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Vassal of Halfshav

Words: "Mountains do not yield."
Sigil: A white fist striking a black mountain on a red background.
Nickname: Mountain Giants.

The march of Giant's Reach changed hands a few times in the annals of forgotten history, but House Sanna has held it for a few solid centuries now. Founded by Sanna Alya, a dual wielding axe fighting knight who slaughtered as many shavs as - allegedly - she took husbands (her own and other people’s), the House has lasted across centuries of bloody fighting to stand tall and proud in their mountain stronghold. There was a small internal war when they first swore their loyalty to the newly ennobled Halfshavs, resolved as internecine squabbles often are: by a marriage, a beheading, and a few barrels of whiskey. Sannas are reputed to be stubborn, outrageous truthspeakers, and possessed of great intestinal fortitude. It’s considered unwise to stand between a Sanna and their goal, because they are disinclined to take circuitous routes and will simply stride right over you.


Name Rank Title Description
Cirroch 1 Lord of the March Marquis-March of Giant's Reach
Sasha 2 Voice Marquessa-Consort of Giant's Reach
Tila 3 Noble Family Lady of Giant's Reach
Oddmun 3 Noble Family
Amarantha 3 Noble Family
Kiano 3 Noble Family
Cassim 3 Noble Family
Ashur 3 Noble Family
Sapphira 3 Noble Family
Corwin 3 Noble Family
Angelica 3 Noble Family
Edelma 4 Trusted House Servants
Taldolf 4 Trusted House Servants
Viggo 4 Trusted House Servants
Magnus 5 Noble Vassals
Halla 5 Noble Vassals
Ora 5 Noble Vassals
Aella 5 Noble Vassals
Cambria 5 Noble Vassals
Breidaia 7 Trusted Allies
Runo 7 Trusted Allies
Nazmir 7 Trusted Allies
Braxas 7 Trusted Allies
Rosalind 7 Trusted Allies
Kiera 7 Trusted Allies Ambassador for Scholars and Libraries
Flora 8 Known Commoners
Kienna 8 Known Commoners
Jonathan 8 Known Commoners
Braith 10 Distant Family
Kutazer 10 Distant Family
Llyr 10 Distant Family
Elyid 10 Distant Family

Ruler: Cirroch

Minister Category Title
Sasha Income Minister of Finance

Land Holdings

Giant's Reach

Description: A mountain stronghold built into a network of caves and heated by a geothermic series of geysers that may one day turn into the kind of volcanic activity that no mountain stronghold will come back from, it's difficult to find your way into Giant's Reach without knowing the mountains very well, but once found it's unforgettable: pillars and colonnades of black and white stone encircle a central courtyard pool of precious water and heat, and the great wings of the keep stretch out in all directions around it. The wealth of Giant's Reach is largely in the network of mines delving deep into the mountains, rich veins of silver and copper, and an abundance of barely-tapped diamond deposits.

Landmarks: The Great Road.