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Vassal of Grayson

Words: "None More True."
Sigil: Graypeak Mountain Dog

Since the time of the Reckoning, the southern most duchy of the Crownlands guarded the hilly region and mountain range that provided the natural border past the Gray Forest outskirts and the start of the southern city-states of the Lyceum. Known for its staunch loyalty and reliability, House Shepherd were steadfast supporters of the Crown, particularly in wars against the Lycene city-states. But few houses fell as hard as House Shepherd when Thrax seized the crown three hundred years ago.

Nearly destroyed during the Crownbreaker Wars, House Shepherd of the duchy of Graypeak had an internal schism and family fought family over which claim to support. As part of House Thrax's planned coup, Princess Galina Thrax married Duke Bayard Shepherd in a ploy to sway support for Thrax after the coup. Galina however backed House Grayson, and helped rally Shepherd loyalists to Grayson, while Bayard surprisingly supported Thrax, which resulted in a split of the house and one branch of the house ultimately being attainted and losing noble title when Grayson emerged victorious after centuries of war.

Much of Bayard's line was forgotten, with that branch being cast out and called the commoner Crownfall family, and would likely still be forgotten today if it wasn't for Duke Gregor Shepherd's house sword, and Sir Brentley Crownfall, who served House Shepherd with honor and dedication for two decades before falling in battle saving Duke Gregor's life. On Duke Gregor's deathbed, he posthumously ennobled Sir Bentley to 'finally erase the stain upon the honor of our distant kin', and effectively raised the two children of Sir Bentley to nobility... and made Sir Bentley's son, Malcolm, heir to the duchy.


Name Rank Title Description
Malcolm 1 Duke Duke of Graypeak; That Guy Who Tries
Wyatt 2 Voice Lord Wyatt Shepherd; The Voice of Graypeak
Delilah 2 Voice Duchess-Consort Delilah Shepherd; The Dreamer of Graypeak
Jennyva 3 Noble Family Lady Jennyva Shepherd; The Diplomat of Graypeak
Bonnie 3 Noble Family Lady Bonnie Shepherd; The Weapon of Graypeak
Elsa 3 Noble Family Lady Elsa Shepherd; The Keeper of Graypeak
Kaiden 3 Noble Family Lord Kaiden Shepherd; The First Knight of Graypeak
Simon 4 Trusted House Servants Bard Simon Hillock; The Historian of Graypeak

Ruler: Delilah

Minister Category Title
Wyatt Income Minister of Bankruptcy Prevention
Jennyva Loyalty Minister of Concerns and Complaints
Kaiden Warfare Minister of Warfare and Puns of Mass Distraction
Bonnie Productivity Minister of Anchor Management

Land Holdings


Description: Forming the southern border of the Crownlands and the Lyceum, the mountains of the Gray Range are dominated by the large central mountain of Graypeak, upon which House Shepherd built their castle and the surrounding town of the same name to hold their domain. Strategically important for covering the Fine River valley and mountain pass that controls overland trade, House Shepherd has long warred with shav raiders on its land and guarded the passes for generations.

Legend has it that Lady Gelsamine Shepherd, an explorer that first mapped this region of Arvum saw the first attempt at a bridge over the river collapse and wipe out the entire caravan's supplies downstream and declared, 'This is fine. Everything's fine'. The river was then named by Humphrey the Literal as the Fine River.

Landmarks: The Great Road. The Empyrean Trade Route