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Lord Sigurd Nightgold

Duty to love and family. Old and New. A name is such a small thing, after all.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: duty-burdened soldier
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Nightgold
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 1/15
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Scout
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown tones
Eye Color: light blue
Skintone: fair but leathery

Description: Tall and solidly built, this man has an erect, straight back and stands roughly six feet tall, perhaps a touch more. His hair is long, held in a tight ponytail to keep the wavy curls arranged. The hair is a rather chaotic mix of lighter and darker shades of brown, with some blonde highlights. His face is slightly broad and flat, with a strong, slightly hooked nose and thick eyebrows that frame his light blue eyes. His skin is fair in shade, but weathered by years of exposure to a slightly leathery texture. His hands are well-cared-for, nails trimmed, but carrying this callouses on the palms and fingers, his thick forearms and frame powerful.

Personality: Born into the noble house of Nightgold, but without direct inheritance, Sigurd has been groomed from birth for duty and (hopefully) to eventually lead Nadia's armies in the field. He is well aware and loyal to obligations, but prefers, when possible, to be alone in the wilderness with a loyal dog or wolf. He is outwardly very refined and polite, while still maintaining the tough, occasionally-fierce independence of his ancestry, equally at home at a noble Ball as in a tavern drinking his weight in drink.

Background: Born the second son of Osmond Nightgold, younger brother of Duke Neddim Nightgold, Sigurd had a relatively uneventful birth, although it was, of course, celebrated. For it meant that the family line was truly secure on this branch. And that is how young Sigurd was raised, to be a 'sturdy branch' for the family to rest upon. Developing a keen appreciation for the arts of the wilderness and the martial aspects of his duties, he has been, almost since being a toddler, groomed to be a leader of military men. It is hoped that, in time, he may even take his place as leader of his cousin Nadia's armies. To this end, he has been tutored in weaponry, riding, and archery all, as well as command and the responsibility of it. This, and his duties to family and realm, have been drilled into him since he first learned to speak.

This has led to a rather outwardly reserved, polite demeanour, but it is merely that, an outward appearance. In his spare time, he enjoys wandering the wilds, and adores wildlife in all forms, particularly dogs, an affection he shares with his younger sister, Signe. Always very close, both as children and now as adults, Sigurd and Signe would often roam the wilds together, the younger sister mimicing his martial and wilderness training to his endless amusement (and occasional annoyance). He is a Man of the North, and thus holds family, independence, and resourcefulness in high esteem. However, his grooming and constant drilling of duty mean he is able to hold his own in polite society as well, but does not conceal his northern roots and is proud of them. He can wear his silks, but it is clear that he prefers the practical over the fine, when given a choice.

Relationship Summary

  • Julea - Immodest, awkward sparring gloater
  • Alis - The Pocket-Knight with A Valardin's starch, but tempered with a heart of gold.
  • Bethany - She has a wit sharper than any sword, and an intelligence to match.
  • Dante - Good fighter. Too much fancy, but I wouldn't want him in front of me in a fight.
  • Agnarr - Walking Tree with a personality (and toughness) to match.
  • Eirlys - Interesting Warrior-Maiden. Loves animals. I approve.

  • Friend:
  • Morrighan - Drinking and fighting and long talks about everything. The best of friends.
  • Lianne - Met on an expedition. Didn't find what we were looking for. Found something better instead.
  • Khanne - Strong. Caring. Compassionate. Balanced. An excellent person to have at your side in all things.
  • Mabelle - Lady Laurent is a rare flower with a penchant for sweets. She is able to inspire even my clumsy grasp of language to something incredible.

  • Family:
  • Nadia - My lovely, treasured cousin, who I have always considered close to my heart.
  • Signe - My dearest sister. Loves her dogs more than her duties, but I could not go on without her.
  • Mydas - My brother may have eyes of gold, but in the end, it is his heart where his value lies.
  • Cassius - A strong blade at your back and a strong voice in your face.
  • Icelyn - Stepping into a role she hasn't trained for, but doing an excellent job of it. I hope I can help her more in the future. Proud to have her here in Arx.
  • Name Summary