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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "Glitter greater than gold."
Sigil: A golden coin with the entwined circles of the Pantheon.
Nickname: Gilds.

An old but small house from the lowest rung of the nobility, House Gilden has controlled the modest Barony of Caith for generations. While the House Gilden's holdings are as every bit as modest as most baronies are compared to the great houses, they still possess all the privileges of their rank and are positioned to carve a greater position for themselves among the Lyceum and the Peerage of Arvum as a whole.


Name Rank Title Description
Ysabel 1 Ruling Baroness Baroness of Caith
Isabetta 3 Noble Family Voice of Caith - Minister of Population
Lucene 3 Noble Family House Sword
Armani 3 Noble Family Minister of Warfare - Admiral of Caith
Vittorio 3 Noble Family Minister of Income
Tibaltus 6 Affiliated Commoners Minister of Loyalty
Aria 7 Traveling Lady of Caith
Arya 7 Traveling Lady of Caith
Ishmael 7 Traveling Minister of Upkeep
Alessandra 9 Missing Former Baroness - Presumed Dead

Ruler: Ysabel

Minister Category Title
Vittorio Income None
Armani Warfare None
Isabetta Population None
Ishmael Upkeep None

Land Holdings


Description: While the barony of Caith is modest in size and resources, it compensates with its winsome bucolic charm. Smaller towns like Caith are less common in the Lyceum than they are in the rest of Arvum, but many still develop under the watchful control of one of the primary city-states. In Caith's case, this was Lenosia, as a trading stop between it more distant Lycene lands.

Trends: Member of the Empyrean and Great Road trading routes.

Recently has expanded some of the lands around the city-state, being actively patrolled by House Gilden forces.