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Lottie Parkins

When the going gets tough, the tough bake cookies.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Cheery Confectioner
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Parkins
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 04/01
Religion: Pantheon (Jayus)
Vocation: Artisan
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Description: While Arx houses some of the most beautiful people in Arvum, Lottie more falls into the "what a cutie" category. Golden hair, wide-set green eyes, plush lips with a vibrant, dimpled smile and a button nose to fill out her features, Lottie is your stereotypical girl-next-door. She's pretty by many standards, but it's her personality that makes her shine.

(Lottie's hair is woven into a layered plate, wound at the base of her scalp in an array of twists and buns. A single pink flower (one of the last remaining of the summer) was tucked into the curls for a bit of accent color against the golden hues of her hair.)

Personality: If ever there was an example of manic, Lottie would be it. Optimistic and exuberant, the little baker is a brilliant mind when it comes to her art and yet... is probably one of the more absent-minded people you may meet. She flits about like a hurricane of joyfulness for the most part, though like any high energy creature there is very little ground between being "on" and "off." She could be dancing about one moment and passed out on a chaise in the corner the next.

Background: Lottie's story is a simple one. She was born and raised in Arx to Alan & Maggy Parkins. Alan was a palace steward while Maggy maintained her own shop until her passing a few years ago, just as the rise of rumors concerning elves, magic and everything in between started circulating on the lips of the common folk of Arx. While there is some speculation into Maggy's death Lottie was adverse to the idea that any sort of foul play was at hand. Her parents had her and her siblings when they were older so it was no surprise illness alone could have been the cause of Maggy's death. While a great loss to Lottie, she carried on instead glorifying her mother's memory through her own gifts of Jayus. She is stellar in the kitchen.

If the tragedy of her mother's death hadn't been enough, it was only a few years later Lottie was again faced with loss. Her soon to be husband, Iron Guardsman Taylor Leoni (yes, she was almost "Lottie Leoni") fell during The Silent War as one of the remaining Iron Guard loyal to the Crown and unswayed by Lord Everard Telmar. Another hit pushed beneath the layers of her ever optimistic exterior.

These days one is likely to see Lottie wandering around town with a basket full of goodies for sale, but someday... someday she will open her own delicatessen. A dream which she has maintained since her childhood.

