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House, Guild, Group & Organisation Leadership Ball

With projects across the Realm, groups of people working together and seeking the betterment of all our people, there comes a time where those who lead must also relax. When people must come together, socialise and share ideas. Attend with friends, make new friends and reconnect with old.

What will be a fine affair of food, wine, beer, new spirits and cocktail making before we are finish off dancing the night away - all are cordially invited to attend the Ball.


Sept. 21, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Martino Catalana



Thrax Grimhall Tyde Redtyde Melaeris Kennex Redreef Darkwater Navegant Stormbreak Blackshore Velenosa Rubino-Zaffria Igniseri Pravus Truesworn Malespero Seraceni Amadeo Inverno Gilden De Lire Fidante Volkov Hawkmour Tessere Mazetti Corvini Malvici Saik Magnotta Grayson Bisland Ashford Shepherd Leary Stonewood Deepwood Riven Seliki Byrne Laveer Whitehawk Redrain Halfshav Crovane Nightgold Sanna Clearlake Stahlben Blackwood Ravenseye Acheron Valardin Telmar Wyrmguard Blackram Blanchard Greenmarch Rivenshari Laurent Lyonesse Keaton Clement Moore Farshaw Harthall Farwatch


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Ambassador Salon

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