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Vassal of Kennex

Words: "This far and no farther."
Sigil: A green turtle on a black field.
Nickname: Shellbacks.

House Navegant has slowly become defined by its single holding, the island village of Escuma. It is highly defensible but lacking in land mass for expansion and is rich in the common, necessary resources for sustaining life but holds no conspicuous material wealth. In holding to this touchstone, Navegant has developed a reputation for conservativism, patience and stubbornness. Militarily, they are not quite the picture of roving Thraxian militarism but maintain a strong fleet presence within their own bailiwick. They could fairly be said to be a nettle that would be disproportionately painful to grasp in hand than the benefit to be gained from the holding rather than a wildfire threatening to consume all in their path.


Name Rank Title Description
Turo 1 Count Leads Ocean Security
Arcelia 1 Countess Leads Diplomatic Affairs
Regla 2 Voice Leads Land Security
Estil 3 Navegant Family Handles Ecomonic Affairs
Annika 3 Navegant Family
Dion 3 Navegant Family
Faelan 3 Navegant Family
Pepper 3 Navegant Family
Garret 3 Navegant Family
Edward 4 Noble Vassals Trusted Vassal
Skapti 5 Trusted House Servants
Iseulet 6 Extended Family
Romulius 6 Extended Family
Fatima 7 External Allies
Sheena 7 External Allies
Viveka 9 Commoners
Coraline 10 Ally A friend and student of Turo's
Alarissa 10 Ally

Ruler: Turo

Minister Category Title
Estil Income Master of Economic Welfare
Regla Warfare Master of Security
Arcelia Population Master of Civil Welfare
Skapti Loyalty None

Land Holdings


Description: Located on an isle in the northmost portion of Maelstrom's waters that is not held directly by the Great House, Thrax, Escuma is both the village and the island itself. There is little room for civilization outside the village boundaries and little respect from House Navegant for the wishes of peasants and thralls who might want to choose that life of rustic independence. Tiny though it is, Escuma contains enough water, timber and other resources for continual settlement. Locals brag that it has never been taken in battle. Those knowledgeable in warfare allow this, while also noting that the island has questionable value as a military target in any case.

Landmarks: In mid 1007, House Navegant has built the grand Art Academy of Jayus at Escuma as part of the Pilgrimage Path. The Academy is renowned for its art, contrasting with the constant rebuilding of the Temple of Jayus in Arx with the permanence of a fixed establishment in Escuma. The foyer of the Academy is particularly stunning, with a rotating display that challenges perspectives and viewpoints with the display of unusual art, as well as more classical art displayed in unusual ways.

Trends: Since the start of the construction of the Art Academy, Escuma has seen a wave of artists, leading it to become a hub for crafters and artisans in Arvum. They've grown closer to the Crafters Guild and the Faith as a result.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.