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Vassal of Keaton

Words: "We Grow Greater."
Sigil: a crowned acorn in gold, above crossed gold lances on a scarlet field.

A rather unremarkable agrarian family, the Moores are a humble part of the Oathlands breadbasket, producing great quantities of rye, barley, flax, oats, and wheat, but no luxury goods and only a few minor knights. They have a traditional reputation for being more farmers than fighters, slow to act, and more complacent than most, the recent inheritance of former Merdedin lands has given rise to a cadet branch in Acorn Hill.


Name Rank Title Description
Katherine 1 Baroness Baroness of Acorn Hill
Brigid 2 Voice Dragoon of Acorn Hill
Rane 2 Voice Baron-Consort of Acorn Hill
Lierre 3 Noble Family
Amanthir 4 Trusted House Servants
Breccan 4 Trusted House Servants
Everett 4 Trusted House Servants
Eugene 7 Known Commoners
Ridley 7 Known Commoners

Ruler: Katherine

Land Holdings

Acorn Hill

Description: A mix of fields and forests, it is not a rich fief, producing grains, orchard fruits, timber, and common furs. Only lightly fortified with a small tower amid oak trees on its namesake hill.

Landmarks: The Great Road

After the destruction of Acorn Hill, it has started to be developed once more by Brigid Moore and other survivors.

Goldenwood trees grow here.