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Vassal of Fidante

Words: "Light, knowledge, victory."
Sigil: Gyrfalcon Rampant carrying scrolls in one talon, and a star in the other.
Nickname: Hawks

Hawkmour rules from Falcon Watch, the Hawkmour family seat south of Tor and near a mirror across the bay from Southport. The Hawkmour's are loyal vassals of House Fidante, with the marriage of the current Marquis's uncle Connal to one of the Duke's sisters establishing a tight bond, the fosterage of a grand-daughter, Runa, in turn back to Fidante working to further tighten the bonds of friendship there. Although the records are largely lost, there's a belief that House Hawkmour was a cadet branch of Malvici that split off many centuries ago, explaining the similarities in their sigils.


Name Rank Title Description
Lycoris 1 Marquessa, Countess of the March
Kamaria 3 Hawkmour Ministry Minister of Coin
Mortimer 3 Hawkmour Ministry Minister of Upkeep
Runa 4 Noble Family
Cadenza 4 Noble Family Lady Fidante
Sabine 6 Noble Vassals Countess Tessere
Cosimo 6 Noble Vassals
Madrien 9 Sworn Commoners
Nurie 9 Sworn Commoners
Elysio 9 Sworn Commoners
Vesper 10 Family Emeritus Knight of Solace
Lora 10 Family Emeritus

Ruler: Lycoris

Minister Category Title
Kamaria Income None
Mortimer Upkeep None

Land Holdings

Brassfall March

Description: Though the meaning of the name is lost to time, Brassfall Keep is a respectable citadel that overlooks a great crater and ravine near Tor, a strategically important holding built against the natural barriers that guard the approaches to Tor.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.