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Vassal of Stonewood

Words: From the Ashes
Sigil: A winged viper rising from a mound of ashes
Nicknames:  Vipers, Phoenixes

Forked from the main Stonewood line to replace the nobility of Cedar Vale lost to a coalition of Abandoned tribes following the War of Silence. As reward for leading the forces that retook the territory, Lord Gailin Stonewood was elevated to Count Gailin Fireviper, the name originating with a local viper known for an excruciating venomous bite.

Since the County of Cedar Vale had not been paying their dues following the silence, Lord Gailin went off to investigate the cause with some of Stonewoods troops. Once there he discovered they had been killed off by a local Abandoned coalition. This upset him immensely and he went into battle with those Crownland shavs and came out victorious. Given his bravery and finding out the truth, he claimed the county back in the name of Stonewood and under the Vassalage of Bisland. Upon his return from his "aggressive negotiations" and reclaiming of the County. Marquis Malesh has named him Count Gailin Fireviper of Cedar Vale. The county seat named The Cinder.


Name Rank Title Description
Rosalie 3 Noble Family
Malesh 5 Trusted Adviser
Lorna 7 Known Commoners

Ruler: Gailin

Land Holdings

Cedar Vale

Description: Nearly entirely destroyed by Abandoned raiders, rebuilding efforts have just now started, with Marquis Malesh Stonewood granting the Cedar Vale to the new Count Gailin Fireviper. The mostly burned out husk of lands is called The Cinder, and reconstruction has begun.

The county seat has been at Cedar Vale for generations. Following the destruction of the old town there at the hand of Abandoned invaders, the area became known as The Cinder. Fireviper has rebuilt on that land, but the name seems to have stuck.

Resting at a higher elevation than Stonewood and nestled amongst the valleys of the mountain range northwest of the Gray River, Cedar Vale is noticeably colder year round. They still experience four distinct seasons, but they tend to be wetter and cooler than their neighbors below. The exception to this is the valley occupied by Cedar Vale, where geothermic activity produces swaths of land where the snow just won’t stick and the springs bubble up nice and warm, offering a popular winter retreat.

The largest import to the county is grain, which does not grow well in the rocky soil. In exchange, the county’s primary export are minerals, many of them more utilitarian than not such as sulfur, though they do have several healthy deposits of obsidian which are mined and finished there. Lesser exports include local berries, sap and syrup from the trees, and wool from sheep that survive the cooler climate with thickened fleeces. In addition to the sulfur, several other items of interest to apothecaries may be sourced there, such as Fireviper Venom harvested in the warmer months.

Landmarks: The geothermic activity draws tourists especially during the autumn and winter, though many a wedded couple celebrate their union in the rural county so that they may not be distracted from the work of producing heirs.