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Lady Esme Fidante

Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed in the world.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Knight of Devotions
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Fidante
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 21
Birthday: 8/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Rich Auburn
Eye Color: Brillant Emerald
Skintone: Sunkissed

Titles: Disciple of Limerance

Description: There is something wild and untamed about Esme, even if she is always impeccably dressed and groomed. Perhaps it is the look in her brilliant emerald eyes or the easy smile that warms her face to a delicate rose glow. She is a study in contrast from the delicateness of her appearance to the truth that lies beneath the flowery gowns. She is the epitome of strength and beauty when she marries metal and silk for most of her attire. Her warm hair is kissed by a touch of crimson in the sun and her creamy skin is flawless with just the smattering of light freckles across her nose. Her features are somewhat feline from her almond shaped eyes to her high cheekbones and thin, straight nose. Her lush mouth is usually curved into a surreptitious smile hinting at just the slightest bit of mischief.

Personality: Esme is a vibrant woman who has always marched to the beat of her own drummer among the throngs of Fidante cousins in the city of Tor. It is not that she is so vastly different from the others but her approach and her genuine enthusiasm stands out like a sunflower in a field of green. She has an easy going and carefree spirit about her that only adds to her effervescent aura. Her love of Limerance and all things courtly love should not be mistaken for one who stops to smell the roses and forgets about honor and duty. Esme is devoted to all things she is most passionate about; Her family, being a Devotion of Limerance, and of course leading the Calvary of Roses. Her love of horses is something Esme says has been in her blood since birth. Esme is a levelheaded woman who thinks first and acts second unless of course some sort of external force threatens those things which are sacred to her.

Background: The youngest child of Luzio Fidante and Amelia Lyonesse, Esme grew up in the city of Tor like almost all Fidante do. To say her childhood was a charmed one is an understatement. Whatever her heart desired was always at Esme's fingertips. She did not take these things for granted though and while some of her other family members might be spoiled and bratty, she was always humble and thankful for the opportunities that were given to her. There was always a strong sense of doing what was right, just, and noble within her. Though it was at a celebration for Limerance that took place around her birthday one year that truly opened her eyes, mind, and heart.

They called themselves Devotions of Limerance and their songs and poetry about love, honor, and fidelity sung straight to Esme's heart. She flung herself into the studies and decided after some time of careful consideration, she would devote herself to Limerance and be one of the Devotions. She found a way to marry her passions together as she was already a champion equestrian and knew she would one day follow in her brother Ignacio's footsteps to train as a Knight - Esme founded the Calvary of Roses whose oath is to maintain Limerance's virtues. House Fidante has always been different from the other houses of the Lyceum and their moral compass of slightly more North plays well with Esme's vision for her Calvary. Leo was more than happy to see his cousin's vision come to life. The Chivalrous Duke backed the Calvary of Roses and saw to the training of Knights who wished to be mounted warriors. Esme has been working diligently on the cavalry in Tor for the past few years but when her brother Ignacio suggested they come to Arx after Leo's disappearance to offer their assistance and guidance to the new Duchess, Leo's sister, Calista, Esme knew this would be the right thing to do.

Name Summary
Agostino The delight she takes at the world around her is an infectious thing, making it easier to see the beauty of things one might otherwise take for granted.
Arcadia She is brightness and happiness in one small bundle. A true joy when my heart is happy, but the one I don't want to see when my heart aches, she is just too happy.
Artur When it comes to matters of Limerance, I have always taken it with a bit of light-heartiness - I was surprised to find my spirits lifted by the enthusiastic Lady Fidante, and her thirst for stories - and satisfying conclusions.
Aslaug The brilliance with which this one arrives is blinding, but in a good way. If the clouds were to grow dark and dim, threatening the land, she would have to do nothing but smile and the sun would shine clear and the day would brighten in a moment. The most saddened and depressed of individuals need only but be in her presence to bask in the glorious majesty of her delight and feel it touch him- or herself and know - this is Joy.
Belladonna Sweet, beautiful and valiant. She is everything a knight should be. I wish her well, and fear for her.
Bhandn She was a warm soul who offered advice and solace in a conflicted time. That she also listens to those with whom she converses, and her enjoyment of stories, makes her all the more suited for her role in the Faith.
Brigida Her optimism is painful and I did have to resist the urge to beat some sense into her. Maybe she will have her eyes opened more with age.
Caspian What an adorable little ball of happiness
Dante I missed my cousin's genuine, bubbly enthusiasm and love for life. Having her back from Tor is a true delight, I look forward to spending much more time with her. We can even practice with our swords together!
Delia Such a sparkling warmpth and social personality - I hope we will get the chance to know each other and be friends, because my life would be all the brighter for her presence.
Evaristo I don't often need cheering up, but her brightness and humor did the trick.
Harlex A knight of roses and romance. I hope her heart never grows heavy from the weight of that sword.
Icelyn The gods have given her a fountain of words that never ends, and a fountain of cheer and light and attentiveness to go along with it. She has a ready compliment and a ready smile, and embodies all the bright beauty of life.
Jeffeth Wow. She was just /lovely/ the way she spoke, the way she smiled, how she was so nice to everyone. Ah. She sure was sweet. A good sort, the good-est of sorts.
Lora Esme's arrival is like spring has come to Arx, instead of autumn. Her effervescence is contagious. It is impossible not to feel her ready joy, and to share it.
Lorenzo A charming and enthusiastic young woman who enjoys reading romances and riding horses. She acted like she was going to move in when I invited her to come to the Redrain Library. This is fine... I'm sure it will be fine.
Mabelle Enthusiastic girl. Perceptive. Seems to be warm blooded like all Fidantes. We will likely make fast friends.
Marzio Lady Esme Fidante is a very kind soul. We met in the Tor Plaza and seem to have a mutual love of horses. Perhaps I have made a new friend.
Narcissa A light shines and attempts to pierce darkness, and the little rain cloud has its moments of rainbow every now and again to brighten her grays.
Petal Very very happy and cheerful and fun and maybe a little drunk. Would be fun to make clothing for.
Rosalind Definitely from the south, but willing to try at least to new things. That says something, right?
Sigurd An interesting woman with a smile that can brighten night to day. Perhaps a little bit too accepting however, but, the future looks intriguing.
Simon Lady Esme Fidante. What a ray of sunshine. She seems bursting with happiness, which can be refreshing given the bleak and sullenness sometimes found in Arx. A true pleasure to spend ones time with.
Sophie She's sweet. Maybe when wounds aren't as fresh they'll be easier to talk about.
Tescelina The knight of roses, soft as those petals and scent as warm. She is kind and friendly, welcoming and adventurous, she -- reminds me of that girl I once was, and I think I might /need/ her company.
Tyrus She is true and dedicated to her faith. It is inspiring, in a way. To see one believe so. Still, for all our differences, she was not bad company and I hope friendship may be found and strengthened in good time. One needs such friends, for the darker days.
Viviana Lady Esme has a certain joy for life that makes her company delightful and almost invigorating.