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Lady Catalana Kennex

Wars are won and lost with words, don't let yours go to waste.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Jewel of the Saffron
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Dark Gold
Eye Color: Steel blue
Skintone: Sunkissed Fair

Description: The height, the regal cast of her sculpted face, the flowing cascade of gossamer hair: Catalina is all dark gold and honey, cream and mellow warmth. Her hair is fine and silky, a deep, burnished golden blonde. Her skin is creamy. Her golden eye makeup and the careful application of paint and fashion keep her all in the mode. Everything about her is measured and considered grace, balletic and refined. Her eyes are clear and pale blue, almost crystalline, like the clearest sea lagoon. Her voice is a low alto, honey and a whisper of smoke.

Personality: Catalana is so easy to talk to. It's her personal warmth. She's genuinely interested in people, in what they have to say, in their visions and dreams for the future. She has a knack for insinuating herself in many different kinds of company, and it's probably her sincerity that is her best trait. As a flirt, she is elusive and mysterious but intimate, with a heart-melting wink that she'll share at a moment's glance when nobody but you is looking. As a friend, she is ready with an ear and a glass of fine wine to listen to any problem, and she'll laugh at any joke. As an enemy, she ... well, it's hard to imagine her as an enemy! She's just so likable. Surely this can be talked through...?

Background: Trained in diplomacy from an early age, Catalana applied herself to her studies with a will. Perhaps some of it came of having such an unconventional sister, in Jan; someone had to carry on the mantle, after all, of being the woman's woman, the traditional lady, the clever one. Catalana formed herself into her role and made it hers, and in so doing, she focused her aptitudes and frankly surpassed most.

Applying herself as listener and thinker, she became a key advisor on all of Denholm's trade deals, treaties, and marital arrangements. Her life settled into a staid, certain pattern. She excelled, but something was missing. It was at this stage of her uncertain restlessness that she first met Washburn Grayson.

It wasn't so much that he swept her off her feet. That is, he tried like hell to do that. But that wasn't what drew her to him. Their affair might have begun with dramatics, and spun on for a wild, delightful few months through Arx, but it wasn't until Washburn stole back with her family to Stormward that she began to truly understand the depths of emotional need that Wash had for her. It was that need that drew her like a magnet, inexorably, absurdly.

It was that need that made her accept his proposal. It was that need that led her, against her better judgment, to accept the second version of his proposal: the one that had him throw away his royal status and his princely airs to throw himself at her feet.

After years together, hand in hand as partners, Catalana has never entirely recovered the heart she lost to this ridiculous man, but her good sense and diplomatic tact are both altogether restored. At her husband's side, she now returns to Arx to loan her skills as diplomat to her family's cause.

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