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Words: "Soft whispers, harder hearts."
Sigil: Closed lips, curved in a smile.
Nickname: Whispering Voices.

The Whisper House has existed for hundreds of years, finding an early patron in the form of Queen Alarice the Great, who made a point of making certain that these professional courtiers were respected and sought after as diplomats, mediators, entertainers, educators, and companions. Men and women since her day have proudly served in the Whisper House, an institution greatly respected for its grace, elegance, diplomatic talents, and uncanny access to many of the darkest secrets of Arx.


Name Rank Title Description
Bliss 1 Radiant Voice of Whisper House; Champion; Disciple of Limerance
Gianna 2 Softest Whisper Voice of Whisper House; Nightingale of the Bard's College
Selene 3 Celebrated Whisper Radiant Emeritus
Larissa 3 Celebrated Whisper
Saedrus 3 Celebrated Whisper Guildmaster of the Courtiers' Guild; Disciple of Skald
Calandra 3 Celebrated Whisper
Gelassen 3 Celebrated Whisper
Jacinthe 4 Whisper
Delia 4 Whisper
Cesare 4 Whisper
Denon 4 Whisper
Teodoro 4 Whisper
Sylvie 4 Whisper
Cailean 4 Whisper
Brace 4 Whisper
Nisaa 4 Whisper
Malik 4 Whisper
Jenna 4 Whisper
Thistle 4 Whisper
Sidney 4 Whisper
Rinaldo 4 Whisper
Eskandar 4 Whisper
Scipio 4 Whisper
Natalia 4 Whisper Academy of War Chairperson
Sasiri 4 Whisper
Amanda 4 Whisper Royal Events Liaison
Elise 4 Whisper
Fortunato 4 Whisper
Emrys 4 Whisper
Dianara 4 Whisper
Ferrando 5 Trusted House Staff
Avasyn 6 Apprentice Whisper
Modi 6 Apprentice Whisper
Maja 6 Apprentice Whisper
Gesa 6 Apprentice Whisper
Evangeline 6 Apprentice Whisper
Segrid 6 Apprentice Whisper
Jhond 7 Retired Whisper Physical Refinement Center Founder; Explorer
Carita 7 Retired Whisper Countess of Darkwater Watch
Lumen 7 Retired Whisper Guildmaster of the Courtiers' Guild
Juniper 7 Retired Whisper
Tyche 8 Non-Whisper Courtier Lady of Caina
Deacon 8 Non-Whisper Courtier
Farrah 8 Non-Whisper Courtier Baroness Consort of Hawkhold
Wilhelmina 8 Non-Whisper Courtier
Scythia 8 Non-Whisper Courtier Lady of Redreef Shores
Berenice 8 Non-Whisper Courtier Princess of Lenosia
Elgana 8 Non-Whisper Courtier
Sanya 8 Non-Whisper Courtier
Elyid 8 Non-Whisper Courtier
Rook 10 House Liason Crown Minister of Coin