Name Summary
Aahana A wonderfully pleasant, famous baker and cook and I am eager to try what it is she makes!
Adora Some kind of cook with a shop. Not half bad at reading people. But she charges too little. I don't like her.
Ajax A warm seeming woman, she can cook. If I was younger I would swoon.
Alban I would steal her for my House if I could, just based on the smell of her baking alone. I cannot wait to try it.
Apollo A bright and friendly girl, and she smells WONDERFUL. Now I'm hungry.
Braden A fluttering little hummingbird. Quite upbeat and cheery. And loves her honey. She is going to be a fun one to know.
Caspian Best baker in Arx, hands down!
Clara Lottie has approached me on a merchants level. I look forward to discussing this further with her.
Cullen A rather cheery baker with a pleasant attitude, even after I nearly ran into her - my fault, of course. Seems to be quite impressed by elks! That is understandable, noble creatures that they are. I will make a habit of speaking to her more, and maybe even eating.
Denica A cheery young cookie maker. I rather like this one.
Dycard A sweet and generous girl. That may be my stomach talking at the sight and smell of the sweetrolls, mind, but a first impression is a first impression.
Echo I'm afraid that if I stopped by Lottie's on the daily, I'd run out of money in no time at all. She's talented, cute, and considerate. Took good care of everyone in her establishment without a hitch!
Emily Such a sweet woman. And her talent for cooking is amazing. What a pleasant interaction and I look forward to seeing her work.
Emmelline Very nice lady. I really must visit her bakery.
Faruq Quite the jolly baker! She is friendly and warm even after a long day at work. I have heard nothing but good things about her cooking and shall certainly try it soon.
Gareth Usually I am irritated by someone so alarmingly upbeat. But this one seems to be tolerable, at the moment. Good for her.
Gaspar A creature that doesn't rightly belong here. Surely only seraphs can make such pleasures in this world. A true talent, in more ways than perhaps she even knows.
Harlex A warm welcome and a warm meal helped stave off the cold. She appears to hold both a genuine and good heart.
Ida Could Mistress Lottie /be/ any sweeter than her own confections? Truly, the woman is an amazing artist and such a joy to be around! I need to do so far more often.
Jacali Excitable, that one. Smells like cookies. Could bottle that, too, me, very well could.
Jeffeth Mistress Lottie! Nice lady with a shop, she sems very nice. Didn't get mad to me when I smacked her door so hard.
Joscelin A cheerful baker who enjoys hugging as much as I do, she's a devoted artist to her craft, as much as any painter or tailor or Crafter in the Guild. I could talk to her hours about what she loves, she lights up a space and it's clear she is in her purpose.
Jyri If her shop was neighboring mine I wouldn't get any painting done. THat food is just too good. She's a spot of sunshine herself too, glad she dropped in to my shop so I got to get to know her a little.
Kaia The attentive owner of Lottie's Place! So kind and generous; offering hot cocoa to keep warm during the winter! Oh my! Her treats are heaven! I must have Martino taste these! Perhaps she'll be the one we choose to bake our wedding cake!
Laric I'm pretty sure the cake she made isn't poisoned. What a nice young woman.
Luca What a fine and cheerful woman of business, and if the brownie she gives me now is as good as the one I was given by another, I think I might be just a little in love, perhaps. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so I am sure she is knee-deep in the admiration of an unassailable tide of the hungry.
Mabelle THE BEST COOKIE BAKER IN ALL OF AVRUM. So pretty too. My idol.
Martin I'd heard so much about her, I could hardly resist visiting her bakery. Of course...I did have an ulterior motive: to win her over to my side, for the ultimate bake off!
Melody She's far too adorable and cheerful for her own good! I just want to steal her away. That personality is probably one of the best ways to make a sale -- I'm onto you, Lottie Parkins.
Mirari She makes sweets, she is sweet and quite gregarious. I would trust no other with the baking of sweets that I consume. Her candy is also first rate.
Mirk A genuinely nice person, and the finest baker in Arx, whatever she says.
Niklas A sweet baker and a baker of sweets. Haha. I'm so witty.
Petal She seems friendly, cheerful and sweet.
Raimon Loyal to her friends. An excellent baker
Reese She seems warm and friendly and her cookies and treats are so yummy!
Rinel The maker of the finest cookies I've tasted since coming to Arx. I must have more!
Sabella I already feel like I know Mistress Lottie from the many treats scattered around Arx that I am offered every time I frequent a shop! It is wonderful to finally meet the woman behind the cookies and I find her to be just as sweet as her confections and twice as charming!
Sasha My favorite maker of sweets! I can't get enough of her hot chocolate and seasonal treats.
Sophie Sweets. She. Makes. Sweets. I must get to know her better. Perhaps she needs a refined pallet to taste her newest creations. To the top of my list! Make Reese my best friend!
Svoli The little baker who could.
Tescelina It is said that there is no purer act of love or kindness than to cook for another, that to feed is to give the succor of life. She is an exemplar of such ideals. Warm and softly pretty. So long as I draw breath, she will have a knight to call upon.
Valarian A charming and good natured purveyor of baked goods who wears rather pretty bloomers, just don't point it out. She's also quite cute, but don't point that out either. She gets embarrassed easily.
Veronica Interesting woman: cheerful, personable, and yet secretive. I do suspect her 'secrets' are sweet and bad for one's teeth, however.
Vitalis She barehand grabbed a tray from the oven. I think her hands must be made of wood. The transience of her art - its necessary destruction - makes it all the more precious.
Warrick As sweet as her treats. I bet she gets that a lot. I enjoy her... what's it called? Aesthetic.