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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "Grasp roses with care."
Sigil: A white sword entwined with roses.
Nickname: Roses.

While the city-state of Tor enjoys the same infamy among Arvum as the rest of the Lyceum, House Fidante's close proximity to the Oathlands and loose ties with House Valardin have in recent years grudgingly won the reputation for honorable behavior among many of its doubters. As arguably the most powerful vassal house of House Velenosa, House Fidante acts as a bulwark against any potential aggression from the westlands and would be the first thrust into conflict with House Valardin despite their ties.


Name Rank Title Description
Calista 1 Ruling Duchess Duchess of Roses
Alejandro 2 Voice
Narcissa 2 Voice The Darkest Rose
Dante 3 Noble Family Sword of Tor
Prospero 3 Noble Family
Angelo 3 Noble Family
Ignacio 3 Noble Family Knight-Captain of the Rose
Esme 3 Noble Family
Cadenza 3 Noble Family Admiral of the Rose Tempest
Vicente 3 Noble Family
Lora 3 Noble Family The Compass Rose
Forato 3 Noble Family
Silvana 3 Noble Family
Santiago 3 Noble Family
Rhaesena 3 Noble Family
Hamil 3 Noble Family
Jareth 4 Trusted Allies
Merek 4 Trusted Allies
Thorn 4 Trusted Allies
Vulpiano 4 Trusted Allies
Aconite 4 Trusted Allies
Amund 4 Trusted Allies
Svoli 5 Noble Vassals
Vasile 5 Noble Vassals
Rodica 5 Noble Vassals
Ilinca 5 Noble Vassals
Cosimo 5 Noble Vassals
Lycoris 5 Noble Vassals
Thomas 5 Noble Vassals
Piccola 5 Noble Vassals
Daturo 5 Noble Vassals
Gaspar 5 Noble Vassals
Yuri 5 Noble Vassals
Kaiden 6 Distant Relatives
Eris 7 Known Commoners
Nilos 7 Known Commoners
Ramiro 7 Known Commoners
Berto 7 Known Commoners
Sorina 7 Known Commoners
Madrien 7 Known Commoners
Elysio 7 Known Commoners
Melosa 7 Known Commoners
Kamaria 7 Known Commoners
Mortimer 7 Known Commoners
Alessan 7 Known Commoners
Daria 7 Known Commoners
Orick 7 Known Commoners
Lasalle 7 Known Commoners
Cato 7 Known Commoners
Massimiliano 7 Known Commoners
Amador 7 Known Commoners
Cabrera 8 Ex-pat from Tor
Ordain 8 Ex-pat from Tor
Runa 10 Retired/RIP
Baldwin 10 Retired/RIP
Rinaldo 10 Retired/RIP
Benedict 10 Retired/RIP
Benvolio 10 Retired/RIP
Nuala 10 Retired/RIP
Ilva 10 Retired/RIP

Ruler: Calista

Minister Category Title
Alejandro Income Master of Coin
Narcissa Productivity Minister of Contracts
Aconite Farming Mistress of the Gardens
Esme Population Minister of Oaths
Merek Upkeep Minister of the Forge
Ignacio Warfare Grand Marshal of Tor
Santiago Loyalty Minister of Fidelity

Land Holdings


Description: On the borders to the Oathlands, many say Tor in ages past used to belong to House Valardin and has been the site of more than one bitter border conflict between House Valardin and the Lyceum. The city-state of Tor feels more like a fortress than the welcoming trading hub that it is, but its key location between the Oathlands and the Lyceum, however little much the Lyceum and House Valardin may like one another, has made it a wealthy and prosperous city.

Also called, 'The city of roses', Tor is famous for its gardens despite its militant nature and has unmistakable western influences in its appreciation of chivalry which are at odds with Lycene mores. With the most lush, diverse array of flora of anywhere in the Lyceum, Tor is a chief supplier of herbal based ointments, cosmetics, dyes, and remedies throughout the Compact, with Tor Apothecary College being one of the respected institutions for studying that craft, and Tor's dominance over apothecaries has made it a traditional trade rival with Southport. Also one of the primary exporters of emeralds.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

The Tor Lodge of Petrichor has been built, providing agricultural development and survival training.

Tor Alchemists assisted in creating the wildly popular new fabric called duskweave.

The Torean Trading Company has been founded, with their ships turning Tor into a central hub of commerce and attempting to seek more distant ports.