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Vassal of Telmar

Words: "Strong walls. Strong souls. "
Sigil: A ram's skull on a black field.
Nickname: Shepherds.

A folk oft described as 'tall as the Red Mountains of their march', the titans of House Blackram are a hardy, pragmatic house that has stood for generations as the vanguard against the worst scourges of Abandoned raiders or northern invaders. Practical, fierce, and famously tall as they are stubborn, the men of House Blackram tend to tower over the other men of the Compact, with the average of them seeming to be a full foot taller than most of the men of Arvum giving rise to legends of having giants blood from the days of the Reckoning. Though known for their capability as skirmishers, their true strength lies in their powerful and intensely disciplined formations of pikemen backed by the giant nobles of House Blackram making ruthless use of greatswords to devastating effect. They operate with a degree of independence unknown in other houses as they hold the outer marches of the Telmarch for House Valardin and the Duke of Telmar, with folklore often praising the laconic humility of the Blackrams- in one example, one Marquis of House Blackram smashed a surprise attack by a shav horde and reported it with famous brevity as, "Shav invasion, six unified clans. Five thousand strong. We won. Perhaps a score escaped. Oathlands are safe." While terrifyingly impressive warriors, the Blackrams are renowned for being slow to anger and stalwart, and would prefer to be the peaceful Shepherd Kings of the Oathland borders than ever at war.


Name Rank Title Description
Teagan 1 Marquessa Marquessa of the Cloudspine
Gustave 3 Noble Family Lord of the Cloudspine
Gaston 3 Noble Family Lord of the Cloudspine | Minister of Warfare
Teela 3 Noble Family Lady of the Cloudspine
Ansgar 3 Noble Family Lord of the Cloudspine
Estelle 3 Noble Family Lady of the Cloudspine
Gaspard 3 Noble Family Lord of the Cloudspine
Jozef 3 Noble Family Lord of the Cloudspine
Emlyn 3 Noble Family Lord of the Cloudspine
Aviana 4 Trusted House Servants
Leonaess 4 Trusted House Servants
Enya 4 Trusted House Servants
Mortimer 4 Trusted House Servants
Barik 7 Known Commoners
Dora 10 Ally
Cahal 10 Ally Family Emeritus
Gwendolen 10 Ally
Charlemagne 10 Ally
Cerys 10 Ally
Rien(RIP) 10 Ally Former Marquis Blackram
Ivy 10 Ally Family Emeritus

Ruler: Teagan

Minister Category Title
Gaston Warfare Minister of War
Aviana Income None

Land Holdings

The Cloudspine

Description: Located deep in the Stoneburner Hills, the Cloudspine is both a city and an ancient keep manned by the giants of House Blackram, controlling the hills for their Telmar liege lords.

Landmarks: The Great Road.

Trends: After a diplomatic mission by Teagan, a wave of Abandoned tribes have bent the knee and become prodigals serving House Blackram at the Cloudspine.