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De Lire

Vassal of Velenosa

A Rose Barony founded by Prince Talen Velenosa and then granted to Captain-General Audric of the Valorous Few as a land grant from Velenosan lands.


Name Rank Title Description
Lys 1 Baroness
Capri 1 Baron
Geralt 2 Voice The one with a Big Sword
Enyo 3 Noble Family
Ethan 3 Noble Family The Ecnomicist
Ardee 4 House Servant

Ruler: Lys

Land Holdings

Fen de Lire

Description: Hidden among the hills that overlook the frequently flooded fens from minor branches of the Lycene Split, the area was a haven for Abandoned retreating into the hills and marshlands that would raid Lycene commerce approaching Lenosia. Gifted as a grant to the new Baron Audric as a rose barony for his success in a tournament, a degree of peace has come to once restive area. Sort of.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.