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Elise Whisper

What fun is talking your way out of something? Talking your way in is the real challenge.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Charming Courtier
Fealty: Crown
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 7/28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: crimson
Skintone: very fair

Description: Tall for a woman, she is a lanky ghost of a person. Her dark red eyes contrasted against her pale visage and white hair. Despite her somewhat awkward looking frame, she moves with a certain grace. Her movements fluid and with purpose. Her face is one of youth, but her eyes show signs of experience well beyond her years. Her face has soft, feminine features, but she lacks the curves many of her gender have. Despite her tall, thin build, what muscles she has appear to be very well toned.

Personality: She is not exactly talkative, but she isn't exactly reserved. She knows exactly how much to talk, and when to. She is well versed in the ettiquete of many social strata, so she does a great job of fitting in, in just about every situation. She knows all the right things to say, and to whom to say them. She finds it easy to work her way in to any conversation.

Background: Little is known of Elise's past, likely due to the fact that she never speaks about it.

Name Summary
Amari A practical minded Whisper full of surprises who walks a long and difficult path without any pretensions as to just how hard it will be. There's strength and determination shown in the making of that choice.
Amund Enthusiastic. Fighting spirit. Will go far if she trains.
Bhandn Which voice will she choose, when she wants to Whisper? Will it be the loud one, the quiet one, or another? One hopes she understands the meaning of each of those.
Domonico Polite and very generous with congratulations.
Faye Despite her flat affect, she seems to be a woman of interesting talents. Perhaps we'll have the chance to talk more or spar at some point.
Gilroy Scrappy Whisper. Also makes some weird intimations. What's she trying to suggest?
Gretchen A new Whisper in town it seems! She has a very interesting way of talking about her particular talents.
Jacali Quite a pair we made, ey? Quite a pair, indeed, a storyteller and her most fierce of accompanying actor. We really must do this again some time, chickadee, see what we can't win then.
Jeffeth A Whisper who likes to listen, and dance. She seems lovely. I hope we can meet again.
Kedehern A whisper that I met at Cristoph's party. I'm fairly certain she was hoping the King would forget about the whole swimming bit.
Lailah A pleasant whisper skilled at diplomacy and shrewd like all the best whispers are, though not without her mischievous side.
Martino Seemingly a very shrewd young woman, attentive to the door an the room. Good sense of fashion on her as well.
Mikani A woman who duels well with her wit and weapon. I am impressed.
Miranda Quiet, unassuming and very pale. Her red eyes are a little disturbing, but pretty in their own way. As I've said before, it's always the quiet ones you should watch out for.
Monique A lovely Whisper with the fairest skin I have ever seen. That hair, those eyes! I've never before seen their likeness.
Niklas A Whisper with tremendous physicality, but little in the way of garish showiness.
Norwood Quick on her feet she is, and eager for a fight.
Petal She seems pretty amazing and can can make so much happen. So hopeful and confident.
Raven Strangely distant and cold. A good fighter that is difficult to read, and yet I am sure I've met so many like her before. I expect I've not seen the last of her.
Reese intelligent, interesting with a touch of playfulness. Is talented at getting information and I can see why.
Rendyl A haunting beauty. And an exceptional fighter.
Sabella I should have realized that as a Whisper she would have a great set of skills, but her acting abilities and that scare at the end of Lady Monique's party? Thrilling!
Sudara A somewhat unconventional Whisper: certainly rather startling in appearance. But both amiable and charming. An acquaintance worth pursuing, it seems.
Venturo A Whisper Problem Solver Dancer Cherry Thief... but clearly sweet and innocent. Probably. Ok, definately not, but she does a good job looking innocent, and is certainly a marvelous conversational companion.
Willow Cute as a bug, and very well matched. I want those stockings.