles, too.
Bhandn That she was willing to make an exception for a man in service to the Faith was a kindness I ought to repay. I look forward to seeing what her creativity begets when unleashed.
Cassimir Though she does not wear a weapon on her hip, it seems to me Georgine Dubois possesses a fighter's spirit. She is not afraid to speak her mind freely, and verbally professes to welcome challenges. I wonder whether I will have a chance to rise to the occasion; I do enjoy engaging others in civil, thought-proviking discourse.
Cirroch Amazing jeweler. Interested in what their next design will be.
Cristoph I wonder what the jeweler was doing in the archive? I never did find out. At least she doesn't hate the ducal ring. Or does she?? A mystery
Duarte A touch naive but I do look forward to seeing her works.
Lyra A new jeweller to the city, and she has the same colour eyes as me, a coincidence, surely! I'll have to pay attention so that I might visit her shop when it opens. The city can surely do with another fine jeweller.
Mabelle An up and coming jewelrer, especially if Zara is her patron. I look forward to visiting her shop.
Ripley So skilled! Have you seen the things that she makes and I could sit for hours and talk with her in the markets about the people who come through.
Samira A jeweler who seems eager to take in all the sights and the details of such. One with a refined appreciation of beauty and the ability to find glimpses of it in daily life.
Sorrel She seems quite analytical, noticing many things, and she has good Oathlands connections. I look forward to seeing her artworks.
Thea A tiny wisp of a woman but with enough enthusiasm to lift a mountain. Creativity doesn't lack. It will prove interesting to work with her.
Yuri I overheard that she is a jeweler and soon to be opening a boutique, maybe? Whether it was my hearing or not, I think her designs will be something to peruse in the near future.
Zara The best craftspeople see the skill and beauty in items many overlook. The best craftspeople are also from Sanctum, naturally.