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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "Cunning is no sin, a foolish ideal is no virtue."
Sigil: A swatch of silk wrapped around an iron gauntlet.
Colors: Steel and Blue
Nickname: Sins

Few houses have as dark a reputation as House Pravus and that is precisely how they like it. Few scandals ever do them any significant harm, as it is only to be expected from libertines, and the house clearly decided a long time ago it was better to be feared than loved. The occasional ruler of House Pravus will attempt to reform their name, but most simply embrace how they are perceived- a dangerously cunning house that will stop at nothing to achieve their own ends.


Name Rank Title Description
Belladonna 1 Duchess of Setarco The Spider of Setarco
Sebastian 2 Voice of Pravus Golden Eagle of Setarco
Lianne 2 Voice of Pravus Marquessa of Nilanza and Official Matchmaker
Celeste 2 Voice of Pravus Iron Kraken of Setarco and General of the First Legion
Viviana 3 Family Silver Lion of Setarco and Sword of Setarco
Juliana 3 Family
Sudara 3 Family Pravus of Esterhold
Vanora 3 Family The Fire of the Sea and Duchess of Grimhall
Arianna 3 Family First Knight of Setarco and Commander of The Seven
Lucrezia 3 Family Admiral of the Black Fleet and Captain of the Wanton
Bridget 3 Family
Zacharie 3 Family
Valentina 3 Family Dowager Duchess and Crimson Shark of Setarco
Althea 3 Family The Lamb of Pravus
Camilla 3 Family First Suspire of Setarco
Lycoris 3 Family
Gabriella 3 Family
Lyonis 3 Family
Ari 4 Pravus Household Commander of the Galleys
Renata 4 Pravus Household Verdant Snake of Setarco
Tris 4 Pravus Household
Raven 4 Pravus Household Blackheart of Setarco and Commander of the Dromonds
Mara 4 Pravus Household The Last Sunset of Anaga
Caera 4 Pravus Household
Sengir 4 Pravus Household
Drusila 4 Pravus Household
Eliza 4 Pravus Household
Duarte 5 Vassal The Moustache of Setarco
Oriana 5 Vassal
Donato 5 Vassal
Farrah 5 Vassal
Appolonia 5 Vassal
Nadir 5 Vassal
Prisila 5 Vassal
Pasquale 5 Vassal
Carissa 5 Vassal
Leonora 5 Vassal
Beatrice 5 Vassal
Darian 5 Vassal
Haizea 5 Vassal
Antonia 5 Vassal
Aisha 5 Vassal
Saverio 5 Vassal
Valerius 5 Vassal
Markus 5 Vassal
Nikias 5 Vassal
Tenebrae 6 Vassals' Household
Mailys 7 Agent
Salvador 7 Agent
Drifa 7 Agent
Giselle 7 Agent
Renato 7 Agent
Argos 7 Agent
Chiara 7 Agent
Orland 7 Agent
Thiri 7 Agent
Murdoch 7 Agent
Miella 7 Agent
Iskander 7 Agent
Starra 7 Agent
Agostino 7 Agent
Tallius 7 Agent
Nijah 7 Agent
Avovorinth 7 Agent
Pero 7 Agent
Mirella 7 Agent
Evangelina 7 Agent
Cedarav 10 Elsewhere
Jackson 10 Elsewhere
Lunara 10 Elsewhere
Tyche 10 Elsewhere
Val 10 Elsewhere
Evelin 10 Elsewhere
Vayle 10 Elsewhere
Lune 10 Elsewhere

Ruler: Belladonna

Minister Category Title
Celeste Warfare Iron Kraken of Setarco
Viviana Income Silver Lion of Setarco
Lyonis Productivity Silken Wolf of Setarco
Renata Farming Verdant Snake of Setarco
Sebastian Loyalty Golden Eagle of Setarco
Valentina Upkeep Crimson Shark of Setarco

Land Holdings


Description: The Silken City, as Setarco is called, is the port city as well known for its decadent opulence as it is for its wealth. Said to be the place where courtesans first developed their art, the gorgeous city is far more libertine than the rest of the Realm with the ruling House Pravus renowned for lavish parties and a gleeful amorality that delights in shocking prudish visitors from the north.

Landmarks: The massive Titan of Setarco, a gargantuan statue of Procella Pravus stands in the Drowned Bay, to greet visitors sailing to Setarco's port.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route, and there has been an extremely sharp spike in demand for Setarco's silk from around the Compact as of late.

Part of the Kismet Carnivals.

A recently conquered pirate city, Luciva, has become an increasingly major secondary trading hub to the Silken City.